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Silver Colloid

Colloidal silver can be taken orally, through a nebulizer, or topically. Orally simply means ingesting the colloid in measured teaspoons or tablespoons. A nebulizer is a device that turns the product into a fine mist, allowing you inhale it directly into your lungs. Topically means applying the product directly to the infected area.

It can be difficult to estimate the exact colloidal silver dosage needed as silver concentrations can vary from colloid to colloid. So there can't be a precise recommended dosage. When deciding upon a dosage, consider what you are using the silver for, the concentration of silver particles, and how you are taking the silver.

If one is taking Mesosilver, which has an ideal silver concentration of 20 PPM, people who wish to take colloidal silver orally to maintain their health should ingest one teaspoon daily. That may not seem like much, but many report that it is plenty enough to help boost your immune system and prevent diseases. Patients who wish to take the product to support their immune system in fighting a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection should take one tablespoon up to four times per day.

Obviously, these dosages may not be effective or safe if the colloidal silver they are taking has a lower or higher concentration of silver. So it usually best to stick with Mesosilver to ensure you are getting a true colloidal silver with the highest particle surface area.

When taking colloidal silver with a nebulizer, make sure to set the device to between 25-30 psi. If your nebulizer has an adjustable head, try to inhale the finest mist available. Ideally, it should be so fine as to be barely visible or not visible at all.

The amount of colloidal silver one should take with a nebulizer also can vary, but it is generally a good idea to use it multiple times during the day. For example, one might use the nebulizer for five minutes every hour, or for ten minutes a couple times during the day. Placing half an ounce to one ounce of the colloid in the nebulizer should last anywhere from one day to a couple days.

To use colloidal silver topically to fight skin infections and help wounds heal faster, patients usually apply a small amount of product to the infected area regularly. Many users claim success by moistening the sponge part of a bandage with colloidal silver and applying it to the area. Many hospitals do the same by using silver infused bandages. True colloidal silver has no proven side effects.

However, anyone who is allergic to silver should obviously abstain from taking any silver product. Some people may experience rashes, aches, and flu like symptoms after taking colloidal silver. This is not a negative reaction to the silver itself, but rather something called the Herxheimer reaction (named after a German dermatologist.)

When bacterial, viral, and fungal infections are destroyed en masse in your body, the now dead pathogens release a great deal of toxins, which may lead a patient to feeling ill for a couple days. These feelings should go away after no more than three days, and patients have reported that it doesn't return if you use the product regularly.

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Colloidal Silver Health

Although colloidal silver products has some great benefits to it there are some risks to be aware of as well. These concerns about it deal not only with the lack of support it gets from the FDA but also some severe skin conditions that can result if it is not used properly. It should also be noted that while there are various studies that have shown that this can be very useful it is important to watch for the dosing that is used.

It should be noted first that the Food and Drug Administration does not fully support this treatment. Although this material is recognized by the FDA as a dietary supplement it is not something that can be marketed as something that can be used for the treatment of illnesses or any conditions. All groups that offer colloidal silver are required by the FDA to not state any therapeutic claims that can be used for colloidal silver. This is done as a means of following the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act that the FDA has formed. Also, the FDA does not have any standards regarding the daily recommended value of silver that can be used in one's diet.

It is also important to be aware of the risks involved with the doses that are used. Many different colloidal silver solutions will be ones that have about thirty parts per million of silver or fifty parts per million in some cases. It will be very important to watch for the dosing that is used and to use a proper dosing schedule because this material can be harmful if excessive amounts of it are taken over a period of time.

The third of these risks of colloidal silver to watch for is the risk of developing argyria. This condition is one that is caused by excessive consumption of it over time. The skin can begin to turn gray or blue in certain areas over time. This can be avoided if a proper schedule of using colloidal silver is used and that the right intervals between taking this medicine and not taking it are used. Another tip to use to avoid this risk is to use professionally made forms of colloidal silver that will have the right dosing amounts. Many cases of argyria occur when the colloidal silver is made at home. These risks of colloidal silver can be avoided if the right doses and scheduling of doses is used.

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Colloidal Silver For Infections

Colloidal silver has been known to be very effective against a variety of different and potentially life threatening diseases. People are increasingly turning towards colloidal silver as an alternative treatment therapy when other treatments fail against these infections. Colloidal silver has been used for treating minor disorders like warts, corns and colds, and in some reported cases of more severe and life threatening flu, bacterial infection and wounds. Many recent therapies use colloidal silver or silver impregnated dressings to prevent infection . Colloidal silver is reported as an antiseptic, disinfectant and also a preventative microbial agent.

You can buy colloidal silver via internet websites, these normally will include a positive statement to the effect that the material is not to be used without professional medical advice and that no claims for its effectiveness or method of use are made. Why does there have to be this kind of statement? Now this is my own personal viewpoint and opinion:

1. Most authorities and legislative bodies, such as the FDA and the EU - now adopted in the UK - have ruled specifically that colloidal silver cannot be sold as a food supplement or medical treatment without the required regulatory clinical trials etc which are prohibitively expensive for all but large corporate companies

2.There does not seem to be any medical evidence to suggest that colloidal silver or silver products are not suitable for use on the body , (but see Argyria below)and indeed the NHS in the UK has spent over 23m on silver dressings and the Health Protection Agency has recommended silver coated catheters for internal use for urinary infections.

3.In spite of a large lobby to these authorities to take a less draconian stance or even to delay matters to allow for a fuller presentation of facts , the authorities took their decision. It would seem that there must have been some considerable persuasive pressure from other sources to make a decision against silver, otherwise surely these other voices would have been heeded - what was the urgency ? no one to my knowledge had been adversely affected by the use of silver to promote public concern and there certainly wasn't any media pressure to rush to a decision.

4.It would be difficult, if not impossible, for an existing big company to get a proprietary or protected position to market colloidal silver. It has been around for ages and nobody could hold exclusive rights to it. It is only when a unique formulation with clinically proved properties is tabled that proprietary rights are available - for example silver sulphurdiazine.

5.So irrespective of the effectiveness of this material it would be of little marketing value to a big company to invest in a non exclusive product - in fact in many cases it would be very much against the interests of any company that has an established position with other drugs and medications already supplying the market.

6.It would be very unlikey that any big corporate interest would sell or develop their own colloidal silver product if it was in direct competition with an existing drug. However it would seem likely that once safe, natural and relatively inexpensive colloidal silver is taken off the market by the EPA FDA and the EU bodies , then big corporate interests will patent products containing engineered colloidal silver or nano particles, and you will only be able to get therapeutic silver products by doctor's prescription.

7.So now it would appear that colloidal silver is not available as a marketed product through channels that have been in existence for years, even should you specifically wanted it and maybe already had effective results with it yourself and had made up your own mind that it was appropriate for you. In any event it would seem a madness to regulate in such a fashion.

8.That being said I can understand the need for regulation and control in medical markets , but to ignore the overwhelming reports on its efficacy when people die of MRSA,Ecoli and so on, and there are such strong reports of success with colloidal silver, does appear irresponsible to me; surely a concerned and thoughtful government would conduct their own independent trials?

9.And lastly with regards to the blue man and Argyria. As I understand it: in the case which caught the media attention, there are a couple of things which must give some cause for concern. This material was home-made, with no real controls on water quality, made to an unknown strength , taken at unknown dosages and intervals , over a long period of time , with no full analysis or biopsy that has been published that I know of etc etc. I have no doubt that the poor chap's blue , but if the case is to be so fully covered by media and inferences made in decision making , then surely any scientist worth his salt would do a little analysis to evaluate what the full story might be. Turning blue certainly doesn't seem to be as prevalent a condition as the myriad number of adverse reactions, side effects and in some cases deaths from approved drugs. It's probably as simple as saying ; take the colloidal silver when you are ill and need it and then stop! For example, no one in their right mind would continue taking penicillin for years at a time after they had recovered!

10.Just as a quick note , there have been many cases of people taking a single substance for long periods and having adverse effects . Aspirin would be a good example and I seem to remember a case where a man took considerable quantities of carrot juice over an extend period and he turned orange! You have to be sensible - take it when you are ill and stop it when you are better.

11.I would have thought , given the choice ( now removed ) between a possible recovery from let's say MRSA, when all other treatments are not working, but with the possibility that if you stupidly continued to take the material for several years that you might turn blue, that most people would jump at the chance for a cure and stop taking it when they are clear of infection.

I have many testimonials and reports from people who have taken colloidal silver who have found good effects when other medicines have outright failed. I personally will continue to take colloidal silver when I get an infection because in every case I have fully recovered in double quick time.

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True Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver facts abound, but misinformation about colloidal silver facts is also plentiful. Our purpose here is to provide three colloidal silver facts, coupled with warnings.

Products sold under the general label colloidal silver may actually be any one of three distinct products:

- Ionic silver
- Silver protein
- True colloidal silver

Colloidal Silver Fact Ionic Silver

Most products labeled and sold as colloidal silver are, unfortunately, ionic silver. This is because it is so much easier and less costly to produce this type of silver product. Among misrepresented colloidal silver facts, this is perhaps the most common.

Ionic silver products are made up of silver ions and silver particles. Using electrolysis, the manufacturer produces silver ions. Silver ions are really dissolved silver. Because most of the silver (about 90%) in ionic silver products is dissolved silver instead of silver particles, these are really solutions of silver.

These products are frequently advertised as containing silver ions that are small silver particles. That is confusing, however, since silver ions are different from silver particles.

Silver ions combine with chloride ions to form silver chloride, but silver particles do not.

Some manufacturers hide the identity of their ionic silver behind terms such as monatomic silver and silver hydrosol. These names are used to hide the truth from you. You are getting an ionic silver solution, not colloidal silver.


If the product is clear, like water with sugar dissolved in it, it is ionic silver, not colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has an apparent color. This is a colloidal silver fact.


Add table salt to the product. If silver ions are present, the solution should turn cloudy. If it remains clear, however, it may simply mean no silver is present at all. Unfortunately, lab analysis has shown that some silver products contain absolutely no silver.

Some Products that test out to be ionic silver:

- Alchemists Workshop Colloidal Silver 10 ppm
- Earth's Bounty Colloidal Silver 5 ppm
- Earthborn Products Colloidal Silver 100 ppm
- High Energy Labs Colloidal Silver 15 ppm
- Pro Star Colloidal Silver 10 ppm
- Survival Enterprises Colloidal Silver 3 ppm
- Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver 35 ppm

Colloidal Silver Fact Silver Protein

Silver protein products, though often called colloidal silver, are nothing more than silver particles combined with protein. They can be made easily and at little cost. One needs only to add water to silver protein powder. The powder is sold by many chemical companies. This is the second most commonly misunderstood of colloidal silver facts.

If the colloidal silver product you are considering claims to be a high concentration of colloidal silver, it is very likely silver protein. Silver protein products usually have large silver particles. They could not remain suspended unless protein was added. Protein helps keep the particles from settling.

What kind of protein is used? Usually, it is gelatin made from animals. The risk of bacteria from the gelatin is one of the dangers of taking silver protein products.


Silver protein products are the least effective for human use. In addition, silver protein products are known to cause Argyria bluish skin tone. The condition is due to the high concentration of large silver particles. This is a colloidal silver fact.


Shake the product. If foam appears above the liquid and remains a few minutes, you probably do not have a colloidal silver product.

Some Products that test out to be silver protein:

- Futurebiotics Advanced Colloidal Silver 10 ppm
- Innovative Natural Products - Super Colloidal Silver 2000 ppm
- International Pharmaceuticals - Invive 500 ppm
- N-Ergetics Colloidal Silver 1100 ppm

Colloidal Silver Facts True Colloidal Silver

These products are the most difficult to find, but are the products you want if you are going to use colloidal silver. True colloidal silver products present both difficulties and high cost to the manufacturer. Those who want you to misunderstand this colloidal silver fact want to make money from inferior products.

A colloid is a combination of particles of one substance, dispersed throughout another substance, which are too small to be seen with an ordinary light microscope, but cannot pass through a semipermeable membrane.

When referring to colloidal silver, the word colloid means silver particles. True colloidal silver contains mostly silver particles. True colloidal silver will usually contain 50 to 80% silver particles. The remainder will be silver ions.

True colloidal silver products have the highest total surface area of all the particles taken together. This is important. High surface area determines how effective the colloidal silver will be. The extremely small particles in true silver colloids, with their high surface area, remain in colloidal suspension on their own. There is no need to add protein or other substances.


True silver colloids do not cause Argyria, the condition that causes skin to turn blue-gray. Their freedom from this condition is due to the low amount of ionic silver and the small size of the silver particles. This is a colloidal silver fact.


Look for an apparent color. Add salt, as described above under Ionic Silver. Shake as described under Silver Protein. True colloidal silver should pass all three tests.

Some Products that test out to be true colloidal silver:

- Advanced Colloidal Silver (Utopia Silver) 20 ppm
- Kelly Colloidal Silver 20 ppm
- Mesosilver 20 ppm
- Vitol Super Colloidal Silver 5 ppm
- Wellness Colloidal Silver 30 ppm

Whichever product you finally purchase, be sure to check with your health-care provider before using it. Be sure you share with him or her the colloidal silver facts learned here.

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Colloidal Gold

Colloidal gold and silver both are marketed throughout the world these days as two very effective answers to almost all types of disease. They are used by hundreds of people globally, many of whom have found ongoing relief.

Colloidal gold and silver are two different types of solution. They have different properties and uses, and differ significantly in quality and strength.

1. Colloidal silver is said to be an effective antibiotic, with the ability to kill more than 600 infectious organisms that thrive in the body, causing medical problems. Aside from that, several researches have revealed that unlike other antibiotics such as penicillin, colloidal silver is potent for stimulating the immune system. It is also perfect for wounds and burns, as it helps to heal and repair damaged tissues and skin cells.

Colloidal silver makes other claims as well. According to many, the solution can help tone the body and enhance the health of bones and joints. It is also good for eye problems, including sinusitis, sore throat, and flu. It works to treat skin ulcers, and a majority of purified water producers use colloidal silver to keep the water fresh, clean and bacteria-free.

2. Colloidal gold has its own boosting properties. Just like colloidal silver, it helps to strengthen the immune system. In addition, colloidal gold is noted to be a perfect enhancer for the absorption of nutrients, regeneration of tissues, as well as circulation. Many have also claimed that it is a powerful anti-aging agent.

Colloidal gold also alleviates stress. Recent researches have noted that it helps to improve brain function. Colloidal gold opens the paths in the brain and boosts neural transmitters. In this way, it controls the rhythm of heartbeats and works to help the glandular system function more normally. As a result, colloidal gold harmonizes the nervous system, which is in turn capable of improving the brain function. In addition, colloidal gold helps to improve memory.

Colloidal gold and silver both play a great role in the immune system. Since this is where colloidal gold and silver work best, it is little wonder they are now distributed in the market as immune system boosters.

Colloidal gold and silver both are deemed safe to use.

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Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

We use soap for our skin care because it helps cleansing and exfoliation. Soaps which are made of skin friendly materials are great for regular use because this type of soaps helps revitalization of skin glow and initiates delicate skin care. Colloidal silver, the newest antibiotic is already proved as an excellent natural skin care product and absolutely suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. There are different skin products available now in market based on skin friendly quality of colloidal silver; special type of soap is also available which are often prescribed by dermatologists for the patients of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis etc. because there are lots of benefits of this colloidal silver based soaps.

Most of the skin problems are initiated by fungus and it is proven fact that colloidal silver products cure any type of fungal infection with efficiency and promptness. Problems like ringworm, yeast infection, and warts etc are initiated by harmful fungus and on consistent use of colloidal silver based soap these problems can be successfully eliminated. After elimination of this problem, use of this skin friendly soap will help to keep further relapse of these problems.

There are many more types of fungus infections which are commonly found as disturbing and irritating for skin. Nail fungus, athletes foot, eczema rash etc are common skin problem. Regular use of colloidal silver based soaps helps to keep these infections under control and improves quality of skin. With regular use of this skin friendly soap, the texture of skin gets improved and thus remains healthy.

We often suffer from body odor due to formation of certain micro-organisms in our under arm area which causes body odor. Regular use of colloidal silver based soaps can eliminate this issue with instant efficiency and on regular use can prevent further formation of body odor problem.

Regular use of colloidal silver based soaps keep desired moisturizer level of skin keeps it clean and protects from external infections. Regular use of this soap works as sun protection agent because the invisible silver layer protects UV rays from penetrating skin surface and prevents initially from possibility of skin cancer.

Those who are suffering from flakes or dandruff may use this soap as hair washing agent, it will bring positive impact on dandruff control factor.

Those who have minor cuts and wounds on skin may use colloidal silver soap and spray to ensure protection on skin tone. The scar due to burn injury will get gradually faded with constant use of colloidal silver based soaps.

Those who have sensitive skin and suffer from frequent problem of allergy should use colloidal silver based soap at regular basis. Allergy is a problem of physical immunity therefore while colloid silver soap is applied externally internal intake of the same will initiate faster recovery because regular intake of colloidal silver powder will improve mechanical defense of body while the external application will ensure skin protection.

Colloidal silver based soaps are excellent for ant-wrinkle treatment because it maintains moisture level of skin thus prevents fine lines and wrinkle formation.

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Liquid Chlorophyll And Colloidal Silver

More about Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver is an antimicrobial liquid and consists of silver ions. These ions help in removal of bacteria, virus and other microbial organisms. It's a organic healer and assists in fast recovery of cuts or any other disease that the human body suffers from.

It also enhances the immune program and aids the entire body in fighting from illnesses.

The finest component about this normal liquid is that it does not have any side effects and thus heals the system with out damaging the cells if the human body. Silver has an internal potential to deal with a variety of bacteria and it's safe and sound and can be taken with other goods.

These antibiotic silver ions can manage infection, even the ones which are resistant to other antibiotics.

The healing components of silver are identified to man for many years but it just got revived by way of colloidal silver.

The pathogenic microbe in presence of colloidal silver performs as a catalyst and disables the oxygen supply of the microorganism and this dead pathogen is removed and cleared from the system.

The positive aspects of colloidal silver are a lot of. Firstly, t does not harm the valuable cell and enzymes.

Most of the antibiotics are identified to adversely affect the entire body besides affecting the unsafe microbes it also kills and damages some beneficial cells and tissues.
Secondly, silver has some normal healing components and hence it has been utilized for centuries for treating ailments and infection.

Thirdly, antibiotics only perform on bacteria and fungi, but this antibiotic silver functions on all types of microbes such as virus. Fourthly, it is successful and secure at the identical time and is therefore widely applied and advised by doctors for treating any ailment.

Some frequent ailments and illnesses on which colloidal silver can be employed with no any second thoughts is acne, allergies, arthritis, usual and extreme burns, cold and flu, ulcers of skin and stomach, skin cancer, paralysis, malaria and so on.

The storage and usage of the Colloidal Silver is also a typical phenomenon.
Colloidal silver can be applied directly on the wound, cut or burn and can also be taken orally.

A single factor that is crucial although getting colloidal silver is that the system must be kept well hydrated to flush it out and a minimum of one particular to 2 litres of water should be taken when taking colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver must be stored in awesome dark place away from sunlight and moisture but should in no way be refrigerated.

There are so many benefits of your health and colloidal silver go here to find more information.

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Colloidal Silver Information

Colloidal Silver is one of the most talk-about natural antibiotic newly introduced in market is considered as one of the best all rounder antibiotic which can be taken both internally and externally. A colloid of silver contains tiny amount of silver and because of its little amount, it gets naturally absorbed in the body and helps in strengthening internal immunity power. The best quality silver colloidal products are available without any kind of additives, stabilizers or any kind of protein body so that the body can absorb the same with best natural efficiency.

As such the products of colloidal silver does not require any kind of special packaging but glass bottles and glass containers are best suitable for the storage of the these products. However color plastic containers also may serve the purpose. The thick glass and dark colors of the containers will prevent these colloidal silver products from reacting with sunlight.

The work procedure of colloidal silver is haste and instant. It suffocates the microbes and kills them and the most important fact is it has no adverse effect on health system or on the immunity system of body. Besides killing the harmful pathogens, silver colloids products ensure complete safety of human body enzymes; these products never disrupt metabolic rate or normal physical activity ranges after their consumption, hence support healthy health system.

Feature-wise colloidal silver is a strong disinfectant and good quality natural antibiotic. While it comes in contact of germ, it spoils the resistance power of the same due to its silver content and instantly kills the germ. This is the reason silver colloidal products work instantly against pain and infection.

There are three processes through which colloids silver products work on human body. These are catalytic Oxidation, binding process with DNA, and reaction with membrane of the pathogens.
By these processes colloidal silver products fight infection in body and initiate fast and natural cure from the infection caused pathogens.

Consumption of colloidal silver products at regular basis initiates strong immunity system; regular consumption of this product is immensely helpful for fighting external infections as well as chronic diseases as it boost up general immunity power.

The infection caused by streptococcus and staphylococcus are best be treated by colloidal silver products. Therefore regular intake of silver colloidal products will surely help you to form natural resistance against common infections like indigestion, flu, etc.
Those who are suffering from diabetes, arthritis, Candida infection, chronic Urinary Track infection, vaginal yeast infection should consistently take this medicine to strengthen their weak immunity system. Once the problem with immunity system will be over, it will help in coping with these chronic problems with better ability.

Those who suffer from chronic skin disease should start using colloidal silver as a regular skin ointment to get rid off usual skin irritation. Those who are suffering from bad breath should use mouthwash with silver colloidal products it will help in killing the germs and will add fresh breath. Regular use of colloidal silver based soap will help in eliminating body odor because it is helpful for eliminating under arm fungal infections.

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Colloidal Silver For Cold

Colloidal Silver is the latest discovery of medical science in the field of best effective antibiotics. Antibiotics are medicinal agents which can eliminate or pacify micro-organisms and help in faster healing. Colloidal Silver is diagnosed with different heath friendly properties which can destroy germs, fungus, and bacterial infection almost instantly. It has been found that remaining around six minutes in touch of this miraculous antibiotic, infection causing virus, fungus, and bacteria gets destroyed with almost instant effect. Another good advantage of using Colloidal Silver products are their lack of side effect or unwanted reaction on its administration; however, Colloidal Silver can be applied externally as well as taken internally is prescribed by the physician.

Extensive research and study has revealed the fact that this element is an effective antibiotic for effective treatment of burn injury and wound which may lead toward infection. Nowadays, physicians suggest smearing of Colloidal Silver on the wound with the help of cotton balls in a bandage. In case any patient suffers from irritating warts and moles, application of it may provide great relief from the pain and bothering tingling sensation of the affected patient.

Vaginal yeast infection is a painful disease for female. It is infectious as well as immense bothering. Application of colloidal silver being mixed with water as douche on the vaginal are will provide almost instant relief from pain, and irritation. This miraculous antibiotic can be used against many other diseases. While taken internally, it is to be started with three table spoon doses blended with any type liquids , in general. After consistent consumption, when the intensity of the infection will come toward lesser quantity, the dose should be decreased into two tablespoon amount and gradually it needs to be decreased into one tablespoon at per day basis.

As intake of colloidal silver do not impose any side effect on human health and thus it is often recommended by the physicians to take one teaspoon colloidal silver at regular basis for natural strengthening of natural immunity system so that the frequency of common infections like viral fever, flu etc should get lowered and the quality of life gets improved. There is great question about colloidal silver that how this new antibiotic works on human health and initiates faster recovery then other antibiotics. Research has unveiled the mystery to some extent; however, further research is still going on.

When colloidal silver gets in touch with any infection in human body, it affects the oxygen metabolic system and killed these harmful elements by instant suffocation this produced great and instant relief. These dead pathogens gets excreted from body by natural immunity system in natural course and unlike chemical antibiotic toxins do not remain inside the cell causing different health hazard. The research has also revealed that administration of colloidal silver product is not only beneficial for human health; it can be administered on animal also. Especially administration of this natural antibiotic has shown great recovery effect on reptiles. The research process on this new medicinal discovery is still on.

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Colloidal Silver Water

Colloidal Silver is used in alternative and holistic medicine as a natural anti-microbial. It's useful for killing off a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Colloidal silver is a solution of purified water and silver particles. In short, the silver particles suffocates microorganisms.
In this manner, not only can microorganisms not reproduce, but they are killed off at a rapid pace. Not only this, but microorganisms never develop resistance to being attacked by silver solution. If all of these benefits
weren't enough, another reason why many love using colloidal silver, is because it can be used both internally and externally, with little to no side effects. It's also available for purchase over-the-counter.

Here is a look at the various ways that colloidal silver can be beneficial for one's health and why people find silver solution useful:

Healing Viral Infections: When people come down with viral infections such as a cold or the flu, they will spray colloidal silver into the back of their mouths. The silver solution kills the virus that causes symptoms of illness. Many find that they are able to overcome their symptoms a lot faster in thisway. Many also find that when they spray silver solution in their nostrils, they are able to overcome sinus infections as well.

Healing Bacterial Digestive Disorders: People suffer all sorts of bacterial digestive disorders, such as diarrhea, constipation, certain types of ulcers, and other conditions. Swallowing silver solution cleans out the bloodstream and kills unhealthy bacteria that builds up in the stomach lining and in the digestive track. When unhealthy bacterial strains are killed off with the silver solution, the uncomfortable digestive issues clear up. Not only this, but the body will do a better job of defending itself against these types of unhealthy bacteria in future, after the use of colloidal silver.

Again, many people love using colloidal silver in order to heal their internal conditions, because the silver solution doesn't create resistance in the body. Not only this, but many find that they are relieved of their symptoms a lot faster than when they take prescribed antibiotics or antifungals. People won't have to worry about the dangerous side effects that can affect them when they take traditional pharmaceutical products. However, some people who take colloidal silver internally might feel sick for a day or two. This isn't a traditional side effect. This takes place because of what is known in alternative medicine as a healing reaction.

A healing reaction takes place when a large quantity of toxins and dead pathogens are being flushed from the body. As the silver solution is introduced to the bloodstream, it will kill all unhealthy pathogens. This die-off effect can cause people to feel as if they have a mild fever, or they might feel fatigued. However, these symptoms go away very quickly.
Practitioners of alternative and natural health like to see people experience a healing reaction, because this means that the silver solution is doing its job.

Finally, colloidal silver requires no prescription. It can be purchasedonline and it's self-administered. This is a very useful solution to keep around the home, for all sorts of internal and external conditions.

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