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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does putting Vicks Vaporub on the soles of your feet really help congestion?
    I've had a cold for the past few days and heard that if you put Vicks Vaporub on the bottom of your feet help with chest congestion and cough. Has anyone out there tried this and does it work? Or is it just an old wives tale?

    • ANSWER:
      No put it on your chest.

    What are the ingredients of wick vaporub, if you have any around?
    If you have a bottle of wick vaporub nearby, please write down the ingredients exactly as they're written, if you have the time.
    I want to compare with the ones on my bottle to see if they differ from country to country. It's kind of important.
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      It is Vicks Vaporub
      Active ingredients are:

      4.8% Camphor
      1.2% Eucalyptus oil
      2.6% Menthol

    Is it safe to use Vicks Vaporub and take Mucinex at the same time?
    I am taking Mucinex to help control a cough. Can I use Vicks too? I don't want to overdoes on anything since I know that Vicks is medicated.

    • ANSWER:
      That will be fine, Mucinex is an expectorant called guaifenesin and is nearly impossible to overdose on. Vicks vaporub is a cough supressant for ages 2 and up and it very mild!

    Will putting vicks vaporub on the bottom of my feet help with sinus congestion?
    I have a date tomorrow afternoon and do not want to show up with a stuffy nose, will putting vicks vaporub on the bottom of my feet clear my sinuses over night? are there any other "quick fixes" for sinus congestion?

    • ANSWER:
      Your best quick fix for sinus congestion is to have a steam inhalation. You get a large glass or ceramic bowl and fill it with boiling water. To the water add a few drops of an essential oil such as eucholyptus, menthol, peppermint or camphur. You also need a large towel which you drape over your head so it comes down over your shoulders to create a tent effect. You sit down, close your eyes and inhale deeply and let the steam vapourised oils loosen all the mucous. You have to bend your head over the bowl for this to be effective. If you are doing it correctly you will find that you need to blow your nose. Do this gently and frequently and although it will not cure your sinusitis it should help it considerably. You probably will need an antibiotic for this if it does not go in a couple of days. Oh and by the way vick on your feet will not help at all.!!! lol Enjooy your date.

    What's the name of the Vicks medicine where it'll help you out with sore throats and fevers?
    My friend said there's this Vicks medicine where you rub "it" on your chest and throat and it'll get rid of your fever and sore throat? Also, is it for prescription or over the counter? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Vaporub, and it's over the counter. Go to any pharmacy and they should have it

    How do vicks vaporub work when you rub it on your chest?
    i read on the label that one way of applying it is to rub the ointment on your chest (i'm talking about Vick's that comes in a bottle, not the lipstick tube type)... i get how it can unblock your nose when you inhale the vapor... but if you rub it on your chest and you are fully clothed, how do you unblock your nose when you have a cold?

    • ANSWER:
      Even when you're clothed, the vapor gets from your chest to your nose. If you put it directly on your nose or anywhere on your face it will burn, but the skin on the chest is thicker.

    will putting vicks vaporub on the bottom of my feet help with sinus congestion?
    I have a date tomorrow afternoon and do not want to show up with a stuffy nose, will putting vicks vaporub on the bottom of my feet clear my sinuses over night? are there any other "quick fixes" for sinus congestion?

    • ANSWER:
      Some of us have used Vicks VapoRub for years for everything from chapped lips to sore toes and many body parts in between. To stop night time coughing in a child (or adult as we found out personally), put Vicks VapoRub generously on the soles of your feet, cover with socks, and the heavy, deep coughing will stop in about 5 minutes and stay stopped for many, many hours of relief. Works 100% of the time and is more effective in children than even very strong prescription cough medicines. In addition it is extremely soothing and comforting and they will sleep soundly

    I have a Vicks VapoRub ointment that expired on September '09 is it safe to use it?
    My 2 1/2 yrs old daughter has a really bad cough and keeps waking up, is it safe to rub some Vicks on her chest even though it expired 3yrs ago ? I mean it feels the same and smells the same, but is it safe ?

    • ANSWER:

    is putting vicks vaporub on while you have a cough bad?
    just as the title suggests. i have a cough and my throat is irritated. my dad told me to put vicks vaporub on my throat to help me. is it bad for one if they put it on?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't you trust your dad?? It is Very Good! Rub it on your chest and throat;then put on a tee shirt;and Vicks will do the rest!

    Is it dangerous to use Vicks Vaporub everyday?
    I used to be addicted to using Otrivin nose sprays. Now in order to sleep with a clear nose I need to use Vicks right under my nose. I do it every night. Not sure if there are bad long term effects.

    • ANSWER:
      Uh no it's not a bad to use vicks everyday, nose spray is different since there are certain chemicals in there that can get you addicted to things...Vicks is put on your do not snort it.

    What would be considered a "toxic" amount of Vicks vaporub?
    I'm doing a school project and I can't find the specific toxicity levels of vicks vaporub. I know any one of Menthol, Eucalyptol, or Camphor can be toxic in high enough amounts, but I can't find those amounts.

    • ANSWER:
      If the salve is just being used topically there is no way you will ever get any toxicity from it. You would have to eat it for it to cause any trouble and even then it would not be the active ingredients that would cause toxicity, it would be the Petrolatum that would kill you. Eating anything that is made from crude oil is bad for you.

    Can I use Vicks vaporub for my stuffy nose?
    So I have this cold and my dad bought Vicks vaporub. But it says "cough suppressant topical analgesic". Will this work to unclog my stuffy nose. If so, where should I put the vaporub before I go to bed? And can I put a shirt on over the stuff?

    • ANSWER:
      If you rub it on your chest it works best. Its always worked well for me

    Can you put VICKS vaporub in the medicinal cup of VICKS humidifier?
    It says eucalyptus etc, but can the vaporub also be put into the medicinal cup?

    • ANSWER:
      You can but this is very difficult to clean back out and the surface of the Vicks gets dry and then you don't get any more eucalyptus smell coming out. Put a small amount in there for now then as soon as you can, go to the drugstore or any big box store and get some eucalyptus oil. Clean the vicks out with a kleenex/paper towel because it is petroleum based and will not wash out with soap and water easily.

    Why is my cat freaking out after smelling Vick's Vapor rub?
    I have the cold and just rubbed some Vicks Vapor Rub. My cat smelled my chest without ingesting anything, and now freaking out! He's acting like he just smelled cat nip or something. He is hyper and rolling around. What is going on?

    • ANSWER:
      The Menthol in VapoRub comes from Peppermint Oil. Catnip is in the mint family of plants so cats can sometimes have reactions to other mints as well.

      I had a cat years ago that would lick my legs if I put BenGay on them when I pulled a muscle. What I used to do so he could have the smell but not end up sick from licking it was just wipe a tiny bit on a sock, turn it inside out and give him the sock to play with.

    How do you get vaseline / petroleum jelly out of a bowl?
    I have a cold so I put hot water and vicks vaporub in a bowl. However no matter how many times I've washed and rinsed the bowl, it's still extremely greasy from the vicks. How do I get it out??

    • ANSWER:
      Liquid dishwashing soap such as Dawn is supposed to have grease remover in it . . . try applying this with a scrubbie, let it sit a while before rinsing. . . If this doesn't work, you can try Goo-gone (adhesive & grease removers) But if you end up using this, make sure to wash very well with regular dish soap before using the bowl for food . . . There is also a Goo Gone Household, might be milder, but I have never tried it.

      Goo Gone

      Goo Gone Household

    does vicks vaporub help if you put it on psoriasis?
    I read in my local newspaper that if you put vicks vaporub on your psoriasis it will help. Isn't that a lie though bc wouldn't the harshness of it irritate your skin even more? Especially since psoriasis consists of open sores and what not?

    • ANSWER:
      that doesn't sound like it would be good for you at all. ask your doctor.

    Can i apply vicks vaporub to 2 months old baby?
    My baby is quite chesty and i find him sleep well after applying the vicks vaporub, is it alright thati apply it at his back and at his chest? Read online that its not good to apply vicks, if thats the case, how to clear the chestyness in my baby? He have a lot of phlegm down his throat which is hard to clear off !!

    • ANSWER:
      I did use it, but not on them directly but nearby. I would put a little on their clothes or a washcloth. Never directly on their skin. There is a baby Vics. I just saw it at the pharmacy yesterday, it was cherry scented. Neat. Saline drops will help a stuffy nose, too. If you are using a warm air humidifier, remember to keep it well clear of baby and buy the liquid menthol that is used in the dispenser. I forget the name of the product, sorry, but you can ask the pharmacist. I hope this helps your stuffy little one.

    What can I use to help relieve severe congestion?
    I have tried using the following:
    Sudafed PE
    Vicks Vaporub
    Shower Soothers
    Steam/Hot Showers
    Mint Tea

    with little effect. They only product that seems to work is benadryl, and the effects are mild. Is there anything else I can try to help clear this up?

    • ANSWER:
      I think what you have is allergies!
      Go to the doctor and explain to him all your symptoms... It happened to me last year and they had to give me a Cortizone shot. (i think that's the way it's spelled). Of course I went to the doctor after being sick for almost 2 months - after taking all the medications you listed above.

      The next day I was breathing and didn't feel bad anymore.

      Go to your doctor and stop taking out of the counter medicines

    What is the best way to treat a sore throat?
    Around Metro Atlanta, there is a pre-season flu going around and I have it. I have tried Vicks VapoRub and cough drops. Any other suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      LOADS of water and gargle with 1g soluble paracetamol every 4 hours then swallow it to keep your temp down.

    If you're allergic to Vicks Vaporub what ingredient of it are you most likely to actually be allergic to?
    By Vicks Vaporub I mean the ointment you put on your chest for colds. I'm allergic or so my mother says. Apparently my mother used it on me when I was a toddler and I had a bad reaction (not anaphylaxis I'm guessing bad skin reaction I've never asked the details). So of course I've never used it again. What ingredient or component of it am I likely to be allergic to?

    • ANSWER:
      I even feel allergic with the smell of menthol or camphor, head ache nausea.

      Vicks VapoRub is a popular ointment used for relieving cough and congestion by rubbing it on your chest. Generally speaking, all medicines have side effects. People can have a sensitivity or allergy to almost any substance. Vicks VapoRub contains: 4.8 percent of camphor, a cough suppressant and topical analgesic; 1.2 percent eucalyptus oil and 2.6 percent of menthol.

      Read more: The Effects of Vicks VapoRub |
      Hope it helps.
      Shirgell seems to be non-allergic :O).

    How can I get rid of a cough and sore throat quickly?
    I have tried nearly everything. I have spent hours online trying to find solutions.

    Things I have tried and if they worked of not:

    Hot honey and lemon drink: Hasn't worked
    Gargling warm salt water: Hasn't worked
    Breathing in steam from hot water, either in a bathroom or over the sink: Hasn't worked, It just made me cough more.
    Lemsip Max cold and flu tablets: Hasn't worked
    Losengers: Haven't worked, I threw it up and that was the only time I puked.
    Cough Syrup: It used to work for me but for some reason it hasn't done anything
    Vicks Vaporub: It actually worked for about 5 minutes. It eased my cough and then 5 - 6 minutes later, I was coughing and spluttering worse than before.
    Drinking lots of water: I do that normally, because I have uti.

    I have also been coughing up sh*t loads of phlegm, and there was one blob of blood, should I be worried? My mum said it was just a burst blood vessel in my throat from coughing so much.

    My cough is usually dry and painful on my chest and throat, but it varies, it can be wet and phlegmy but still hurts.

    I really need help. I have an interview tomorrow, and having a cough throughout the interview will take me off track. Also I can't just reschedule it.

    If anyone else has any other remedies that worked for you and that I haven't tried yet, please say because I am desparate.

    I can't drive to the pharmacy to buy anymore medicines because I am only 16. So it'll be better if you tell me about home remedies. Also I have no ginger (read about ginger helping sore throats somewhere).

    I am taking antibiotics to help get rid of my uti, do you think the antibiotics are limiting the reactions of the methods I have used or should the antibiotics be helping my cough and sore throat?

    I need help and fast!!

    • ANSWER:
      Dude it sounds like a throat infection.. Go see a doctor and he'll put u on antibiotics.. Only that would fix it. For immediate relief have some tea. Boil 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup water, add 1 teaspoon of tea powder and 2 teaspoons of sugar and add coin sized ginger crushed well. Boil for 5 minutes and have it, it should help. But see a doctor.

    How can I tell if it is Skin Fungus or another skin disorder?
    I think I may have tinea versicolor on my chest but I am not sure. I have an area the size of a half dollar or so that has brownish colored spots on it. I am not sure if it is a skin fungus or another condition. I have only noticed it recently since the weather has become warmer. It is a little bumpy and dry. I tried scrubbing and exfoliating the area which irritated the skin and it became red (that's when I really noticed the bumps that almost looked like tiny pimples). I put Vicks Vaporub on after (as this can treat nail fungus) and the redness disappeared and the brown spots returned. I am not sure what this is.... Any ideas? I have heard Monistat can be used for skin fungus infections caused by yeast. Any thoughts?

    • ANSWER:
      Candida yeast fungi is often found topically. You can learn all that you need to know at the link below. Best of luck to you!

    Taking vicks vaporub with other cold medication?
    I'm coming down with a cold right now and I plan to get Vicks Vaporub but I also wanna buy Dayquil and Nyquil. Is it ok to take nyquil and rub some vaporub on my chest when I'm going to sleep?

    I really do not want my cold to get any worse because next week is my birthday and I have a ski trip planned.


    • ANSWER:
      Yes, they are fine together.

      You might consider getting some zinc lozenges or Zycam topical to help shorten the duration of your cold; they work best when taken at the first onset of symptoms.

    What are some ways to get rid of Cystic acne?
    OKay, i don't suffer from acne, but i do get the occasional spot, but i can deal with them. What i cant deal with are these Cystic pimples (They are the inward grown pimples) they are really hard and painful.
    I heard that Vicks Vaporub (the thing that you use for colds) works for them, but im too scared to try, is it worth a shot?
    Also, any other suggestions?
    Thanks :) Peace out!

    • ANSWER:

      Here are some resources i found on the net. How to get rid of Cystic Acne:

      Also, there is this remedy:

      Kind regards

    Will vicks vaporub help on a dvd that skips?
    I have a dvd that will play the first four episodes of the season then after that it skips and says unable to read disc
    I've tried the toothpaste and turtle wax
    But will vicks vaporub help? Like I keep it on overnight?
    If not what else will help?!

    • ANSWER:
      toothpaste & turtle wax? you might as well just buy another dvd. a cd cleaner would've done you just fine. and vicks vapor rub belongs nowhere but on your body

    I have a chest cold. What is the best way to get rid of this naturally?
    I've been using vicks vaporub and drinking lots of tea and water. I also have been taking doses of Nyquil so that I can sleep this thing off. Please help. Best answer will get ten points.

    Serious answers please.

    I know that I should go to the doctor and I will on Monday but it is the weekend and I am trying to fight this off.

    I am in college and nothing seems to be helping it.

    Again Best Answer will get ten points and a good rating.

    • ANSWER:
      Chicken soup.
      If you also have a cough get some eucalyptus tea leaves, with mint leaves, with a red apple, add some lemon juice or orange bring to a boil add Honey to taste.
      If you have a Vaporizer use it at night and hopefully you will be ready to go on Monday, It works for my family.
      Good luck!

    how do I clean vaseline off walls?
    My children got into the Vicks Vaporub and got it all over the walls. I want to paint, but don't know how to get the vicks off first.

    • ANSWER:
      Dawn is a very good degreaser, but this is the perfect situation for TSP or TSP substitute, which is the best degreaser I've ever used, and it doesn't make suds. After that, if there are any traces of grease you can use a stain-killing primer-sealer such as Kils or Bull's Eyeto keep the oil from affecting your paint.

    What is best medicine for baby with a cold?
    She is 3 and a half weeks and all the Vicks Vaporubs and Baby Breath Easy's are all for babies 3 months and over.

    • ANSWER:
      You could also try saline nose drops. Babies hate it but it makes it easier to get the mucus out of her nose with the aspirator.

    Can Vicks be applied to infants who are below 3 months?
    Can Vicks be applied to infants who are below 3 months?

    • ANSWER:
      I have heard that you can apply vicks vaporub to the soles of a baby's feet and cover with socks. If they have a cold or cough, it should "dry" it up.
      This may sound strange but if you apply garlic to the soles of your feet and cover with socks, within 20 minutes you will be able to "taste" the garlic in your face. I don't know if it is a good idea for a 3 month old to have vicks applied to their chest.

    How can i get rid of this foot fungus?
    i have been trying to get rid of this fungus on my toes and its only on one foot... i have tried vicks vaporub and listerine and vinegar with salt and nothing seems to work any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Foot fungus treatment should begin as soon as possible.The longer you wait, the worse the condition will become, and the more difficult to treat.

      ☺keep the floors in shared places clean and dry;

      ☺wear socks made of absorbent materials such as cotton or wool;

      ☺choose footwear that allows for the circulation of air;

      ☺don’t share shoes or personal care items such as towels;

      ☺wear sandals or shoes when walking on moist or wet floors;

      ☺keep your feet clean and dry by dusting Bromi-Talc Foot Powder in shoes and hose and feet;

      ☺change socks frequently if you perspire heavily.

      If it doesnt work, go to a specialist. GOOD LUCK!!

    is it bad to masterbate with vicks vaporub if you get it in your vagina?
    i masterbate and sometimes i do it with vicks but after i get done. im scared i did something thats gonna make me not be able to have kids or get cancer or something bad.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm hoping this is a troll, you really need us to tell you the answer?

      Vicks Vaporub is likely to sting for a start, especially if it gets into your urethra and it will cause the mucosa of your vagina and vulva to become inflamed and damaged, it may also be difficult for your vagina to clean out so it may trap bacteria and dirt in your vagina which can lead to infection.

      Use lubrication like KY jelly or natural oils like olive oil or coconut oil.

      As a note if sexually active remember that any oil shouldn't be used with condoms, Vicks Vaporub contains oils so is also damaging to condoms.

    Is VICKS VAPORUB a home remedy for wart removal?
    Cus Vicks seems to work for eeeeverything. Otherwise, got any OTHER inexpensive home remedies? I have ONE on my elbow :x It needs to go. I'm open to any suggestions :)

    • ANSWER:
      Don't know about Vicks, but if you cut a piece of duct tape to the size of the wart, and change it every day, it will go away.

    What is good remedy for shortness of breath?
    I feel tightness in my chest. It comes and goes especially with activity. I keep yawning all the time. I find Vicks Vaporub helps. But i sometiems feel that eating cold foods like ice cream makes it feel better more so than tea which makes me feel tighter. please advise and PLEASE CITE RESOURCES FOR YOUR REPLIES! Serious answers only!

    • ANSWER:

    How can i get rid of this fingernail fungus,?
    those darn fake nails!!!Ugh! I have Vinegar,Baking and Vicks VapoRub, anyone know any remedies with 1 or 2 of these ingredients

    • ANSWER:
      soak the finger in apple cider vinegar for about 30 seconds 3 times a day for a week

      Or Try Vitamin E oil. Use it at least 3 times a week to infected nail beds and surrounding skin up to 1/2 inch from nail cuticle.

    My friend brought me a combination of belladonna and arnica. What are its uses?
    It comes in a small jar and is the consistency of Vicks Vaporub. My friend said it would be good to rub into my skin over arthritic joints to dull the pain. Is she correct? What other uses would it have? What side effects could it have? (P.S. She got it in a Mexican homeopathic market.) Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      Basically, these herbs will reduce some of the pain due to inflammation. Comfrey cream will have a similar effect as it has a similar action to arnica.

      Capsaicin cream is more often recommended for arthritis relief. It is made from an ingredient in chillis.

      The tincture is used for external application to sprains, bruises, and wounds, and as a paint for chilblains when the skin is unbroken. Repeated applications may produce severe inflammation. (But this is different when the tincture has been mixed into a lotion.)

      Locally applied, it lessens irritability and pain, and is used as a lotion, plaster or liniment in cases of neuralgia, gout, rheumatism and sciatica.

      If you are concerned about where your friend bought the lotion, you can buy comfrey or arnica cream from a lot of health food stores.

      I use comfrey cream daily for muscular and tendon pain in my knee and ankle.

      Dave, a lotion (or linament) is not a homeopathic preparation, and she isn't going to take it internally.

      EDIT - OMG, Gary, even you couldn't be bothered doing a bit of relevant research before writing it off. AGAIN, it's a lotion, not for internal use. And to quote someone you align yourselves with, "Identity of a chemical isn't what makes it harmful, its the dose". (here's your reference ...;_ylt=Ar793l7A_XFfLo8OOpqbwBFDCnRG;_ylv=3?qid=20110527103101AAqgKsy)

      And here are just a few Pub Med studies on the effectiveness (not dangers) of arnica:

    Is vicks vaporub good for long erection ?
    I don't want to ejaculate when i am with my patner having anal sex , so if i put vicks vaporub on my penus , would it prevent or prolong my ejaculation ... plz advice !!! thnx

    • ANSWER:
      It might even cause a burning sensation, but it is in no means a delay cream.

      Survey says.....don;t use

    Cough and cold at 5 weeks pregnant; can it harm the baby?
    I am 5 week, 4 days pregnant. Couple of days, I started out with a sore throat and then currently having a cough and really bad cold. I don't have fever though. I am not taking any medication except salt water gargle and applying vicks vaporub .

    I was wondering if it would harm my baby in anyway. I have appetitie and able to eat normally.

    • ANSWER:
      Generally your antibodies will protect the baby form any infection you get. Most infections that can pass to the baby are usually serious and you'd be at the dr's in a heartbeat. Theres a barier between you and the baby that help keep from passing things thru. Tylonal is about all you can take while you're pregnant. it's safe to take as directed.

    Can you put vaporub on a 3 month old baby ?
    My 3 month old baby has a really bad cough and is reallly bunged up and im just wondering if vicks vaporub is ok?

    • ANSWER:
      No. It is not made for babies under 2 years old and if you put it on the baby then it can cause the cough to become worse, making the chest fill with water, basically pushing your baby into pneumonia.

      You can put baby-rub on your baby, it's made by Vicks but it's made for infants. And you can use a vaporizer. There are some that you can put on the humidifier, and that can help. But it would be dangerous to put the vapor-rub on your baby (it's on the directions as a warning.)

    Can I use vicks vapor rub on myself around my newborn?
    I have a horrible flu, im breastfeeding so i have to be around her, my husband used vicks and hes holding her, is that ok as long as its not directly on her?

    • ANSWER:
      Vaporub can cause respiratory problems and should not be used on children under 2. If you put it on yourself she will be breathing it in too. It will also be absorbed through your skin and will be in the breast milk.
      A better option would be to steam up the bathroom and stand in there for a while, or even run the hot water in the bathroom sink and hang your head over it to breath in the steam (that's what I did when I had a bad cold while I was breastfeeding)

    what will happen if i drink vicks mixed with warm water?
    i drank mixed vicks in warm water and i drank it.
    what will happen?
    i know its stupid but i cant stand the cough.

    • ANSWER:
      What Vick's product did you drank? If it was a Vick's Formula 44, Nyquil, or Dayquil, it's ok because they're meant to be taken per orem. Warm water will not cause a significant chemical reaction to Vick's medical properties since water is a universal solvent, warm or not. However, if you did drank warm water mixed with Vick's vaporub or other Vick's product not meant to be taken by mouth, then that's another need to have your head examined if you did drank one of those. :D

    Is it safe to use Vicks vaporub during pregnancy?
    i'm 35 weeks and have a cold. Just wondering if it would be okay for me to rub some vaporub around my nose? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      yes, it's perfectly safe to use during pregnancy.

      if you have a stuffed up nose, rub some just under your eyes, next to your nose. and on your forhead. your eyes will water a lot, but it should releave the sinus pressure, after 5-6 minutes wipe off and reapply.

      if you have a tickly cough put some under your nose.

    In many states pharmacists can sell schedule 5 drugs if they deem it necessary. Is Texas one of these states?
    I am curious because I am very sick, but my allergy medicine won't cut it. I have flu-like symptoms but no fever. I'm taking Psuedoephedrine, Mucinex, cough drops and Vicks Vaporub. I'm hoping that I can get some better cough medicine, but I cannot afford to go to the doctor. Does anyone know if this applies in Texas? Thanks so much.

    • ANSWER:
      I live in a state which allows it, but my pharmacy does not participate in it except for ephedrine and sudafed sales. You should call up your local pharmacies and ask them.

    Was it safe to put Vicks Vaporub on my nose?
    I took a Q-Tip and just put a little bit on the edge of my nostrils, and washed it off immediately after I got some breathing relief (even though my nose is stopped up again, grrr). Is that okay?? I didn't stick the Vaporub all up in my nose, just on the VERY EDGE.

    • ANSWER:
      They make a Vick's that goes up your nose. All you do is shake it and breath it in deeply, it works great!

    Does crying emotional tears clean your eyes?
    I got a bit of Vicks Vaporub in my right eye and after washing it with water it still stung, so i played a sad song on youtube (Richard Marx 's "Right Here Waiting") to help me cry and the tears just flowed.

    • ANSWER:

    Getting rid of toenail fungus without doctor?
    I have a gross toenail fungus that I'm desperate to get rid of. It doesn't hurt, but they are all yellow and nasty looking and summertime is coming! I already went to a doctor a few years ago and was put on Lamisil tablets, they worked for a long time but it recently came back and is spreading and making me miserable. I don't have health insurance right now so the doctor is out of the question for me. Does anyone know of an over the counter thing that actually works? I've heard about vicks vaporub among other things.

    • ANSWER:
      Sally's beauty supply has all sorts of products. Be very careful, buy a nail clipper just for use on that nail so it doesn't spread to your other nail. I started out with a toe and now I have been battleing finger nail fungus with lamisil for almost 2 years. I has been so severe I have lost nails.

    Can Vicks Vaporub Ointment really repel insects?
    When I was visiting Missouri, I got some bug bites and a ranger told me that Vicks Vaporub will keep the bugs off me, apparently they don't like the smell. Is that true?

    • ANSWER:
      yes that is true. The only problem is tha its too greasy but Vick's is good for insect bites. it makes the bite feel cool and it makes the sting go away. I have used it before on mosquito bites. it really works!

    Does Vicks Vaporub really help stuff nose?
    Well I have a Vicks Vaporub is it meant for use on the nose to relieve stuff nose?

    • ANSWER:
      I love that stuff. It clears a stuffy nose and chest congestion too. You can breathe when u use it almost instantly.

    I accidentally got Vicks vaporub in my mouth?
    I had Vicks on my finger and I went to wash it off. After that I went to put rubberbands in my mouth for my braces and after I put them in it tasted like the Vicks vaporrub. Is this bad?! I'm scared I'm going to die because I herd it's toxin but I herd some people eat some daily. My mom said I'll be find but I'm nervous!

    • ANSWER:

    Does Vicks Vapour Rub rubbed on the forehead cause any damage?
    I have been suffering from rather nasty headaches lately, i found that by rubbing a small amount of Vicks Vapour Rub into my forehead it really helps, is this ok to do? Will it harm me in any way?.
    Thank you for your advicexx

    • ANSWER:
      I doubt vicks vaporub would cause any harm to you. May be just avoid using excess of it.

    What cold meds did your doc recommend that are safe during pregnancy?
    My doc recommended tylenol cold, robitussin, mucinex, vicks vaporub and halls lozenges.

    • ANSWER:
      my doc said tylenol col and sudafed

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