Vicks Vaporub For Ingrown Toenails

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    Used Vick's Vaporub on ingrown toenail...How does it work so well?
    I currently have my first ingrown toenail ever. After days of excruciating pain and swelling, I tried Vick's Vaporub and I swear it stopped hurting within ten minutes. It's still tender, but nothing like before. And the swelling is virtually gone. My question is how does it work?


    • ANSWER:
      I do not know for sure but i do believe it is the menthal in it. I have a friend who used it on her psorias and she had it for 60 years and it went away. So, yeah to this great thing and glad your doing so good.

    I have a ingrown toenail that hurts so bad!?
    I took out the ingrown nail but i don't know if its still ingrown but the side of my toe still hurts is this normal for the side of my toe to still hurt for like 4 days I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday but oh my gosh the pain hurts!
    So is it normal for the skin to still be inflamed and hurting or is the nail still stuck in there?
    I've been soaking it in water and epson and nothing helps :(

    • ANSWER:
      The tissue may be inflamed from the constant pressure and now your removal which may have gouged it.
      The soaking will help tho this long may mean an infection too tho the tissues will be very sensitive as they were protected by the nail.
      A Podiatrist is a foot Dr and they usually recommend a procedure that kills the cells that make that area of nail growth. It is done at and under the base of where the nail grows out of the skin. There are special cells that make nails and by destroying them, no nail. It can be done on only a small section of nail (stops the rampant ingrown section and leaves the rest of the nail to grow out naturally) or the whole nail can be removed permanently.
      May be best to see a Dr sooner if it is hurting so badly in case more is going on.

      If you don't get the ingrown nail removed, do not "dig or cut it out", it only makes it grow back possibly more deformed and the risk of infection increases- and on feet it is much more dangerous. File the nail straight across and some Dr's recommend a "V" cut in the middle to allow the nail to pull back to center.
      You can also get regular Pedicures--males and females get them and they can keep the nails filed and help once you get this situation under control. You can also do them at home.
      Vick's VapoRub has been shown to help them stay softer and it makes cutting them easier too.


    the side of my nail is green..?
    the other side of my nail is already a ingrown nail. but if you look at my nail,it looks COMPLETLY normal! :D

    What should i do to get rid of the green thing?
    im too scared to go to the doctor..thats the problem.
    at the moment i have antibiotics on the green thing ..

    What should i do? :'(

    • ANSWER:
      Finger and Toe Nail Fungus Symptoms

      The most common signs of nail fungus are:

      * Thickened nails

      * Brittle, crumbling nails

      * A mis-shapen, dull appearance

      * Discoloration - yellow, brown, green or black

      * Seperation of the nail from the nail bed

      * An 'off' or 'foul' odor

      Here are two popular and inexpensive natural remedies:

      Foot Soaks

      1. In a small tub or bowl just large enough to submerge the infected nails completely, mix equal parts Listerine mouthwash with white vinegar.

      2. Soak the infected nails in this bath for at least 15 minutes, twice daily. You can re-use the same liquid for up to a week before replacing with a fresh mixture.

      3. As your nails grow, keep them well groomed. Use nail clippers to cut them short and a file to rough the surface up. Store your grooming tools in a container filled with the same liquid you use for the daily soaks.

      4. Wash your hands after every treatment.

      * Alternative #1: Apply the mixture directly to the infected nails using a sponge or Q-Tip at least twice a day.

      * Alternative #2: Roll up a paper towel, saturate it with the mixture and then wrap it around the infected fingers or toes for 15-20 minutes, twice daily.

      Vick's VapoRub

      Coat the infected fingers and toes with Vicks VapoRub at least twice daily and right before bed. Wash your hands after every treatment.

      Nail Removal

      This is an extreme solution, and is only prescribed in cases where the infection is severe or painful. Removing the nail allows the infection to be treated directly and cured quickly - but is painful. Your nails usually grow back too, and in case you hadn't guessed - this is something ONLY your doctor should do. ;)

      Nail Fungus Prevention

      Here are some tips for keeping the environment around your nails inhospitable to fungi and bacteria.

      * Thoroughly wash and dry your hands and feet after bathing, including the areas between your toes.

      * When you wash your nails, scrub them with a soft bristled brush to remove dirt and dead skin.

      * Trim your nails and keep them short.

      * Clean any dirt out from underneath your finger and toenails with a toothpick.

      * Wear only shoes and socks that allow your feet to breathe. Change your socks during the day if they routinely become moist.

      * Regularly apply anti-fungal powder to your feet and footwear.

      * Don't go bare foot in public locker rooms or share footwear with others.

      * Refrain from wearing fake nails.

    An ingrown toenail.?
    Not long ago, my big toe nail on my left foot started to swell and hurt. It then went white at the bottom of the nail and now the nail is now edging out of the bottom, abling me to see under the nail. What is this & how can I solve it?

    • ANSWER:
      You probably have an ingrown toenail that can get infected if you don't do something about it. I get one on the toe next to my big toe and sometimes I can get it out myself and sometimes I have to have it cut out. If it continues to grow in and cause problems you can have what they call a matrixectomy where they numb the toe, take a portion of the nail off and laser the matrix so the nail won't grow in again. My son is only 19 and ended up having that done on one of his big toes.

      If your nail is starting to change color at all or has a golden brown debris under it, it could be fungus. If you don't have that taken care of, it could spread to the other nails. Some home remedies, believe it or not, are Vick's Vaporub and Tea Tree Oil. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. However, whatever you use, it takes a long time.

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