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    what is a photofacial and are thye useful?
    I maybe getting a photofacial and microdermabrasion from american laser centers on monday and i was wondering if it was worth the money. I have minor sun damage on my skin. if not them, what's the best solution to fix my skin? thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Here's more information about photofacial:

      Since we don't know your symptoms, we can't really tell you what to do. But I hope the site helps you decide if the treatment will be beneficial for you.

      If you have serious skin issues you can look them up here on and see what the suggested treatment is for each one.

      Good Luck!

    Has anyone ever gotten IPL or photofacial? How were the results of just 1 and how long did they last?
    I'm starting to get a few fine lines and I've always said I want to fight aging tooth and nail within reason. (ie I dont want to look fake and plastic, I'd rather have wrinkles.) Photofacial seems like a viable option for me providing it works and has lasting results.

    • ANSWER:
      An excellent site to consult is You can post online questions on the site and have numerous top notch board certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists respond giving full info and costs. Site is used by numerous others whom have undergone procedures and share their experiences, good and bad, on line. Some submit before and after photos.
      Here is one question that was posted. "Fraxel or Photofacial for fine lines?"
      and this is the posted response from Michael A. Persky, MD - Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
      "A series of Fraxel treatments will usually give you better results than a series of photo-facial treatments for fine lines and sun damage".

      Mukunda M

    Has anyone ever had a photofacial for acne scars?
    Specifically, the one I would like to try is called Curelight Photofacial rejuvenation and it is supposed to reduce redness. Has anyone seen any results with this or a similar procedure?

    • ANSWER:
      I had it done a few years back ... A big waste of money. At first I thought it might be working so i did more. The doctor fails to tell you photofacials are temporary. Ask they will tell you and they really didn't touch my scarring. I have light scarring on my cheeks and chin and some dark spots. I found tca peels work a lot better than the photofacials. I had a series of light 12% done and they worked well after a few but the stronger ones do work better. I am getting 25% now and am seeing improvement. Plus they are cheaper in the long run too.

    How good are microdermabrasion and photofacials?
    I am 42 years old and have been recommended microdermabrasion followed by photofacials (5 sittings each, 1 month apart) to remove pigmentation and rejeuvenate the skin. But the treatment costs a pretty packet and I want to know if its really effective. If yes, for how long? Are there any home remedies for pigmented patches? I live in a tropical region.
    PS I have a normal to dry skin (in winters) and have never had a problem with acne at all.

    • ANSWER:
      I am male, close to your age, and live in a humid, semi-tropical climate (US Gulf Coast). I get microderms on a fairly regular basis; I love how smooth it makes my skin, and it also helps calm the redness of my mild rosacea. I can also tell it has help some old acne scars and it really helped to get rid of some stubborn blackheads (yuck).

      Is that 1 month between treatments, or 1 month for all 5? If the latter, that sounds a bit rushed to me.

      Not too sure about the photofacial, but if that's the same as IPL, you certainly want to spread it out some, as mine (for broken blood vessels, a common side-effect of rosacea) tends to be somewhat uncomfortable. In fact, before they got a different machine, it was downright painful, but perhaps for your application, they would tone it down a few notches...

      I suspect that the photofacial does use IPL, so that is probably where the big expense is coming from. I think I would try two microderms only (no IPL) about 3 weeks apart and see how that does. In my area, one microderm runs about ...

      Good luck.

    Does anyone have any good and bad experience on using Photofacial laser treatment?
    I have some aged/brown spots around my eye area, what’s the best way to get rid of them? I am thinking about trying Photofacial, but really concerning about the safety of Photofacial. Does anyone have any good and bad experience on this? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      my aunt had it done and she ha no bad experience, I hope it helps.

    Question for people who have had photofacials?
    I recently had one, and was reading online how it is common to get a least a few in a series to see "full benefits." Well, they are very expensive and I don't plan on getting more done. By the way, I am getting treated for brown splotches/hyperpigmentation. I also take RetinA and am getting some other treatments as well.My question is: Can you see good results with only one photofacial? Tell me of your experiences after having just one done. Thanks!
    I said for people who have had photofacials! Not people who don't know what they are!

    • ANSWER:
      i've never done a photofacial before. but if you really want to see the effect of the treatment, you have to do it with another session or so. and you said that your getting some other treatments.. with that how will you know the effect of the photofacial...

    What can I realistically expect from a series of photofacials (as far as results)?
    I have my first appointment for a series of photofacials tomorrow because I was recently diagnosed with rosacea. I have been doing research and I have come to learn that the disorder is progressive so I want to be as proactive as possible but at the same time realistic. So are the photofacial treatments "a silver bullet" against rosacea. First appointment is tomorrow @ 3 p.m. so please respond before then.

    • ANSWER:
      to be honest with you it is probably the best treatment results ive ever seen. i have babysat for dr bitter &his wife, and seen pictures of his results and even used some of the facial products. i'm a fan.

    What kind of treatments work on african americans who have acne scars?
    I have tried the microdermabrasion, but that did not work for me.. I have a brown complexion, so im thinking about trying the photofacial or chemical peel? I mean i know there is something out there that will help clear acne on african americans!! So plz give me some answers..

    • ANSWER:
      Acne is an annoying condition that can cause pain and embarrassment. Unfortunately, the condition can affect people from all areas and ethnic backgrounds. Many products are available for anyone suffering from acne. However, African American acne skin care is also available to help this particular ethnic group overcome the skin disorder.

      If you are of African American descent and want to treat your acne, you should consult with a dermatologist. Many people believe that people with darker skin are not prone to sun damage or conditions suffered by other ethnic groups. The reality is that the extra melanin present in darker-skinned individuals makes their skin more sensitive and vulnerable to injury. This is why African Americans may be much more prone to scarring if they suffer from acne for long periods of time.

      Fortunately, dermatologists and the health care industry are starting to realize that darker-skinned individuals require different skin care. Traditional products and methods were focused on combating acne and conditions for lighter-skinned individuals. Fortunately, new products are being developed specifically for people of different ethnic backgrounds. These products are often much gentler and less abrasive on the skin.

      After extensive research, many products and treatment methods now reduce the risk of a condition called hyper or hypopigmentation that is prevalent in African Americans. The term refers to dark or light spots that appear on the skin and can result from acne. Treatments such as chemical peels are often used to combat acne. However, they are applied with a lower-strength solution for darker-skinned individuals. New lasers that transmit longer pulses are also used for different ethnic groups as they are better-suited for pigmented skin. Treatments such as Restalyne and collagen injections are also not suited for African Americans who have an increased tendency to develop raised scar tissue, known as keloids.

      African Americans are not immune to skin disorders such as acne. However, the increased pigment in their skin requires special care to treat the condition. These individuals should choose special products geared towards sensitive skin. They should also find dermatologists who will perform procedures specifically tailored to darker-skinned individuals.

    are you supposed to tip the person who does photofacials?
    i am having a series of photofacials done. they are very expensive and done by a operator not a doctor am i supposed to tip her?

    • ANSWER:
      If it's a cosmetologist, they probably aren't making the big bucks on the treatment, the spa is. If you can afford , that would be nice. However, I'm sure a lot of people don't, so whatever you can afford.

    What kind of facial skin treatment should I get?
    I want to select one treatment (the longer lasting, the better) to address all of these concerns:

    -tighten pores
    -remove or lighten small red spots from broken capellaries/acne scars
    -fine lines around eyes, on forehead, and sides of mouth
    -general firmness and tightness

    I was thinking of getting an IPL photofacial, but I am wondering what might be better?

    • ANSWER:

    photofacial.....have you done it? does it work? average cost?
    i have some brown acne scars on my face and although i no longer have acne im still forced to wear makeup to cover the thinking o photofacial but please let me know if you have any other suggestions

    • ANSWER:
      yes it works and its worth the money! try it you will be pleased :D good luck!

    Which gives better results in skin appearance and texture, IPL or LHE photofacial?
    Which gives better results in skin appearance and texture, the IPL or LHE photofacial? I know that some say LHE is the newer technology and it gives better results for hair removal but I'm more concerned with the laser effects on the overall appearance of lines, scars, broken capillaries, etc.

    • ANSWER:
      You should go for the IPL.

    Ok to do Photofacial & facial waxing on the same day?
    Is it too much? They said they will do waxing first and then the IPL photofacial which includes a regular facial.
    Will this stop my skin from breaking out after the waxing like it usually does.
    Advice please! Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Call the place that providing this type of service, it safer for you to get answer from professional than yahoo

    What would be the best option to remove freckles?
    Does anyone have any experience with any of the following treatments?

    - Laser Resurfacing
    - Liquid Nitrogen (Cryosurgery)
    - Chemical Peel
    - Photofacial / IPL Treatment

    • ANSWER:

    Should I just get photofacial or a laser treatment and then photofacial for black dots removal?
    These black dots are on my face. I went to 2 different doctors to see what each one says. One doctor says that I have to get a laser treatment(it looks like exuision, not sure what it says) before photo facial and rest a bit then go back and do photo facial. But the other doctor says that I just need photo facial.
    Which one is better and what is the difference? Which one should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know about laser treatment, but I have had 2 photofacials recently. I had them done because I had dark brown splotches on my face from the birth control pill. The photofacials are very expensive, but they work great. I just needed two treatments to clear up my problems. Granted, they won't give you flawless, perfect skin, but will significantly clear up unwanted pigmentation and other skin issues, to the point where I feel like my skin looks normal again. Just be prepared to shell out a lot of money! Good luck.

    What is the difference between laser hair removal and a fotofacial (photofacial) ?
    Are they both safe for face and underarms.

    • ANSWER:
      Hair removal - obvious.
      Fotofacial - cosmetic enhancement to rid skin of sun damage etc.
      2 different things.

    where can I find a reputable place in San Diego?
    where I can get a photofacial done? I have rosacea and read that Intense pulse lIght helps a lot when people have rosacea. Anybody know of a well established place in San Diego, or north county San Diego? I need some help ASAP!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I reccomend Dr. Mani, staff there is super nice. If you call and ask - they will give you a freebie visit and show you the before and after book pictures. Good luck

    How much time and how many photofacials did it take for you to notice an improvement in your skin?

    • ANSWER:
      I had a series of 4, 3 weeks apart about 2 years ago and it did wonders for my skin, I still see the results to this day. I originally did it because I had very large pores but I noticed how much it lifted and tightened my skin too. The pores shrank a bit but I loved the secondary effect that I didn't expect.

    Does anyone know anything that helps melasma on the face?
    Has anyone had success using anything to help with melasma? Mine isn't horrible but it does really bother me. I have done photofacials and 1 fraxel treatment that helped alot but there is still some left. I just started using a hq kojic acid cream... Any thoughts? Thanks!!!

    • ANSWER:

    Beauty procedures allowed during pregnancy?
    Hi! Does anyone have a list of beauty procedures allowed during pregnancy. I really would like to know about photofacials and chemical peels? I would love to have a list of things allowed so I can still pamper myself before the little one arrives.... Does anyone have anything they did to make themselves feel more beautiful?

    • ANSWER:
      many treatments are not recommended in the first trimester.

      waxing - except facial - is not reccomended as it increases blood flow to the skin so abdominal waxing, bikini etc it too close to baby.

      electrotherapy treatments are a no no at any stages as it involves electricity being passed through electrodes hel by the client which passes through their body, the electricity is attracted to the therrapists hands, it travels through them and into the ground.

      massage is ok as long as you are comfortable with it, you can also get special pregnancy massages.

      mani/pedi is ok as long as no essential oils are used if a massage is carried out, massage should be done with moisturiser instead.

      facials are ok but again the same applies with the essentail oils.

      eyelash / eyebrow tinting is a no no due to the usage of peroxide

      tanning is ok too

    What cpt codes for photofacial treatments are covered by insurance?
    Medically necessary cosmetic procedures are sometimes covered by medical insurance

    • ANSWER:
      Just having the codes will not be sufficient information to determine whether any procedure will be covered by insurance.

      Carriers will cover different procedures. Each carrier may also offer different types of insurance coverage so not all plans from the same carrier will cover the same procedures.

      It's probably best to work with your dermatologist to determine whether any procedure will be covered.

      Good luck.

    Are photofacials(ipl) treatments really good for rosacea?
    I have had 2 very expensive treatments and I dont see a big differance. I was told 3 treatments would do it but I dont think so. I am wondering if they set the laser on lower settings so you have to come back more so they can make more money?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, IPL can treat rosacea -- but it doesn't cure it. Rosacea is a chronic, progressive condition that can be controlled -- but not cured. DPL (dye-pulsed laser) can be more effective than IPL. Both of these treatments work much better in people with very fair, light skin than in people with darker complexions. If you have a dark complexion, these treatments would be a waste of time. DPL is probably more effective with fewer treatments, so it is probably more cost effective than IPL. You need, generally, at least five IPL treatments for good results. One or two DPL treatments can show results for rosacea.

      If you are going to a "medi-spa" instead of seeing a dermatologist for your IPL treatments, you may not be receiving treatment from someone adequately trained to perform the procedure.

    What are some home remedies for bleaching my skin?
    I have dark scars and spots all over my body and I would like to know if there is any home remedies for bleaching skin. No Micheal Jackson joke or you should be proud of your skin color or it's dangerous to bleach your skin.

    • ANSWER:
      There are no effective or safe ways to 'bleach' your skin. There are effective ways to remove hyperpigmentation, sunspots and dark scars. It's called a Photofacial or Fotofacial. It's a laser treatment that kills cells with dark pigment and leaves the healthy ones alone. It works very well. The dead cells rise to the skin's surface and flake off. FYI you will look pretty horrible for the first 24-48 hours and will not be allowed to wear makeup so plan for that. Also be prepared to have 3 or more treaments and spend some $$$.

    How do you get rid of broken blood vessels on your face?
    I got sick last nigh and threw up. Now I have tons of broken blood vessels around my eyes and I look ridiculous.

    How do you get rid of them?

    • ANSWER:
      I've read that icing them or taking Vitamin K is supposed to help.

      If they don't go away, the next option is an IPL photofacial. I've had one on the bridge of my nose for 4 years and would like to get rid of it, so I've looked into having this kind of treatment done, and unfortunately I've found it's very expensive (0-0 CAD).

    How can I become a certified cosmetic laser technician?
    I am interested in becoming a cosmetic laser technician. You know those people who do laser hair removal, and double eyelid surgery. I want the best education possible. Does anyone know how long it takes to get certified and how much the usually make? Plus locations where I can go to school for it. Anyone who is currently working in the profession please give more details. Thank You.

    • ANSWER:
      I am a medical aesthetician and I do laser hair removal, photofacials, and a process called photodynamic therapy for acne. Learning how to use the laser was quite frankly, something that just happened to come along because the Plastic Surgeon that I happen to be working with decided he wanted to offer this service in his practice.
      My suggestion is this: Either go to school to become a Medical Aesthetician or become a Certified Medical Assistant and put your sites on working either with a Plastic Surgeon or a dermatologist who offer laser treatments within their facility. You'll need to go online and find out where there are schools that offer Medical Aesthetician courses. These schools usually have training in laser technology which when it comes to looking for a job, this could prove to be a valuable piece of info on your resume. Good luck to you.

    What kind of face washes are best for skin with broken capillaries?
    I've used apricot scrub for years, and I just found out it's probably not helping the capillaries around my nose and cheeks. I'm totally clueless on what to use. Any suggestions?
    To clarify, I know that face wash won't heal the capillaries, but I want to know what kind of formulas would be the gentlest for my type of skin.

    • ANSWER:
      Gentle cleansers are the best. IPL treatments, or Photofacials really work well if you ever want to get rid of them. If you want something affordable, go with Cetaphyl cleansers. make sure you moisturize and wear sunblock! Broken capillaries can get worse from irritation (possibly your scrub), and when the skin thins due to aging and sun damage. If you want to try a results line for facial redness, I recommend PCA Anti Redness Serum.

    What cosmetic procedure helps with blotchiness of the skin?
    I'm almost 18 in a couple of weeks but I have fair delicate skin and it gets blotchy in the sun. All those teen years of lying out have made me build up some blotchiness. What is the best affordable cosmetic procedure for me?

    • ANSWER:
      IPL (intense pulse light) Photofacial will clear you up!
      (Provided you are a lighter complexion person, if you're a darker complexion person then hydroquione solution will work - Try PCA (Physician Choice of Arizona) they have a great line.

    How much does a micro dermabrasion treatment cost?
    My brother has acne scars his face and want to know how much it is or does our heath insurance cover it?

    • ANSWER:
      usually health insurance doesn't cover it. I got a bonus of 1500 dollars from work and used it toward treatments for my face. I paid 1200 dollars cash and got 3 photofacial treatments along with microdermabrasions before each one. Along with chemical peels. they will work with you. they helped me out alot. but i did pay alot but got a lot in return with their generosity to me and my problems. they were great. i went to perfect skin center in mesa arizona. :)

    I'm getting fine lines/sagging corners of mouth in early 20's. How can I prevent/reverse this?
    I'm in my early 20's and already getting noticeable fine lines and sagging around my mouth! The smile lines don't bother me as much as the fact that lines right by the corners of my mouth have started to form... and sag a bit. I'm sure it's only noticeable to me right now, but I want to prevent progression as much as I can!

    I smile a lot, and there are definite fine lines that have formed in the creases that appear when I smile. I know wrinkling is normal, but I've read that hypothyroidism can accelerate the aging process. I was diagnosed three years ago, and while my hormone levels are where they should be, I still have a lot of symptoms. (pale skin, thin hair, bad memory, dry skin, fatigue)

    I wash my face and moisturize every day with the Shiseido Pureness line. I remember to wear sunscreen most days (I'm forgetting more because it's early spring, I'm not venturing outside much). I drink about 7 cups of water a day (planning on upping that) and am trying to improve my diet. I don't know much about anti-aging creams or moisturizers or any kind of wrinkle prevention, so all help is appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      You can use this device, called the Tanda photofacial device, and it basically reverses and stops all fine lines and wrinkles in their tracks. I use it, and it works great. :D
      Btw, it's a myth about your diet and how skin looks. Diet will affect nothing, nor does it cause acne or anything like that. Try drinking from straws less, they cause lines and wrinkles around the mouth so quick.

    I Own a Small Laser Hair Removal Business and What Search Words Would You Use?
    If you were wanting laser hair removal what way would you search for it? What search words would you use? What would be the important things about chosing the right place?

    • ANSWER:
      laser hair removal, laser wrinkle reduction, facial rejuvenation, mesotherapy, plastic surgery, treatment for acne, acne scars, rosacea, cellulite, [my state], [my city], botox, restylane, fraxel laser, erbium laser peel, photofacials, laser acne treatment, melasma, plastic surgeon, gentle waves, microdermabrasion, micropeels, skin care products, massage,

    How do I get rid of stretch marks?
    What are some products or things I can use to get rid of or reduce the appearance of stretch marks? Don't say lazer surgery .

    • ANSWER:
      If the stretchmarks are newer and not very deep, microdermabrasion could work. Otherwise, laser treatments like Fraxel Laser Resurfacing, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, and IPL Photofacial would be your best bet. Since you don't want laser treatments, I suggest looking into newer topical creams such as StriVectin. Creams don't eliminate stretchmarks, but after eight weeks of regular use you could see a significant improvement in the appearance of the marks.

      ETA: I forgot about this article! I added it to the sources. It's five of the best stretch mark creams on the market. Definitely worth taking a look at.

      Hope this helps. :)

    Photofacials get rid of freckles?
    Will photofacials really get rid of my freackles? how much will 1 treatment get rid of percentage wise? How much does each treatment cost?

    • ANSWER:
      1 Photofacial session can be as high as 0.
      Here are some reviews on it:

    Has anyone ever had a IPL Photofacial done? If so, did you like it? What were your experiences?
    I am looking into having this procedure done through Reveal Me basically to diminsh age/sun spots and minor acne scars. Any info from anyone who has had it done or has researched it would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      One of my nurses does this procedure. Almost painless and fast and very effective. I've had several treatments and my skin looks much better.

    How can i get rid of the spots on my face?
    How can i get rid of the spots on my face?

    • ANSWER:
      you can get a photofacial. i used it to rid my face of freckles. works well. most spas do them now.

    How to get rid of stretch marks, scars and back acne?
    I wanna know how to get rid of them.
    my friends always tell me i have a "killer body"
    but my chest has stretch marks.. and i have scars from back acne. and its an insecurity.
    any help?

    • ANSWER:
      There are tons of non-surgical options for getting rid of your stretch marks and acne, I know what its like to feel insecure about that; SO not fun :-/. Here are some tips about your options; hope it helps at least a little.

      Microdermabrasion for Stretch Marks – A deep exfoliation like Microdermabrasion can do wonders on newer, more superficial stretch marks. Microdermabrasion, however, has little effect on deeper, white stretch marks.

      Microdermabrasion seems perfect for your condition b.c it is really good for getting rid of acne too. It is pretty affordable (5 per treatment) and you start seeing results after your first treatment.

      Other non surgical stretchmark treatments:

      Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks – Several laser methods can be used for treating stretch marks. Laser Skin Resurfacing, can peel off a layer of skin, allowing newer and hopefully stretch-free skin to grow back in its place.
      Laser Skin Rejuvenation, on the other hand, does not remove skin, but helps your body create new collagen. Stretch marks form partially because they’ve lost healthy collagen and a laser procedure can help restore that.

      IPL Photofacial has proven effective for restoring collagen growth in stretch marks.

      You should to talk to a doctor or specialist about your problem, that way you can find the best solution for your specific case. You can set up free consults with the best doctors and specialists in your area at, that way you don't have to commit to it until you have all the information about the treatment.

      Hope this helps, good luck!

    How can I make my skin lighter?
    so the sun has made my skin darker because its summer. so how do i make my skin liqhter or go back to its original color ?

    • ANSWER:
      Kinerase Photofacials lightens skin, but you ought to use the entire skin regimen, so you don't further damage your skin, although the treatment is expensive it is well worth the result in my opinion. Wearing the SPF 50 moisturizer is your best defense. You can find it at a dermatologist or the cheaper way (Nordstrom and Sephora both carry the line).
      I hope this helps!

    How to get rid of grooves under eyes?
    I am just 21 and I have grooves under eyes. Please suggest me some remedies

    • ANSWER:
      There are a few treatments to treat dark circles or under eye circles many of the remedies are lasers. Fraxel, Thermage, Blue Light Therapy, and IPL Photofacial all use lasers to tighten the skin this alleviating under eye circles. If the area under your eyes are hallow then injectables are also an option.

    How to get rid of stretch marks & pimples on your boobs?
    I went to the pool a few weekends back & got some sun on my chest. Well it gave me stretch marks & broke me out. any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Microdermabrasion for Stretch Marks – A deep exfoliation like Microdermabrasion can do wonders on newer, more superficial stretch marks. Microdermabrasion, however, has little effect on deeper, white stretch marks.

      Microdermabrasion seems perfect for your condition b.c it is really good for getting rid of acne too. It is pretty affordable (5 per treatment) and you start seeing results after your first treatment.

      Other non surgical stretchmark treatments:
      Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks – Several laser methods can be used for treating stretch marks. Laser Skin Resurfacing, can peel off a layer of skin, allowing newer and hopefully stretch-free skin to grow back in its place.

      Laser Skin Rejuvenation, on the other hand, does not remove skin, but helps your body create new collagen. Stretch marks form partially because they’ve lost healthy collagen and a laser procedure can help restore that.

      IPL Photofacial has proven somewhat effective for restoring collagen growth in stretch marks.

      You may want to talk to a doctor or specialist about your problem. You can set up free consults at, that way you dont have to commit to it until you have all the information about the treatment.

      Hope this helps, good luck!

    Photofacial IPL Results?
    I had my first photofacial IPL done a while back for my freckles. I was very pleased with the results. Almost immediately after the freckles turned black and then flaked off about 5-7 days later. I went yesterday to get my second treatment and they increased the settings. It made my freckles come to the surface but they have not turned dark or look like they will get that "pepper" look to flake off. Does this mean that the treatment did not work??

    • ANSWER:
      Ephelides, otherwise known as freckles, are harmless tan spots of melanin common in people of fair complexion. Freckles are genetic in nature and can be triggered by exposure to sunlight. That is why freckles usually appear in the summertime and fade in the winter. Treatments are usually spaced out at three week intervals. The energy is delivered at specific settings for each treatment to maximize the results. The light energy stimulates the production of collagen. Laser freckle removal is the most effective solution to deal with freckles. With many skincare technicians, Photofacial is the preferred light-based treatment to use on freckles. This is because of its lack of side effects and downtime. The IPL wavelength is absorbed by the unwanted spot and actually breaks apart the pigment. These fragmented pigments are absorbed back into the body, leaving little to no trace of the original freckle. At your next appointment you might care to enquire how many treatment sessions you are likely to expect.


      It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

      The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

      Hope this helps
      matador 89

    Besides plastic surgery, what's another way to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes?
    Or is that not possible?

    • ANSWER:
      It does seem to be possible. I read about photofacials. I dont know if i'll do the site justice by paraphrasing it so I'll just qoute it.

      "photofacial (aka fotofacial or photo facial) treatments center around the patented Florescent Pulsed Light system, which penetrates deep below the skin's surface to help start the production of new collagen and other connective tissues. This process leaves the skin rejuvenated and smooth, starting from the very first treatment."

      Hope this helped!

    can you have a chemical face peel at 16 years old ?
    i'm considering this cause i have lots of scars on my face from various people clawing me in netball and red marks from old spots etc..
    am i too young ?! legally.. not in your opinion ! and has anyone out there had one that can tell me more about it and if it worked well? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I go to a "medical" spa near where I live, they can start you out with a mild peel, and then each time you go in, (usually every 2 weeks) they can give you a peel at higher concentration. By the way you can't get this in a salon or spa, it has to have a doctor on the premises, or a physician assistant. Salon and spas can only administer up to a certain strength legally. I pay around for mine (glycolic or lactic acid peels) and I go about every 3 months as maintenance. I t will help with some scarring, I would look into getting a photofacial. Also again you should only get this in a medical setting. I have seen excellent results with photofacials for scarring. At your age, it should be no problem

    how can i get rid of my red complexion?
    its not a sunburn, rash or rosacea. ive heard from some people that its because my capillaries or bloodvessels are very close to my skin? . so i want to know what is the cause of this and how can it get rid of it. oh and my redness gets worse when im very warm.

    • ANSWER:
      The redness is because of your blood vessels being close to the skin.

      One thing that works for this condition is getting IPL Photofacial treatments over your entire face, five at least, 2- 4 weeks apart.

      IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. The brand of machine that is best for this is called Radiance. (I had IPL treatments on another brand of machine and it did nothing for me.)

      The price of treatments varies widely. I got mine for 0 a piece when I bought a 5 treatment package. A lot of doctors, spas and cosmetic centers offer this treatment but choose wisely. The machine can burn you if the person doesn't know what they are doing.

      The treatments are slightly unpleasant. It's hot and it smells bad. You will feel like bad sunburn for a couple hours. (don't go out into the sun afterwards!)

      Within a couple treatments you will see your skin start to lose the redness, your pores will look smaller, your face fresher. (I know, because I've done it myself.)

      If you can't afford this, one thing that will help is adding some green food coloring to your foundation. The green cuts down on the redness. Or buy a foundation designed to cut down the redness.

    How do I get rid of dark acne scars?
    i used to have lots of acne now my cheeks have all these flat dark spots and theyre soo ugly how do i get rid of it

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely try Microdermabrasion, it works so well and is pretty affordable (and definitely worth the money). After trying like 3 bajillion creams, I finally got microdermabrasion. I wish I would have listened to everyone before I poured like 0 into different creams that didn't work.

      If you decide you want Microdermabrasion or even to just talk to a doctor about what would be best for you (there are other options like IPL photofacial and chemical peels) you can set up a free consultation at It was really easy and helpful for me (and now my face looks so much better).

      Good luck hope this helps!

    What's the difference with guys before and after this?
    What's the difference with guys before and after puberty when there around 15? Physically like what changes? And also does anything change mentally? Like what's there hormones and do they think about sex more????? Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      The Start of It All
      A time of transition, puberty marks your child’s maturation from childhood to adolescence and adulthood. It is during puberty that a person’s body begins to take on sexual characteristics. For many parents, this change can be a bit scary because it means their child is developing into a sexual being. But how do these changes begin?

      In everyone’s brain, there is an area called the hypothalamus. At the appropriate time according to your child’s body, the hypothalamus will begin secreting gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). This hormone will eventually reach and stimulate the pituitary gland, causing it to secrete lutenizing hormone (LH) as well as follicle–stimulating hormones (FSH).

      These hormones then begin to travel through the bloodstream until they reach the reproductive organs. In boys, the presence of LH and FSH in the testicles will indicate that it is time to start producing testosterone and sperm. For girls, these hormones affect the ovaries, causing her body to start producing estrogen as well as beginning the process of maturing and releasing eggs.

      Seeing is Believing
      Often, the first question on most parents’ minds is "When will my child start puberty?" There is a fairly wide range between the sexes as to just when puberty will occur. Even within the same sex group, one child may start puberty long before her peers start.

      Changes in girls during puberty can begin anywhere between 8 and 14 years of age. Usually the first sign that female puberty has begun is through breast development in girls. Boys’ puberty begins after the girls, between 10 and 15 years of age. For a boy, the first sign that puberty has begun is growth of his testicles, which is followed shortly thereafter by the growth of his penis.

      In both sexes, an increase of body hair, specifically in the pubic area and under the arms, will become visible not too long after puberty has started. This hair usually starts off quite light and thin, becoming darker, thicker and longer as puberty advances.

      Other shared changes between the sexes include a change in body shape, putting on weight, emotional changes and experiencing a growth spurt. Growth spurts on average last for two to three years and by the end of this period, most youth will have reached their full adult height. As if puberty wasn’t awkward enough for your child, the fact that his growth spurt may cause specific body areas (like the feet or arms) to grow faster than others can cause him to feel especially clumsy and embarrassed. But you can put his mind at ease by reassuring him that the rest of his body will soon catch up.

      Raging Hormones
      As any pregnant woman knows, hormones are not always your friends. Because of the sudden increase in hormone production, teen puberty often results in acne, oily skin and B.O. While none of this is surprising, since hormones affect the skin glands, your child may not be too thrilled at smelling like she was rolling in dirt all day, having greasy skin and a face speckled with pimples to top it all off. However, encouraging her to clean her face with a gentle cleanser and shower daily as well as using deodorant should help to clear up these problems.

      Acne does not just effect teens, it can appear during stages of life. Thankfully, your skin can be restored to its natural smooth texture with the help of a photofacial treatment. Find out more.

      Have you noticed that your once sweet, loving son has turned into a ticking emotional time bomb these days? No, his angry outbursts and highly sensitive demeanor are not indicative of him reverting back to the terrible twos; rather it’s those hormones wreaking havoc. They’re not called raging hormones for nothing. Increased moodiness and sensitivity, while not always pleasant, are a normal part of puberty. However, these emotional changes may not always coincide with the physical changes. As trying as it can be, remember: just like the other stages of child development, your child will grow out of this as well.

      What Happens Next
      Puberty in teen boys can often seem like a more traumatic experience than girls going through puberty. Boys during puberty have to deal with many obvious changes, like the deepening of their voice, the growth of facial hair and, perhaps most embarrassing of all, erections.

      It is very normal for boys to experience spontaneous erections, when their penis becomes erect often for no reason, as well as nocturnal emissions. More commonly known as "wet dreams," nocturnal emissions occur when a boy ejaculates during his sleep. If he has never had a wet dream before, he may just think he wet his bed.

      Breast development is often one of the first stages of early puberty in girls and is one of the few visible signs that her body has begun to mature. For some girls, her growing breasts may be very exciting and she will jump at the chance to go and buy her first bra. For other girls, though, this development can make them feel very in

    Has anyone here had any experience with body wraps?
    The ones that suck out whatever and make you lose inches. Has anyone used one and had a positive experience? Negative? I'm debating whether or not to do one - so feedback really helps! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Unless you have a spa budget, or bathing suit photo shoot and your modeling agency is paying for it--it's not worth it.
      Your skin is smoother and maybe you lose a inches from the water weight. They measure you from head to toe and then add up the difference and say--see you've lost a total of 6 inches.
      1/4 inch from one upper thigh 1/4 inch from the other
      1/4 inch from one lower thigh 1/4 inch from the other
      1/4 inch from one calf 1/4 inch from the other
      1/4 inch from one upper arm 1/4 inch from the other
      1/4 inch from one lower arm 1/4 inch from the other

      You get the idea.

      A much better spa investment is photofacial or laser hair removal or save up for lipo.

    Has any one had a photofacial?
    I am thinking about doing this to remove a bunch of freckles. I have heard great stuff about it but was wondering if anyone had heard about any side effects or negative things about it.

    • ANSWER:

    How gud is glycolic peel and Photofacial treatment gven by Kaya Skin Clinic 4 pigmentation, scars & open pore

    • ANSWER:
      It is great, and it doesn't matter where you have it done as long as the person administering it is trained.

    Do you really need several treatments for photofacial IPL laser?
    For spider veins & general redness on face. Does the 1st treatment get most of it & the repeat treatments fine tune it a bit? Or is there really a great improvement with each treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      It takes several treatments. Port wine stains can take numeriuos treatments. slightly lighten with each. Try e-medicine they will likely have pictures of progression there.

    Does anyone her use the Obagi system and if so, do you see results?
    I peel now and then but I can't really see any improvement and I wonder if I'm wasting quite a bit of money.

    • ANSWER:
      ...and had no results. I originally started using Obagi as home skin care during my microdermabrasion treatments. The dermatologist told me it would help with fine lines and wrinkles plus help fade my hyperpigmentation (the dark "age" spots on my cheeks). After dutifully using the products, including the hydroquinone and tretinoin, the only result I had was extremely dry, flaky skin. I never saw any fading of the hyperpigmentation spots, nor did I see any improvement in the texture/softness of my skin.

      Overall, it took about three or four months for my skin to recover from the Obagi-induced dryness and I have not found a "medical grade" skin care line that I'm interested in. For regular skin care, I have tried Rhonda Allison, Bioelements, Exuviance, Murad, Esente, and Hylunia and find that most of these products are good for helping my skin texture, but nothing seems to touch the hyperpigmentation, so I'm saving up for a photofacial next spring.

      I wish I had better news for you regarding the success of Obagi, but, honestly for me, it just didn't do the trick.

    How much do photofacials cost? R they worth it? They say u typically need 5 treatments. Is that true?

    • ANSWER:
      do they work? no

      are they expensive? yes