Stem Cells Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is stem cell therapy and what is the benefits?
    What is the purpose of having stem cell therapy? And what are those benefits that give on every patients?

    • ANSWER:
      PlacidWay presents best and most affordable Stem Cell Therapy in India. Find top doctors and surgeons for Stem Cell Therapy in India and compare your options worldwide. Learn about your hospital and clinic choices for Stem Cell Therapy in India.

    what is stem cell therapy and how does it work?
    My 24 year old son has recently been diagnosed with ALS, I am
    looking for anything that may help him. Stem cell therapy,outside the USA may be the answer but what exactly is it and how does it work? Is it safe? I know it is not a cure but can it help? Where is the best place to have it done? Please help me with my questions .

    • ANSWER:
      Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which have the unique potential to produce any kind of cell in the body and self-renewal capacity. Medical researchers believe stem cells have the potential to change the face of human disease by being used to repair specific tissues or to grow organs.

    Is there any case where adult stem cell therapy has succesfully cured a paraplegic?
    I have been looking at videos where doctors are using adult stem cell therapy to treat aliments ranging from M.S to diabetes to spinal cord injury.

    • ANSWER:
      To my knowledge, some stem cell treatments have helped people with incomplete spinal cord injuries regain some sensation or motion, but I don't think stem cells have done much to get someone up and walking again. A cure is still a long way off, but I'm confident that I will be able to walk at some point in my lifetime.

    Hip replacement or stem cell therapy for fused hip and thigh for dog?
    My golden retriever has a fused hip and thigh and the vet says hip replacement and stem cell therapy are the best options. Can someone please inform me on all of these please?

    • ANSWER:
      Not here - you need to speak to the specialists:
      Here is a much sought after speaker on stem cell therapy - the Golden clubs have him speak a lot to their members:

      Ask your vet for help in finding the best orthopedic specialist near you, and go speak to them after they evaluate your dog. You need to get this information straight from a specialist who has actually seen your dog's bones, so you have a real answer.

    How much does it costs for treatment of COPD through Stem Cell therapy in India?
    I'm thinking for treating my father who is suffering from COPD through Stem Cell therapy.Kindly let me know the approximate costs & the hospitals where I can approach for the same

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Pranjal,

      Stem cell therapy is not available for COPD yet. It is in the experimental stages. You will do well to get you dad treated and managed by a pulmonologist.

    Where can a paralysis receive stem cell therapy?
    Hi, my brother in law that has been paralyzed from the waist down has been wondering about stem cell therapy. Where could he go to receive the treatment. We reside in LA County. I know about Obama just lifting the ban, i would like to know which hospitals or medical facilities have recently began the practice again!
    I'm sorry, i mean he is paralyzed from the waist down.

    • ANSWER:
      Stem cells are nowhere near advanced enough that they can be used in humans for this sort of thing. Many more years of work is needed.

    Where can i get stem cell therapy in india for Diabetes ?
    Where can i get stem cell therapy in india for Diabetes ?

    • ANSWER:
      For Diabetes Stem Cell therapy is still in experimental stage !

    I am asking about the value of stem cell therapy in the treatment of lupus nephritis?
    I have SLE wiht renal impairment, and I want to know the value of stem cell therapy in my condition .And if possible, where can I do it ?

    • ANSWER:
      You can contact these people to determine where/if the procedure is being performed on human patients, or if there are trials in which you could participate.
      Your other option is to give Homeopathy a go. Possible cure, better overall treatment without the nasty drug side effects.

    What is Fatwa about Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal cord injuries?
    Asalaam Alaikum WRWB,

    I would like to know if there is any rulings in using this therapy...since I am aware of the fact that we should not be organ donars and Stem cell therapy simmilar in the ruling? I am inquiring because my brother in law could benefit from this treatment.

    • ANSWER:
      You're nto gonna get a clear cut answer.

      Anyways, i've never really heard anything that implies organ donorship to be haram until a new group of people moved into our area a few years ago.......i'm gonna leave out their heritage......but yeah...i think anyone with a basic understanding of islam would think being an organ donor would be a blessing. (not criticizing you, because i have found out there are a quite a lot of people that are against this.)

      But you're gonna get both responses......some "scholars" will say yes and some will say no.

    Can you suggest me regarding the scope of Stem Cell therapy/Living cell therapy in autistic features?
    My son is having some autistic features. I heard that this type of case only be treated by Stem Cell Therapy or By Living Cell therapy.
    Can someone guide me regarding the same. Also i want to know the reputation of the hospital, Deutsches Zentrum Fur Frischzellentherapie Dr. Block GMBH. Any body can help me?

    • ANSWER:
      I have never heard of that hospital but if you contact the hospital they will provide you with a review.
      GOOD LUCK.

    does stem cell therapy work for hair regrowth in case of alopecia?
    does stem cell therapy work for hair regrowth in case of alopecia? has anyone undergone that treatement? Is PRP a better option?

    • ANSWER:
      I am doubtful if stem-cell therapy has reached this advanced stage; i am doubtful as stem-cell research is still in an infant stage and they would work over everything else in the body before thinking of hair. Hair, for them wouldn't be a priority. So, I am doubtful and even if it's there, it would not have that perfection, rather have some unknown risks, which they won't tell you.

      I don't know what's PRP but I got a fair degree of my hair back with Segals Solutions. It's not 100% back but my scalp is no longer visible now and the top portion is pretty dense. Hair is also with a better texture and strength. It took me more than 6 months and I am still using it. I feel I am still gaining, not only hair but self-esteem also ! Regrowth is always a gamble but when you have something that's side-effect free and that's safe, that costs you a pittance compared to surgical techniques and without the associated risks, it's always worth a try (Provided) you have a little patience. It takes a while ! And Segals fits the best in this criteria, given my experience.

    Where can you get stem cell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis?
    It is not an approved therapy yet, but I hear people are doing it experimentally. I understand there are 2 types of stem cell therapies, at where they regrow your immune system after killing it with chemo, and the other where they inject umbilical stem cells into your spine.

    I am interested in getting info on both....who do you contact?

    • ANSWER:
      autologous stem cell transplantation.. yeah it has shown promise.. 1) ask your neurologist if they hav any connections with studies being done (until there is a FDA approved procedure, this is the best chance).. or 2) I found this.. i dunno anything about it.. but here it is, none-the-less.

    Why are adult stem cells difficult to grow in the laboratory compared to embryonic stem cells?
    One of the disadvantages of using adult stem cells for stem cell therapy is that they are difficult to grow in the laboratory, could anybody tell me why this is? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      embryonic stem cells have not been 'programmed' to do anything so with the right conditions they can grow into whatever you want them to,
      adult stem cells also have DNA so that makes them want to grow into something and it is hard to tell them not to do that

    How much is stem cell treatment for autism?
    How much does adult stem cell therapy cost? And where can i go to receive it? I have autism/Asperger's, and i am not really sure if adult stem cell therapy is able to treat Asperger's, even though it has been used to treat more severe forms of autism.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you need heavy metal chelation, which is a lot healthier and cheaper than stem cell therapy.

      Most (75%) of ASDs are mercury poisoned. Here's a group of adults who do low dose chelation:

      Good luck.

    Can you receive stem cell therapy under Medicare to treat cancers?
    I am referring to Australian Medicare & all kinds of stem cell therapy from embryonic etc.

    • ANSWER:

    Are topical cream stem cell therapy, fact or fiction regarding healthy younger skin as advertised?
    Stem Cell topical therapy is advertised as regeneration of stem cells to correct aging cells / skin. Collagen is the material in the body which makes skin supple and allows joints to move easily. It is the glue that holds us together.
    Can topical stem cells really make younger skin. Can it replicate collagen to do so.

    Please advise in a professional manner. I would like to hear from clinicians, biology major or geneticists.

    • ANSWER:
      I dont' know for sure, but stem cells work internally not topically. They are just using this phrase to try to sell the product. But I am highly skeptical.

      You can't regenerate fresh stem cells by putting them on your face.

    please can you tell me best doctor in india for stem cell therapy?
    A relative of mine has lost movement of left part of the body due to brain stroke. is it possible to cure it by stem cell therapy? If yes, who is the best in business for this therapy?

    • ANSWER:
      Your desire for stem cell treatment for stroke victims may be just ahead of the state of the art in stem cell therapy.
      While this is an area of research, it is not quite ready for prime time.
      That said, here are casual links to some articles about stem cell treatments in India. You would have to contact the clinics to determine if they would see your relative:
      2/2008 article:

      You might want to research the names/institutions mentioned in these articles from the same blog:

      The person to contact is: S Prabhakar, head of the department of neurology, PGI Chandigarh
      This is link to his contact information - I would never put the info directly on any other site so just follow the link to email and phone #:

      I think you have the info on the best person with whom to correspond.
      Before you begin to communicate, know how this treatment would be paid, that it is still experimental, and that you have the right to speak for your relative. That said, for just information to convey back, go ahead. Be able to provide all of the symptoms and the date of the stroke and subsequent incidents. In other words, be prepared, even in an email.

      I'd love to hear from you about your progress.

    Is Emphysema curable with stem cell therapy?
    My father is suffering from Emphysema whose symptoms are similar to Asthama.I've heard that following Stem cell therapy it can be cured.Kindly let me if this can be cured.Kindly let me know the cost of the treatment and the hospitals in India which conducts such treatment.

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately emphysema is not curable. Period. Stem cell treatment has not been shown to cure any disease. Lung transplant is the only treatment for advanced/severe emphysema in patients who qualify.
      Sorry, best wishes

    What is the best stem cell treatment?
    Did you already undergo for stem cell therapy?What was the experience? And how much it will cost?

    • ANSWER:
      As I understand it, stem cell therapy is still in the experimental stages and the only way to receive it is if there happens to be a study that you qualify for.

      It is not in main stream use yet however some companies are doing human trials and other are advertising stem cell treatment but they may not be using embryonic stem cells.

      It may be several more years before stem cell therapy is in wide use however if you feel that you have a major need for stem cell therapy, you can always do a Google search for Stem Cell Trials and see if there is one that you are qualified to apply for.

      I wish you all the best!

    How does the lack of stem cell research affect insurance?
    I am curious to how insurance companies could benefit from stem cell research. With medical costs on the rise and insurance companies taking a financial toll because of it, i thought that the potential cures/good outcomes from stem cell therapy could help... Please no negative/demeaning comments and please find sources if possible i would like to read about some of it

    • ANSWER:
      Well, at first the insurance companies right now are paying out the wazoo and patients have to fight to have stem cell therapy covered. My stem cell transplant (as in bone marrow transplant for the people who are uneducated) cost more than the last 3 years of cancer treatment combined.. upwards of several million for the blood bank services alone on the stem cells. And that was paid for by the American working public (I love telling people that because it stirs questions which then creates education...)

      Short term these treatments cost a buttload because of the years of trials they have to go through. THere has to be some way of paying that. And actually, most of our direct medical expense is indirectly paying for the 10-30 years of testing each medicine and protocol goes through in the US before fda apporval.

      In the long run, I wouldnt have needed those 3 years of leukemia treatment had I just had the transplant in the first place. On the other hand, stem cell transplant has a LOT of post treatment care associated with it. And just like any other organ transplant, I may be on meds the rest of my life. So in reality, my transplant isnt saving anyone money, its costing people more money.

      And this is where people dont understand cancer cure conspiracy. Stem cell transplant is the only possible cure for leukemias lymphomas and a host of other cancers and auto immune diseases. There is NO money lost with a cure, but money gained. No one is hiding a cure to any medical issue for fear of lost revenue. Pharmacuticals and others in the medical community make (always have and always will) more money with cures than they could ever hope to make with treatment only

    How effective is stem cell therapy?
    Can anybody tell me how it is effective, my mom want to try stem cell therapy in Panama that's why I do research for her.

    • ANSWER:
      On a scale of 1 to 10... 10.

    should stem cells therapies be pursued as a medical treatment?
    Should stem cells therapies be pursued as a medical treatment?
    Should stem cells therapies be pursued as a medical treatment? please be specific really NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

    Please explain why or why not.. this is important THANK YOU :)
    just any simple medical treatment.

    • ANSWER:
      Stem cells can be used to replace the impaired cells of body.So it's only available in diseases which have some kind of damaged cells.
      Today, stem cell therapies are available in some aspects of medicine like replacing blood cells. in some other aspects it's under experiment like replacing nerve cells in parkinson patients. But in most of medical fields we can't use them yet. But it's very promising to be the leading treatment in most diseases in future.

    where can I get stem cell therapy for hearing loss now, instead of waiting 10 years in the US?
    I am hard of hearing and I can't stand to suffer 10 or more years for the treatment. I can't wait ten years until stem cell therapy become available to cure for deafness and hearing-loss.
    How can I get the treatment sooner? Is there therapy available outside of united states??

    • ANSWER:
      You can find useful information here.
      GOOD LUCK!

    What questions should I ask about Stem Cell Research/Therapy?
    At school, we're presenting a powerpoint about Stem Cell Research/Therapy. We have to engage our classmates into the conversation. They're stating their opinions over the subject. What should we ask?

    • ANSWER:
      Something along the lines of "Ignoring religious opinions because they are irrelevent, is there any real reason not to allow stem cell research? It could have seriously awesome benefits to many people"

    Could Stem cells be used to regrow the fallen hair?
    I watched a TV add which promises regrowth of fallen hair using stem cell therapy. They say they use some kind of plant stem cells. Also they say its free of side effects.
    How far are these promises true?
    Thanks for answering.

    • ANSWER:
      This is very possible. Stem cells are a precursor to any cell in the tissue of a body, plant or any living organism. Plant cells are quite different than human stem though, and stem cell treatment between these cell types are lacking in similarities. Although this treatment may work to some extent, it is not a stem cell treatment of the sort that you have probably heard about in mass media. As for the side effects, I would check if the treatment is FDA approved, and if it is, do some research as to what tests have been done on it, or just contact the company advertising the drug and ask for the answers to some of these questions. Hope this helps!

    Who is the benefits of stem cell treatment?
    We know there are a lot of diseases that can benefits of stem cell therapy, but I got curious that who is the number 1 benefits of stem cell therapy?

    • ANSWER:
      Back to the objective of stem cell therapy of course it is benefits towards patients as an alternative treatment or other people as a healthy and beauty treatment.
      However, from my readings, the stem cell therapy towards a specific disease was not yet proven any.
      Thus, I might concern if it is only 'benefits' that actually profit to some people.

    Will stem cells be replaced by molecular engineering?
    After we determine that stem cells can be used in a clinical setting, and we are able to elucidate their mechanism of action, do you think the stem cell therapies will be replaced with molecular based therapies?

    In other words if the mechanism of action is known, will it replace the original therapy?

    • ANSWER:
      Scientists have recently manipulated four genes in animal cells and turned them into stem cells. The lines between cellular and molecular therapies based on multipotent and pluripotent (and most likely totipotent) cells will probably blur. Stem cells have ethical concerns (even with those not linked to embryos) that need to be addressed, but I think that the technology is going to be usable for treatments soon. Hopefully, this technology will be harnessed without causing undue stress to society's moral code.

    Has anyone taken treatment for hair restoration through the QR678 stem cell injection therapy?
    Has anyone taken treatment for hair restoration through the QR678 stem cell injection therapy from the esthetic clinic in hyderabad? Is it really working ? Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      It's far too dangerous, untested and new to use on such a trivial condition.

      Don't do it, no reputable doctors are doing any such thing

    How would you like to see our federal tax dollars spent on biomedical research?
    I am a proponent of stem cell therapy, gene therapy and a combination of the two. However, there is an ethical divide over stem cell research. Where do you stand on controversial issues such as stem cells? How would you like our government to spend federal tax money to better understand health and disease?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't see any ethical or moral reason to deny science the chance to deal with killer diseases. Not allowing science to use stem cells from senseless embryos that will be destroyed anyway is in itself senseless. I'll bet a dollar to a donut that there's no person, no matter of what religion or philosophical belief that should a stem cell cure for blindness, MS, or cancer be available wouldn't leap on the chance for a cure. The government should be on the cutting edge of health research. At least as much thought should be given to health research as to massive and outdated military projects. Of course the problem lies with access to these new medical technologies. 'Our' government funds the research, but if you don't have health insurance good luck getting the treatments that result from that research. The new 'let's make government smaller crowd' is dead set on repealing the crappy little health insurance plan that was recently passed and replacing it with no HEALTH INSURANCE unless you cough up the big bucks that the health insurance mafia demands....and then they might dump you if they can come up with any reason to deny you coverage when you need it most. The GOP/Teabag/Fox 'News' Axis is bound and determined to 'get the government off your back', which means for the 95% of us that work for wages we'll be 'on our @ss' should we ever get sick or hurt. Short answer...spend as much as needed to deal with killer disease and make those treatments available to the entire American public at affordable prices...or 'free' if that's what it takes!

    Should stem cells therapies be pursued as a medical treatment?
    Should stem cells therapies be pursued as a medical treatment? please be specific really NEED HELP!!!!!!!!
    Please explain why or why not this is important THANK YOU :)

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, as long as they are not embryonic stem cells.

      Pro-Life advocates (like Catholics) believe that life is a sacred gift from God and needs to be treated with all human dignity from the moment of conception to the point of natural death.

      For this reason, the destruction of living human embryos to harvest embryonic stem cells is immoral.
      • The end never justifies the means
      • A moral good can never come from a moral evil

      Here are just a few of the common myths about Stem Cell Research:

      Myth: Stem cells can only come from embryos.

      Truth: Stem cells can be taken from:
      • Umbilical cords
      • The placenta
      • Amniotic fluid
      • Adult tissues and organs including bone marrow, fat from liposuction, regions of the nose and even dead bodies up to 20 hours after death

      Myth: The Catholic Church is against stem cell research.

      Truth: The Catholic Church approves three of the four types of stem cell research:
      • Against Embryonic stem cells
      • For Embryonic germ cells (from miscarriages)
      • For Umbilical cord stem cells
      • For Adult stem cells

      Myth: Embryonic stem cell research has the greatest promise

      Fact: Up to now, no human being has ever been cured of a disease using embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells, on the other hand, have already cured thousands. There is the example of the use of bone marrow cells from the hipbone to repair scar tissue on the heart after heart attacks. Research using adult cells is 20-30 years ahead of embryonic stem cells and holds greater promise.

      Based on the “The Ten Great Myths in the Debate Over Stem Cell Research” by Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D.

      Adult stem cells are currently used for the medical treatment of:
      • Anemias
      • Cancers (multiple types)
      • Child Leukemias
      • Cornea Regeneration
      • Crohn´s Disease
      • Diabetes, Type I
      • Heart Disease, Acute & Chronic
      • Krabbe Leukodystrophy
      • Liver Cirrhosis
      • Lupus
      • Lymphomas
      • Myelomas
      • Multiple Sclerosis
      • Paralysis
      • Osteopetrosis
      • Parkinson´s Disease
      • Rheumatoid Arthritis
      • Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome
      • Sickle Cell Anemia
      • Spinal Cord Injury
      • Stroke
      • Systemic Vasculitis
      • and more

      For more information, see the National Catholic Bioethics Center’s resources on stem cell research:

      Here is "Instruction Dignitas Personae on Certain Bioethical Questions" that Pope Benedict XVI gave to President Obama:

      With love in Christ.

    when will stem cells be able to regrow bones?
    My coworker (age 30) has had a knee transplant that hasn't helped the pain from a kind of rapid degenerative bone disease for which he has had surgeries before. He is now in a wheel chair and says he doesn't believe he will reach forty and that stem cell therapies will not be able to do anything in his or my lifetime. Was he just being pessimistic?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think he's being pessimistic. Technologies like that take a long time to develop and perfect. And with our current president vetoing anything to do with stem cells, the research isn't progressing at all.

    Anyone have experience with stem cell therapy in horse?
    I'm debating having stem cell therapy done on my horse's hocks. She has degenerative joint disease and we're trying to keep injections to a minimum as she's only 12. Does anyone have any experience with the procedure?

    • ANSWER:
      The whole science of tissue engineering is very new in both the medical and the veterinary world. Scientists are still learning about the best ways to purify and treat stem cells to ensure as many as possible turn into tendon cells, or cartilage cells, and assist the process of repair.

      Trials to evaluate the effectiveness of this treatment are also in their early stages. Although there have been some well-publicised successes, many questions exist about how much these cells should be differentiated before they are implanted back into the body, and by what method they should be put back.

      One of the main concerns over stem cell therapy is that the implanted cells may convert to an undesirable cell type and function — for instance a cell in a tendon could possibly convert to a bone type of cell, causing abnormal bone formation within the site of injury.

      What you need to understand is that your horse will be acting as a guinea pig if you opt for this therapy.
      Of course, there is a chance the therapy will work, and the Veterinary profession is making huge strides forward with the technique, but there are no guarantees.

      My own Sports horse injured his hock in the field as a six year old. We tried all the methods available to treat it, sadly none of them worked...

    In the future, would stem cell therapy be used to cure eczema?
    I know that Parikinsans can be cured with stem cell therapy. And I know that eczema is genetic. So with the mapping of the human genome and stem cell research, can we cure eczema?

    • ANSWER:
      i hope there will be a cure in the future. but for now all i know about the most effective treatment is just found online. it is just one click away at this very moment and just found in this very useful site and instantly be away from eczema. i hope this will help all of you too.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using stem cell therapies?
    How are stem cells used to grow organs? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What consequences may result? Please discuss. Thank you any1 who can help.

    • ANSWER:
      I'll elaborate a little more on the details.

      As an embryo grows, stem cells are rapidly created. As you know, stem cells are unmarked or unassigned cells. Once they have been assigned a certain duty or cell type, that cell starts to divide and create the structural and functional elements that make up it's corresponding duty. So stem cells that are marked to become brain cells, literally begin to divide and develop as the infant brain. That is the natural way stem cells grow organs.

      For clinical purposes, stem cells have been found in lab animals to restore dead or dying tissue by literally regrowing tissue. For instance, it has been proposed that since Parkinson's disease arises from dying brain tissue, insertion of unmarked stem cells into the brain could potentially mark the stem cells as brain cells and regrow the lost tissue. I'm pretty sure they've been able to do this in mice. This isn't limited to just Parkinson's disease, any type of degenerative disorder could be potentially put into remission with the use of stem cells. This is a large advantage for their use.

      Disadvantages, in order to begin a stem cell line, the cells must be extracted from an embryo which ends up killing it (You abort the embryo). Problems with this is that using stem cells that do not carry the same DNA as the host doesn't guarentee successful regeneration. Your body has a fortable defense system and could remove the stem cells before they're able to be utilized. Allegedly, the best outcome would be obtained by the stem cells from a cloned embryo of the patient to be treated. That way, your body's immune system will recognize the cells and not attack them. If you've seen the movie "The Island," this is kinda up that alley. Just no walking talking clones and instead, the embryos are killed before they can grow up into a carbon copy of the patient. I think you can see moral conflictions with treatments such as this.

      There's still a lot more to stem cells that still needs to be researched. The government also has put high regulations on it which as a result has slowed the ability for stem cell researchers to produce results. Do I think they should be used? I am a christian but I am also a biochemist. It's interesting that a country will allow abortions for the average Jane, yet not allow scientists to use abortions for this type of research. This doesn't mean I am for stem cell research, this just means that I'd rather have both stem cell research and abortions legal, or have them both illegal.

      Hopefully this helps.

    Stem cell treatment for Hepatitis C in the US?
    Recently, my father got diagnosed with Hepatitis C Virus. I've heard scientists progress in stem cell therapy research, but can't find any information about the treatment for HCV in Illinois or any state in the US. If you have any information that might help us, please shear! Thanks a lot.

    • ANSWER:
      Stem cell therapy for Hepatitis C??

      Why would you do that? Stem cell therapy is not going to fix a hepatitis c infection. It will help his liver, but if you don't get rid of the virus, then there is no point in fixing the liver because the virus will just continue to destroy the new liver cells produced by the stem cell therapy.

      He needs to at least try the Pegylated Interferon/Ribivirin therapy - then if that works and his liver is too far gone that is where the stem cell therapy will help regenerate his liver. But if his liver isn't too damaged, it will regrow itself just like a lizard's tail grows back if chopped off. The key is to stopping the infection so that the liver can do its job again.

    Can you get free stem cell treatments in Cuba?
    Stem cell therapy is not your basic run of the mill doctor visit. It is currently experimental for treating conditions like Multiple Sclerosis. I have read articles that they are doing stem cell treatments there, and I know that they will treat foreigners like they were their own people.

    Do you think its possible that they would perform a stem cell treatment in Cuba? Is there a place I could contact by e-mail to enquirer about it?

    • ANSWER:
      email is still hard to find in cuba. u must either go through a cuban contact in america or better still miami or visit directly the general hospital in havana. its better to hear from the horse's morth. will help us lots

    When will stem cell therapy/ treatment be available to cure deafness to the public?
    ? there seems to be a breakthrough with curing deafness with stem cells! how can or where can you get the therapy? Can you get it outside of the US?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm Deaf but believe me ...... I don't know if this is really working or not.
      And it is safe? Will it make me become a mouse? lol

    What do you think is life expectancy for today's 25 year old?
    With a healthy lifestyle, innovations in stem-cell therapy, bioengineering and a thik wallet. How long to you think today's kids will last? My bet is in the range of 115 years, life expectancy is already 80 in the West. What innovations do you see being introduced in the next 60 years? Organ cloning is pretty much here. What's next?

    • ANSWER:
      Dear C.O.
      You pretty much answered your own Q.
      All of the things you mentioned. Add to the list: One day you will see:
      Cure for Cancer
      Cure of AIDS
      Cure for Alzheimer / MSclerosis

      'nuff said. Plenty needs to be done. Living well past 100 is a reality for the 25 y.o today. A new born today? Past 100 is like past 40 today. It is almost a given.

      This is why we need to look at the quality of life; environment is a major limiting factor to this Utopian idea that human being will live past 100.

    Can stem cells reverse affects of Encephalitis?
    My mother had Encephalitis when she was a young kid which caused her to lose function in one of her hands. It actually is bent in an L shape and she hasn't been able to use it since she's been a child. If stem cell therapy ever becomes available, would there be any reason to think her hand could regain use, or is it not possible since the hand has essentially been disfunctional for 45 years or so?

    • ANSWER:
      Most stem-cell research is still in very early, basic stages, not nearly so close to clinical use as the general press would have you believe. It's hard to imagine your mother will live to see the day when that sort of treatment will become available simply because of the time-lines involved.

    What consequences may derive from stem cell therapies?
    What consequences may derive from stem cell therapies?
    - Side Effects
    - Other Consequences

    • ANSWER:

    When do you think scientists will discover the key to stopping aging?
    One day science will find a way to stop the aging process at physical maturity and allow one to live as an ever youthful young adult for several hundred years or more. There's lots of hope in gene therapy, stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, so I hope to become a scientist and help it along, it would be the greatest thing ever. People once thought airplanes, the world wide web, space travel, etc. were impossible, but they came to be! So when do you think man will discover just what causes aging and how to fix it? And haters just stay away!

    • ANSWER:
      This is exactly the kind of question that is appropriate for the Astronomy and Space section. We can never even hope to conduct deep space exploration until we come to term with aging and death, and do what we need to do in order to master them. We have the scientific tools and technology at hand to achieve it, if we only had the will to apply them.

      Yes, as stated, we could lay the ground work today for successfully extending the human life span for many years and decades into the future. However, there is a drastic lack of will on the part of the public to permit meaningful research in controlling the aging process. If that one barrier could be overcome, real systematic anti-aging progress could be made today. Lengthening telomeres at the end of our chromosomes is not the cure all to aging. Mice have longer telomeres on the ends of their chromosomes than humans do, yet mice only live about two years on average. Aging is a complex process involving slow and uneven deterioration of organs and tissues over time. In many organisms, there are age related genes that can be manipulated in such fashion as to add a few extra years to ones life, but there are always trade-offs, mainly due to entropy. I don't care how much energy in the form of stem cells, organ replacement, marrow graphs, regenerative medicine, etc. and etc. [you can only keep an old car running for so long by replacing defective parts one at a time, so it is with human beings], entropy will always win out. It is the same with any closed system. The only effective strategy for defeating both old age and entropy, is to 'clone' the human being and upload and transfer consciousness if that is even necessary. Human cloning resets entropy back to a high energy state necessary for youthful growth and development. No other anti-aging concept can do that.

      See: 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal

      See: When death becomes optional

      Best regards

    What are the advantages of using embryonic stem cells as opposed to adult stem cells in research?
    I know that most people today are against embryonic stem cell research due to ethical reasons, and most people support adult stem cell research. My question is, are there any particular advantages in experimenting with or using embryonic stem cells in research or therapies? Why might a scientist want to use embryonic stem cells instead of adult stem cells?

    • ANSWER:

      "Research on adult stem cells has generated a great deal of excitement. Scientists have found adult stem cells in many more tissues than they once thought possible. This finding has led researchers and clinicians to ask whether adult stem cells could be used for transplants."

      Basically, we can't really know what embryonic stem cells offer because we've just started using them in research. I mean, it's been very uncommon and there are still a lot of restrictions.

    How is gene therapy and stem cells related?
    How is gene therapy and stem cells related?

    • ANSWER:
      they aren't really. Stem cell are used to replace damaged tissues. gene therapy is designed to introduce genes into the host cells

    Where do i go to receive stem cell treatment?
    Which country offers stem cell therapy/treatment for autism and other related genetic diseases?

    • ANSWER:

    How can I replicate the euphoria of a few drinks without actually drinking liquor and without negative effects?
    I don't want to drink everyday anymore and I was wondering if there was something I could do because I love being buzzed. Another question...will scientists someday invent a pill that will get you drunk all you want without hurting your liver? will stem cell therapy make cirrosis a thing of the past because if something happens to our liver we could just have our doctor grow a new one in a lab from our own cells and implant it? Sorry for the long questions.

    • ANSWER:
      No, there's nothing you can do to be "buzzed" without consuming a drug. And yes, alcohol is a drug.

    What are the advantages of using embryonic stem cells as opposed to adult stem cells in research?
    I know that most people today are against embryonic stem cell research due to ethical reasons, and most people support adult stem cell research. My question is, are there any particular advantages in experimenting with or using embryonic stem cells in research or therapies? Why might a scientist want to use embryonic stem cells instead of adult stem cells?

    • ANSWER:
      they're an advantage because they're in Polls & Surveys. *cough* wrong section...

    What are some moral and ethical issue associated with adult stem cells?
    I am doing an assignment on the moral and ethical issues around stem cells but I can only find information about embryonic stem cells. If anyone has any websites/general ideas or even any previous experience with gene therapy and stem cell technologies or can help me find some information I would be very grateful.

    • ANSWER:
      Embryonic stem cells are obtained from the blastula or very early embryo. Since embryos develop into foetuses, there are ethical issues over the use of them.

      Adult stem cells are present in every mammal from birth. Concentrated mainly in the bone marrow, they represent the body's natural renewal system and are responsible for replacing cells in organs and tissues. There isn't any ethical debate about a naturally occurring phenomena, the only issue is as we age, this release slows down with age and the body is unable to repair and renew itself as is required for optimal health.

    The progress in stem-cell therapy for treatment of diseases proved successful and is it available to all ?
    The progress in R & D by various nations/medical research institutes have been proving up to some extent in terms of picking up and re-plantation of stem cells into human beings. The source is either from placenta or energetic body parts has been practiced by various nations. The thing is that, is this new type of treatment is available to common-man or under developed nations ? Plz. clarify !!

    • ANSWER:
      It will be available eventually...
      GOOD LUCK.

    do you agree with the stem cell therapies?
    i was wondering if some people agree with stem cell therapies, if so, why? can you explain to me?

    • ANSWER:
      It's good because a lot of new benefits can come from them. A problem arises when it comes to how this type of new technology will be distributed among the population. A free market with have it that the wealthier people who desire this technology, will have the most of it. A more egalitarian government would have it that the poor should have a level of access to it as well. Nevertheless, it becomes an issue similar to plastic surgery - the end result is you are better, but at the same time, you did not get there through "natural" means. Then again, the more likely scenario is that people who suffer from diseases are going to be the ones who would need it the most and will get the most of it, instead of those who just want it to "improve" the already good life that they have.

    can stem cell therapy helps in treating meningomylocele?
    stem cell therapy is getting popular these days for the treatment of many incurable diseases.will it be workable for improving meningomylocele?

    • ANSWER:
      "stem cell therapy is getting popular these days for the treatment of many incurable diseases"

      Really? Can you cite sources for this belief of yours? I'm not aware of anyone in mainstream medicine doing anything such thing outside of bone-marrow transplants.

stem cells therapy