Acne Hydrogen Peroxide

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a difference between benzoyl peroxide and hydrogen peroxide?
    I wanted to know since benzyol peroxide is supposed to cure acne, will hydrogen peroxide? Like what's the main difference in thier purposes?

    I guess basically will they work the same on acne or will one work better?

    • ANSWER:
      Benzoyl peroxide is not the same thing as hydrogen peroxide. I have never heard of hydrogen peroxide being used for acne. It's mainly used to clean out cuts or wounds. I would definitely stick with benzoyl peroxide for acne. If this does not seem to be working for you, you could also consider a product with salicylic acid.

    How well does hydrogen peroxide work on acne?
    I want to try hydrogen peroxide on my acne (which is REALLY bad). But im not sure that I want to use it if it will dry out my skin. I don't have oily skin nor do i have dry skin, mines in the middle (normal) I have acne on my cheeks and chin. Please tell me everything i need to know, including how to apply it! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      i only use acne products with hydrogen peroxide. It will only dry out the acne if you use it correctly. I you have it in liquid, but it on a cotton swab and a couple drops of water, press it directly on the acne. I buy Stridex Power Pads, <- Its 6.99 and works really well, it works like the HP and water mix. And its easier!

    How fast does acne clear up after using hydrogen peroxide?
    I have heard to many things about how much hydrogen peroxide helps acne and i just started using it now and i was wondering how fast are you suppose to see results...and also does it only work on open zits/pimples/blackheads/whiteheads.

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, it doesn't really work. It may help prevent some redness when you pop a pimple. But it probably won't help much to clear existing acne.

    Is Hydrogen Peroxide a good treatment for acne?
    I've been looking online for at-home acne cures, and one treatment I've been seeing a lot is hydrogen peroxide acne treatment. Would that be a good way to treat acne? How would I use it? Would I just apply hydrogen peroxide topically on my face? How often should I use it? Is it safe? Any other advice/suggestions? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:

      Here are some legit reviews for this treatment. You can also use this website to check out other acne products/treatments as well.

    Is Hydrogen Peroxide a good treatment for acne?
    I've been looking online for at-home acne cures, and one treatment I've been seeing a lot is hydrogen peroxide acne treatment. Would that be a good way to treat acne? How would I use it? Would I just apply hydrogen peroxide topically on my face? How often should I use it? Is it safe? Any other advice/suggestions? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      gah, acne.. i had acne for 7 years and used every treatment out there until i was put on accutane (YAY!) and i havent had a spot for years :D.
      anyway, i had hydrogen peroxide (i cant remember what volume, sorry) in a topical gel form. it dries out your spots to a crisp if you use lots which gets rid of redness etc. if you do use it MAKE SURE to wash your face with a mild cleanser to make sure you dont dry your skin out more and get a good moisturiser (but not heavy because that will clog your pores). i used mine every night and morning.
      good luck! keep trying different treatment if that one doesnt work but give it time! :D

    Is it safe to put hydrogen peroxide on acne?
    I heard if you put hydrogen peroxide on moderate acne prone skin it can clear it up a little.
    But I'm kinda skeptical because I would think it burns like crazy.
    I have 3% solution so it shouldn't be that bad but I wanted to know for certain.

    • ANSWER:
      yes that is what acne treatments are.

    How do you use hydrogen peroxide acne gel?
    I was prescribed hydrogen peroxide acne gel 10% and was told to apply to my face twice a day. This stuff is sticky feeling. Am I supposed to using it with water as a wash or just applying to my face? The doctor didnt explain it very well and the directions from the pharmacy pretty much suck too....

    If you've used me!

    • ANSWER:
      you just smear it on and leave it, i only used it at night though because it made my face shiny. The first few times I used it as a wash because it stung a bit but then i got used to it.

    How long does it take for acne scars to vanish using lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide?
    Ok so I had mild acne on my chest and back and it is pretty much gone but it left some dark spots and my skin doesn't have a smooth skin tone at all. They aren't like pivots in my skin and have been fading but I want them to be gone soon. So say if I dabbed some lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide on them every night and moisturizers with coconut oil (because ik that lemon juice can really dry your skin out) how long would it take for my scars to be completely gone? I am asking this because I tend to have a hard time staying on a regimen if I don't know where it's going so just cope with me here!

    • ANSWER:
      I've read good things about this particular site and tried a few of the tips and ebooks available on that site and it worked!

      My face used to be so full of acne but now its so clear and of course I'm still sticking to the tips offered on the site, ebooks and products.

      I'm really surprised it worked so well.
      Hope you achieve similar results!

      Good luck!

    Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide on my cat?
    My cat has acne on his chin and I hear that hydrogen peroxide helps. Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide on my cats lip, even if he licks it off?
    Yes, cats have acne... google it.

    • ANSWER:
      I had a kitten swallow a watch battery and I called the vet and asked him what I should do and he said to give it a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to make it throw up. I gave it to it and the cat did throw up the battery along with everything else in it's tummy. So if you can give a cat that much hydrogen peroxide orally I can see where putting a little on it's lip would harm it? BTW I never seen a cat with acme before?

    What is better benzol peroxide or hydrogen peroxide solution?
    I was on a really good acne website, I think it was. And it had these great techniques for washing, treating, and moisturizing your face. It mainly used benzol peroxide for the treatment but all I have is hydrogen peroxide solution and I heard that was good for treating acne too and it has benzol peroxide in it.. So what works better? I appreciate any answers asap thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      no no dont use ANYTHING at home on your face! Ive had acne for such a long time, the only thing you want to do are.

      -Find a good cleanser with SULFYRIC ACID, not benzoyl peroxide! thats a harsh chemical, Murad is a good cleanser, just anything with the sulfyric in it. Then buy a good moisturizor, also i use murad for that, you can pick those both up at beauty brands if you want.

      - Drink lots of water, diet foods, blah blah all that good stuff

      - Dont ever ever put toothpaste, or any home remedies people tell you, I would rather use a cleanser that was made for acne than something that was used to eat or clean my teeth with.

      -hydrogen peroxide is nothing nothing! its not even used to clean acne, dont EVER put that on your face. just things used for acne

    Is it ok to use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean my face?
    I have slight acne and wanted to clean it off with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Is it safe? I have face wash also but I was wanted to know if there's a better way to disinfect without using acne medicine.

    • ANSWER:
      You can use it, although doctors will tell you not to.

      Hydrogen Peroxide works to eliminate bacteria and infection. This is exactly what it will do to your face. Enough said.

      The alcohol will remove some of the oils from the face, so the face doesn't feel oily, and won't appear shiny. I use it sporadically, to spot clean my face, like if I'm headed out after work, and won't be going home first.

      But there is nothing that will "disinfect your face". acne doesn't come from surface germs on the face.

      If you want to use a Hydrogen Peroxide based cleanser, try PanOxyl bar soap. It can be purchased at any drug store or Wal Mart.

    Can I use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of acne?
    What would happen if I was to use hydrogen peroxide on my face to get rid of acne? I've tried different treatments and stuff but none of them seems to help.

    • ANSWER:
      Apply orange peel paste on and around the pimples.
      Apply garlic on and around the pimples to remove it without a mark.
      Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E are the best nutrients to cure the acne. So take a balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins.
      Mix lime juice and rose water in equal proportion. Apply it on affected areas and allow it to dry for 10 minutes.

      Even after the treatment, acne leaves scars. Excellent home remedies to remove acne scars are listed here. Follow these tips to get rid of the acne scars.

      Rub ice cubes on face for 10 minutes to tighten the pores.
      Cucumber juice can also be used to tighten the pores. Apply it and allow it to dry for 10 minute

    Is applying acne cream on your face after using hydrogen peroxide and soap on your face effective?
    I wash my face with soap and then hydrogen peroxide and I want to know if I should put acne cream afterwards or just leave it alone.

    • ANSWER:
      How about this: use OIL!!!
      I recently found these blogs (listed in sources) that describe how to wash your face with oil. It sounds crazy but it's not. The skin needs oil, not dirt. Soap removes both oil and dirt. Oil removes only dirt (because oil dissolves in oil).

      Give it a try! I started doing this a couple days ago & after struggling with acne for more than a decade (and shelling out lots of $$ on products), it's working for me!

      I just wrote this answer for a different question & pasted it here. It's too simple, cheap and natural not to spread the word.
      Good luck! :)

    Is hydrogen peroxide gel good for anal bleaching?
    I found a horde of discontinued natural white tooth whitener tubes at the dollar tree, and my imagination went wild. Because the active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide I thought it might be good for hair highlights, eyebrow bleaching, acne blemishes, and of course the big A.
    Uncle Dud, bleaching because it makes a "gluteal cleft" look prettier.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh wow! I don't know about that. I know that they do sell skin bleach in beauty stores. I would stay on the safe side and try that. Or just pick up some peroxide if you think that's what it takes. Sounds a little safer for the skin to me.

    If you were to inject a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into a pimple what would happen?
    I haven acne and am always looking for new solutions. I wash my face twice a day and have tried many different products, giving them at least a 6 week chance every time I switch. I know that hydrogen peroxide kills germs. What would happen if I injected a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into my pimples?

    • ANSWER:
      Most probably you get huge blisters right there and it takes even longer to heal them, so I wouldn't do it at all. Sometimes you make thing worse instead of better, so go through the puberty as long as it last..

    If you were to inject a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into a pimple what would happen?
    I haven acne and am always looking for new solutions. I wash my face twice a day and have tried many different products, giving them at least a 6 week chance every time I switch. I know that hydrogen peroxide kills germs. What would happen if I injected a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into my pimples?

    • ANSWER:
      injected? Don't do that

    Is it safe to clean my phone with hydrogen peroxide?
    I read somewhere that you're supposed to clean your phone every once in a while to remove the oil build up from your phone. If not it could cause acne so I really want to clean mine. I just don't know what to use. Hydrogen peroxide cleans germs so I just thought it would work. Will it or will it ruin my cell phone? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      DO NOT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!!!! It is too close to water, the chemical symbol for water is H2O, for hydrogen peroxide it is H2O2. I use a wet wipe, like a baby wipe, or those wipes you get at a gas station, or a rib place. I buy wet ones just for cleaning my cellphone!!!

    What have you heard about using face cleansers with salicylic acid and hydrogen peroxide during pregnancy?
    I am 6 weeks pregnant, and typically use facial cleansers with hydrogen peroxide or salicylic acid in them for acne. I just read that the salicylic acid should not be used. Has anyone heard that these are safe during pregnancy?

    • ANSWER:
      There have been no scientific studies to suggest that topical salicyclic acid are harmful to a fetus.
      Oral salicyclic acid is advised to stay away from
      As with any concerns during pregnancy, it is best to ask your doctor

    Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol on acne?
    Which one is good to use for acne hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol? Im only applying it on the pimples not everywhere on my face.

    • ANSWER:
      Don't use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Get some pimple creams or use toothpaste.

    what is the white stuff left behind after I use hydrogen peroxide on acne?
    I put hydrogen peroxide on my pimple and let it bubble abit. after I whipped off the peroxide a minute later it left a white coating. what is this coating and what do I do? leave it there or pick it off?

    • ANSWER:
      its probably just dried skin from the pimple.

    Is it normal for my pimple to turn white after hydrogen peroxide?
    I used hydrogen peroxide on my really stubborn pimple, but then it turned white! Is that normal? And if so, how long does it stay white?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes any item that has bacteria usually whitens with peroxide. It also bubbles when bacteria can be present.
      It should return to a normal color in moments to an hour or so.

      Use Alcohol peroxide is generally alright on open wounds but won't help general acne.

    Is there a differance between hydrogen peroxide and peroxide?
    I am bleaching my hair and i can not find the Peroxide that came with it will hydrogen-Peroxide work as a substitute?

    • ANSWER:
      Benzoyl peroxide is known product for acne, which has an ingredient contains a known carcinogen, at a percentage known to promote skin cancer. Proactive is one example.

      Hydrogen-Peroxide (peroxide for short) has many benefits, comes in brown bottle OTC for , and is safe enough to whiten teeth.
      This would be what you'll use to lighten your hair, mixed with shampoo. I don't know the exact formula, but it will make dark hair blonde, and will not go away until it's completely cut. I know this because my son's friends in college did this to his hair.

    Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my acne?
    The question says it all. Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my face to clear my acne. If i can how should I put it on my face.

    • ANSWER:
      You can. But be careful because it can actually burn your skin. (I know! Trust me.) If you're sensitive to chemicals I wouldn't recommend it. If you're not, you can try it, I would put a little on a cotton ball & dab it onto your face. You can also use witch hazel or white distilled vinegar or Apple Cider vinegar (organic is the best!) Vinegar smells at first, but it disapates & works pretty well. These all aid in cleaning & clearing your skin, it's not a cure all, but it does help.

    Where can i buy hydrogen peroxide?
    Appearently, mixed with Baking soda, it makes your face clear of acne. Is hydrogen peroxide in oxy or something? Or do i buy a tub of the stuff? Where?

    • ANSWER:
      You can by it a any grocery store or convience store. It usually comes in a brown plastic bottle. It is somewhat of a disinfectant. It can be used to aid in healing wounds and cleainsing of bacteria...that's why some use it on breakouts. Be careful beause it can be drying to the skin. Keep it away from your hairline as it can gradually bleach the hair.

    How much 3% Hydrogen Peroxide do i add to my face wash?
    How much 3% Hydrogen peroxide do i add to about 8 oz of face wash?

    • ANSWER:
      I would not mix the two together simply use a cuetip and stick in the peroxide and aplly to out break spots it will than dry the acne out apply a few times a day

    why do they say Hydrogen Peroxide is BAD for use on face? What makes it bad?
    I have heard that using hydrogen peroxide on the face is good for reducing the size of a breakout, but some people say not to use it because its harmful. Can anyone tell me what makes it harmful?

    • ANSWER:
      Its not harmful, those are just people who dont have a clue what hydrogen peroxide is, h202 is just oxygenated filtered water with some stabilizing agents, btw, i gargle with h202, so if i can do that safely you can def. use it for your face. People tend to listen to everything they hear on their daily news, like h202 is an oxidizer and will kill your skin cells, and blah blah bla, it it an oxidizer, but since when did oxygen kill things, dont we breathe oxygen....yeah I thought so. Also, most diseases are caused by insufficient oxygen in the body, and also people drink hydrogen peroxide as a natural treatment for diseases, but thats food grade 35% h202 dilluted to 3%. Just thought I'd fill you in on some details to show you how very safe hydrogen peroxide is, use it for just about anything you want, it works great for pimples and acne.

    When Applying Hydrogen Peroxide to skin does it go away after a few or does it stay?
    whenever you apply hydrogen peroxide to the skin after a few minutes will it dry up and it wont work anymore or the longer you leave it on the longer it will work? I want to know because im gona use it for acne and i want to apply some lotion so that my skin wont be dry but im not sure exacly how hydrogen peroxide works.

    • ANSWER:
      Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) will deteriorate (Break down to Water (H2O) and Oxygen (O)) after a few minutes and will damage the upper dermal layers over time without affecting the acne.

      Hydrogen Peroxide is NOT recommended for acne - benzoyl peroxide is used.

    Is hydrogen peroxide good for acne?
    I've recently heard that hydrogen peroxide is like, realllllly good for acne, any thoughts on this would be great. Has anyone tried it? How did it work? I've got a big bottle here at my house already and I'd love to try it if it works!

    • ANSWER:
      Ok so I use hydrogen peroxide for my acne, but its not like it prevents acne or helps treat breakouts you have! It's used as a cleaning agent for pimples you have POPPED! it helps them heal quicker, and its expecially good for when you get like a scrape from where you popped it, it helps it scab (ew) and heal faster!

    What is the effect of hydrogen peroxide on skin?
    I have been using it for about half a week as a facial toner with % 3 hydrogen peroxide to help fight against my dark acne marks and acne on my face. After using it I notice I feel light headed and I have white spots throughout my body I think this is the last time I'm going to use it..

    • ANSWER:
      Acnes are identified to strike at will. Especially in case you are a youngster, the probabilities are that you may be suffering from either blackheads or whiteheads. To have the ability to eliminate them, you'd be required to cleanse your face with contemporary water and gentle soap. You merely have to take away the surplus oil out of your face.

    why is my face worse after I put hydrogen peroxide?
    I have severe acne all over my face and I applied HP before I read the reviews about it on So my face IS COMPLETELY red and im worried

    anyone who has tried this, does the redness go away??
    and does it get rid of the acne?

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone responds differently to the same things. Perhaps putting peroxide on your face is not a good plan for you. You can continue to try it for a week or so and see if it gets better, but you also run the risk of making it much worse.
      Since your face is currently irritated, I would highly recommend avoiding anything but a mild, unmedicated facial wash and a gentle moisturizer until it gets back to normal before trying something else.

    How can I get rid of brown spots caused by acne?
    I have brown spots all over the sides of my chin from prior blackheads and acne breakouts. How can I begin to fade these spots away? I've been using hydrogen peroxide but it doesn't seem to be doing much. Any other products I could try that will fade the spots and not cause anymore breakouts in the process? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      If you're not breaking out anymore, I'd say after you wash your face, rub a lemon all over your face. The citric acid is supposed to help thin out scars and even up complexion. Use soy products and definitely use lots of sunblock to prevent sunspots and making scarring worse.

    If I am allergic to hydrogen peroxide will I be allergic to benzoyl peroxide?
    I am looking for a treatment for acne, but I cant use salicylic acid (Pro-Active and the like) and I am allergic to hydrogen peroxide, as well as Benzoin (surgery scrub stuff). HELP :-)

    • ANSWER:
      Allergy is a protein reaction, and hydrogen peroxide is NOT a protein. Thus one CAN'T be 'allergic' to it.

    Is Hydrogen Peroxide good for acne prone skin?
    I have pretty bad acne, and I'm not all that patient when it comes to clear skin. Id like to know if hydrogen peroxide really helps get rid of the bacteria causing acne. Let me know if you had any experiences with this. Thanks (:

    • ANSWER:
      No it is going to dry it out bad...Here is a really good article about getting healthy skin without products and chemicals. Good Luck

    What do you use hydrogen peroxide for?
    I know hydrogen peroxide can be used to like take away blood stains, lighten hair, and stuff but what was it actually made for like what is it supposed to be used for not the random things it does. Like honestly what is it for?

    • ANSWER:
      Hydrogen peroxide does wonders for acne. Visit their website for more tips & other uses. ONLY .

      My son made his black hair blonde using HD. But I will have to warn you, they will be blonde 100% until you cut them off.

    Is hydrogen peroxide good for acne?
    I have severe acne and need a solution to heal it,is hydrogen peroxide a good idea,and if so,how can i apply it?do i mix it with water first or what?

    • ANSWER:

      In a way. Peroxide is good at oxidizing the Acne bacteria, and oxidizing some of the excess skin oils.

      However, there is a special peroxide formulation called Benzoyl Peroxide for use on the skin. In the UK its brand name is Panoxyl. It comes in two main strengths, 5% and 10%. The branded equivalents are Panoxyl-5 and Panoxyl-10; also, both come as either a gel (clear jelly) or a cream.

      Benzoyl peroxide also oxidizes clothes, - it spoils your clothes by whitening them, if you get the cream on them.

      It is a standard daily treatment for acne, either alone or with Roaccutane cream, and antibiotic tablets. If you decide to try it, then in my opinion you should start with the 5% strength (Panoxyl-5), - using the 10% strength from the start will make your skin sore.

      I hope this is of some help.

      Best wishes,

      retired uk gp

    What should I use to clear my severe acne?
    I have tried many products for my severe acne, but nothing seems to work.
    I've tried:
    Acne Free
    Skin ID
    Clean & Clear
    and things proscribed by the doctor.

    Is there anything out there that is inexpensive and helps clear severe acne?! (without harmful side affects)
    What about hydrogen peroxide?

    Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Have you ever tried Proactive? I've been using Proactive for a while now and it works amazingly! I haven't had a breakout in a while, and if I do get a little acne, it goes away fast. I just wish I could get rid of these scars :(

      But some people have different results so you may want to try it first. Proactive is giving out free samples on their website, just look for the small free sample icon and it'll lead you through a series of steps, or go to the direct link here

      Good luck, I hope that helps :)

    Can I use hydrogen peroxide if I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide?
    I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide. I tried it a couple times and it gave me hives and swelled up my face every time. I have bad cystic acne though. I've been to the dermatologist but the stuff they gave me didn't help. I was on and read a lot of people had good results with hydrogen peroxide. I was thinking of trying it. But I'm not sure if I would be allergic or not.

    • ANSWER:
      You may be allergic to it, but you should try it anyway. Don't use it too often (as with most other face washes or acne treatments) or else you may dry out your face and cause irritation.

    which is better for getting rid of acne-rubbing alchohol or hydrogen peroxide?
    I've heard many people say that they swear by rubbing alchohol to clear skin.people also claim hydrogen peroxide works.Which one should I try, and how do I apply it?If you have used this method, how is your skin now?I have red bumps on my forehead and pimples, there is one on my cheek and one on my chin.there are also red bumps that arent quite pimples along my hairline like by my ear and up to the other ear

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, scientifically speaking, rubbing alcohol would make acne worse and should be avoided, even in facial cleansers. My mom swears by mud-masks- those spa like treatments, like when you put cucumber on your eyes. Neo-sporin makes things heal faster, but make sure your face is clean before using it. Since everyone's skin is different though, and even on one person's skin a lot of phases happen, you have to find what works best for you.

    How to get rid of acne marks quick?
    I've asked this question before and no one answered...

    I'm a guy and I have two weeks before I have a big event, and I need to get rid of red acne marks on my forehead. I currently have Retina-A, Hydrogen Peroxide, Tazorac gel & cream, Benzyl Peroxide Acne wash, and lemons. Which one would be the fastest to get rid of acne marks? And don't worry about pain, I have a good reaction to creams like Tazorac, never felt pain from it.

    • ANSWER:
      40 grit sandpaper.

    How do i get rid of acne with a non medicinal stuff like just random househould items?
    Ive heard hydrogen peroxide works and so does toothpaste(havent tried either one) but what are some other unusual ways to clear up acne

    • ANSWER:
      Toothpaste doesnt work, it makes it worse.
      I use methylated spirits, its an alcohol based cleaning product and it works amazing. also "turps" worjs well but it will dry your skin massively so make sure you moisturise.

      Edit: turps is like a paint stripper, sounds weird but works.

    How to get rid of Acne scars quick?
    I'm a guy and I have two weeks before I have a big event, and I need to get rid of red acne marks on my forehead. I currently have Retina-A, Hydrogen Peroxide, Tazorac gel & cream, Benzyl Peroxide Acne wash, and lemons. Which one would be the fastest to get rid of acne marks? And don't worry about pain, I have a good reaction to creams like Tazorac, never felt pain from it.

    • ANSWER:

    How to get rid of body acne?
    I have struggled with body acne for about three years now. It started out on my upper back but even with 2 showers a day it has spread to my entire back, chest, shoulders, biceps and even now my forearms. It is embarrassing so I force myself to wear long sleeves everyday. I have gone to a dermatologist and she prescribed me monocycline and acanya (benzyl peroxide gel). After those did nothing, I turned to using sensitive skin soap, tea tree oil, and even hydrogen peroxide. I am completely out of options and ideas. I need results fast so i can stop hiding my arms with long sleeves in the summer.

    • ANSWER:

    Can Hydrogen peroxide make you break out?
    So, recently i've been using hydrogen peroxide for my face to get rid of acne scars and black soap to wash it off in the morning and i just looked in the mirror noticing thats i have mini zits all over my face like there really tiny but is the hydrogen peroxide making me break out?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey Candy, I know this sounds crazy, but even after getting a Professional facial you could break out. So, cleaning your face with the peroxide (Which contains a huge amount of oxygen) is opening your pores and bringing the bacteria deep within out/up. It is not causing you to break out so to speak, it is bring out what is already within (Did that make sense?) After a while, when everything is pretty much "Cleaned out" you should be fine. As with anything, see your Doctor if you have any serious concerns.

      One of the chemistry breakdowns for Hydrogen Peroxide is
      (Just kinda fun and easy to remember) Probably exactly what you have been saying after seeing the break outs huh!? LOL!

    What is the best home treatment for acne?
    I have one really bad pimple that won't seem to go away. Right now, I am washing my face with warm water and soap, and then rinsing with cold water. I heard that warm water opens pores and cold water closes them. I am also putting Hydrogen Peroxide on it.

    Any other good home treatments that can help?
    I tried to pop it. I squeezed the heck out of my face. It wouldn't pop. :( Stupid thing.

    • ANSWER:
      1) Cook oatmeal and apply on face for fifteen minutes and wash.
      2) Make a warm bath with blanch of nettle and rosemary.
      3) Apply equal amount of lemon juice and rose water with a cotton ball and wash it after haif an hour for 15 to 20 days.
      For dozens of more ways, prevention, types and reasons check

    How to remove blackheads with an extractor without getting acne?
    Ok so I have removed blackheads from my nose a few times now. I never get zits. Like ever. But when I remove blackheads I always get at least one cystic pimple on my nose. The scars left by these don't go away. Am I doing something wrong? Here's what I do in order

    Soak extractor in hydrogen peroxide
    Press extractor on nose until blackhead pops out
    Wipe with a tissue

    • ANSWER:

    What are some really good quick products to get rid of back acne?
    Just so nobody tells me the same things I've already tried....I've tried calamine lotion,tomatoes,toothpaste,ice,benzoyl peroxide,every face wash out there,I drink about 4 water bottles a day,lemon,honey,bananas,apple cider vinegar,neosporin,hydrogen peroxide and steaming.can anyone give me any really good things that I haven't already tried?thanks so much(:

    • ANSWER:

    How to get rid of Feline Acne?
    Last week I took my 1 year old spayed kitten to the vet as I noticed she had oily black things on her chin, they looked a lot like blackheads. Anyway, my vet said that she had Feline Acne and it's pretty common in cats her age. He told me it could be caused by stress (unlikely), using plastic food bowls (which we do use) or allergies. It's probably plastic food dishes so we got rid of them and have started using stainless steel bowls. He told us to use Dettol but I haven't started to use it in case it could hurt her. Any ideas what we should use? I have read that we should use Hydrogen Peroxide but again, we don't want to use something that will hurt or make the acne worse. Any ideas what we should use to get rid of it?
    My vet didn't actually give me something to give Missy. He told me that he can't give out the medication unless it gets infected, red or starts to bleed. It's still black at the moment and I don't plan on waiting for the acne to get infected.

    I feed the cats Innova so they definitely aren't allergic to the food and I haven't swapped over their food in a while. I've only started to give them a little bit of canned food a few times per week as a treat.

    • ANSWER:
      if the vet gave you something for it, it probably won't hurt her.

    i used hydrogen peroxide on my face and my eyebrows, eye lashes and hair turned orange, how do i reverse it?
    i used hydrogen peroxide on my face and my eyebrows, eye lashes and hair turned orange, how do i reverse it?
    so how do i reverse the efffects of the bleaching? at the time i didn't realise hydrogen peroxide was a bleach, my mum didn't either and just heard that it helps with acne, its gone now a bit but i can stilll seee the bleaching in the light, its only on my fringe, eyebrows and eye lashes and my side burns, willl it off bleached anywhere else? like my litttle hairs on my face or will it bleach my skin making it pale? what should i do? please help me!

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best product for a super greasy acne-prone face?
    My face is incredibly greasy these summer days. Not just when I'm hot, but anytime my hair is down, anytime my hair is up, anytime I'm working, anytime I'm sitting down reading...and that's causing bad face acne! I'm going to town with some friends tomorrow and wanted to know which product you think I should buy.


    PS Oh, and I've tried Clearsil face wash, Oil of Olay face wash, alcohol for face, hydrogen peroxide, astrigent, Cedaphil soap, and right now I'm using apple cider vinegar.

    • ANSWER:
      Ugh I know your pain trust me. I've been there. Lately I've been much better though all thanks to.. nothing! I've tried so many products, in mine (and many others) opinion, it's just a fraud. I use water. I wash my face every time I pass a rest room, and it keeps my face relatively clean and acne free. First, use hot water to open pores, then cold to snap them shut. It's pretty effective. Soap can be used, but most soap dries out the skin. As does many other products, especially if they include alcohol. I've also been searching for the answer, and mostly what I get is to use water. Also, try cutting back on greasy or fatty foods. It's been proven that there is none, or a very weak correlation to acne, but if you see a correlation, reduce the intake of that food to see what happens. For me, it's potato chips and soft drink. Neither are good for you anyways so it's an added bonus haha. Also, stress may cause break outs. So try some stress relieving activities if you think that's the problem. Furthermore, do not continuously pick at blemishes and zits. If sqeezing is needed, well then do so, but only as a last resort. Sometimes, if you know your going to have a zit in a certain spot, putting toothpaste on it, and leaving it overnight could make it easier to pop in the morning. It's worked for me a few times regardless. I'm not sure on this one, but try getting more fresh air. There is not real cure for acne, and treatment varies in effectiveness from person to person, this is just my method of fighting it, and I hope it works for you. If it doesn't, make the best of it, and hope to grow out of it as I am.

    What is the best way to get rid of acne?
    I've heard everything from hydrogen peroxide to toothpaste is the best way, but I've used both and nothings happened. What would u reccommend??

    • ANSWER:
      - face scrub ( twice a week or else your skin will get really dry )
      - drink plenty of water
      - be healthy
      - avoid chocolate

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