Bump On Penis Vein

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    What are these small white bumps on my penis and scrotum?
    I'm a 15 year old male virgin, and a little over a year ago, i noticed these small white bumps under my penis, on the base. I investigated further and realized i had small white bumps all over my scrotum as well. Most of these bumps have pubic hair growing on them but some, like the ones on the penis itself, do not. My questions are: What are they? Should I be concerned? What can i do to make them go away, if anything? Will they get worse?
    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Hair follicles, some with, some without hair; also oil glands. Normal, your skin on your penis is very thin, nearly transparent, which is why you can see your hair follicles and oil glands and lots of veins as well. You have these same "bumps" under skin all over your body, but elsewhere you have much thicker skin. You don't want to do anything to them, don't want to make them go away. Part of your normal body dude.

    I am an 18 year old boy and i never had any kind of sex before but i have a bump on my penis? Help plz?
    I have a little bump on my penis which i had it since an little before Christmas. I never had sex before so I don't think it would be a STD. So can someone tell me wheat it is or try to help me.

    • ANSWER:
      It might be ur vein or a zit.

    What are these little bumps on the lower shaft of my penis?
    im not sexually active so I don't have an std... I've had these bumps for a few years now, and im not sure what they are..Does anyone else have the same thing?

    • ANSWER:
      Little whitish bumps just under the skin-- those are simply hair follicles and sebaceous glands that are visible because the skin on the penis and scrotum is so thin. Also why you can see veins so easily on your equipment. Normal. Have those bumps all over your body, everywhere else the skin is much thicker so they don't show up.

    What causes Fordyce spots and how do I get rid of them?
    First things first I'm 14 years old and I hit puberty when I was around 10 or 11. I've had these spots on the underside of my penis for as long as I can remember. At first I thought they were some sort of disease, but recently found that they are Fordyce spots. So my question is, what causes them and is there anyway I can get rid of them? Also how common are they?

    • ANSWER:
      They are part of your body, you don't get rid of them. Groin area skin is so thin, it is almost transparent, so you can see the underlying layer of skin and the hair follicles, oil glands and such, plus veins too. The fordyce spots are simply sebaceous glands, associated usually with hair follicles but can be found separately in the groin areas. You can see them because the skin is so thin. Were you to strip off a couple of layers elsewhere, where skin is thicker, you'd see the same little bumps. Nothing causes them, they are natural glands and common since everyone has them.

    Why are there bumps on my penis?
    Ok so this is kind of freaking me out. Recently I noticed that on my penis there a lot of white bumps all over except the head. Some are even on the veins. Is this bad? I am only 14 years old :(
    Yes I do have pubic hair.

    • ANSWER:
      fordyces spots

      normal, all gusy have that

    Tiny white bump on the shaft of my penis?
    I have PPP, and I'm uncircumcised. I have never had sex.

    My dick has lots of veins on it, and there's one of them that has a tiny white lump over the vein. I don't know what to do.

    • ANSWER:
      boys get all kinds of bumps and lumps on their penis, could be anything from a pimple to a subcutaneous cyst, all are harmless like the PPP

    Have a tiny red bumps all over my penis head?
    I am a 22 yr old male, I noticed many tiny red bumps all over my penis head. These bumps would not Itch ,but remained there.A days after the red bumps disappeared,and there was like small red places on my head.I have not yet visited any doctor,and i hope u gonna help me somehow.Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      It's not ghonnorrea, ghonorrea is usually accompanied by burning during urination and urethral milky discharge. We need more information to assess what it may be, if you're uncircumcised it could be balanitis. If you masturbate without lubrication or excessively it may just be friction burn; sometimes it's normal to have little red bumps all over, most of the time they're very small blood vessels similar to spider veins.I don't think it's an STD, most STD's don't present themselves as little red bumps all over the glans. If you're still concerned it's best to consult your physician.

    Are there any good sex toys that you can reccomend?
    What brands should i look for? does any body know of that german brand of vibrators? it starts with a z i think.

    • ANSWER:
      This is such a hard question to answer, because the sex toy that will be best for you depends on your body and your own personal preferences.

      What kind of stimulation are you looking for? Clitoral, vaginal (interior), anal, or some combination thereof? How about G-spot stimulation, massage of the vaginal walls? Do you want vibration, or is penetration alone okay? How sensitive are you- do you like direct, focused stimulation, or something less powerful? Basically, you need to decide on your sexual needs, and then choose a sex toy based on the following parameters (and probably more):

      1) Size (length and girth)*

      *I wouldn't advise simply buying something that 'looks good' . . . oftentimes, our eyes are bigger than our, well, vaginas. As for size, length, and girth (thickness), you want something that's comfortable. The best way to figure this out is to get out a cucumber. Grab the vegetable peeler and peel that thing down and then try it out (with a condom on, of course). Keep on peeling until you get to a size and thickness that feels good for you, and then measure it with a tape measure, write it down, and take it with you when you go in, along with the tape measure, to find one that's comparable.

      2) Intended use (does it come with a handle for easy manuevering during masturbation, or a flanged base that is more in line with a dildo for a strap-on harness?)
      3) Aesthetics (is it meant to look like the real thing, complete with fleshy color, head, testicles, and veins? or is it some futuristic arty explosion of color and ingenuous shape that doesn't resemble a penis at all?)
      4) Design (does it have a curve to hit your G-spot or is it straight? Is it smooth or does it come with bumps and ripples and ridges to massage your vaginal walls? Is it tapered to let you ease it in gently, or the same size the entire way for more intensity?)
      5) Material (do you want something that feels like real skin? Glass? Something flexible, or something more firm? A material you can throw in the dishwasher to clean up with no problems? Something that is odorless?)
      6) Toxicity (some toys are, indeed, toxic, and have phthalates in them, which are not good for you at all. Do you want that?)
      7) Waterproof-ness (do you want a toy you can use in the bath-tub without having to worry?)
      8) Adjustments (Do you want a dildo that you can add a vibrating bullet to to turn it into a vibrator, or just a dildo that is meant for solely penetration?)
      9) Brand name/quality (do you just want something you're going to use every now and then, and that doesn't have to be that great, or are you making a big investment in something you'll use on a regular basis and want the best from?)
      10) Price (of course)

      Research your sex toys- there are a lot of good ones out there, and you can find the perfect one for you with some searches. These guides to buying vibrators and dildos might help:






      Personally, if you have money to spare, I'd recommend The Hitachi Magic Wand or The Rabbit Habbit- both very famous vibrators that provide a lot of different sensations (the Magic Wand comes with attachments that can make it internal) and remain top sellers and favorites for a lot of women. If you want something cheaper, there are some good ones- you just have to decide what stimulation you'd like. Here's a list of some great toys for under :


      Hope that helps and good luck!

    can i get an STD without being sextualy active i have a bump above my penis and idk wat it is.?
    i have a bump a few inches above my penis a didnt realize it and it was itchy so i scratched it, once i did i went to look at it i had made it bleed by accident its alil blue colored. is it possibly an std im not sextualy active for i am a teen. is it an std or just a bump that will go away on its own?

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, theoretically possible but never seen anywhere but a laboratory yet. If you have had no sexual partner, you can not get any STD. Bump above penis could be an ingrown hair, a zit (yes they can be anywhere even on the shaft or balls),just a swollen sweat gland,or you could have a very tiny bruise, the blue is because veins run close to the surface down yonder. So odds are it will clear up. But if it grows a little bigger, then just pop it like a zit or find the hair and get it out. If it becomes too worrisome then see a doctor. Good lord, reminds me of being sixteen. Got a huge zit on my ball sack and never fooled with anyone yet. Thought I had Gonorrhea. Hated those two weeks. Wouldn't go to school for fear of gym class shower. Saw a doctor. Finally it popped.Disgusting but I was relieved. If you do not have a sexual partner, You can not have an STD.

    Whats this werid bump on my shaft?
    I've had this bump on my penis for a while. It was hardly noticeable and at first I thought it was just a popped vein or something. Its werid cause it actually developed while I was not having sex. I got urine tests done for stds I always came up clean. Doctors summed it up as nothing. But lately I've been having a lot of sex again. And now the bump hurts and its bigger. Like what is thing.

    • ANSWER:
      Did you go to a specialist? Like a Urologist?

    Are there crystals in a penis?
    I'm 13 and masturbate often, and I feel these weird bumps behind the skin of my penis, what are they?

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, nobody can give a straight answer here.

      Either you are feeling veins or you might have pearly penile papules behind your foreskin. Both are harmless.


    Women: Does circumcision of your potential partner makes a difference with you?
    Why or Why not?

    • ANSWER:
      It's NOT a deal breaker by any means. However I prefer the look and feel of a circumcised penis. One of my past boyfriends was uncut and gorgeous but his skin would eventually be pulled into my p*ssy and when he'd pull out it could sometimes feel like he was f*cking himself inside of me. I can feel every bump, vein and ridge of a circumcised man. We worked with it and it wasn't a huge issue but this is just what I like.

      I am sorry if I offended you in any way. As far as anything barbaric concerned, that was not the question I was answering. He asked about whether or not it makes a difference and my answer was NO. It does not. In all honesty, after that fact, my preference didn't matter because in the end, I DO NOT choose a mate by whether or not he is cut, however everyone was stating their preferences so I did as well. If it means hurting someone for my pleasure then I would obviously not endorse or desire that, though I have never heard any circumcised man complain, and I have even heard cases of adult men getting them and loving them. If I was with a man who is in intact I would NOT try to change him. I am not experienced enough to claim that I know the difference from a males point of view, I do not have a penis. This was purely based on what I liked.

      Thank you.

    Red bump on penis after masterbating too hard?
    I was masterbating last might and a red bump appeared on the lower part of my penis.I think it appeared because i was masterbating too hard and rubbing too hard where the bump appeared. It doesn't hurt but when I touch it it hurts. Maybe its a pimple. Should I be worried or is it just going to go away in a few days. It has gotten a little bit smaller over night

    • ANSWER:
      It might be a varicose vein. Don't worry. You can't get STDS from your faithful hand.

    Is this a symptom on my penis?
    Ok, I have a bump on my penis. One single bump. The bump hurts when pressure is applied to it too. Does anyone know if I might have a form of an STD or if this is normal.

    • ANSWER:
      how much time since it appeared? What colour is the skin on it? where is it?
      behind the coronal ridge it is a frequent thing; it depends on a varicose vein; I had and have now at least two of them in the area between the circumcision scar and the glans ridge
      They are painful only during the very first days since they grew up, painful especially during erection.

    big red bump on penis after masturbating?
    I woke up this morning with a large red bump on the shaft of my penis, it looks like a huge pimple. I have had this happen once before after 3 hours of sexual intercourse a few months ago, it went away in a couple of days after putting some of my facewash on it. I masturbated last night without any lubrication and during the process I felt my penis start to turn tender , this morning I looked at it and tried to pop it, it had a little bit of liquid come out but that's it, I need help, Im almost certain all of the girls I have slept with are clean, I need help.

    • ANSWER:
      You can't tell if you get STD or not until doctor say so. So go see a doctor if it's not going away. You might get vein leakage if you grip it too hard. If you keep on masturbation, pretty soon you'll on viagra because of ED (erectile dysfunction) and viagra will kill it in long run. Stay away from masturbation, it causes more harm than benefits.

    my right ball hurts when i walk am i ok ?
    it all started today i walked to the shop and every footstep i make my right ball hurts!! any ideas on what it could be, Bearing in mined it still hurts when i walk now .

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a lot of things.. Have you been physically active? maybe pulled your groin?

      Try masturbating. Perhaps you have 'blue balls'. If you got excited and the blood raced to your penis and testicles it may cause this problem. The blood has rested too long and is causing pain. Masturbating will move the blood along.

      Also, examine your testicle. Feel for bumps or veins. Sometimes veins can drop in an around the testicles causing a varicocele which is also very painful.

      If the pain persists definitely see a doctor.

      Good luck!

    i have a weird bump on the back of my testicles?
    ive never noticed it before but i did today and it hurts a little but not badly and idk if its bad :S i have many genital problems such as my foreskin hasnt retracted, my meatus is swolen , my head of my penis is grayish and i have weird bumps in my foreskin. also a vein bulges out when i retract my foreskin to clean it. FML?

    • ANSWER:
      as already been stated before, you definitely need to get that checked out by a doctor! i have taken some classes about that stuff and it could very well be cancerous! get to a doctor asap and have all of that checked out!

    Please help...My boyfriend has these red bumps underneath the tip of his penis. What are these?
    my boyfriend is a virgin (so it's not an STD) but he has these red bumps with white tips underneath the tip of his penis in a straight line along a vein... He says they've been there for a long time and have stayed in the same spot... we're both just curious what these are?

    • ANSWER:
      I could be herpes. You don't have to have sex to get it. DON'T touch it what ever you do, until he gets it checked out.

    Blue Looking Small Bump inside Penis Tip?
    Is this genital warts or could it be a vein that popped or just a vein in general? I think it is causing slightly painful urination as well... I did have sex with a girl about 6 weeks ago and the condom broke, but I took out right away. Any thoughts on what it is?

    • ANSWER:
      Can be a small vein that you ruptured during masturbation
      Don't use your dick as a tool
      Use a lube and masturbate with less force
      That lump will disappear in no time.

    I've noticed a small purplish bump on my penis?
    Yesterday morning while I was showering a noticed a have a small little bump on the bottom of my penis. It's not swollen, just a small flat, light purple spot. I don't feel any pain on it, and it doesn't appear to be swelling or spreading. I am a virgin and have never had any sexual interactions. I'll probably see a doctor anyways in a few days if it doesn't resolve, but is this severe and should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      could be a pimple or some minor skin infection or just some errant vein or broken blood vessel. You're probably fine. Keep it clean and dry and don't touch it too much (your hands are filthy as far as germs are concerned, and if the skin is irritated or something you could end up giving yourself an infection)
      Unless you've had a cold sore recently, you don't really need to see your doctor just yet. If you have you might want to check, as cold sores can spread to your genitals, but that infection isn't the same as genital herpes, and it isn't very likely, so try to not stress.

    could this be a sign of a genital disease?
    so just to let you all know i have penile papules. but on the bottom side of the shaft of my penis are two little bumps and what looks like a little red cut or red vein on the tip of the head of my penis. it doesnt feel like a cut but i dont know what it is and it is a little red around that area. could this be genital warts or herpes? i have not had sex before also. please help im scared.

    • ANSWER:
      if you have never had sex, it could not be anything. Quit worrying it may be from your zipper or an active dream.

    Difference between fordyce spots and pearly penile papules?
    Where are they located? Whats their shape difference? Size difference etc.

    • ANSWER:
      Fordyce spots are simply visible hair follicles and sebaceous glands-- little white bumps or spots spread all over the area around the penis and scrotum. Visible because the skin is very thin in that area, also why you see veins easily. Pearly penile papules or more properly known as hirsuties coronae glandis are found around the ridge of the penis- basically around the bottom of the "helmet". So completely different than fordyce spots. If you have the pearly penile papules, look it up on wikipedia and they have a pic of them. Also can find pics of fordyce spots too.

    What is the purpose of a doctor grabbing your nuts and asking you to cough..??

    • ANSWER:
      It is a hernia check, but really, the doctor is doing more than just that. First, he/she visually inspects for obvious anatomical abnormalities, damage, rashes, holes in side of penis [this really happens]. Then the scrotum and testes are gently palpated to feel for lumps and bumps, excessiveness tenderness, the cord going up is palpated for bumps, cysts, and varicose veins. Finally, the doctor will follow the cord up to where it plunges into the abdomen, at what is called the inguinal ring. He/she will gentlt put pressure on the ring opening and then ask you to cough. [you turn your head so as not to cough on the doctor]. The coughing raises intraabdominal pressure. If there is a hernia in the inguinal area, this pressure will cause a bulging against the doctor's fingers.

    Can a penis really be broken?
    I have a friend who said that her boyfriend "broke" his penis. She said that while he had an erection, his penis somehow got bent (down) and she said that they both heard a "pop." When they looked at his penis, it had a golfball size blue and purple bump. It turns out that he tore the vein in his penis, and the shaft was filling with blood. They went to a free clinic, and a nurse looked at it and said to keep a heating pad on it, and that it would heal with time. My friend said that now, a year later, his penis still hurts every now and then, especially when he is getting "aroused." Does anyone know what he should do?

    • ANSWER:
      Even though there are no actual bones in a boner, it is possible to break one's penis. To understand how this incredibly rare and painful event can occur, we first need to review a little (or not so little) penile anatomy. The shaft of the penis is comprised of two chambers of spongy tissue, the corpora cavernosa, which run along the inside length of the penis. Erections occur when, in response to physical and/or mental triggers, the nerves of the penis signal the surrounding muscles to relax, allowing blood to pour into the corpora cavernosa. A thick membrane surrounding the corpora cavernosa, the tunica albuginea, keeps the blood that is being pumped into those spongy chambers from being able to escape. The result — a stiffer, larger, and more rigid rod. Although your erect penis may feel rock-hard, it is still flesh and blood.

      Penile fractures occur when an erect penis is thrust against a harder, less flexible object. This could happen if someone enthusiastically plunges and pumps his penis into a partner, or a pillow let's say, and misses or "over-runs" the intended opening and instead hits a pubic bone, headboard, or other hard surface. If the object is hard enough, and the erect penis is thrust with enough force, that thick membrane surrounding the corpora cavernosa can tear, causing an audible "cracking" sound, abrupt loss of erection, severe pain and bruising, and a penis that is typically "bent" to one side or the other.

      Penile fractures are a medical emergency and must be evaluated and treated immediately. In severe cases, it is possible to damage the urethra, interfering with urination. Treatment for penile fractures consists of immediate evaluation, and, most often, surgical intervention to repair the tunica albuginea and restore or preserve erectile function and the ability to pass urine. Similar to other fractures, the sooner the broken part is "set," the less likely permanent damage and misshapenness will result.

      Even though many penile fractures can be fixed, it's probably safer and more pleasurable to focus on finesse rather than force when working and playing with an erection.

      Again, broken penises are really hard to come by, so try not to let stories about this highly unlikely occurrence stand in the way of the happiness that your erect penis might bring to you and others.

    How are my testicles suppose to feel??
    i am 14, how are they supposed to feel. Last time I checked: don't feel any bumps on my testicles but i feel there like alot of veins and one of my testis goes to the other side

    • ANSWER:
      And that is exactly how it should be.there is a cluster of blood vessels and a duct to transport the semen to your penis.And testis are not facing the same side and one hangs lower then the other.

    I think I have a Penis disease, can someone help me?
    Alright, every time after I masturbate and then pee (Which I do frequently) my Penis hurts like hell! And theres some sort of bump on top of the foreskin on top of my Penis, and under the little vein going down from the head under the penis is really red, Do I have a disease? Is it serious? It started around 2 weeks ago!
    No, I have never had sex.

    • ANSWER:
      yes i would go to the doc because its a masturbation desiese and it can be very bad if not looked at.. it starts at the head ends at the testicles....lmao....go get it checked out...

    I have these little bumps on my public area after I shaved the hair. What should I do about the bumps?

    • ANSWER:
      Hair follicles, some with, some without hair; also oil glands. Normal, your skin on your penis is very thin, nearly transparent, which is why you can see your hair follicles and oil glands and lots of veins as well. You have these same "bumps" under skin all over your body, but elsewhere you have much thicker skin. You don't want to do anything to them, don't want to make them go away. Part of your normal body dude.

      All boys have all kinds of bumps and spots on their penis, it's normal.

    There is a bump on my dog's abdomen. What is it?
    I was petting my dog, and when I got to the abdomen area, I felt this lump in the middle of his abdomen. This is right above the penis of my dog. It almost feels like a vein because it's long and lean, I guess I could say I felt about an inch of it. Maybe it's just a vein and I'm freaking out, but is a vein supposed to be there right in the middle above the area? Or is it like a belly button?

    • ANSWER:
      Well what I can see from here... how the heck would we know? Call a vet.

    I can't pull back my foreskin, little bumps?
    I'm 15 and most of the way through puberty and I can't pull my foreskin back almost at all. I can just see the full "slit" on the tip. There is this little red "vein" at the bottom of the head that attaches to the foreskin and the tip is full of these little white bumps, is there anything I can do? I REALLY don't want to go to a doctor....
    I definitely don't have herpes (not active :P ) and the little bumps are on the tip of the foreskin.

    • ANSWER:
      If you're not sexually active, and currently going through puberty then I'd say you are a perfectly, healthy, 15-year-old guy. Those white bumps either could be small cysts, which is normal, or the even more common, PPP. Pearly penile papules are normal. In fact, I did research on them a little while back because I noticed the same things as you. When you say "tip" when you might mean rim of the head, they might be PPP. They are like a bunch of white bumps on the rim of your penis. If they don't cause any discomfort or pain, then it isn't anything serious. As for not being able to pull your foreskin back, that's actually normal when you are not circumsized. Both answers are generally found on health forums or ask/answer-by-licensed-doctor medical forums. There is no need for a doctor visit unless you need additional information.

    Is there a pimple on my penis?
    I have a white small pimple like bump at the very bottom of my penis on the bottom side just above my scrotum? It looks kinda connected to a vein so I don't wanna pop it and bleed to death (jk) but is it anything to be worried about? Should go see a doc for this? Or will it just go away?
    It's Been there for a couple weeks now about 3
    Thanks..ps there's also a hair sticking out , it seems Lol a swollen hair Folecule. I also shave often and get cut

    • ANSWER:
      It is most likely an ingrown hair. It is just like a pimple. You should go to the doctor and he will give you a cream to rub on the spot. After you start using the cream, it should be gone in 1-2 weeks.

    what is this bump in my pants?
    i have a bump between the area of my penis and my belly button. it acurse once every year. then disapers. its there now and its freaking me out! it hurts.

    • ANSWER:
      The fact that it comes and goes makes me think one of two things..

      1) Hernia - A weak spot in your abdomen and an intestine is poking out saying "hi".
      2) Varicocile - A vein is having trouble moving blood towards the heart and is swelling. Yes, these CAN come and go, contrary to some belief (especially if there are valve problems)

    I had sex with the wife n when I got up n pissed in the morning I noticed I had a bump on my dick. ?
    I have abump on my penis n it's right a vein. I noticed it in the morning after my wife n I had sex the night before. Anyone knows wut it is

    • ANSWER:

    Have a vein that hurts when im hard or if I touch it, have a red spot on my penis no bump wats the problem ?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't touch that vein. Go have the spot checked.

    Lump Underneath the Skin on my penis?
    Okay so I have just kind of noticed over these past few weeks, that I have a really weird bump underneath the skin on my penis, Mind you I am a virgin and have only received oral sex and the last time I received oral sex was a awhile back so I know it can't be an STD. I don't really know how to describe it, it looks like a really big vein and it only appears when i'm erect, like when im flaccid it seems to just disappear. Help?

    • ANSWER:

    brown bump on penis? What is it?
    I have a few brown bumps on my penis. What are they?
    no they dont itch

    • ANSWER:
      Are they itchy? I mean I have some but I think that's from masturbating so much the veins are engorging.

    My penis started hurting while i was masturbating.?
    when I stroke it, there is the one part on the top of my penis that hurts. it feels like a bump or maybe a vein, but im not sure. its a concentrated area. do you think i might've been too rough?

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah maybe, try go a little slower and having a looser grip on it. And anyway, going slower and having a looser grip feels better too. It also could mean you are doing it too much. Maybe cut down on it.

      Good Luck! :)

    I have a bump on penis shaft?
    I have this bump on the shaft of my penis. On the foreskin, i'm uncircumsized. It hasn't bothered me once with pain or anything. It's the size of the head of a needle and is round like a pimple. The only thing is it looks like its on a vein and it's making the vein more noticeable than the others it seems. any ideas? like i said.. it hasn't bothered me once. Also... this morning I woke up with the soreness on the bottom of shaft, once again, it's on my foreskin. It's sore when i touch it and it looks like a lump. It's not a circle like a pimple but its more oval shaped, it's barely noticeable though. could this be related to shaving?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to read the Feature article, "Penis problems exposed" on the home page of the site referenced below which will help you.
      If you are still concerned after reading the article I suggest you have a chat with your doctor.
      Beat of luck.

    I think I have testicular cancer?
    Ok so recently I've been having this weird feeling, it's slightly uncomfortable but not painful, and it usually occurs during 11AM. I decided to do a self examination of myself down there and I have notice a couple bumps on the actual testicle itself. This testicle hangs lower than the right by a good amount, and it appears as if the veins or whatever is connecting to my testicle is enlarged and hardened. Should I tell my parents, I'm only 15! Help!

    • ANSWER:
      Cancer of the testicle is the most common cancer in the age group 15 - 35. Fortunately, it can be treated very successfully if found early. The first symptom is bump on the surface of a testicle, so boys and men are encouraged to regularly examine their testicles for unexplained bumps.

      It is normal for one testicle (usually the left one) to hang lower than the right, and also normal for veins on the scrotum and penis to become more prominent as you enter puberty and young adulthood. There is also a normal structure on the rear of the testicle called the epididymis, that may be more noticeable now that you are growing up.

      The next step is to take your testicles to a doctor to be examined. Show him/her where you found the lump. The doctor can examine you and perform other tests to determine if this is cancer or something else, and what to do about it.

    Bump in penis, professional help! should i be worried?
    I noticed when i was jump touchin myself that i have a bump inside my sack area of my penis, but the bump is on the penis in this area. it feels like a vein but is swollen/larger than the other veins, its about 1/2-1cm and feels like a bump. i know it is not an std or any other disease/virus since i've only had sex with a virgin. should i be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      If you are concern enough to ask about, you need to go see your doctor to get checked out.

    Small bumps around veins on penis?
    Im 16, uncircumsized and i realized i had these white, salt grain like bumps in groups around parts of veins on my foreskin.

    • ANSWER:
      Don't worry, a lot of guys have that.

    Question about bump on penis?
    Hello, I'm 15 and I have a question. I have a bump on my penis in thr front, but you can only see it when I'm fully erect. But when I'm not erect it feels like a vein. Is it just a vein? And I masturbate around 2-3 times a day. I'm just pointing that out because I'm wondering if its from overuseage. There is no pain at all and I'm just concered about it. Please help ! And I've never had sex.

    • ANSWER:
      Try not to masterbate for about 3 days and then see if its still there... If still you can call a doctor or maybe your penis is just special!

    I have a very small bump on my penis. What is it?
    What is it it doesn't really hurt but it is really hard (bump).

    • ANSWER:
      it depends, some time it might be a vein or sometimes it can be something else. i dont want to say that it may be bad but you need to describe it better... or even a pic.. hope it goes away or see a doctor about it...

    Itchy penis with red bumps please help?
    Hi. As of late I have been getting red bumps on what looks like the veins of my penis. They are quite large about 1/4 centimeter. I have 4 red bumps. Two on either side one on front and one on urethra. I am 15 virgin circumsized. My penis also frequently itches. My penis itself not the general are like my entire shaft itches. Im very worried

    • ANSWER:
      relax, most boys have some kinds of spot or bumps on their penis. it is normal as is your penis itching. the spots are probably Forced spot or subcutaneous cysts, both are normal and not harmful. i had tome when I was 14YO. ask your friends i am sure they have some kind of spots on the skin of their penis as well

    Is bumps on the penis normal for a 13 year old?

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes guys have that, in the same way other's have veins showing. Yours might be Fordyce Spots. Mr Google can tell you more.

    Swelling in my penis shaft.?
    Hey I just recently had a surgery to fix a hernia near my scrotum. The surgery was almost a month ago. About a week and a half ago small bumps appeared in my penis veins, and as of a few days ago the right side of my penis is very swollen. Its a little sensitive to touch but it doesn't hurt otherwise. I know this isn't an STD cause I never had unprotected sex. I'm not sure if this bit of information matters but my penis has been circumcised. I will have it checked out by a doctor since I need to go for a follow up exam, but I wanna know what it is now, so I know if I should be concerned or not.

    • ANSWER:
      You can still contract and STD even while using condoms. So if you've had sex you can have an STD. Condoms don't protect you from STD's 100%. For instance herpes is only blocked by a condom 80% of the time. HPV isn't stopped by condoms at all so condoms offer 0% protection. Don't think you can't get something just because you used a condom.

      I had a hernia surgery for that exact same thing 7 years ago. It's normal to get some odd swelling in different places at it heals. I remember my sac was like twice it size for a while lol. I would just say that as long as it's not bothersome I would wait until your follow up and bring it up to your doctor. If it gets worse, starts hurting, swells up more etc. then I would take the time to go in and get it checked out early.


    what is this bump on the shaft of my penis?
    its skin color and im only 15 and never had sex or anything and i dont masturbate and i rememeber it being there for as long as i could remember since i was like 5 or something what could it be should i go to the doctors office for them to check it out

    • ANSWER:
      alot of guys have it.
      it's usually just the way the vein is positioned.

    I have a vein around the saft of my penis that is flared up and a small hard bump too..what is this?
    it is a vein that is directly under the head of my penis and when the bump is next to it...it is not painful but scary

    • ANSWER:
      i'd be scared

    is there something wrong with my penis?
    i have like little white spots but they can only be seen when i have an erection and they arent on top of the skin its like underneath. i dont have bumps or anything and my foreskin looks fine but the underside of my penis has always looked darker in the center where the veins run up the shaft, is this normal.

    • ANSWER:
      Dude dont worry I am 14 and have them too. i looked them up once and they are normal and after puberty will go away. No biggy bruda

    A vein like bump on penis head?
    After I had masturbated last night, aswell as when I had sex with my GF the night before. I have noticed a very small vein like bump line on the right side head of my penis. It's not hard, and is gone the next day, but what is? Is it because I try to prolong my sex activity for as long as I can?(Sometimes up to 5 hours)

    • ANSWER:
      if it's a vein like lump in all probability it is a lump caused by a vein

    Painful red bump over vein on penis, hurts most when erect
    There is a small, hard red bump on my penis right over the vein on the underside of my penis, more towards the left.
    It causes minor pain when not erect but when erect is it very noticeably painful to move it, and especially to stretch it or pull it in any way. At first it had a very little bit of pus, or a liquid of some sort, but now its just hardened.
    It hurts really bad to squeeze it or any thing like that.

    It is only a single bump, there is nothing anywhere else abnormal, just this one bump which appeared a week or two ago.

    Any ideas on what it might be? and when might I expect the pain to go away? what should I do and what caused it?
    any help would be great.
    That doesn't make all that much sense, as I really don't jack off that much. I first noticed the bump after having sex as I took off the condom.

    But if its the same thing as what you get when you jack off to much/hard.. when should I expect it to go away?

    And yeah.. I guess it sort of looks like a scab. I don't really know what it looks like. I haven't really seen something of the likes yet.

    it is kind of like a small mosquito bite sized, but it doesn't itch and its solid red.. with a TINY bit of white/clear at the top. I don't know if that helps at all...
    Yeah.. I guess I better go see a doctor or something, I just wanted to get as much info as possible.

    It can't be a STD because I've only had sex with one girl, and she has only had sex with one other guy (whom they BOTH lost their virginity together) so it doesn't make sense it were to be an STD.

    Plus, I looked up pictures of a lot of STDs off a website and mine looks nothing like any of the pictures I looked at, especially since its only ONE bump, it isn't a cluseter or anything.

    • ANSWER:
      It's possible it may be a reaction to the condom/lube on the condom. consult a doctor.

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