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    What salon brand shampoo & conditioner is best for dry damaged hair?
    Myhair is naturall wavy and fine but I have lots of it. It's shoulder length but I want it to grow to bra strap length. I straighten it every other day and it's quite damaged, dry and tangled. I would like to be able to leave it to dry naturally but it looks so dull & brittle when I do/ I was thinking about buying a salon shampoo & conditioner to improve its health and strength. Do you have any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      You don't need salon shampoo. If your hair is dry, try a shampoo without sulfates. They just dry out your hair and are pretty much unnecessary. They're added so that the shampoo foams and suds.

      Aubrey Organics, Giovanni, and Naked Naturals are three brands that offer shampoos without sulfates. Burt's Bees also offers some.

      I've been using Naked Naturals for a month now and there's been a real difference. And I've heard many many good things about Aubrey Organics and Giovanni.

    What is the best salon shampoo/ conditioner?
    I've always loved Redken, and I just invested in their Extreme line because my hair is so damaged right now.
    Otherwise though, what are some really good salon shampoos/conditioners?? Like Nexxus, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Biosilk, Biolage? That's all I can think of for now, but if there's something else better tell me! I'm tired of Garnier and Dove.

    • ANSWER:
      I swear by Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree. The hydrating version has lavender in it and I love the way it smells/feels.

    What's the best shampoo for soft salon hair without being the salon shampoo?
    I would buy the salon shampoo + conditioner, but it's too expensive for me. Best shampoo that gives you salon softness please!

    • ANSWER:
      K well I am obsessed with soft hair. I have mastered the soft hair regrime. I use nexxus shampoo and the condition for dry hair, once every 2 days. Then when it is damp I put in Revlon Equave 2 Spray all over, generously. Then I put in a hair serum that I see at my hair dressors and just buy it at Shoppers or whatever on my way home from getting my cut. If I really need it, I use the hair balm from the Body Shop but I don't use this if I don't need it because it can make hair weighed down when uneeded. 1 time a week, or whenever my hair gets poofy and/or dry/course I put in some olive oil (the more expensive, the better results..but you don't need the BEST) for at least 45 mins and then wash it out.

      Buy a wooden wide tooth comb (can be bought at the body shop!) and a 100% boar bristle brush (don't buy the 0 ones, they are rip can get a good one for ).

      Don't blow dry hair, this removes all moisture from hair leaving it dry and weak. Airdry Only. If you need to straighten hair, google some top brands for hair straightening and make a list and go to the drug store to see which ones they have.

    Which salon shampoo and conditioner should I try?
    I'm looking at getting some salon shampoo and conditioner today. I have thin fine hair that's kind of dry and fragile. I want something to help stregthen my hair and maybe get some volume. Can you recommend a good combo for me?

    • ANSWER:
      To be honest, I have the opposite hair as you. (thick/curly) but a friend of mine has the same type as you. I've always had luck with Nexus shampoos and everything from the Bed Head friend and I both mostly use Bed Head. If you're going to go with Bed Head products I would recommend you get Superstar shampoo/conditioner and Control Freak Hair serum for after you shower.

    What is a good color protecting salon-quality shampoo & conditioner?
    I have naturally dirty blond hair but will be dying my hair a medium reddish-brown next week (at a salon). I have had problems in the past with darker hair colors fading quickly. What is a good salon-quality shampoo & conditioner that will prevent this? Please only suggest products that you have used, and had success with.


    • ANSWER:
      REDKEN, and when changing hair color esp if our hair is long you gotta ave REDKEN Anti-Snap as well as the clor specifics, If you are not a fan of that then try ALterna (Hard to find in some areas but MY GOD is it worth the search. It is made of natural hemp oils... It makes yur hair very happy, unless you have naturally oily hair! My thrid choice is Biolage.

      Shy away from Paul Mitchell...I know alot of people swear buy it, but a lot of them myself included find it drying.

      I am a Cosmetology School Grad... Left the biz for greener pastures but am still an addict of product :)

    What salon shampoo and conditioner should I get?!?
    I use herbal essences right now, but it is making my hair fall out!
    What is the best salon shampoo and conditioner?
    My hair is wavy and medium thick. Not thin, but not super thick either.

    • ANSWER:
      it's a japanese brand and it's the best~! but it's expensive~

      if u want a cheaper brand, try Pantene

    What is a good salon brand shampoo and conditioner?
    My hair is brown, It's a little bit past my shoulders, & it's fine.
    My hair curls in, & in the mornings it gets frizzy.
    I have side bangs.
    My hair is straight on the top, but on the bottom, it's wavy.
    The ends of my hair are very rough.
    Also, my hair is not too thick, but it's also not too thin. It's more thick than thin.
    Also, my hair gets really tangly really easily!!

    What is a good salon brand shampoo and conditioner for me?

    • ANSWER:
      Joico is by far my favorite salon brand shampoo and conditioner. You're supposed to alternate between two or three different shampoos when you're done with the bottle, but I love using Joico! From your description, you're going to need the Moisture Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner:

      This will help your tangles and roughness so your hair is silky and pretty. You could also try the Silk Result Shampoo and Conditioner:

      This will make your hair really silky, but I would use this after using the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner so you can get the moisture back in your hair. You didn't say you have colored hair, but if you do use the Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your hair from fading and to keep it nice and soft and pretty:

      Any way you go, you can't go wrong with Joico :)

      Hope I helped!

    What is the best professional hair care products?
    I'm just wondering what the best salon shampoo/conditioner/styling products are. And which ones work best with making your hair smooth, soft, and shiny!

    • ANSWER:
      My sister in law works at a salon, so i've had quite a bit of professional stlye products, my favorite is Alterna enzymetherapy. They make products with hemp in it and I use the straightening balm which works really good and the spray shine works awesome too. They smell SO good too.

    Does using a high end shampoo/conditioner really make a difference?
    I always hear people say that you must use a salon shampoo and conditioner if you want healthy, long hair. I use drugstore shampoo/conditioner (usually pantene or dove) and my hair is still healthy, long and soft. Is it true that the drugstore shampoo "damages" your hair and the more expensive ones will make it healthier? Because from what I've seen, I think the hair dressers just want you to buy the more expensive.

    • ANSWER:
      No, they are a trillion dollar business, and they also do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss caused by heat & chemicals - hair's worst enemies.

      Hairdressers: do you see their hair ever healthy, silky, shiny, smooth & soft? They have the worst hairstyles, because they're always EXPERIMENTING on each other's hair!

      There are more hair products on the shelves now, than before the 80's. There are more hair loss now, too, than before the 80's. In the 80's, frizzy & brittle hair was born. Before the 60's, we have soft, silky, smooth, very healthy hair. Google any hairstyles of the 60's, and figure that one out. Now? They also started carrying hair oil, on the shelves.

      The biggest savings you will find in bath and beauty is on shampoo. According to Consumer Reports, spending money on expensive shampoos does not improve hair any better than cheap store-brand shampoos. The only noticeable difference is in how the more expensive shampoos smell richer than cheap brands.
      A good way to save money is by buying the less expensive shampoos and spend money on a good conditioner. Conditioners vary more in ingredients and the difference of using salon conditioners versus the dollar store conditioners is noticeable on hair.

      It’s the dirty little secret shampoo companies don’t want you to know—when you wash your hair with one of those nutrient-rich shampoos, most of the nutrients and active ingredients in the product don’t actually end up in your hair, they wind up down the drain… along with all the money you spent on the shampoo.
      Why does this happen? Because the shampoo molecules they contain are too large to penetrate the cells of hair and more importantly the tiny hair follicles where our hair actually grows. They sit atop the follicle until we wash them away.
      Why is that a problem?
      Our hair works basically the same way—if you want to treat your hair right, you need to treat the roots.

    What is the best shampoo I can buy at a Health Food Store?
    My hair is really dry and needs moisture desperately. First of all, is Salon shampoo and conditioner better than a health food store one? Please recommend a shampoo if so. Or, what is the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is there (that is a reasonable price) that I can buy at a Health Food store.

    • ANSWER:
      A shampoo that has an aloe vera.

    What's a good salon shampoo that I should buy?
    I have color-treated hair. It doesn't have to necessarily be for colored hair, but I'd prefer it. Just looking for a salon shampoo and some conditioner that makes my hair soft, silky, and smooth. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks a lot. Regular shampoos too are ok, just list the name and where to buy.

    • ANSWER:
      been in salon retail. matrix colorsmart is nice w/great lather and won't weigh hair down. biolage colorcare is good. redken color extend seems like is hard to get a good lather, but the hair feels nice. all depends on what type of hair you have, fine, coarse, thin, thick.....Redken allsoft shampoo and conditioner will by far of all of the above make your hair the softest and silkiest.

    Any good shampoos and conditioners that are NOT tested on animals?
    At the moment I'm using Leo Bercon salon shampoo and conditioner but I don't think it's cruelty free, and I feel so guilty :( So are there any organic hair care brands that don't? Maybe one similar to the likes of Wen but cheaper? Thanks :)
    I've actually heard that Tresemmé DO test on animals :(

    • ANSWER:

      Fill out your information and you can get a copy of PETA's Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide and maybe it will list hair care products.

      Or look here:

    What is the pH level of Redken Fresh Curls shampoo/conditioner?
    If you could give me a page that has a list of salon brand shampoos/conditioners and their pH levels that would be great. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Not quite sure, but you can buy pH indicator strips at the store and test it out yourself.
      It doesn't have pH, but you might be interested in this website:

      It has health info on cosmetics, hair products, perfumes etc.

    What is the best grocery store brand shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair?
    What is the best grocery store brand (not expensive salon brands) shampoo and conditioner for your color treated hair that doesn't fade your color?

    • ANSWER:
      I would recommend Suave products. They are very reasonably priced, sometimes even cheaper than store brands and you can get them just about anywhere! I use Suave Professionals Sleek, since I have chemically straightened hair. You can try Suave Professionals Color Care, specially designed to help lock-in color and prevent fading. I absolutely love my Suave Sleek shampoo! It works as good as or better than anything I've ever tried. And it makes my hair so much softer!

    Why do some people say that drugstore shampoos and condtioners are bad for your hair?
    Why do some say drugstore products are bad and I have to use salon shampoo and conditioner? I currently use Aussie Opposities Attract shampoo and conditioner, and I love them! Why do some say they are bad?

    • ANSWER:
      bcoz they r stupid

      all i can say

    Would investing in salon quality shampoo/conditioner really make a difference with my hair?
    I have pretty dry hair and I've tried a all kinds of drug store shampoos/conditioners form pantene to garnier fructise healing shampoo/conditioner and none of that crap ever made a difference. Would trying to quality products make a difference? It's curly too.

    • ANSWER:

      I feel your feeling, but no need to worry now.

      I have the Best Hair Shampoo for your hair.

      It keeps your hair smooth, shiny and clean at a time.

      Helps you to keep your hair free from dust and damages.

      Try It. :)

    What is a easy + natural way to rid my hair from dandruff?
    I don't want to switch shampoos to Head N Shoulders as I use salon shampoo and conditioner. I heard adding a few drops of aloe vera oil to the shampoo will get rid of dandruff within a week. Is this true?

    Can you guys give me some advice on what to do? It needs to be inexpensive, preferably all-natural, and something I can use in conjunction with my regular shampoo.

    Thanks! :)
    nate m, I do shower, you stupid idiot. Every day. I don't want to have to change shampoos is all.

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, when I tried aloe vera before, it made my hair thicker, and it didn't take out my dandruff. I got this from a book. It's really useful, everythings in it. Cut a lemon or two (depending on the length of your hair) into two and then squeeze the other one to your hair after using any mild shampoo. So even the shampoo your using now is just fine. Then after you put the lemon onto your hair, mix the remaining half to a glass or so of water and then rinse your hair with that. Do it for a week or more then you will see the changes. Trust me, it gets out. I tried it ;)

    I have 37 dollars, What shampoo and conditioner can I buy?
    I have 37 dollars.
    And I was wondering,
    what shampoo && conditioner can I buy?
    I'm using dove right now, but it's a really crappy horrible product.
    I want more like of a salon brand shampoo && conditioner.

    So what can I buy with 37 dollars,
    for a new shampoo && conditioner?

    • ANSWER:
      If you go to a salon that sells a lot of hair products like JCPenney's salon or Trade Secret, I bet you could find a gift bag with the shampoo and conditioner in a set for 20-30 dollars. Some good salon brands are Joico(KPak, Moisture Recovery are my favorites), Matrix, Sebastian, Chi, Redken, Paul Mitchell, and Thermafuse. Good luck!

    Best salon brand shampoo and conditioner to make my hair super shiny and soft?
    i have naturally curly hair, but every day i either straighten it (i use a heat protector) or i use hot rollers to enhance the curl. but my hair is really dry, and not so soft. what is a good salon brand shampoo and conditioner to make it super shiny and super soft? thanks! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner seriously makes my hair feel super nice. I recommend using Moroccan Oil as well. It gives my hair extra shine and conditions it.

    Whats the best affordable shampoo and conditioner for colored (darkened) hair?
    What is the best affordable (available at regular stores not only salons) shampoo and conditioner to protect my colored (darkened) hair?

    • ANSWER:
      If you dyed it brown use John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Products. They work for natural and colored hair. It will help protect the color and make it shine. It is available at all stores. At some stores they sell mini sample bottles for a dollar if you want to try that first! I use the blond kind and it works great!

    How can I get my hair to grow super fast?
    I want my hair to grow about, 10 centimetres in the next 2 months, if that's possible. What can I do to get it to grow really, really fast. I'm going to buy some salon shampoo and conditioner tomorrow but I don't want to use and tablets, I just want to use natural, househole products. Please help me!

    • ANSWER:
      Healthy hair growth starts with good nutrition. Your hair needs certain nutrients to grow properly. This can be achieved by getting enough of the right fats, vitamins, and minerals from your diet, or from dietary supplements. There are also some other supplements that may also be able to help, like saw palmetto, Pygeum Africanum, MSM, and grape seed extract. I like Caribbean Hair Grow. You should talk to your doctor before you do, or take anything, and also do your own research (wikipedia, pubmed, etc.) as well. Hope this helps...

    What do I do about the dry, frizzy hair underneath the 'visible' layer of hair?
    I have unnaturally blonde hair that comes a few inches past my shoulders. I get regular haircuts and use salon shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. However, there is a layer of hair underneath the hair that you can see that is forever dry frizzy and curly, when my normal hair is straight. It obviously is very damaged, but i do not know what to do. I know the best solution for damaged ends is to cut it off, but honestly, the damage in this layer of hair begins almost at the roots. Is there any hope?

    • ANSWER:
      It's not to do with dying your hair, believe me! I've NEVER dyed, straightened, or blow-dried my hair (well, blow-dried maybe once or twice :D) and I have the same frizzy and dry 'bottom layer.' I actually have brown, wavy hair, so I'm different from you...BUT what I have done is just deep condition that bottom layer. I use vitamin E oil (you can get it at most supermarkets, near the vitamins) and I just run it through the bottom part of my hair, wrap it up in a towel, and leave it on for a day, one of those rainy, lying around the house sort of days. Then, at night, I shower like I normally do and make sure to rinse all the oil out. The next day, there's a noticable difference. I do this about every month or two months. Hope this helps!

    What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?
    Everyone says that to have healthy hair you need to use some expensive salon-brand shampoo and conditioner. I have long, healthy hair and I use drugstore (Head and shoulders shampoo and Pantene conditioner). What do you use, and how does it work?

    • ANSWER:
      i have used different brands of shampoo/conditioner...
      eg pantene, dove, head and shoulder, sunsilk, lux, creamsilk, suave

      what i like the most are pantene and dove
      i love the smell and
      the soft touch to my hair

    What is a good salon shampoo/conditioner for breakage?
    My hair is damaged and I need a good shampoo and conditioner set that will help strengthen and fortify. I only use salon products.

    • ANSWER:
      well seeings everyone has ignored the fact you only use salon products.....

      you should try redkens anitsnap line. its in the dark blue bottle. it works wonders. find a salon that has a generous return policy and you can pick a couple different kinds and return what doesnt work for you. also try redkens conditioning treatment, it will treat what the breakage if from, whether it is from chemical or mechanical abuse.

      keep those strands healthy! good luck!

    Best smelling SALON shampoo and conditioner?
    Okay so i'm obsessed with shampoos and conditioners that smell good. I really love the smell of like aussie, herbal essences, garnier fructis, tresemme, etc; but i know they aren't as good as salon shampoo and conditioner. Which salon brands actually have shampoo and conditioners that smell good? Like a fruity or a floral scent or something! Like seriously they charge like 30 dollars a bottle and they can't make them smell appealing haha? Don't get me wrong i love my joico and redken and what not but do you know of any that just have that amazing drugstore shampoo smell? The only one i know is bedhead. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I KNOW what you mean! I've open each bottle to smell them, in the past, before buying them. But halfway down the bottle, there is no longer scent tot them. I've used ALL of those you mentioned, just for their smells.

      I haven't used conditioner for 17 years, but my favorite shampoo is GARNIER.

      I've also used hotel sample shampoos, my favorite is Davies, cost? a bottle. But now? I just spray perfume on my hair! Or dab a bit on my wrist & neck.

    What's a good professional product to treat dandruff?
    I'm looking for SALON quality shampoo/conditioner/etc

    I've had really bad dandruff for a few months now, and nothing is helping! I'm just a nail tech so I have no idea what product I should be getting from the shop to treat it.

    It's mainly where my bangs are.

    • ANSWER:
      I know you said SALON quality, but I've tried them all, and Denorex, Selson Blue, and Head and Shoulders dandruff formula have worked the best for me. If you go into a hair salon, they will likely sell you the Tea Leave formula of some sort, but think the products on the shelf work the best.

      Personally, I am using Selson Blue, and have found that a good conditioner helps miles.

    What is a professional salon product that will make long, straight hair resistant to humidity?
    I straighten my long hair, and it gets thick and puffy when it's humid. I used professional salon products like shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in, but I am looking for a professional product that will work to combat this humidity issue. I put so much work into making my hair look great, and when I step out of the house on a humid day, it's only a matter of time before it begins to lose it's straightness. Cost is not an issue, because I do believe that this type of product is a necessity for people who straighten their hair.

    • ANSWER:
      Choose hair products that are stated anti-humectant.
      Professional brands that would carry such products are Nexxus, Biosilk, Kerastase (By Loreal).

      After you shampoo, condition and towel dry your hair, apply a anti-humectant serum (CHI is a good one, contains ionic crystals that "melt" into your hair when heat is applied, hence fuller, shinier hair strands) then blow dry straight with a paddle brush.

      To minimize frizzing or flyaways, use a silicon based hair spray that would seal the hair strands. :)

      This works for my daily hair grooming routine. :)

    How do I put my hair in a ponytail?
    I'm having so much trouble with my hair. I use salon shampoo and conditioner, a boar bristle brush, hot oil treatments, heat protectants, and regular trims, but my hair is still frizzy and dry. Whenever I put my hair in a ponytail, it widens out. Everyone else's ponytails widen then comes together for a smooth 'tip' at the end, but this is where my hair is widest. Even when I use my GHD it doesn't smooth in together. What can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      i would say to put your hair in an average pony tail (not super tight it pulls on your hair) and then take some hair spray and spritz it on to your hands then run your hands lighly over your head in the dirrection your hair goes!

      tip: when your putting your hair in a ponytail look straigth not down like most women do !
      another tip: dont put too much heat on your hair it could end up making it frizzier! : (

    Is it bad to put conditioner all over my hair?
    I need my hair to be perfect and sleek for tonight so i was going to condition it completely!
    What do you think?Will my hair get greasy :o

    Btw i use tresseme salon silk shampoo/conditioner

    • ANSWER:
      Not really conditioner is helpfull actually. I have curly hair and conditioner is what makes my hair a little better. Also for sleek hair some people have recomended me leave in conditioner i havent tried it but i heard it works. Hope i helped and good luck hope your hair comes out perfect :)

    What kind of shampoo/conditioner should I use on recently dyed hair?
    I'm getting my hair dyed at the salon in a few days, and I need shampoo & conditioner suggestions to use. I need something inexpensive that I can just pick up at Wal-Mart or something like that. Any suggestions? =]

    • ANSWER:
      Anything that helps keep the color fresh.
      Dove has good cheap products.
      Makes your hair weightless and pretty and soft and smelling good--i could go on for days-haha

    How do I make my hair shiny even if it's dyed?
    I see people who have dyed, bleached, coloured hair all the time. The problem is, they have beautiful, straight, shiny hair. Why is mine so dull, frizzy and ruined? I use salon shampoo and conditioner. I also use a lightweight serum and shine spray. My ends are the worst even though I recently cut them. They go ALL over the place! Help!

    • ANSWER:
      There are lots of different
      sprays out there that will
      make your hair shiny. So just
      go down to your nearest drug
      store/beauty store and take
      a look at what is on offer. I
      have one by Nicky Clark and
      that is very good (it is in a red
      Using sprays is the only way I
      know of to get hair shiny
      after drying, but I do know
      quite a few tricks to get your
      hair shiny when you wash
      your hair. I will list them for
      1) When you are rinsing the
      conditioner off of your hair,
      use cold water. It makes the
      hair follicles lie flat and will
      promote shine.
      2) Use a leave in conditioner
      once a week. Again, these
      will promote shine. I love the
      'Aussie' one (you can get
      these in the shops) - it works
      great and smells divine! (:
      3) Mayo! Yes, mayo! I know
      you are probably thinking
      'mayo for hair, what is she on
      about?', but trust me, it
      works. I use it and it makes
      my hair super soft and super
      shiny. Before shampooing
      your hair, slightly damp it
      and add the mayo. Then,
      wrap your head in a shower
      cap (or a carrier bag, that's
      what I use!) and leave on for
      30mins-1hour. Then rinse off
      and shampoo and condition
      as normal. (you can search
      mayo on hair on yahoo if you
      are not sure about doing it,
      but trust me, it really does
      Good luck and hope this

    What is the BEST shampoo/conditioner you've ever used?
    I'm talking about like, something you would buy in walmart or some other department store, not in a world renowned hair salon aha. So, what shampoo/conditioner do you use to get your softest, silkiest, shiniest hair?

    • ANSWER:
      I actually have a huge extensive collection of shampoos and conditioners :P but out of all of them, these are my favorite:

      1. Organix. It is sulfate free and it's made out of natural products, and it's also paraben free. It smells delicious, and you can get it at Walmart or any drugstore. I use the conditioner to deep condition my hair. I put it on and wait 5-10 minutes, and then I continue to wash my body. The steam from the shower deep conditions your hair, and makes it smell yummy too.

      2. Joico K Pak shampoo and conditioner: It's from ULTA, and this is a great shampoo for fixing split ends and making your hair silky smooth and shiny. I love it, but it is a bit pricey ( each, I think).

      3. Lush shampoo: Lush is a handmade soap store, but there is a Rehab shampoo in there that costs , and if you do a lot of heat styling or if you have split ends, it gets rid of the damage you've done, and it also leaves my hair shiny and silky. I recommend using the Herbal Essences conditioner with that.

      Hope this helps!

    Is it really necessary to use shampoo and conditioner especially designed for color treated hair?
    Dyed at home, not in a salon. Why or why not? Would a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner work just as well? If you read the label, most shampoo ingredients are all the same.

    • ANSWER:
      Plain and simple: you do not need to use a "special shampoo" for colour treated hair. If you're happy with your own shampoo/conditioner, use it!

    My broken straighteners burnt my hair? Know any good products to smooth it down?
    It's just my fringe that was burnt, but it's now really really dry and frizzy. I already have expensie salon shampoo and conditioner for extreme dry hair, and when it's wet it looks fine, but as soon as it dries it is super frizzy and I have to clip it back. Anybody know a really good leave-in conditioner for extremely damaged hair that also smoothes it down without looking greasy?

    • ANSWER:
      If your hair is that badly damaged, than sorry, it's irreparable :-/
      The only way to fix it is to cut it!
      Try something new, make the bad experience into a great one!

    Best professional/salon brand shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair?
    I just went from natural blonde to chesnut brown with some lowlights and I need to get a new shampoo/conditioner! I have never had my hair dyed before, but I'd prefer a moisture rich shampoo/conditioner to be safe.
    What are the best, decently affordable salon brand/professional shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair? Also, what are best store bought products?


    • ANSWER:

    What product makes the most difference for salon hair?
    I am still puzzled on how to get my hair as silky as right when I come out from the salon.
    Is it the shampoo, conditioner, protecting creme, or the wash you lather and massage in the shampoo.conditioner that makes the most difference?

    I straighten my hair with the same flat iron, but it is still poofier and the hair strands are less compacted than when I get it done. .

    Any ideas? I was thinking of buying bumble and bumble conditioner.

    • ANSWER:
      to make my hair silky i put conditioner everywhere not just on the ends...

    What are your tips to treat damaged hair?
    My hair is super damaged from bleaching it (pure black to light blonde). I got 4 1/2 inches cut off and I'm using a pretty expencive salon repairitive shampoo&conditioner and deep condition every other day. What else should I do / not do. And what products should I use? Thanks so much.(:

    • ANSWER:

    What brand of 'blue' shampoo and conditioner should I get to tone brassiness?
    My hair is naturally blonde and when I dye it cool brown it fades fast and turns coppery and brassy. I'm mainly looking for a blue salon shampoo and conditioner but I'll take drug store suggestions as well... Please tell me the name as well as the brand, thanks : )

    • ANSWER:

    Is infusium23 shampoo & conditioner work good for hair?
    cause i use every shampoo and con out there almost the store brands my hair still feel damage and greasy i cant afford the salon shampoo and conditioner but is it worth to buy salon shampoo

    • ANSWER:
      Try Pantine Pro V Restoratives. I used it for a month and my hair feels much less dry. Also, Nexxus IS worth the money you spend on it! I love all their products! But you can get away with spending less. Like I said, try Pantine Pro V. You could also try Suave Professionals, I use that sometimes too. I also really like the Nivea line.

    What is the best shampoo/conditioner for dyed red hair?
    I'm going to dye my hair red (Feria Ruby Fusion) in about a week, and I know that red fades quickly, so I need a shampoo/ conditioner that will keep my hair not faded and not frizzy. And please no salon brands. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I think there is a pantene for red hair. But conditioner wise I would suggest either Pantene Ice or Sunsilk antifrizz.

    is it better to have a high quality shampoo or conditioner?
    im gonna invest in one of the two, but not both. is it better for your hair to have a high quality salon brand: shampoo, or conditioner?
    also if u have any reccomendations of shampoos or conditioners that are really healthy for hair please tell!

    • ANSWER:
      Most shampoos are the same basic ingredients. Buy a higher quality conditioner. I have no recommendations. I use Regis Designline Vivid Satin and Garnier Fructis Moisturizing. They actually did a study a few years ago that proved that all shampoos, even high end ones, were the same. But conditioners were not the same.

    What's the best salon shampoo and conditioner?
    I have decided to buy a professional brand shampoo and conditioner, but which one? I don't want to make an expensive mistake.
    I have caucasian hair that is fine and damages easily.

    • ANSWER:

      I us Arbonne Hair Care Products! They are great! They have botanical base ingredients and really seem to nourish the hair rather than coat it or plump it up.

      If you want to try them contact me. I am acutally having a sale of 50% off all Arbonne products in the month of April. Arbonne offers a 45 Day Empty Bottle Guarentee so if you don't like it you will get your money back. Below is some product information and in the source box a link to my web site to get more information and contact me.

      Four products for hair that adjust to the daily, changing needs of all hair types. Arbonne’s hair care has always been smart, simple and self-adjusting, so naturally, it was added to the Arbonne Intelligence line of daily use products. These smart hair care products clean, nourish and protect hair so that no matter what your style, your hair will shine!
      They have 2 Shampoos, 1 Conditioner, and 1 Scalp Revitalizor.

      Hope you find what you are looking for.

      Take care,


    How do you girls keep your hair so shiny, smooth, and soft?
    Hi there girls,

    I have medium length hair, but no matter what kind of shampoo and conditioner I use, my hair always ends up dry and coarse feeling, and I use conditioner every day in the morning and let it soak into my hair for a few minutes, but I never come out with shiny, smooth, silky hair like I've seen a lot of girls who know how to keep their hair.

    What is your secret? Is there something I'm missing, or us guys are missing as a whole? The only thing I think that might be different is that I towel dry and rub my hair dry, while I've seen some girls leave their hair wet to air dry over a long time. I've tried using a hair dryer but that also makes my hair dry and coarse feeling. Maybe I need to buy those premium salon shampoos and conditioners? You know those beauty salons that charge for a haircut, ugh.

    Anyway, yea, so what tips or secrets can you share with me? I'd like shiny, smooth, and silky hair like the rest of you gals or other male celebs with long hair-Tom Cruise

    • ANSWER:

    What is the absolute best store brand of shampoo and conditioner for dry, damaged, color treated hair?
    I have very dry, very damaged fine hair that breaks of eaisly from heat styling and from dying over the years. The last time I dyed my hair, it broke off like crazy and I lose a lot of my length. Since then, I've been trying to grow it back out. I plan on going in to a salon to help repair my hair but until I'm able to, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a store brand (like Pantene, Herbal Essences etc..) good shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner for my very dry and damaged color treated hair. I'd also like to add that I'm of mixed race with fine curly hair so it's very hard to find shampoo and conditioner for my hair type.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi babe what u can do for that is using a good toner shampoo that can remove those hidoeus brassy and yellowy tones and it also leave your hair soft and repair. Dont worry this has also happened to me only use the toner shampoo and thats it. U can buy john frieda but I dont reccomend it because to me it leave my hair dry, so now im using one from naissant Blonde pearl shampoo and treatment and it really WORKS! I buy it at Amazon.

    What is the best kind of shampoo and conditioner?
    I have been using Samy Salon Smooth and Shine shampoo and conditioner but I don't know if it is working for me. My hair is thick and wavy. What is the best kind? Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:

    What kind of shampoo and conditioner do they use at salons?
    i LOVE how my hair feels after getting a blow-out at the salon. Does anyone know what kind of shampoo/conditioner they use there? I really want smooth, silky, and shiney hair. Please include where to buy if possible. Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      i don't know about your salon but mine uses the paul mitchel brand it is in a white bottle and it has red writing on it. um i think u can buy it at hair salons

    What's a good shampoo and conditioner for flat hair?
    I have come to the conclusion that I cannot buy hair products from anywhere but a salon. What are some salon brand shampoo and conditioners that work well for flat, fine hair? Please do NOT tell me to use Pantene, Garnier, or any other crappy cheapo brands.
    You people can't read very well.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best shampoo/conditioner set to get rid of styling product flakes (salon-level quality)?
    I style my hair with products almost every single day, but my Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo/conditioner set just doesn't do the job when it comes to cleaning it all out, and it leaves product flakes in my hair. What is a really high-quality shampoo/conditioner set for guys that does a great job of cleansing your hair so there are no product flakes?

    Thanks. :)

    • ANSWER:
      This article suggests Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo, which is a great clarifyer:
      Hopefully that does the trick.

    Can you reccomend a shampoo and conditioner for me?
    I'd like to find a new shampoo/conditioner pair. I usually prefering using more expensive, salon-quality products. I have long, very thick, dry hair with natural wave. I usually straighten it, so I'd like to use something that will make it straighter and less frizzy/dry (without losing its volume of course). It's also been a little dull lately, so if it makes your hair really shiny and enhances the color (which is dirty blonde/light brown) that's a plus!

    • ANSWER:
      I would really recommend Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Shampoo and Conditioner. It's great at straightening, and makes your hair so much softer too, while adding shine! It has gentle yet effective moisturizers, and helps hair to straighten more easily and stay straight longer.

      Good Luck!

    How do I keep my dair hair color from fading?
    I naturally have a medium ash brown hair color. I prefer it to be darker and redder, so two weeks ago, I had it professionally colored a dark chocolate brown.
    However, despite using Bedhead (i.e. expensive salon products) shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair and using a Regis (also a salon product) leave in color protecting spray, I am finding that the color is already beginning to fade.
    I do not swim nor do I spend excessive amounts of time in the sun. What can I do to make the color last without fading? Are there any particular products that are good for this?
    Please note:

    The color was PROFESSIONALLY done at a salon.
    I AM using a salon brand shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair.
    Oh, that's right. I should add that it IS permanent haircolor.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, I know just what you're going through. Well the last time I had my hair cut, I asked the lady who cut it about that very problem.She said there isn't any magical thing to make it stay forever, but gave me these tips. !# don't use any more than a pea size amount of conditioner. 2#
      Don't put any conditioner on the top part of your hair, because it's already oily there. and 3# Wash with almost cool water & rinse with cooool water. Heat makes the color fade fast! And guess what? It actually worked for me. Try it, it might work for you too.

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