Vitamin E Cream Acne

Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does vitamin E cream take to heal scars?
    I bought Vitamin E cream and it says it contains the effective emollients Vitamin E,Aloe Vera,Wheat Germ,Sunflower Seed Oil,Collagen and Elastin.Would this help heal an acne scar?If so how often should I apply the cream to the scar and how long will it take to heal?

    • ANSWER:
      First of all,it all depends on the scar.If it is a new scar,it would take 1 to 2 months to heal completely.If it is an old scar,it will take 2 to 4 months to heal.However,since yours is an acne scar,it will be easier for it to fade provided you always apply Vitamin E on your scar twice daily.However,you could always take Vitamin E supplements since it will promote faster healing internally.Plus,using a facial scrub once a week could fade scars easier since it will exfoliate your dead skin cells.Hope I helped(:

      P/s:You could also try Mederma if you want since it works for acne scar.Plus,it is the most effective scar treatment product you could get at a local pharmacy.Good luck!!

    how often should i put vitamin E cream on my face for dryness?
    I use stridex at night for small acne, then when i wake up my face is dry, so i started useing vitamin E cream in the mornings. its been two days and its seems to be having positive effects, but should i use it everyday?

    • ANSWER:
      Use it daily try eucerin face cream

    For getting rid of scars do you massage the vitamin e or simply place it on the scar?
    well i have some acne scars on my face i want to get rid of...they are just discolored marks and the one im worried about it under my eye where the area just isnt flat...its either bumpy or some is pitted idk i cant tell but its not not proportional so my question is-do you massage the vitamin e cream or just put it out the scar?

    • ANSWER:
      Rub it, so your skin can absorb it better. Good luck with the scars, my friend.

    How will Vitamin E cream help acne?
    Hi, I think I can probably find the answer on google but just asking, how will normal vitamin E cream help acne if applied to the face? will it help those little bumps, the ones that arnt really red but visible agaist light? Also does it make skin softer or harder when the cell regenerates?
    Thank you for answering my funny question XD

    • ANSWER:
      This website below helped my daughter with her acne and she now has super clear skin and a smile. But be sure to follow the instructions EXACTLY! The guy at the site has tried absolutely everything.

    What are some ways to remove acne scars?
    I have some acne scars on my chest and I'm really getting uncomfortable with the sight of them. I was wondering, what are some ways to really fade, remove if possible, these scars? I have some vitamin e cream, but it hasn't worked that much.

    I've also been looking around and have seen something by Olay, a microdermabrasion and peel system, but that says it's for the face. Could I use it on my chest, or no? IS there anything else that I can do?

    • ANSWER:
      Apply ice cubes onto the scared area for up to 5 minuets each day untill the scars start to heal.

    How to get rid of acne scars?
    So I have some acne scars on my face, and I've tried many methods to get rid of them, such as lemon juice, vitamin e cream, tomato facial, baking soda exfoliant and aloe vera, and nothing seems to work. Can somebody please tell me if there is a product out there or homemade method that WILL WORK?

    • ANSWER:
      Try "clinique even better dark spot corrector". It takes about 4-8 weeks to see results but you do see them. It fades your acne scars and evens your skin tone. I recommend it. Its a little pricey though, but you get what you pay for! You ca buy this at macys. Or online. Good luck!

    How can I get rid of acne scars quickly?
    I have been using a vitamin e cream which seems to help but not completely. I also have really oily skin. Are there any simple remedies for that?

    • ANSWER:
      skin brighteners, and cocoa butter, they helped me. the skin brightener i use is called ULTRA GLO, u should try it, and u could find cocoa butter any where, just dont use too much at once or ull look greasy

    What are the benefits of vitamin e cream?
    I have acne scars and am DESPERATE to fade them. I have tried a ridiculous amount of things – for the last 4–5 months I’ve been adding rosehip oil to my moisturizer each night, but it’s not helping! Does vitamin e do anything? Or does anyone have other remedies? Keep in mind I’m a broke student so I’m on a budget.
    The scars are like redish-purplish marks.

    • ANSWER:
      Vitamin E is very good for your skin but it can cause to clog your pours! IT is really good even if you have acne!
      And makes your face feel nice for a while but then oily
      The benefits can be really good but won
      't make it really disappear get some more information from this website

    How do I remove my pimple scars that looks like huge brown spots?
    I have 4 really huge pimples a month ago and I used a pimple remover tool to remove those pimples.But i sort of bleed a little when i remove them.However,after a while,those pimples becomes black spots.But i ignore it for a while thinking that it will fade away but it didn't.Now,those spots look like huge brownish spots.I tried a vitamin E cream that i apply every night but it doesn't seem to work.(I tried it for 3 weeks but the results aren't promising.)So far i'm only successful at preventing new pimples from forming but i didn't have much luck with those spots.Are these spots scars that will stay forever on my face?I heard Mederma is good for acne scars,but what exactly is Mederma?I also heard that Neutrogena products are good.But which is the correct product that i should use?

    • ANSWER:
      You could use Vitamin E products, which are good at clearing skin 'scars' etc.

      Also, look out for creams at the drugstore/pharmacy that treat scars too - some contain silicon that I found worked for me.

    do vitamin e cream clog pores and make my acne worse?
    i have an acne problem and i was wondering if i can put this vitamin E cream on overnight because i have a lot of acne scars on my cheeks but afterwards i feel oily and dont want to touch my pillow with it. it is a equate vitamin e cream and it says its non greasy. i was wondering would this cream clog my pores overnight and get me to breakout even more??? but i need to heal my scars as well... so confused!

    • ANSWER:
      New studies have been coming out showing that vitamin E does little to stimulate skin growth. I just broke my face open and have been doing a lot of research. The most effective thing according to scientists and my massive scar seems to be lotion with collagen.
      I definitely think that vitamin e oil will clog your pores. It is SO GREASY

    What product is better for making skin perfect and acne-free?
    A) aveeno creamy moisturizing oil. Replenijes skins natural moisture with oatmeal and pure oat oil.
    B) vitamin E nourishing night cream from the body ship. All skin types, repairs an mosturizes skin while ur sleeping

    Please help, which one is better for making a clear, acne free complexion?

    • ANSWER:
      Neither of those is really for acne, but between the two I'd pick the vitamin E cream. The only issue is that The Body Shop is being bought out by I think L'Oreal and all their products are going to lose alot of their potency and just not be worth it anymore, sadly.
      If you want a product specifically for acne, go for The Body Shop's tea tree line, it's done wonders for me (if your area's stores haven't already been completely taken over.. The one in my area has about half of their stuff still and the other half is the new and unimproved versions.)
      Aveeno also makes a clear complexion face wash that worked well but not as well as the tea tree line I mentioned.

    How could i make acne scars go away faster?
    Other than using Vitamin E cream.

    • ANSWER:
      Mederma, at least once a day. Target makes a nice generic brand that I use. It may take about 2 months, maybe 3, before they're totally gone, but you will see tons of improvement by the first month typically. I've tried pure shea butter, Vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, etc, etc, but this works the best.

    How long do dark marks from acne scabs last?
    ive had dark marks countless times before but i dont remember how long they lasted and ive been putting vitamin e cream on these current marks every day for a week or two and theyre still long do they usually last and would maderma get rid of them?

    • ANSWER:
      theyy can last weeks!!
      get proavtive and dont pick it.

    Whats the best thing to put on those marks left after a scab comes off?
    i always get acne scabs and i try not to pick at them but its really hard when they are peeling off and it looks awful...i pull them off or they come off in the shower and im left with light red, pink, or dark brown marks...what is the best thing to put on them? vitamin e cream, maderma, what? also how long will they last?

    • ANSWER:
      fresh aloe vera plant gel, squeeze from leaf. they will be with you the rest of your life

    Can moisturizing old scars help to remove them?
    I have a moisturizing Vitamin E cream and would like to know if it helps.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. vitamin e wont do anything. but make sure your moisturizer has vitamin c in it. Vitamin C helps remove scars. I used Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation originally as a facial moisturizer. I had no idea it was fading my acne scars until I saw them fading away. I went to sephora and asked them if Sheer Transformation fades scars and they said that Vitamin C helps with discoloration.;jsessionid=QCC1DNGY54FWSCV0KQRRPIQ?id=P42342&categoryId=C19980

      retinol products also help. Ask for a prescription of Retin-A Micro from your doctor or dermatologist. It is anti-aging and fades away scars. It is primarily an acne topical treatment.

      dude...just get the retin-a. its the best. and you get acne free skin. =D

      anyways...I have heard A LOT about Caudalie's Radiance regimen, especially Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. People have told me all about how well it helps with acne scars.
      If you can afford it...get the serum. Just buy it at sephora.I can get it because my mom is willing to pay for anything that keeps me good looking lol. She just wants to make sure her son is mr. perfect so she can get grandchildren lol.

    What is the best vitamin e oil? Does it really work as well as people say it does?
    I had a lot of questions about reducing/lightening some acne scars and a few stretch marks. All the answers pointed to vitamin e oil or cocoa butter or even both (also strivectin but you have to apply that 3 times a day and it's costly). I was wondering what brands might work best and where to get them? Any tips on how often to apply or other tricks you might have would be great too. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      My fave vitamin e oil has been discontinued. St.Ives makes a great collagen and elastin cream and lotion under . Their products are really good and cost effective.

      Alpha hydroxy and retinol and retin A encourage cell reproduction. Salicylic acid is a great mild astringent in toners that do the same thing. Mederma also is supposed to get rid of scars, but I haven't tried it.

      Use a sunscreen and stay out of the sun. Don't believe anyone who tell you that tanning will work, because it won't and you'll only wind up doing further damage to your skin PLUS accentuate your stretchmarks and scars.

      Some great skin supplements are flax seed and evening primrose oil, but if your skin is naturally very oily, you might want to try a low dosage, if at all.

      Good luck!

    What is the best vitamin E oil brand?
    I want to buy some vitamin E oil to put on acne scars and to heal dry skin on my face. What is the best brand to buy? Should I buy the oil or get the gel capsules and prick them? Any advice would be great!

    Oh, also - does it clog pores?

    • ANSWER:
      Truth be told, any answer given here will just be personal opinion (I can give you my opinion if you'd like). There are many higher quality companies out there that are readily available and well priced... just make sure the company has a good rating with either the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or USP (U.S. Pharmacopoeia), as those are the main quality assurance organizations (USP is for the U.S., GMP is for the U.S. and worldwide). With that good quality, they should also sell the natural Vitamin E, which is d-alpha tocopherol (as opposed to the dl-alpha tocopherol, which is synthetic).

      With that being said, the softgels would be much more potent and oftentimes more pure than the liquids, but it is more annoying and an inconvenience to break them open and apply them without making too big of a mess. If it's worth the hassle to you, it's a much better option to open the pills and use them topically.
      As far as clogging the pores, it shouldn't (although some creams may be thicker). Make sure you wash your face daily and rub the oil in for the best effects and minimal problems. Also, I would make sure not to use more than 1 or 2 of the 400IU doses daily (only 1 if you take a multivitamin) as Vitamin E is fat soluble and can build up to toxic levels. Good luck and I hope I helped!

    How to get rid of Acne and Acne marks?
    How do I completely rid my face of acne and acne mark? I've tried:
    Neutragina Products
    Skin ID
    Vitamin E
    Lemon juice
    Gentle soaps
    Spot treatments
    Basically everything out there.
    The acne marks aren't horrible except for one, very dark one, they will NOT fade away even after trying everything! (even after a chemical peel) I'm losing hope.

    • ANSWER:
      Bring this list to someone who does facials, they should be able to recommend something for you, I have a similar issue. Also going to the doctor to get prescribed something might help.

    Vitamin E oil or cream for acne scars?
    I've read on countless sites and reviews that vitamin e does the trick if you're looking to remove acne scars. I have acne scars on my chest, and I'm going to California in a month and I want to be able to wear a bathing suit without being completely embarrassed by it. I've heard both the oil and the cream work, but the oil works more effectively. But my concern is that since it's oil, it will clog my pores and just cause more chest acne breakouts. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      I usually use vitamin E oil, dear...and must use it regulerly.

    Vitamin E Tinted moisture lotion from The Body Shop?
    I'm planning on buying the Vitamin E tinted moisture lotion to make my acne scars less noticeable and more toned. I'm a guy so i don't wanna use any cosmetic products. Is it a good choice? Also, there isn't any label that says "non-comedogenic", so, will it clog my pores?

    • ANSWER:
      I haven't used the tinted moisturiser but have used their Vit E moisture cream and this was nice, didn't send my skin up in spots :)
      I like Cliniques City Block too as this seems to even out my skin tone but I would try it out first, just pop into the shop & put it on, you should know the next day or sooner whether it blocks your pores.
      Hope this helps xx

    What is the best moisturizing cream that has the most vitamin E and helps smooth or remove scars?
    Iused to be a cutter when I as younger,I'm over that thank God. but still have the ccas and i'd really like them to go away.Im currently using E45 cream,and take 1 vitamin E tablet.
    Sorry for the spelling errors heh. What let me repost.
    I used to be a cuter when I was younger. Im over that thank God,but I still hace the scars. What is the best moisturizing cream that has the most Vitamin E and can help with scars?

    • ANSWER:
      I have the same problem. Ambi skin care products are really good (you can buy them at cvs, walmart,...stores like that). The exfoliating wash is really well. The Ambi Fade Cream is really good too. It gradually fades dark spots and scars from previous acne. I've been using it for about 1 month now and can already see a BIG difference.
      You'll love me. :)

    How to get rid of bumps left by acne?
    I've had these bumps on my forehead that you can't really see that much unless reflected by light and i can feel them to. There like small but alot of them and sometimes when I scratched them (btw I just do this to see if it will help, but i don't think it is) small lumps come off. there really bugging me. i use clearasil stay clear face wash followed by vitamin E cream, not sure if their helping or not though.
    How can i get rid of these bumps?

    • ANSWER:

    What benefits can I get from putting Vitamin E on my face?
    I know that rubbing the oil from Vitamin E pills on your face helps remove acne scars but what other benefits can I get from this?

    • ANSWER:
      1.Vitamin e added to lotions, creams, and other skin care products, as well as taken orally, plays a role in the anti-aging of skin. It helps skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, free radicals are believed to play an important role in skin aging and therefore the antioxidant activity is quite valuable for this skin problem.
      2.Vitamin e lotions provide some benefit in preventing and treating sunburns.
      3.Vitamin e can aid in the treatment of various skin diseases or skin conditions.
      4.One of the most important benefits of vitamin e is the prevention of skin cancer. This occurs because of its sun protection quality and of course its powerful antioxidant properties, which help reduce or prevent sun damage. helps maintain the skin’s oil balance during the cleansing process. reduces transepidermal water loss from skin and strengthens the skin’s barrier function.

    Moisturize teen drying acne without breaking out again?
    The stronger 10% benzoyl peroxide wash and cream is really helping my son's acne!!! But, his face feels like cardboard. What can he put on it to moisturize it without negating the drying effects of the benzoyl perox? We tried the lighter 5 percent but didn't help the acne, so now the 10 percent has really helped but the skin is too dry, sometimes flakey. Would Vitamin E cream be OK? Sometime else?

    • ANSWER:
      Read this blog before taking any action, your answer is right here:
      Thanks to this blog, it helped me a lot to find the best method.
      Hope this helps

    Is anti-oxidant Vitamin E enough to protect your skin from aging everyday?
    I have acne-prone skin, but I care about protecting it from the sun everyday. I tend to notice that when I use SPF it makes my acne worse, but I have a face cream for Oily skin that says it has anti-oxidant Vitamin E in it, I am tired of breaking out, should I just use this cream to protect my skin everyday?
    *the face cream for Oily skin is the only one that makes my skin soft without breaking it out

    • ANSWER:
      8 Simple Steps to Younger Looking Skin for Men and Women

      * Revitalize your skin and reduce the signs of aging
      * Significantly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
      * Smooth rough skin texture for ultimate skin care
      * Clear darkening under the eyes
      * Stimulate the renewal of skin cells
      * Promotes elasticity of skin
      * Hydrate Skin Dryness
      * Promotes healthy even skin tone

    How far apart should aloe vera and vitamin E be applied to the skin?
    I'm trying to get rid of some acne scars and want to use aloe vera and vitamin e in tandem to do so. can i apply them to my skin at the same time or not? also, should one be applied before the other or not?

    • ANSWER:
      As first step I will recommend to make some detoxification of your body to clean your organism from inside. After detox procedure you can begin to clean your skin with help of creams, vitamins and other anti acne liquids.
      If you will use really high quality products you can use them together without any problem.

    Is it true that vitamin e oil can lighten your scars?
    If so, in what form should I get the vitamin e as? In oil or cream?
    And if I use it to treat my scars, will there be a risk of it getting darker if I go out in the sun after i apply it to my face?
    Or should the routine be like, at night before I go to sleep, THEN i apply vitamin e to treat my scars?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it is true that vitamin E can lighten your scars because they aid in skin rejuvenation. Whether oil or cream it depends largely on your skin type. If you have dry skin, oil or cream is great. If you have normal-oily skin, choose a lotion or gel to prevent clogging your pores.

      Your scars shouldn't get darker if you apply vitamin E before going out in the sun. But if you're still worried, just apply a sunscreen before going out.

      The best time to apply Vitamin E is at night before you sleep because your skin rejuvenates best when you're asleep.

      But if you want faster/better results, you might want to consider enhancing your cell renewal from within. I managed to successfully lighten my post acne scars with DermoGlo MicroRenew. What it does it it exfoliates my skin on the surface to lighten my scars while the massaging action stimulates cell renewal within my skin. So when fresh skin emerges, my scars are less pronounced.

      DermoGlo MicroRenew worked really well on my acne and post acne scars. I recommend you try it in conjunction with vitamin E.

      Check it out here:

    Is it gay if a guy puts on whitening cream?
    It's not because he wants to have lighter skin, but because he's trying to fade away the acne scars on his face. It's slowly fading away, but you have to use it for an extended period of time to really see results, so it takes a lot of time. Because the vitamin E in the cream lightens the skin, which in turn, also lightens the scars. So do you think it's okay if a guy did that? Guys need to look good too, right?

    • ANSWER:
      Hahahaha of course that is perfectly fine... You're not using is as a fashion but as a way to take of your skin so no, it's not gay

      Oh and answer ma question if ya please? :);_ylt=AgFYui7AX7ttDjuMCLegOizsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101121182140AAZIy6v

    Is it gay if a guy puts on whitening cream?
    It's not because he wants to have lighter skin, but because he's trying to fade away the acne scars on his face. It's slowly fading away, but you have to use it for an extended period of time to really see results, so it takes a lot of time. Because the vitamin E in the cream lightens the skin, which in turn, also lightens the scars. So do you think it's okay if a guy did that? Guys need to look good too, right?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and looking your best. But if you start formulating ideas about another guy's hairy a$$ during the process, that's when it becomes extremely gay.

    Acne question, vitamin E cream and tea tree oil?
    I just got the Colonial Dames Vitamin E cream and pure tea tree oil the day before yesterday. I am mixing a little bit of the tea tree oil with the vitamin E cream and putting it on at night and putting the vitamin E cream on during the day. How long should it before I start to see results, have any of you tried these products?


    PS I have mild acne and a few acne scars, my skin is very fair and easily marked. I also have slightly dry skin.

    • ANSWER:
      No - have not tried it. Some people have found relief with Tea tree oil. Should work. Sensible diet, good hygiene and low stress should keep acne away. If tea tree oil/Vit E combination does not work, try some great OTC products like Niapads, Cetaphil etc. Remember, the most effective treatment is one that is simple to use. For eg. Niapads helps exfoliate, open clogged skin pores and gets rid of acne in one simple step without drying your skin. Contains Lavender oil – well known moisturizer.

    Can I mix Aloe Vera After Sun Gel(Fruit of the Earth brand) with Vaseline Vitamin E cream ?
    to help cure acne marks? i was a bit of an idiot and picked them a lot....
    and i heard vitamin E and Aloe Gel helps cure them and an antiseptic but i dont have a gel that contains both..
    can i mix these two? or will it only irritate my skin?

    • ANSWER:
      You can just use aloe vera alone since aloe vera contains vitamin E. It also contains A, B1, B2, B6 and B12.

      Although acne cannot be cured by aloe vera based products, symptoms such as flaky skin, redness and swelling will reduce with constant use. There is also an aloe vera liquid which can be applied to the face which is effective in removing excess oils.

    Vitamin E cream, okay to use on acne prone skin?
    I just bought Equate Vitamin E cream for my face, it's been really dry lately and I've heard that vitamin E cream is really good for dry skin. It says on the bottle it's non greasy and it feels really light on my face, but I was curious as to whether or not it will clog my pores? It doesn't say on the container.

    • ANSWER:
      Vitamin E is nature's natural skin healer it's the best thing for your skin also get Vit E capsules & take 1 everyday it's my fav vitamin it's also good if you get a burn

    Can you put vitamin e capsules on your face?
    I read somewhere that you can break a vitamin e capsule on your face and massage the liquid in and it will help with acne and complexion is this true? Any other ideas? Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can I love Vitamin E cream or Vitamin e oil this more
      easy to apply

    Will vitamin e oil get rid of purple dots under eyes?
    I've had these dark purple area which has dots under my eyes for about a year now and ive been using hemorrhoid cream but its not helping really. Will putting vitamin e oil on this and leaving it on overnight be ok to try or will this be too heavy? I do have severe depression and have horrible insomnia so that could be contributing to it.

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah it should help apart from the treatment drink lots of water to clear your skin. Vitamin E prevents acne or pimple scarring and can also be used to fade old scars. Use cucumber or other fruit and vegetable packs to cure pimple scars. More such solutions at

    I use lemon juice in evening,vitamin e oil over night to treat some acne scars - good or counterproductive?
    Looking for informed answers if possible.I am using them to treat a few acne scars but just need to know if using them both is sensible every evening and night?.I do rinse lemon juice off before applying vitamin e oil and I am seeing improvement but I dont want to do more harm than good.

    • ANSWER:
      I have never heard of the lemon juice thing. Maybe you could try a fade cream. I would just search for it. I have been using AMBI skin cream for the last few weeks. I havent seen a huge result yet but I havent been using it for long. It does say that it is for women of color like hispanic or black. I am mixed my skin isnt dark, so i may try regular fade cream. I would search for it. But look up the ambi sit. they have alot of good products, I bought mine at target.

    I bought a vitamin e moisturizer cream just as a moisturizer for my face.?
    But, what are some of the other benefits for vitamin e for the skin? I have sensitive skin, and slight hyper-pigmentation from acne. Could it help that in any way? Also, how long until i see results?

    Any help is appreciated.

    • ANSWER:

    What brand of vitamins best prevent acne?
    I am 16 years old. My skin has been phenomenal until my mom moved to Az last April. I noticed then my skin started getting worse. I moved with her in August. My skin little by little started getting worse. About 2 months ago my skin COMPLETELY broke out. I've used a lot of acne products and nothing seems to help. I am anemic so I am now thinking maybe I am not getting enough vitamins. I know that vitamins E is good for your skin but I don't know what brand is the best.

    Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I have to say I have tried almost everything to get rid of acne: Creams, strips, cleaning, and all type of home made remedies, and nothing really helped to definitely get read of acne nor blackheads. I have to say that certain things that helped partially:
      -Change your diet and include plenty of nutrition rich foods like fish, diary products, fruits and greens. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 present in the foods helps clear the pores of the skin and remove the secretions and dust thereby allows the skin to breath and glow.
      -The biggest enemy of your face is the oily skin which gives rise to Acne formation. Therefore it should be your endeavor to always keep your face free of oil and secretions

      BUT it was’nt, until a friend of mine told me how she solved her acne problem. At first sight her solution looked like one of this promises books out there about how to solve your acne problem.

      As the method was 100% back guaranteed, I thought I had nothing to lose. What I didn’t know it was how much I had to win with it with the step- by-step solution I got! (They say it is based on a 7 year period of trial and error). Not only did I get rid of blackheads and breakouts, but in 7 weeks I was able to get my acne cured permanently! 1 and half years later my skin has never looked better. For me it was really worth it the try.
      Best of lucks!

    Does Vitamin E help get rid of scars?
    I was thinking of buying "Colonial Dames Vitamin E Cream" to use for my scars and acne, will it work? And they say to use on face and neck only so Is there something i can use on my whole body to get rid of all my scars?

    • ANSWER:
      Eat a lot of foods containing vitamin E , you can even rub some on your entire body.

    What is best for clearing up a mild case of acne?
    I have a problem only on my forhead.. Its been a long time now and i cant get these little bumps to go away. They are not pimples but if you agrivate them they do become. whenever i go out into the sun you can see these little raised bumps. My doctor told me to take vitamin e and a along with a multi-vitamin. Will this help? I have also tried rubbing pure vitamin e on my face and it seems to help. If i use vitamin e and a cream will this speed up the process? what do you recomend?

    • ANSWER:
      Proactive is great

    can i make vitamin e cream for acne scars from things at home?
    i have new acne scars.

    • ANSWER:
      Acne scarring is perhaps worse than the acne itself.

      My acne scars weren't horrible. They probably weren't even that noticeable after I put on my foundation. However, I certainly noticed them and that was all it took to bother ME.

      If you've got acne scars, you may feel a bit helpless. But you don't have to because there are alternatives to getting rid of acne scars. And you CAN do something about it.

      So what do you do about it? Well, there is totally a solution ... actually there are many.

      These are NATURAL treatments.

      Now, just because you hear the word "natural", I don't want you to shake your head and think you need to just buy some over the counter miracle cream. These remedies WORK! And you'll find that by consistently using them, your acne scars WILL fade just like mine did.

      So without further ado, here are my favorite natural acne scar solutions:

      Vitamin E
      Don't underestimate the power of this healing lotion. You can get it at any drugstore in topical form. I have a HUGE bottle of it under my sink :) . Vitamin E naturally heals scars by moisterizing the damaged skin. Use it everyday to fade away acne scars.

      Cocoa Butter
      This one should be used carefully. If your acne is not already under control, cocoa butter does pose the threat of additional breakouts. However, if you're using the 3 Day Cure technique and your skin is finally clear, this is a powerful healing tool. Cocoa Butter will soften skin, lighten the scars and make them fade into nothing. I love this one. By the way, Cocoa Butter also works great on fading stretch marks.

      Okay, this is totally gonna change your life! Honey works overtime on acne & acne scars. Yes, Honey! When I first learned about this natural remedy, I was pretty bewildered. The sound of it alone is confusing. Honey is a sticky, sugary substance. How can it possibly clear up skin?

      Honey kills bacteria while simultaneously lessens the red look of irritated skin. The acidity in the honey evens out your skin tone, shrinks current pimples and will give your skin a softer feel. Listen, I know you may be skeptical of this solution. I was at first, then I tried it. This natural acne scar remedy works great.

      Lemon will help clear up acne as well as fade acne scars. Plus your face will smell like a freshly shined harwood floor, so that's a plus ;)

      The acidity in the juice will lighten the redness of the scars and balance your skin's pH levels to prevent future breakouts. Give it a shot.

      You can find a lot of other natural acne treatments and acne scar treatments through the source link below.

    What vitamin is important for good skin?
    or just skin texture in general.
    Cuz Ima pop some vitamin pills and use the liquid on my face or something. Or create a mask with it.

    (I've heard a lot about Vitamin E, but not sure if that's the one or the only one)

    • ANSWER:
      Hello!! (sorry for my bad english)
      Let me help you,
      the essential vitamins for the skin are :

      Vitamin A (as betacarotene) :
      The body does not produce vit A, therefore must be obtained in our diet. Vitamin A increases the activity of enzymes and stimulates cell division of the skin (regenerating skin), improving the skin condition. Cosmetic products containing Vitamin A improves skin elasticity and regenerate prematurely aged skin, contribute to a more youthful skin looking smooth and even. Vitamin A normalizes the skin keratizacion (cell renewal), this is the process that acts against dry skin. This makes it very effective in improving conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne vulgarities. Also enhances the production of collagen and therefore contributes to a firmer skin. Vitamin A (beta carotene)

      Vitamin E (as you said) :

      Is a key component in the structure of body cells and helps improve the immune system which prevents cell degeneration. Vitamin E in cosmetic creams increases the microcirculation of the skin (the blood flowed) ensuring better nutrition improve tissue elasticity of the skin and reducing wrinkles. The external application of vitamin E help to inhibit inflammation and heal the scars. These anti-inflammatory properties to help the skin regenerative process in nature. It is especially useful to reduce scarring after surgery or in cases of acne. This also provides a natural protection against ultraviolet rays and its negative effects

      Vitamin C :

      This vitamin plays an important role in the sintering process of collagen improving skin elasticity. External applications of vitamin C helps refine the texture of the skin, reduce pigmentation spots and significantly improves skin tone. It stimulates collagen production helping the firmness of the foot.

      Vitamin C is water soluble and has a limited ability to penetrate the skin. It is also recommended that this vitamin is obtained in a formulation containing a system for transfer to the skin such as liposomes.

      Pantenol :

      It belongs to the group of vitamin B. In the skin is tranformed to ​​pantotenic acid, which is part of every cell and is essential for cell metabolism. It helps the body use other vitamins and improves the body's resistance to stress. Creams containing panthenol help provide calm and heal the skin in case of damage. Panthenol helps speed keratization the dermis and increases the level of moisture in the skin leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. This is very important when skin exfoliating treatment resurfaces after or laser. It also improves cell regeneration and has anti-inflammatory. Creams for hands and nails with panthenol help to strengthen them and feed them.


      Also you can apply some oils to your face to restore the moisture(they usually have many of the components mentioned above) like emu oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, extra virgin olive oil.. and better if you apply them at night, just before going to bed and leaving it all night for better results. (As the skin repair is done at night when you sleep)

      But the better way to have a radiant skin, is to take care from within. The skin , partly reflects the inside of ourselves.Ensure to take that vitamins from your diet better than creams, and don't forget to do some sport, eat balanced and if you can, don't smoke!! as the smoker's vit. C is lower in comparision to no smokers.

      Take care.

    How long do these red/pink marks from acne scabs last?
    Well i got a few acne scabs from popping zits and then few days later the acne scabs came off while i was washing my face....leaving behind red/pink marks...ive been treating them with vitamin e cream and maderma, how long will they last?

    • ANSWER:
      Hydroquinone bleacing cream works for me to fade red marks, mixed with retin
      A. Although one of my drs told me hydroquinone doesnt help with red acne
      spots--i dont think he knew what he was talking about--it helps me. But while
      your on the hydroquinone and retin-a your skin may actually turn red alover
      and your acne mark might look redder, but once you stop--you will notice the
      acne red spot has faded some. It will fade on its own with time--hydroquinone
      and retin-a just speed the process up...especially if you get peeling from the
      take care


    What should I use to get rid of acne scars on my face?
    So far I have tried vitamin E, aloe vera, Skin Solution Scar Thearpy, and drinking lots of water. All the creams that I tried gave me pimples and I don't think drinking lots of water helped.

    • ANSWER:
      First, I understand where you're coming from. I grew up with really bad acne, not only on my face but on my body as well. It was embarrassing and I tried everything including cleansers, creams, prescription medications, antibiotics, over the counter medications, and even shots from the dermatologist (ouch!) to get rid of it. I never did until many years later when it didn't matter as much.

      Here's what I found out after lots of research and trial and error, the hard way.

      It's not a topical issue, it doesn't help much to treat it from the outside, it's an inside job. When you treat it from the outside it's like treating the symptoms, not the cause. You'll hear from many people that's not the case, and it's usually because they want you to buy their creams or lotions, and keep buying them month after month after month (or they haven't experienced the truth). Of course, when you stop using it (as you've experienced) your blemishes come back... because you're not treating the cause. And the costs for all of these routines/drugs add up month after month.

      If you think about it logically, it makes sense. Why do we get rashes, breakouts, or other skin irritations? It's usually because of something we ate, something that wasn't meant to be put on our skin, something that caused us stress and our body reacts to all those things.

      Bottom line is that most every cause of acne is related to what you eat, how you feel and how you take care of yourself. Your skin is a reflection of what's on the inside. We have lots of toxins building up in our systems and they have to be cleaned out on the inside and that will reflect on the outside. The blemishes, rashes, acne, etc are indications that your body is reacting to what you're eating, to stress, toxins, chemicals, hormones... literally a great number of things.

      Basically what I did in a nutshell was clean out my system by taking out the processed and junk foods, and added as much fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet as possible. This part is key. I also started drinking a lot of water daily, starting with 3 or 4 glasses when I wake up (adding a squeeze of fresh lemon at times). I also got more active every day, walking, running, sports, jumping, whatever, just getting active. It not only gave me more energy, it help flush out the toxins that were clogging up my system.

      Did you know 90% of acne is caused by 3 major factors? Find out exactly what
      they are and how easily it is to solve them here

    Whats a good product to get rid of acne scars?
    I have a few acne scars round my face, some are red and some are purple and I was just wondering what was a good product to get rid of acne scars? I don't want to spend to much but I just want them gone, I've heard of vitamin e oil but does it work?
    Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      Ok don't listen to the others, I'm 15 and I have acne scars, so I know what I'm talking about. Get a vitamin E moisterising cream or lotion, and apply to your face twice a day. Good luck!

    I've been following a skin care regime from my dermatologist to fade acne marks, but they seem more noticeable?
    I've been using salicylic acid 2%, bio oil, exfoliating, and vitamin e extra strength cream...

    But now my marks look more apparent. How come?

    • ANSWER:
      At the beginning of treatment it is normal, do not worry.

      Good luck!

    How long do these red/pink marks from acne scabs last?
    Well i got a few acne scabs from popping zits and then few days later the acne scabs came off while i was washing my face....leaving behind red/pink marks...ive been treating them with vitamin e cream and maderma, how long will they last?

    • ANSWER:
      Use a good moisturizer to reduce the red appearance.
      I recommend Jordan Essentials Face Line

      Gentle Cleanser
      Spa Polish
      Silt Clay Mask
      Daily Moisturizer w/Soy & Shea

      Products do NOT contain:
      Mineral Oil
      Isopropyl Alcohol

      Most of my customers see results within a few Days.

    Does any knows about a herbal cream by the name of Beauty Plus?
    Does any knows about a herbal cream by the name of Beauty Plus? this cream contains the following:
    The beauty plus cream contains only these ingredients - and this is the order that they are listed in on the label - -vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Gelatin, Purified and De-Ionized water, Neem, Manjistha, and Brahmi.

    can you say where can i get this item? please that would be a great help. i need the contact information of the service provider if any.. this cream did wonders clearning acne :-)

    • ANSWER:
      Ok - I don't know about this cream, but I know some other herbal creams with same ingredients.
      Please have a look at this website
      They have herbal face packs, herbal oils and herbal moisturizers. All contains only natural herbal ingredients.

    What are some good drug store products for people with dark spots?
    I want to get rid of my dark spot from old acne. I know that vitamin e oil works. What other drug store products that would help lighten or get rid of my dark spots.

    • ANSWER:
      exotica fade cream works wonders it gets rid of darks spot for good.
      buy the night cream never use it on day light it can make your skin more darker or burn it , and everyday use sunscreen for better protection & can find it on rite aids stores or cvs.

    How do I get rid of my acne scars?
    I have had severe acne since the age of 12 and now I am still haunted 4 years later with scars everywhere. Don't tell me to get any over the counter crap, cocoa butter, or even vitamin e because I know for a fact that it doesn't work at all. I've bought numerous amounts of that stuff and it doesn't even give the slightest improvement (at least not on my skin). It's a gimmick to get your money.

    What can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Well you know what, I agree, the over the counter stuff dont work, I also tried lots of stuff but it didnt worked.
      I said I tried because I honestly think nothing can help. Scars are Scars.

      Try not to use any strong creams or gels or anything againts future acne, just wash it with soap. Anything else will probably leave scars. The acne treatments leave a scar sometimes when they heal it .

      Now, there is a laser that dermatologists use to get rid of scars from acne , but thatll hit your wallet hard. It just makes your face evenly pigmented.

    How to get rid of dark blemishes in your face?
    I have tried everything. I tried black soap, mary kay, neutrogena, aloe vera jail, eucerin cream, clearasil, noxema, all of the above. My face will not clear up! What is an effective way to get blemishes out of your face. I have eczema which makes my face very dry, I tried but an vitamin e pill and putting on my face but it irritates it! What are some common remedies to get rid of this!

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing, of course, is to get a prescription from the dermatologist - one that exfoliates, like glycolic acid or combinations with salycilic acid.

      Both are nice because they are not overdrying... In fact, they leave your skin hydrated and soft.

      The best over-the-counter thing I have ever tried was Neutrogena celluzyme. It did help clear up some of the hyperpigmentation from old acne... It would dry up and peel off.

      As a woman of color, you should check out this dermatologist's website - he's a specialist, a black doctor, and very, very good:

vitamin e cream acne