Can Skin Tags Be Removed With Wart Remover

Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I get rid of skin tags, will wart remover work?
    I have 3 small skin tags at the bottom of my back, they are starting to rub on my clothes, any way I can get rid of them without surgery? I thought I may be able to freeze them off with wart remover??

    • ANSWER:
      A skin tag is a common, benign condition which consists of a bit of skin that projects from the surrounding skin and may appear attached to the skin. Skin tags can vary quite a bit in appearance. They may be smooth or irregular, flesh colored or more deeply pigmented, and either simply be raised above the surrounding skin or have a stalk (a peduncle) so that the skin tag hangs from the skin.
      n cases in which a skin tag is irritated or cosmetically unwanted, treatment may be done by freezing the tag with liquid nitrogen, tying off the tag with a thread or suture so as to cut off the blood supply, or cutting off (excising) the tag with a scalpel or scissors.
      Please never, never try to remove them youself. Wart remover is the last thing you should do. Visit your doctor who will decide if they can be safely tied off or frozen off.

    Can I use a over the counter freeze-away wart remover to remove a skin tag?
    I have a skin tag on my neck and would like to get rid of it. Is it both safe and effective to use an over the counter freeze off wart remover like Dr. Scholl's to remove it?
    I know that moles and skin tags are slightly different, but I read that some dermatologists freeze skin tags off, so I thought that this might work.

    • ANSWER:
      Good question. I would cut a neck tag off though.

    Can you use a disc wart remover on skin tags?
    I've been using a wart remover for a few weeks on a skin tag, but it doesn't seem to be working. Is it bad to do this? Has it worked on anyone?

    • ANSWER:
      There are better remedies for skin tags, including clear nail polish (keep applying directly to the tag--it will dry up and drop off), OR "white" (clear) iodine, which you can find at the pharmacy or often in the Hispanic section of stores as "BLANCO IODINE." (Blanco=white)

      Some people just bite the bullet and cut them off with disinfected nail scissors or clippers (OUCH)!

      Check the source for some other home remedies that will remove the tag--and NOT damage the skin around the tag, which the wart remover may do.

    What is the best way to remove a mole at home?
    Skin tag remover or wart remover? Dont say dont use either or go to the doctors, that is not an option. I am only 17 and my parents will not sign for it. I am going to do it either way, I absolutely hate them. I can't even wear strapless clothes during the summer or bathing suits. So if you could please just tell me which is best.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd say maybe try a skin tag remover? But removing moles yourself can cause major infections, leave more of an advantage for skin cancer, not too mention be extremely careful. If I were you and it was that big of a deal, tell your parents that you know you've been saying you want to get them removed, but your not lying, and one of them has felt really itchy lately. Then go to the doctor, tell him and he'll suggest that you get them removed. Or go to a free walk in clinic and say the same thing and they'll freeze and remove them. You don't have to have parents for that. You can actually make any doctors app. by yourself and without your parents knowledge, if you ask a doctor not to tell, legally they're not allowed to. And they're usually really understanding.

    Can Compound w wart remover be used for removing skin tags?
    My husband had what he thought was a wart but after looking at it I realized it was a skin tag. He has been using compound w to remove it and it has shrivelled up and turned black like it's drying out. Should he stop using the wart remover on it? and should he seek medical treatment now?

    • ANSWER:

      do not do that! you can damage your skin very badly!!!

    Do you think you can remove a small skin tag with a wart removal kit?
    It is one of those freezing wart remover kits. The skin tag is on the underside of my breast and I want it gone. My father told me to just snip it off with small scissors but I am terrified to do that and think freezing it would work. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      i do believe that electrodessication is the preferred method (it worked on my mom) but i think i have seen the dr. use freezing in the past. keep in mind it might not work though

    What is a skin tag and how can i remove it from home?
    can it be removed at home w/wart remover . My son has one on his chin for months, and driving us crazy. There must be a way to remove it at home.

    • ANSWER:
      My husband has his removed by the dermatologist.

    How can you tell between a wart and a skin tag?
    I have a little bump on my leg, i'm guessing it's a wart. And it's not really that big, I've had it for a couple years and I just want to get rid of it. My doctor told me to see a skin doctor to get it removed but I really don't have the time to wait, or the money. Also, I'm skeptical about using over-the-counter wart removers because I don't want to damage my skin or spread more warts. What do you suppose I should do?

    • ANSWER:
      A skin tag usually doesn't hurt...warts can sometimes cause discomfort. Warts are usually harder than the surrounding skin and flat, whereas skin tags are soft and usually protrude from or hang off of the skin a little (like a tag). This is probably not a smart idea, but I had a skin tag on my arm when I was a lot younger...about 10 (now 20)... and I took some really sharp scissors that were cleaned with rubbing alcohol and numbed the area with ice befrore snipping it off. There was no blood or anything. If you don't have the time to go to the doctor for treatment, maybe seeing him/ her just to find out what it is would be a good idea. This sounds like a skin tag to me, though. My treatment never came back, but skin tags can grow back...warts can also take more than one treatment of acid to get rid of completely. My doctor has told me (for plantars warts) that the over the counter treatments don't work.

    What over the counter products can i use to remove skin tags?
    Would anyone know of over the counter products that i can purchase to remove skin tags?

    • ANSWER:
      For some reason I got a lot of tags when I was pregnant... my doctor said you can remove this with a wart remover, as long as it's liquid nitrogen. She also said it may or may not work however... I would just get your doctor to remove it, that way they assess whether it needs stiches or not.

    What is the best, non painful way to remove skin tabs?
    I tried a few things to remove skin tags including using tea tree oil, nail polish remover and apple cider vinegar. I don't have the nerve to tie them off or cut them off. Is there any remedies that are not painful to remove these skin tabs?

    • ANSWER:
      How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

      A skin tag, medically known as a cutaneous papilloma or an acrochordon, is merely a small sliver of skin, a benign skin tumor larger and generally flatter than a wart. Except for those tags which hang by stalks (peduncles) like earrings and give the appearance of melting skin, tags make it look as if the victim is growing soft, fleshy scales.

      Skin Tag Removal

      skin tag removalTags are surgically removed with a scalpel, electrocautery, or laser. They can also be tied off with thread, thus cutting off circulation and causing them to wither and drop off. And they can be destroyed cryogenically (freezing them). There are also natural oils available commercially that claim to eliminate tags.

      Anal and Vaginal Skin Tags

      An extremely common condition, anal skin tabs (tags), are a completely different story because these shapeless lumps and flaps of skin or flesh found at the anal verge are usually associated with other anorectal problems. In fact, they are usually the result of a prior anorectal insult or injury such as the acute swelling of an external hemorrhoid that has not been treated. (Learn how to get rid of hemorrhoids)

      Anal skin tabs may be indicators of a more serious rectal ailment that needs medical attention. Anal fissures, for example, small tears in the anal canal, are often associated with sentinel tags – skin tags located at the inferior border of an infection or injury. Tags may also be indicative of a blocked anal gland.

      Cleanliness can be a problem with anal and vaginal skin tags. Fecal debris may become trapped under the tag; the problem is multiplied if there is more than one, and infection is possible.

      Though anal tags are generally asymptomatic, it’s possible for them to itch, be painful, or cause anxiety or hygienic problems. A proctologist may use an anoscope to identify the cause and also search for other lesions. These would then be removed and biopsied to confirm they are benign. If the tags are small, local anesthetic is injected before excision. Lasers used to eliminate them simultaneously resurface the anal area, thereby producing good cosmetic results. If tags are extensive, the surgery may have to be performed in an operating room under general anesthesia. Either way, the surgery will cause pain postoperatively.

    What is the best, non painful way to remove skin tabs?
    I tried a few things to remove skin tags including using tea tree oil, nail polish remover and apple cider vinegar. I don't have the nerve to tie them off or cut them off. Is there any remedies that are not painful to remove these skin tabs?

    • ANSWER:
      i HAVENT tried one of those wart freezing things you can get at the pharmacy. i have a THEORY they might be helpful, but i cant be too sure.

      tying them off wont keep the suckers from bleeding like mad. i have removed a few from my husband and best friend (can you say UNCONDITIONAL LOVE) with the finest in ruby bladed scalpels (i worked at a coroners office a bit in college THATS why i have them) and no matter what you do to try to make them not bleed, believe me, they are NOT on board with your plans.

      best thing to do, honestly... just go to the dermatologist if they bother you that badly. trying to remove them yourself by subpar means (i have an autoclave to sterilize my tattoo equipment so i threw the scalpel in there to sterilize it completely) give you a greater risk of infection, scarring... or just chickening out halfway through and leaving a literal bloody mess.

    How do I remove skin tags myself?
    I've tried clear nail polish, i tried wart remover pads and short of getting a straight razor and cutting it off which is gonna hurt like a mother, what else can I try? I looked up skin tag removal on yahoo and came up with a bunch of products on the internet but I have no way of knowing if any of them work. I can't afford a dermatologist right now.

    • ANSWER:
      Forget the sting, thread and scissors!!!!

      I put a drop of clove oil on mine each day. After a few days, it turned blood red. A day or two later it fell off.

      There was no infection, no blood, and no scar. You can get clove oil at health food stores.

      Avoid putting it on later in the day, because the aroma will keep you awake. I found out the hard way.

      Good luck and be well.


    How do i remove a skin tag on my penis?
    I've heard you can cover the skin tag with nail polish a few times a day and then after a couple of days it will just fall off... I've been to the doctor, (i just asked if the skin tag was anything to worry about) he said just too leave it alone but it's disgusting and being a 15 year old i don't think when i become sexually active that anyone my age will understand what it is and will just think it's a wart?

    • ANSWER:
      i had a skin tag on the side of my forskin , i took it off with skintag remover i bought at walmart, careful i dont recommend it to every one

    How do I get rid of plantar warts between my toes?
    I assume it's a plantars wart. They are so small and I can hardly see them, but they cause me intense pain when I walk. It's a small little dot and doesn't look anything like the pictures online. If I touch it, it feels like a bump. They are on 4 of my toes (2 on each foot) and I believe they are warts because each little painful dot is touching other. Any recomendations on a good treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a natural wart remover called dermatend.

      You can use it at home.

      It will make the wart turn into a scab and then fall off leaving fresh skin underneath.

      Warts are viral though, so you should not only treat the sympton, but also the cause.

      Dermatend also sells a natural immune booster that helps when taken with dermatend. This way, you will not only remove that wart, but will not get new ones.

      You can read about it more on a website I have created.

      (I used it for a mole and skin tag and it worked great. works on all 3 blemishes)

    Can wart remover be used for removing skin tags?
    I get so many of those little things on my neck.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. I have used the liquid wart remover on skin tags and it worked well. The only problem I encountered was the liquid turns white so its very noticable. And the tag itself turns black and unsightly before it falls off. I had to wear collared shirts to hide the ones on my neck after they started turning black. It takes a few applications but it does work.

    has anyone tried Derma Tend or another skin mole remover?
    i've heard of Derma Tend and Skin Saver to remove warts, moles and skin tags. I have a couple of moles and tags that are really annoying and want to remove them, but i hate needles and blood and all that stuff, so going to a dermotologist is my last resort. anyone every try over the counter meds/creams to remove them? do they work?

    • ANSWER:
      I have tried a few different wart removers and they do work but you have to be CAREFUL which one you choose.

      First, don't resort to trying to mix up your own 'recipe' at home using online instructions - pretty dangerous and more people get hurt than healed.

      Second, use a product that has all natural ingredients that won't harm you. Dermatend contains BloodRoot which is known to be corrosive, burn the skin and leave scars.

      Third, check out and you can see a guy posting blogs about his own removal process that might be helpful. You can see exactly how the process works and the results you can achieve.

    Has anyone used trichloric acid for the treatment of genital warts?
    I had this treatment two days ago. The two warts have now turned white. Is this normal? If so, what happens next? How long does it take for them to go away?

    • ANSWER:
      Try this:


      all the best

    How do I get rid of a skin tag?
    I have a small skin tag in a sensitive doesn't hurt or anything, just awkward..Any treatments that will remove it?

    • ANSWER:
      A wart remover will also remove skin tags. Just do not place the remover on the skin, place it on top of the skin tag. We just did this for my husband.

    How to get rid of moles on the skin?
    Any ideas how to get rid of moles on the skin without going to the dr.? Any over the counter products that actually work? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Dr Scholl's makes a liquid nitrogen wart/skin tag remover. You can use that to remove moles as well, but it will likely cost less to go have the doctor take them off for you. If they're large moles, this won't work, and they will need surgery to come off. If they appear abnormal you need to have them looked at anyway, to make sure they aren't cancerous.

    The Secret to the Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal book, dealing with warts?
    I have recently discovered a book on removing warts. I now have over ten warts and would like to get rid of them. I have no interest in purchasing the book as I do not have a credit card. I would really appreciate if someone would tell me the "Secret".
    I would like the solution from the actual book please.

    • ANSWER:
      It helps to get some of the bandaids with wart remover. Soak the warted area and dry it then aply the bandaids. Change it every night until it goes away. Just remember a wart is a virus so it will spread if you touch the infected area on another part of your body. Hope it helps!

    Are there any way of removing skin tags at home?
    Such as dr scholls wart remover? will that work? I have three on my neck and they aren't worth going to the doctor over. How can I remove them?
    I do not want to go to the doctor, I find them way too embarassing. How can I remove them myself.

    • ANSWER:
      I know of people who use brand new, sharp, sterile nail clippers to do the job. I myself am too squeamish and afraid of infection so I go to the doc who removes them in like 2 minutes and it's no big deal...they do it all the time. Get over your fear of the doc. You are a woman and it's important to have a good relationship with your doc and have regular checkups.

    how to home remove skin tags?
    i have these little mole looking skin tags and i heard you can use wart remover to get them off. Is this true and are there any other safe ways to remove skin tags at home?

    • ANSWER:

    How can i get rid of a "skin tag" on my leg without going to the doctor to have it removed?

    • ANSWER:
      Get the wart remover from the drug store. Wortner I believe its called. Follow the directions to freeze off a wart. Freeze the skin tag two or three times one afte the other. Let a couple of weeks pass and it should fall off. If it is large you may have to repeat again to get it all.

      Or get a razor blade and rinse in alcohol. Apply rubbing alcohol to tag. Pull tag out from skin. Slice away tag. It will bleed alot and there is small risk of infection.

      I recommend the freezing method as it leaves no scar and is basically painless and is the way most doctors would do these days.

      If it is very small twist it around back a forth and it will also dry up and fall off due to trauma.

      Been there and done it all three ways.

    Anyone ever use the over the counter wart freezer stuff?
    I have some weird skin tags on my back (fleshy skin patches, not a wart) and don't really don't want to pay a lot at the doctor's office to get them removed. I'm just wondering how effective the over the counter wart remover freezing spray is and if it's painful or anything.

    • ANSWER:
      I would not use those on something that is not a virus.. which a wart is. You could cause some infections, etc.. if you are not careful with what you are using on your skin. Warts are very different from skin patches... Your family physician might be able to remove those skin patches for you for a smaller fee. Also, you need to make sure that your skin tags are benign in nature, because if you remove one that is cancerous, and you do not get it all, it could spread. Please at least ask a doctor to look at them ahead of time.

    What causes the tiny little 'skin flaps' you get to appear, and how can they safely be removed?
    I've suddenly got a few on my neck, and they're ugly and I want them GONE!! My mom's got them too... Are they hereditary?

    • ANSWER:
      That sounds like skin tags. They often appear on the neck and hot areas... under arms, the groin area.

      The 2 most effective ways to remove are to use a wart remover liquid. It will increase in size (about 2-3x) for a few days, discolor and fall off.

      The other method is to tie a piece of string around it and cut off the blood supply. It will harden, darken and fall off after 3-4 days.

      These affect a fair proportion of the population, are considered harmless and tend to increase in number as we age.

    What is the best natural way to remove moles and skin tags.?
    Any answers would be much appreciated . Cheers

    • ANSWER:
      There were totally 15 moles / black spots on my face and body before, I tried this mole remover and most of my moles were gone right now. But please pay attention, don’t over use in order to avoid getting scar. Hope it works for you too.

      For more information, please see the following using methods, it is very useful for unwanted moles, beauty marks, black spots.

      10 ML Skin Care non-Laser Removal

      (1) Clean the nevus and the area around it, use a toothpick (do not use a cotton stick to tip or wipe) to mix the liquid and sediment, and then tip a little amount of the mole remover and apply it onto the middle of the nevus. The area would turn to white colour after 1 minute. Use alcohol or water to clean the mole area after 10 minutes (If you tip the amount of mole remover properly, you don't have to clean). The mole would peel off (May help with finger) in 8 to 20 days. Repeat the process again until the mole peeling off if the colour of the nevus is dark. (it is suggested applying the liquid to nevus on hands or legs first to see the results and learn to control the usage before applying the liquid to other areas of the body, DON'T TRY on FACE for the first time!)

    Is there as real good natural treatment for genital warts?
    I've used several products to no avail..a friend mentioned a treatment based on a green tea substance which name he couldn't remember.

    • ANSWER:
      Try this:


      all the best

    What is the best way to remove genital warts? I don't want my boyfriend to know?
    Perhaps a more traditional method?

    • ANSWER:
      Try this:


      all the best

    How can i remove a skin tag on my neck?
    -without cutting it that can be done @ home


    • ANSWER:
      A basic thought is to use a "freeze" style wart remover. Cryo is one of the techniques used to take them off. You'll want help from a friend. Applying a bit of medical tape to the adjacent skin is also a good idea to prevent frost damage to the rest of you.

    How do you remove a mole, without a dermatologist and its not a skin tag its a legit little dark round mole.?
    i want it gone asap without derm., what can i do?! and its not a skin tag! please please please please please help =(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with the majority - don't do it yourself!!

      Problem with mole is it can degenerate to cancer (melanoma).
      Try other ointments or wart remover may just irritate it to become cancerous.

      So if your mole is bleeding, changing color, increasing in size, located in pressure areas.....CALL YOUR SURGEON OR DERMATOLOGIST TO REMOVE IT!!! No ifs or buts.

    How can we prevent genital warts?
    My boyfriend has genital warts. How can we prevent him from passing it on to me? Also i have had the gardisil shot so does that help prevent me from getting them? What about us having children? when we dont use a condom to try and have kids, is it 100% sure that im going to get genital warts?

    • ANSWER:
      Try this:


      all the best

    Can I remove skin tag with a wart remover?
    Can I use the ones you buy at the drugstores, for warts removing, or do I need to use something else?
    My skin tag is a medium is not so small,and it is on my inner leg close to the underwear line.

    I have heard that the skin tag remover by dr scholls is not so good.

    I wanted to use the regular wart remover products and was wondering if anyone has used them and has some opinion on it.

    Any specific product I should buy?

    • ANSWER:
      Does your tag have any feeling with it? Mine did. Wart remover will hurt a lot. It only is good if you can't feel anything--like with a wart. Don't tell anyone I did this, but I got a clean pair of scissors and cut mine off. A little pinch, a little pressure, and it was done.

      tx mom

    Did anyone else get vaginal skin tags during pregnancy?
    Were they painful?
    Did they go away after delivery?
    Is there anything I can go to make them go away?
    Any information would be nice!
    I started getting them around 16 weeks... Im 27 weeks now...
    I thought they were genital warts at first but I showed my doctor and he assured me that I don't have genital warts. My skin tags mostly just look like bumps near the opening, they ren't big enough to get string around them, nor can I reach them over my belly!

    • ANSWER:
      I did, and so did a couple of my friends. We all got them there, and I got a few under my arm and on my chest close to my collar bone. They weren't painful, but no they didn't go away on their own. I actually removed mine with that freeze off wart remover they sell at the drugstore(I know skin tags aren't warts). I waited until after I had my baby to do that. My doc wasn't very happy about it, and she told me not to do it anymore. I said okay, since I had already removed all of mine lol!

    What is this "skin colored" mole/wart on my neck?
    I have this "skin colored" mole/wart thing on my neck, it is very small and soft. Ive had a wart before on my hand and it was rough, but this thing does not have the texture of a wart and I have a couple smaller ones around my armpit area?

    Does anyone know what it is? and a way to remove it from home?
    Someone told me to tie a piece of floss around it? What about this?

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like it could be a skin tag

      they make remover for it (freezing stuff)

    How can i remove my skin tag on my neck!!??please help?
    How can i remove my skin tag on my neck!!??please help ive had it for about a year and a half now. its not even that big very small but still it looks disgusting! please anyone know how to remove it!?? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Freeze it off with wart remover.....

    How long after i recieve the crotherapy treatment for genital warts can i expect to have a normal pap smear?

    • ANSWER:
      Try this:


      all the best

    Will freeze away wart remover remove skin tags and moles?
    I have a few skin tags and a mole id like to get taken off of my body. I dont really wanna go to the doc though, so can I just get some freeze away and remove it that way? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Though both of these skin conditions can be removed by freezing, I would advise that you to be very careful with home treatments concerning moles. Moles are actually tumors, and can be cancerous. Most moles are harmless, but with mole removal I would more cautious. Home remedies have a high chance of not completely removing the entire mole, and if a cancerous mole is not completely removed it could be harmful to your health.

    i have a skin tag on my upper/inner thigh near my groin and it hurts/ looks like a new one is growing beneith?
    it looks like its bein cut by a string but nothing is around it and like i said it looks like another one is growing under it ive had it since i was a child never an issue till now does wart remover work the 12 week one?

    • ANSWER:
      If it's really a skin tag, then you can either go to a Dr and have it removed; which is very quick and easy. Or you can tie a piece of dental floss or other thin string very close to the base, in a knot, not too terribly tight, maybe even twice and within a week it should fall off. Odds are good that it will grow back, or that another one in the same area will pop up within a year or two. It's just genetics and there really isn't much you can do about it.

    Can I use over the counter freeze-away wart remover to remove skin tags on the eyelid?

    • ANSWER:
      Good heavens, no! 1) Skin tags are not warts. 2) I'm sure that you are not supposed to use that stuff anywhere NEAR your eyes. Why risk your eyesight? 3) If you need help, see a dermatologist. That's what they're there for.

    Removing skin tags with wart remover?
    Can I remove skin tags with a wart remover such as compound W. I have a couple skin tags caused from shaving and I hate them and want to get rid of them will this work and how bad will it hurt because they are in sensitive areas

    • ANSWER:

    another question about removing skin tags?
    does anyone know if rubbing alcohol will remove skin tags? i have one on the fold between my nose and cheek and it turned black on the end on its own but still pink on up.. and i have a couple on my neck and under my breast.. so was wonderin if rubbing alcohol will work?
    where can i find the dr scholls tag removal?

    • ANSWER:
      Wart Remover, but since they're skin tags it's going to hurt like Hell.

    Can you remove skin tags with Wart Remover?

    What will happen if you do? I found information on the internet saying you could, so I was just wondering...

    • ANSWER:

    does anyone know if wart remover can remove skin tags?
    I have skin tags under my arms and on my neck, and would rather remove them at home if possible. any surgestions would be great'

    • ANSWER:
      Skin tags can be irritating and unattractive, especially when they seem to pop up continuously. Making frequent trips to a physician to remove skin tags can be just as irritating. Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can remove skin tags from the comfort of your own home.

      Before you attempt to remove skin tags, you should be completely certain that you are in fact dealing with skin tags, rather than a more serious growth. A skin tag is very small and grows slowly, never reaching a size greater than ½ inch (1.27cm). The skin tag may appear to be a flap of skin or a small round mass attached to the skin by a peduncle or stalk. The skin tag should be soft and movable, with a pigmentation that is similar to the rest of your skin or slightly darker.

      Once you have established what you are dealing with, you can begin to remove skin tags. One way to do this is to tie a piece of thread or dental floss tightly around the base of the skin tag. Then, with thoroughly cleaned sharp scissors or a nail clipper, cut the skin tag off above the material that you tied around the base. Make sure that after you remove skin tags, you keep the areas clean with peroxide or antibacterial ointment until they are healed. This procedure is relatively painless and similar to the procedure that a doctor may perform. A skin tag should not appear again on the same site, but if it does, you should consult a physician.

      Another method to remove skin tags that does not yield immediate results, but is far less intrusive, involves creating a mixture of castor oil and baking soda. Mix these two ingredients together to form a thick paste and apply it frequently, several times a day, to remove skin tags. Eventually, within two weeks, the skin tags will dry up and disappear.

      Some people remove skin tags at home by applying solutions designed for wart removal. Some people find these products more effective to remove skin tags than to remove warts. There are also many over-the-counter products that are specifically designed to remove skin tags at home, but they are not as efficient as removing the skin tags simply by cutting them off.

      Keep in mind that if you are not dealing with a skin tag that is very small, by cutting them off at home, you may face a bleeding problem. Make sure you have not taken any medication that might thin your blood. Even Advil will thin your blood enough to cause a problem. If you are taking anything you aren't sure of, call your pharmacist to ask if it thins your blood at all.

      I had this problem when I had one removed. My doctor offered to cut one off at no charge while I was in for another procedure and he couldn't get it to stop bleeding. Not normally a problem for me. He finally had to cauterize it to get it to stop. If that hadn't worked, he would have used stitches. I had taken Advil that morning and had no clue it would thin the blood. There are a lot more medicines that do the same thing. Just just to be safe, double check FIRST!!

      Ultimately, although this information is out there, I would really recommend that you see a doctor to do it. You really don't want to take a chance of infection.

    Can you put wart remover liquid on skin tags to get rid of them?

    • ANSWER:
      Skin tags are healthy tissue. Warts are not. It won't work. Leave them alone or have a doctor remove them.

    Is there any great effective cream for the mole and warts removal?

    • ANSWER:
      I think you might be referring to Dermatend the all natural Mole, Wart & Skin Tag remover. I personally have used this product to remove a total of 6 moles from my body, including 1 on my face. Every mole I attempted to remove is now gone, and all of the areas are left with no scarring.

    Is there any over the counter medicin I can get from like walmart to remove skins tags?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm pretty sure you can use wart remover on them too. It freezes them off just like a wart.

    Can I remove skin tag with a wart remover?please help?
    Can I use the ones you buy at the drugstores, for warts removing, or do I need to use something else?
    My skin tag is a medium is not so small,and it is on my inner leg close to the underwear line.

    I have heard that the skin tag remover by dr scholls is not so good.

    I wanted to use the regular wart remover products and was wondering if anyone has used them and has some opinion on it.

    Any specific product I should buy?

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure but to removed mine I just took a very small pair of scissors, like the kind you buy for nails and cut it off at the root. It doesn't hurt, feels like a pinch and it left no scars. I would be interested to see if that works because I have one I can't reach with my right hand, and I dare not use my left

    How to remove skin tags?...?
    Okay, I have had these skin tags under my armpit. Like 4 on one and 1 on the other. I put thread around one and tied it tight but idk if its gonna work?! If so do you know how long i should do that!? and how often should tighten it? or if you have any other at home remedies that would b cool!!!!:) thankkkks(;

    • ANSWER:
      If tied tight enough, the tag should start dieing within a couple of days. You shouldn't need to tighten them.

      Wart removers can work, but some can also be painful.

      And now the bad news. They will likely come back.

    How do u get rid of tag warts?

    • ANSWER:
      Warts are caused by a virus. The only way your are going to get rid of them is either have them removed by a Doctor (they usually freeze or burn them off) or you can use a wart remover. The best one to me is Compound W gel. Take a cotton swab and put a little bit of Vaseline on the skin around the wart. This helps protect your skin. Squeeze the gel on the wart, let it dry and go about your day. It usually takes about 2 weeks for the wart to disappear, depending on how big it is.

    How to remove skin tags?
    Hi all i have a skin tag under my armpit and eveytime i save my underarm it hurts is there any home remiedes that i can ue to get rid of them with out having to go the doctor

    • ANSWER:
      you can get wart remover and freeze it off or use salicylic acid on it

can skin tags be removed with wart remover