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Fast Keratin Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I do to keep my hair healthy after brazillian keratin treatment?
    I have done the brazillian keratin treatment. I have washed my hair and flat ironed again and then washed again. What do I do to maintain healthy hair so that it doesn't get more damaged? Is it true that Biotin pills make hair grow longer hair faster? Does it also promote healthy hair?

    • ANSWER:

      Biotin definitely works. But make sure to take a Multivitamin as well.
      You can deep condition and use Hot oil treatments with every day things from Home. Heat Olive Oil and a cheap conditioner on medium and apply for 10 minutes. or apply a mixture of eggs and mayo for 5 minutes and wash out. Most of all, if you are going to flat iron use a protective spray and run over the area One time only, then move on to another section of hair!

    How can i remove my keratin treatment fast and safe?
    I got a keratin treatment in october and its been 6 months and my hair is not back to normal which is curly. Its like in a wavy state now and I want my curls back please help me I want to remove the keratin and I am afraid to do a curl perm or should I try the curl perm? Idk what to do help please

    • ANSWER:
      It's permanent, they should have already been gone by 6 months.

      Chemicals on top of another chemical is not really good for the hair, specially permed hair.

      Google Permanently straightening hair warning, about 7,410,000 results (0.08 seconds) , more warnings during the last month. I've been posting about them since 2009. Canada had issued a public health warning regarding Brazilian Blowout and has stopped the distribution of their salon product; Ireland has also issued a recall. ~ Also published in Vogue Feb. 2011.

    Should I get a keratin treatment if my fine hair is damaged and frizzy?
    I had a keratin treatment about 9 months ago and now my hair is getting frizzy again and unmanageable. It is still damaged from when the extensions come out. But should I wait a little longer to do or do it now?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes they make your hair soft and grow faster: ) also try a deep conditioning: ) also u can do it now.the keratin / protein doesn't add to the damage, it helps it: )

    Does mousse/hairspray affect hair that has been treated by the Keratin treatment?
    I had the Brazilian Keratin Treatment & I'd like to know if putting mousse or hairspray in my hair would affect how long the treatment lasts.

    • ANSWER:
      It's doubtful, but the washing/clarifying required afterward to get it out afterward could lift some of the keratin treatment faster. However, keratin is a hair's natural structure so putting mousse or hairspray in the hair shouldn't do anything untoward to the treatment.

    How do i make my hair grow faster with home remedies, without the need of pills ?
    I recently had a horrible cut, and i had keratin treatment done last year while i had a perm and highlights, i would appreciate if someone can be advices as to how to grow my hair out faster because ive been using straighteners to curl it up and give it a volumize look, but once i straighten it it looks REALLY SHORT.... :(

    • ANSWER:
      Alright here's a list of things that you can do:

      1. Start taking Biotin, Fish Oil & Women's One A Day Vitamins or you can just take Prenatal Vitamins (you don't have to be pregnant to take those). *Good prenatal vitamins: Simply One, available at iherb dot com. (You can skip this of you want but pills have really helped my hair grow).

      2. Start using organic hair products (organic shampoo, conditioner, protein treatment, deep treatment, leave-in conditioner, jellies, pomades, hair butter, etc.) You can find these products at curlmart dot com or iherb dot com. *Good hair products are: Curl Junkie, Spiral Solutions, Kinky Curly, and Giovanni.

      3. Use a wide tooth comb instead of a regular brush.

      4. Do not apply any type of heat to your hair. I used to blow dry and flat iron my hair, used a heat protector and everything and my hair still got thin & brittle.

      5. Massage your scalp with organic virgin coconut oil the night before you wash your hair (massage your scalp for at least 5 minutes). Sleep with the coconut oil and then wash it out the next morning. Or you can massage in coconut oil 30 minutes before you wash your hair. If you don't have coconut oil, you can use organic virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, castor oil, or you can mix all of these oils together. *Good coconut oil is called Nutiva. Available at iherb dot com.

      6. Use the organic shampoo once a week. If you feel that you need to wash your hair throughout the week just wash it with a light weight conditioner such as VO5 or Suave. This is called co-washing. Co-washing works only for people who use sulfate/silicone free hair products. All you have to do is wash your hair with a light conditioner the same as you would wash your hair with shampoo. Once you wash out the conditioner, put on a thicker organic conditioner (deep conditioner), leave that on for a couple minutes, then wash it out and you're done. If you're going to start using sulfate/silicone free products, make sure you wash your hair with a sulfate shampoo or you can rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and water mixed in a bottle for the last time and then you can start with your organic routine. The whole point of this step is to wash off any silicones from your hair. You can get more information about this on naturallycurly dot com. *A good apple cider vinegar is by the brand called "Bragg". Available at iherb dot com.

      7.Exercise for 30-45 minutes 4-5 times a week.

      8.Drinking 8 bottles of water per day can help. I only drink about 3 bottles though because that much water makes me pee every 5 minutes.

      9.Eating fruits, fish, chicken, veggies, (protein), etc. can help.

      10.Wash your hair the most, 3 times a week.The least, once a week.

      11.Apply a good organic leave-in conditioner once you are finished washing your hair.

      12.Trim your hair every 3-5 months.

      13.Do protein treatments once a week (or once a month, depends on how damaged your hair is). Here's how to do it: 1. Wash your hair with shampoo. 2. Dry your hair a little bit. 3. Put on the protein treatment to your hair and then apply a shower cap. You can leave the protein treatment on for up to 5 minutes through three hours. After that, wash it out, dry hair a little bit and apply the deep treatment (make sure the d.t. does not have any protein in it). Leave in the deep treatment, put on a shower cap and leave it in for up to 5 minutes through three hours. After, wash it out and you are finished.

      14. Do the "pineapple" hairstyle before you go to sleep. Just do a loose pony tail at the top of your head. Use a scrunchy. Then apply a satin bonnet. You can either do that or you can sleep on a satin pillow case.

      15. Do not do hairstyles that are going to be really tight such as tight pony tails, buns, braids, etc.

      16. Do not use hot water when you wash your hair. Wash hair with slightly warm to cold water. Doing this can help add shine to hair and prevent frizz.

      17.Get enough sleep. At least 6-8 hours per day.

    Is the Keratin treatment ok for your hair?
    I have curly hair. They're more loose curls but I have extremely thick hair. It's so hard to comb and manage. I go through products so fast and it's too expensive to keep buying hair products. I want to get the keratin treatment. I'm afraid it's bad for your hair though. Is it safe? Will it damage my hair? & when the treatments done, will my hair be the same amount of curliness as before? Because I love my curls but I'd rather have easy to manage straight hair.

    • ANSWER:

    Has anyone ever gotten the Keratin treatment for hair?
    It's a hair treatment that was discovered in Brazil and what it does is it makes your hair smoother and shinier and it straightens it. I've asked around and it's around 0 USD but I'm still not sure if I should get it or not...
    Have you ever gotten the Keratin treatment? And if so is it good? How long does it last? And is it true you don't have to straighten or blow dry your hair to make it straight? Thansk!

    • ANSWER:
      The Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) contains Formaldehyde, which is a very dangerous chemical added to many household products. It has a higher amount added to BKT to make the keratin straighten your hair. I wanted it too, but when I researched how harmful it is and how many women have died in Brazil because of this I changed my mind.

      First of all, you have to wear a mask while it is applied and have a ventilator. who wants to do that just to straighten their hair? Second, it is quite expensive and only lasts about 3 months. see this: http://stylebell.wordpress.com/2008/02/20/brazilian-keratin-treatment-faq/

      It is not approved by the FDA, so I would recommend asking around to see which salons do the American version. This one does not contain Formaldehyde. Be careful, as my friend told me a salon lied to her at first about the contents of their product, so she walked out to find a safer option.

      You still have to blow-dry your hair because it waves a little after you wash it. But straightening will be alot easier and faster. After the 3 months, your hair just goes back to normal. That's part of the danger of the chemicals, which with time just evaporates from your hair and releases cancerous vapors into the air, which you and those around you will inhale. Like I said, it is not approved by the FDA because of it's dangers.

      Before I decided to try the American Keratin Treatment, I found this at Ulta: http://www.liquidkeratin.com/
      It was in InStyle magazine and it is awesome! It is alot cheaper (about for the starter kit) and it advertises that it does not contain Formaldehyde. The only thing is you have to do it at home, which is the same process when you straighten your hair. It'll last a little less (4-6 weeks) but I loved how smooth and straight it made my hair feel. It smells a little (not bad, just like a straightener) but that went away. and it was cool to try it before I spent 0-300 (that's how much it costs in my area for the length of my hair)...

      So, please think about it and try the safer options... but other than that, Keratin rocks! Good luck and I hope I helped you :)

    How to get rid of andry scalp fast?
    I just did the keratin treatment and my scalp is really dry. How do i moisturize it without ruining my treatment?

    • ANSWER:

    can very curly and coarse hair be straightened using keratin treatment alone?
    ok.I went to a very famous hairstylist to get a keratin treatment to straighten my hair but he told me that my curls are too close and can't be straightened using keratin alone and that i'll have to apply a mild relaxer first.I want to know if this is really true or not.I have really curly hair.

    • ANSWER:
      honestly I got the keratin treatment done for my first time in May. I have very curly hair n I did not need a relax or any thing else added to my hair. The treatment did the job. It is the best thing that I have done with my hair. Now my hair grows fast, I hardly have split ends and my hair is so silky. I 100% percent rec commend it. I got it done from Clem Lue Yat for 5. You can check out his website clemlueyat.com

    What are your opinions on Keratin Complex Straightening/Brazilian Hair Straightening?
    I've heard that people really like the results of it and that it does wonders for hair... but is it safe? Does it damage your hair or put your health at risk? I read someone's answer from a different question on Yahoo! Answers which said it put you at risk for cancer... is that true?

    I have wavy hair but it's often very frizzy, which gets annoying. I want the results of the treatment but if it isn't safe, I definitely will not get it.

    What are your opinions on the the Keratin treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      i have straight hair so ive never tried it, but all my friends with curly hair got the keratin straightening treatment and loved it. it is not going to make ur hair permanently straight, but itll make it a billion times easier and faster to straighten and make ur hair much more managable. however, my friend who had perfect curly bouncy hair is now wavy even tho her keratin has worn off (its been over a year). so ur hair might not go exactly back to normal.

    what can i do to make my hair grow faster?
    I have keratin treated hair so i have a keratin treatment in my hair.i have heard about the mane ad tails shampoo and conditioner. i heard that it makes your hair soft and longer,but i also heard that it can split your hair if you use heat( i use heat on my hair) i also heard it has sulfate in it.. hair stylists.. are there any shampoos or condiotioners that are sulfate free?

    • ANSWER:
      Massage your scalp every night and eat lots of protein foods. You can take vitamin E supplements for healthy skin, hair and nails or vitamin B12 which is important for hair growth. Some people take Biotin pills and that seems to help. Try using avocado and banana hair masks once a week, that made my hair grow. I also use a product called pro naturals moroccan argan oil after each shower and it helps a lot since argan oil has more benefits for your hair than any other. Their shampoo and conditioner is equally good because it's sulfate free so it makes hair healthier and softer. You can get some online. Oh and get trims regularly, split ends stunt growth.

    How to keep hair clean longer?
    I am black, and I have a Marcia Texieria Keratin treatment. It just seems like my hair gets oily really fast and it also falls out more. I have also noticed my hair isn't really getting longer. It has grown a lot over a few years, but it seems to have just stopped growing and is, instead getting split ends. I wear my hair in a ponytail a lot, so that might be the problem, but I'm not so sure. What should I do to keep my hair less oily and help it grow and stay strong?

    • ANSWER:
      Co-wash in between shampoos! google it.

    How long will it take for my hair to grow normally again?
    Ok, so I just recovered from an e.d. that I had for 3 months. During 1 1/2 of those months, my hair was falling out massively. Thankfully I had super thivk hair to start, but it did get very thin very fast. I also processed it a lot with bleach and coloring (super bad mistake). I had to cut it very short because it kept falling out and it looked too thin and frizzy after a while. After I cut it, I stopped coloring it. I'm now eating much much better, lots of protein, washing my hair 3x a week, using Nutri-ox shampoo, and taking biotin pills. I've been doing this a month now, and my hair is now getting and feeling noticeably thicker and shinier. It's falling out at a normal rate now, but I feel it's still too thin. Since I'm doing all of this, how long should it take for my hair to go back to normal? Like, how long will it take to thicken up a lot more again? I know I'm probably just complaining at this point, but it's bothering me that it's just so thin now. You can't see my scalp or anything, and when everyone runs their fingers through it they say "wow you have gorgeous hair", but it's not as thick as it use to be. Should I take a higher biotin dose to help? I'm already eating a well-balanced diet, taking multivitamins, and I'm not processing it at all anymore. I only straighten it 2x a week on very low heat, using a thermal protector spray. I also occasionally use a keratin treatment or hot oil treatments. I'm so desperate at this point, sorry...

    • ANSWER:
      Drink plenty of water daily and keep eating more proteins, plus fruit and veg (dark green veggies are the best). Massage your hair every day, wet or dry for about 10 mins and flip your head upside down for 20 seconds so that you can promote circulation in your scalp. Once or twice a week, massage your scalp with almond oil and leave it in for 15-30 minutes before washing it out. A healthy treatment does a lot to make your hair healthy, I use an argan oil from pro naturals and it works great.

    Does your natural hair come back after the keratin treatment?
    I want to do the treatment, but I really want to know if your natural hair comes back. I don't want my hair to be straight forever, After 3-4 months will my hair look the same as before the treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      Obviously any new hair that grows (an inch to a couple inches depending on how fast your hair grows) is going to grow in with your original texture.

      According to Wikipedia: "The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a long term blow dry for hair that lasts about three months."

    Will keratin help my hair grow faster?
    So, in a week I am planning on doing the keratin hair treatment, but will it help with my hair growth ?
    I have done it before but I don't remember if it grew faster after that, its been 2 years.
    So, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      -That is a link to a video by bubzbeauty, she will explain the different ways to help my hair grow fast if that's what you want.
      -Keratin its self wont really make a big different for you to notice, your hair grows like, half an inch each months, and to speed that up you need to make sure your drink plenty of water as well other things explained in the video.
      Hope this helps, and isn't completely useless lol
      P.s I'm not spamming you with a link to something i did, im not good enough to do something like that lol

    How to grow your hair out.. I have curly shoulder length hair and it DOES NOT grow!?
    I do a lot for my hair. I eat tons of protein, vitamins, sleep, exercise, and hardly straighten it. I get the Brazilian keratin treatment every once in a while and don't understand why my hair hasn't grown for 3 years? Please explain and help it is very upsetting!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, Im very sorry for what happend. Now this is going to be alot of products, if you can try to get them little by little, they will help you. Ok so hair has 3 phases growing, shedding and resting, yours is probably in th resting phase. You need to take Garlic capsule, it will stop your hair from falling out, also try to take at least 4 capsules, brake them and masage your scalp with the oil so your hair can get the nutrients it needs from it directly. Apply Aromatase-7 Hair Regrowth Minoxidil Treatment directly to the bald spot. For shampoo and conditioner try Thicker Fuller hair, try to get the original formula, the new one has caffein and it smells strong or you can get a Biotin shampoo. If you can get Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplement thall be good cause they help alot with the hair growth.
      Now for the rest of the hair, you need Hard Core Protein, ApHogee Two step Protein Treatment (Please research this product prior to use), fallow the instructions in the back, is really easy, after that fallow with a good deep conditioner, i use Biolage Conditioning Blam. Do this protein treatent at least once a month. Other than that this is optional
      i Use:
      Castor Oil
      Doo Gro Thicker hair Oil
      Wild Growth Hair Oil
      Use any of these three oils 3 time a week, Castor oil works wonders, you should try it.
      Do not brush hair while wet, If possible use Boar Bristle Brush to style your hair.
      Take Vitamin E and Biotin supplements, Flax seed oil supplements and garlic are also good. MSM is known to be a monster when it comes to hair growth. Massage your scalp at least one a day. The blood flow to you head which stimulates hair growth.
      These are all thing's that will help your hair grow at a faster pace, theve been helping me so far and ive been having great results. Here are some before and afters.
      hope this help =)

    How to make hair grow faster?
    This woman cut my hair ("trimming it" she said) and it's just....no.

    I have a keratin treatment in my hair, just saying. So anything with extreme sulfates and sodium I can't use. Is there anything I can use to speed up the growth process? Any vitamins or pills or foods I should be eating? Please help me.

    I know everyone's hair grows at different rates. I'd say mine grows at a normal rate and it's naturally thick and curly. Not with this treatment, but still.

    • ANSWER:
      Believe it or not, prenatal (pregnancy) vitamins help both your hair and your nails grow pretty fast. Most women get them from their doctor but you can get them over the counter at like Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS.

    Is it safe to repeat brazilan keratin treatment several times?
    I've had it twice but I noticed my hair doesn't grow as fast anymore. Could it be because of the treatment?

    • ANSWER:

    How can I make my hair grow faster during the summer?
    School Is over In 2 days on Friday and I want to get my hair cut I haven't cut my hair in a while so it's not short but it's not as long as I would like it to be. I never use heat on it never i alway have it up in a messy bun but can you guys help me on how to get shining soft long hair? Fast?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no direct link between warmer weather and increased hair growth. Hair lightened by the sun may give the illusion that hair is growing faster.
      Overall health can play a role for those who are struggling to make hair grow longer faster as both stress and poor diet can play a role in decreasing growth.

      Use hair products that not only suit your hair, but also give it shine and invigorate it from the roots.
      Protein is very important for hair as it helps produce the amino acids that the hair needs for it to grow. Keratin, which is what the hair is largely made of, can be produced only from amino acids, and for that you need to consume proteins. Go for regular keratin treatments to the salon. It keeps the hair healthy and adds shine to dull hair.

    What is the best way to make your hair grow faster?
    Is there anything I can put in my hair to make it grow faster or just anything I can do?

    • ANSWER:
      Get trims every 4 weeks to keep hair healthy, keratin treatment, eating very healthy, not using heat products, washing every OTHER night. Too much washing is bad for your hair. Hope everything works out :)

    How to make my hair grow faster?
    Hi I'm half black half white. My hair is difficult to say the least. But lately I have noticed its not growing very fast. I do straighten my hair but not often maybe once a month at most aand I always use heat protector. I do get relaxers to straighten my hair a bit every 8 weeks or so. I know relaxers have lotts of chemicals But if I didn't get relaxers I would have an afro. Which I DO NOT want. And I do cut the dead ends off about once a month if I have any. How can I make my hair grow faster? Suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Healthy diet, drink water and don't stress. Replace relaxers with a keratin treatment, seriously you'll save yourself a lot of chemical damage to your hair. The cocoa keratin hair smoothing treatment is a good one, you can find it online. Use your fingertips to massage your scalp in circular motions. This stimulates growth by improving circulation. Use a natural oil to promote hair growth and health. I use Pro Naturals moroccan argan oil as this is the only one that isn't greasy, smells great and is very light on hair. It has double the benefits of coconut, almond or olive oil, so it's really the best choice. You can get it online at beyas. That stuff will help your hair to grow out strong and healthy too.

    How can I make my hair really healthy and get it to grow faster?
    So, around two months ago I cut off all my hair just a little bit above my ears. I regretted it the next day. And so now I'm figuring out how to get my hair super healthy so it will grow faster. Any tips? I REALLY need help! Thanks :)
    Oh and no negative comments please.

    • ANSWER:
      Trim off all the dead because your hair doesn't grow passed the breakage point. Then go a salon and get Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin kit. Use the treatment once a week until your hair feels healthy again and then once a month. Use thermal protectors every time you put heat on your hair and use professional color if you color it. Stay away from hair lighteners and Bleach.

    Is it possible to make ur hair grow straighter an faster?
    I have a little bit passed my shoulder and I want it it STRAIGHT and I need it past my chest in a couple weeks my hair grows really fast I had to shave my side burns and it isn't or dosnt look shaved :-) but is their a trick to grow hair and make it STRAIGHT!!! I also need it blond but I know how to do that!

    • ANSWER:
      You can't make it grow "straight" ok.
      Tips on growing hair
      take vitamins like biotin
      hot oil or keratin your hair to make it look shiny or straight
      if your hair is curly or wavy just braid it wet and it's goin to look pretty, it makes itgrow too.
      Go to the salon and ask for a straightening treatment but I bet your going to regret it afterwards.

    Will a keratin treatment make straightening my hair faster?
    Am a guy and I straighten my hair every day for school and sometimes over the weekend. I hate how it takes me 45 minuets to blow dry and straighten my hair. So will this treatment help me style it faster? And how healthy will it look??

    • ANSWER:
      dont blow dry it!!!!

      take a shower at night and bruch it so it looks straight and keep brushing it untill it looks a little dry and then straighten it in the morning blow drying and straightening is damaging

      and you can get shampoo and conditioner that helps your hair be straight

    How do you grow your hair long fast?
    I want to know how to grow your hair long fast cheap and natural!

    • ANSWER:
      Hey go, i understand what your going threw. Let me start by telling you that this is alot of products, but you can start little by little like i did.
      Ok here what you have to do. Wash your hair regularly, if your hair is oily 2 times a week should be fine. You should try ApHogee Shampoo for damaged hair and for conditioner Kera Care Humecto. Biolage Conditioning Balm is a really good Deep Conditioner. To grow my hair healthier i use
      Castor Oil
      Doo Gro Thicker hair Oil
      Wild Growth Hair Oil
      Use any of these three oils 3 time a week, Castor oil works wonders, you should try it.
      You need to Do a Protein Treatment once a month, hair is made out of protein therefor it need protein speacially if you have split ends, cut atleast 1/4 inch to get rid of the ends. The reason why Your cutting so little is because If you do a protein treatment that will take care of most of it.
      Nexxus Emergencee is a good one also ApHogee two minute keratin treatment, but these are mild protein. So if your hair need's hard core protein use ApHogee two step Protein Treatment.
      If you have thin fragile hair do not use clear color shampoo's use white creamy one's, these are rich in moisture.
      Do not brush hair while wet, If possible use Boar Bristle Brush to style your hair.
      Take Vitamin E and Biotin supplements, Flax seed oil supplements and garlic are also good. Massage your scalp at least one a day. The blood flow to you head which stimulates hair growth.
      These are all thing's that will help your hair grow at a faster pace, theve been helping me so far and ive been having great results.
      hope this help =)

    How to get hair to grow longer faster& help it from falling out ?
    HELP ! In April, I died my hair over 4 times, died it all blonde, hated it, died it red and blonde hated it, tried dying it brown but it went more red, then finally got it brown,. All of the dying period were separated by a week . Now that my hair is brown, I'm leaving it. But now my hair won't stop falling out, I hardly ever style it anymore, because I'm scared of frying it more. I cut my hair up to my shoulders to help it look healthier, considering I killed my ends from dying it. But now I want my hair longer & for it to quit falling out. I need some solutions, nothing to expensive. I use on my hair now, mane and tail shampoo + conditioner. And when I get out I out leave in conditioner. I really need help, fast !

    • ANSWER:
      So many different ways which can promote faster hair growth.
      - Use less or no heat appliances on your hair! (They just fry and damage it)
      - Massage shampoo and conditioner into your scalp when you wash your hair, this will help to stimulate your hair follicles.
      - Do not wash your hair everyday, if you do then you are stripping your hair of all the natural oils which it needs to stay healthy. If you have hair which gets greasy easily, then I suggest using a dry shampoo on the in-between days.
      - Try not to colour your hair! If you already do, then I suggest going back closely to your natural colour and using semi-permanent colouring, again only if you must.
      - When you start off your "growing" get an initial trim, to ensure all the hair you are growing is healthy. If you are able to keep your hair in a good condition, then you wont have to cut it often! (Often trims, some will suggest, but in reality it will seem as though your hair isn't growing. This is due to you constantly cutting the hair regrowth, leaving your hair at a plateau.)
      - Regular exercise! Not only good for your hair, obviously.
      - Eat a healthy diet, which includes a good amount of protein. Hair is essentially dead cells, but having said that it is keratin (protein) therefore the more protein in your diet, then the more you are likely to produce.
      - Drink the recommended daily amount of water! (up to 8 glasses per day)
      - At night, loosely braid your hair.
      - If you wear your hair up, don't wear it tightly! This does not "pull" the hair to make it grow. It actually puts pressure on the hair follicle.
      - If your hair is damaged or prone to damage, I recommend an oil treatment once a week. You could buy the vo5 hot oil treatments (they come in a range depending on your hair type) and follow the instructions. Otherwise, another cheaper alternative is to use olive oil. *Heat about a half cup of olive oil in the microwave for approx' 1 minute. Then massage it into your roots. You can leave this on for upto an hour or overnight. But remember to wash it out thoroughly afterwards or you will be left with greasy looking hair.
      - Repeatedly brushing your hair is bad for it. Brush it at least twice a day, in order for the natural oils to spread throughout your hair, but avoid brushing too often.
      - At least once a month deep condition your hair (any supermarket will stock a number of brands depending on your hair type and/or colour so just pick and choose) this will keep it in tip top condition.
      - Personally I use mane n' tail shampoo AND conditioner.

      *If you want any info on my hair type etc and this product feel free to email me, as I know everyone has different experiences. But my hair has been through a lot, and this has helped me with my hair growth :)

    How can I get my hair to grow faster and get my curls back after bleaching?
    I've bleached and dyed my hair loads my hair is naturally curly&light brown, I've not died my hair now for just over a month I'm starting to get roots. I do conditioning treatments 3/4 days a week I don't use heated equipment apart from the hair dryer, I've had it cut really short but the ends are still breaking of how can I get it to grow faster ? And will my curls come back?

    • ANSWER:
      Some damage is inevitable - dry hair also tends to be more frizzy. If you've already bleached it, the damage has already been done. However, there are ways to mitigate the damage so your hair looks decently healthy without having to chop it all off.

      Use a good conditioner, and avoid anything with Sodium Laurel Sulfate. (I use Aubrey Organics - they have a GPB Protein balancing conditioner that I like)

      Put a good oil on the ends of your hair, afterwards. I like coconut oil, but some companies also make special hair oils. This keeps your curls from getting frizzy. It also keeps your hair from getting too dry. You have to use oil or some serious leave-in conditioner religiously if you want to keep your hair happy after bleaching - my hair was doing okay, then I travelled and didn't use oil for a couple weeks and the damage set in.

      Get some good protein in your diet and in your hair. It depends on the type of hair you have and how you're getting the protein. There are a number of protein treatments that you apply to your hair directly - natural stuff life egg yolks, keratin treatments, to expensive salon treatments - and these are more important for really curly hair.

      Having a good amount of protein in your diet also helps your hair grow faster, but effectiveness really varies from person to person, depending on your lifestyle.

    How do I make my hair grow fast?
    I cut my hair in june a little above my sholders. I didnt straighten or anything oversummer now its a llittle past my sholders. Ever since school started I straighten it every day but I use heat protector but my hair doesnt seem to be growing? I want it to grow long like mid back by next summer. What can I do to make it grow a little faster?

    • ANSWER:
      You should go to a salon & get a keratin treatment. It makes your hair easier to work with. Or putting oil at the ends or throughout your hair during the day or night, I recommend when your not going out anymore.. & Leave it in for several hours. Try avoiding all irons, heat. & In the shower when you rinse out your conditioner change the water to colder. This will make your hair softer. Make sure you get trims every 6-8 weeks.

    What is better to make hair grow:Organix Coconut Milk or Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy shampoo?
    I am losing my hair because of using a straightener and dying my hair all the time and I have started losing my hair. Which is better to make the hair grow faster:Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy or Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner? I have also started taking Prenatal Vitamins. Please help. I don't want to go bald!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Hair products are NOT made of glue to fix, prevent, reverse hair from getting damaged, or hair loss, or make them grow . . . . they are a trillion dollar business. They also do NOT give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss caused by heat & chemicals - hair's worst enemies.

      Prenatal vitamins don't make your hair grow. Pregnant women have to start taking care of their bodies when they're pregnant, meaning stop smoking, drinking, dyeing or perming their hair SO OF COURSE their hair start growing again. But it has nothing to do with their hair, it has something to do to help the development of their unborn child. According to the fashion site, Mayo Clinic experts warn that too much iron can be problem if you are not expecting.
      And Cairfair.com said: 'Too much iron over long periods of time can cause damage to vital organs like the heart and liver and can even lead to arthritis if the iron deposits settle in your joints.'

      NEVER take supplements without your doctor's OK. Supplements, medications, anti-acne products, hair oil, birth control pills, pollution in the water, to name just a few . . . ALL HAVE SIDE EFFECTS. Watch the movie called SIDE EFFECTS. Example: "I used minoxidil drug to restore the hair on my head; however, I ended up with unwanted body hair. I don't know if it is temporary or I have to seek medical treatment." YA poster 9-27-12. Four men are charged in federal court for selling home-brewed hair growth drugs online. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/54991911-78/ahn-growth-hair-kim.html.csp
      As for Rogain, once you stopped, hair loss begins. Read the following blog> The Horrors of Hair Loss
      Posted: 02/04/2013 2:19 pm
      Any reactions to a drug - like Vitamin B complex which is a supplement - 'side effect' is a negative reaction to a drug - this is your body telling you that what you just gave it is toxic to it, and instead of helping you, it is actually hurting you.  It is your body's way of telling you to stop.  All drugs have side effects, and are toxic...even lethal...to some people at some dosage.  Another term for toxic is poisonous.  We owe it to ourselves to try less toxic treatments first.  Especially since too many drugs merely cover up symptoms rather than treat the underlying cause of the symptom in the first place. Another example: Green Tea supplement: Green tea extract supplements have been linked to several cases of liver damage. Green tea extracts might make liver disease worse.
      Source: Health Magazine, FDA, Slate dot com
      Another example: Vitamin D posted on Facebook: "I'm regretting reading the small print on my bottle of Vitamin D capsules. The source is "wool oil." So... sheep sebum? I can't get the (hopefully imagined) smell of wet sheep out of my mouth now."

      If you've straightened your hair in the past, it may grow slowly or none at all.
      Google: "Foods for Healthy Hair" http://www.foodforhealthyhair.com/ http://sg.news.yahoo.com/food-for-healthy-hair.html - or 10 Best Foods for Your Hair.
      NO MATTER which link you picked, they all suggest the same foods. Your hair may be the fastest-growing tissue in the body but, unlike the skin, it cannot repair itself. That is why getting the right balance of vitamins and proteins is imperative. Don't expect to look like you've stepped out of a hair commercial the day after you've changed your diet. It is likely to take at least three months before you actually see tangible results. Hair is dead, but hair also has electrical energy; the negative charge of damaged hair can lead to flyways and unruly hair.

      Growing healthy hair doesn't come from a bottle or pills and hair products do not speed hair growth. Any hair oil, is another form to keep hair moisturized, nothing more. If you're in HS, your hair & nails should be growing normally, and as healthily as possible, since you're eating healthy foods. But when hair isn't growing as fast, it's because they've been tampered with: chemicals, hair straightening, etc. . .

    Are there any easy fast ways to help improve healthy hair?
    I've had dead hair for about 4 years. I have tried everything. Different hair shampoo conditioning brands, letting it get oily, trimming the ends, deep conditioning treatments, leave in conditioners... everything. I would really love for it to regain health back so it will grow. I really have not noticed growth for 2 years now and hair is averaged to grow 1/2 an inch per month. Any recommendations? Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:

      It is a mask, thing, that improves your hair beyond belief. I had one, and I only needed another after six months!

      It will improve the health of your hair because it puts more keratin in your hair, and thats what hair is made out of.

      Your hair will grow loads as well, and it really is a noticable difference. all your friends will notice the difference. You will tons of compliments, because it also smooths/straightens your hair too!

      Its a bit pricey, but you can do it at home, for A LOT less. Hope this helps:)

    How to make hair grow really fast? Tips and tricks?
    hey you guys! I really wanted to know how to make my hair grow fast! I mean, i don't want to have to go out and buy expensive products. i really don't want to have to buy ANY products. plus im 14 and mom and dad usually don't get me lots of stuff like that... but anyway... Are there any AT HOME remedies for growing hair fast?

    • ANSWER:
      To start off, its very important not to wash your hair everyday! Try once every second day! You can use dry shampoo if it starts to look greasy. Every time you do shampoo, give yourself a scalp massage! This is key! This increases blood flow to the hair follicles which will stimulate hair growth! Eat more proteins because your hair is made our of protein, and if its possible, take folic acid vitamins or keratin vitamins. Don't abuse your hair! Try and limit using heat on your hair, and dying it. This is damaging and can stop your hair from growing, but every once and a while its okay! Always condition when you shampoo and when you get out of the shower use a hair oil. Once a week, use an oil treatment on your hair! This is something that you can find in the kitchen! If you have coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil ect... and oil works really! Just heat it up and apply this to dry hair, let it sit there as long as possible, minimum 30 min then wash it out with shampoo! This is my secret trick, it works AMAZING! It leaves my hair soooo strong and beautiful and shiny! Make sure you drink lots of water too! :)
      Hope I helped!

    How much Biotin is suggested for hair growth?
    I recently finished my Accutane treatment and have suffered from hair loss as a side effect. I heard Biotin helps hair growth and also nail strength. How much is suggested (5 mg, 1000, 3000, 5000)? Is there a formula depending upon weight? (i.e. 107 lbs) Are there any other vitamins suggested? Since Accutane is still in my system, I want to avoid any type of multivitamins since they contain Vitamin A. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I don't believe any study that says a vitamin will make hair grow faster. Hair is a waste, made up of keratin, a protein that is not alive. Hair grows on average 1/2 inch a month. Biotin may make new growth stronger, but I don't believe faster. Biotin is found in many common foods such as eggs, milk, carrots, lots of things.
      Nevertheless, here are the recommendations.
      Recommended Adequate Intake* for Biotin
      AgeBiotin (mcg/day)
      Infants0–6 months5
      7–12 months6
      Children1–3 years8
      4–8 years12
      Males and Females9–13 years20
      14-18 years25
      19–70 years30
      70+ years30

    How can I raise 300 dollars in less than a month?
    I'm 14 and have really curly, crazy hair. So, for my freshman year of high school I want to get my hair permanently straightened. I'm using this new treatment with Keratin in it, but it costs 300 dollars! I want to get it before August and get accustomed to it, but that's just a month away! How can I raise that much money? Suggestions and guides are totally welcome! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Ask all my neighbors if they needed any hired help for odd jobs (lawn care, handyman, car wash, etc..)

      Iron clothes.

      Pet sitter/Babysit/Doggy walking.

      Sale lemonade.

      Deliver newspapers.

      You can clean peoples homes or Wash Windows.

      Household chores.

      Garage Cleaning Service.

      Mail Pick-Up Service: When people travel, people need someone to pick up their mail
      and newspapers.

      Cook for the elderly if you can (small things like a grilled cheese, sandwiches, mac and cheese, etc.),

      All these can help u to get money fast.

    What shampoo/conditioner/treatments are best for damaged hair?
    My hair is naturally curly. I have been straightening it for almost 4 years now. I never wear my hair curly because i dont like how short it is (its a little bit longer than my shoulders) My hair gets dry and i get split ends very fast. I want my hair to grow long but with all the split ends i have to constantly cut my hair. I need products that are guna help my hair stay healthy long enough for my hair to grow!! Help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I have the same hair type and have been straightening my hair for the same amount of time and i hate wearing my hair curly. use 375 and 410 degrees but never exceed 410 degrees. I recently cut my hair very short(shoulderlength) and the split ends have been a nightmare. I reccommend getting 1/8 of an inch trimmed just ot make it a bit healthier, but unfortunately the damage has to go eventually, so in the mean time keep your hair strengthened so it can grow out a little more before you cut it. Keeping your hair long is the best idea if you straighten it alot.

      I find that using Garnier fructis Length-n-strength shampoo and conditioner works well, or the sleek and shine shampoo and conditioner. Try putting conditoner from ear length down about thirty minutes before showering, dry hair absorbs the conditioner better. wash it out, then shampoo, and conditioner(i let the conditioner sit about 10 minutes), and use a deep conditioner every few days. drink lots of water, don't brush it when wet, use a comb. also leave in conditioner and anti frizz serums can help. Paul mitchell's super skinny smoothing syrum or 'bed head after party smoothing creme', but use them sparingly or it can make your hair greasy. Before straightening, use a heat protection spray or creme to prevent split ends and damage. (one n' only brand or beyond the zone brand, which can both be found at sallys beauty supply)

      Also, Argon Oil shampoo and conditoner work great too! They're about 10 bucks a bottle and can also be bought at sally's beauty supply, but well worth it! Hot oil treatments once a week will help too (just microwave a few teaspoons of olive oil and let it sit about 30 minutes to an hour on your hair. sounds gross but it works great). If you have bad damage, pantenes damage repair ampoules twice a week work wonders.

      Clip your hair up and straighten each individual layer, too if you dont already. straightening as if it were one layer can cause extra damage. Try to use a straightener with titanium plates and a temperature control too. I reccomend tool-science, chi, or Croc straighteners!

      and if you really can't straighten your hair, you can get the new keratin treatments that straighten your hair for a few months. It's about 120$ and takes a few hours. It claims 8 months, but my hair is wavy/curly and grows fast and thick . hair grows 1/2 an inch per month, so within a few months thats about 3 inches that can grow. It may or may not be worth it. I personally didn't think it worked as well as it should've for the money i paid.

      I hope this helps! Split ends are terribble!

    How can i make my hair grow faster and heathlier?
    I dye my hair every 5 weeks, and would like to know how i can keep it healthy and shiny without being dead and dry like some people who dye their hair as often as i do. also how can i make it grow faster? is it true that putting egg in your hair makes it shinier? please explain!
    thanks heaps =]

    • ANSWER:
      putting eggs on your hair gives it protein. you hair is made up of a protein called keratin. you have to be careful when giving your hair protein treatments cause if you give too much or your hair dosent need it, it becomes dry and brittle.
      Healthy hair comes from within so make sure your diet is healthy. drink lots of water too.
      dont wash your hair unless necessary. you can do hot oil treatments and use a good moisturizer to make it supple so it dosent rub against itself and break. dry hair is easily broken when it rubs together, that is why the key is keeping it supple.
      use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to put back some of the moisture. keep away from hot curlers an irons. they take away moisture.
      if you must use it, use a heat protectant first on the hair and dont make it too hot, that can burn the hair.
      if you are not doing so, you should have a professional dye your hair. they will know what to do. if you are using a permanent dye, you shouldnt need to dye until 6-8 weeks.
      all the best

    How to grow long bleached blone hair?
    I have bleach blonde hair and it just under my shoulders.. Is there anyway i can keep it healthy?
    Also does anyone know any tips on growing your hair fast?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi There!!

      Ok, so I have bleach blond (white) hair and my hair is quite long (well past my shoulders). My tips are:

      - Make sure you DO NOT wash your hair more than once every 5 days. Having bleach blonde hair dries your hair out completely and washing it often causes it to dry out even more and cause breakage. You should allow your hair to absorb natural oils. I wash my hair once a week.

      - ARGON OIL (Morrocan Oil), it is a God Send to all hair types. I use this after I wash my hair and at anytime I want to style my hair using heat or whenever it feels dry. I love this product.

      - Protein Treatment - I have Redken's Anti-Snap. It's a leave in protein treatment. I put it in after bleaching my hair. Don't use too much because it contains a lot of protein (keratin).

      That's pretty much all I do... The one thing I have done twice before is used olive oil. Heat it up in the microwave till its warm (not hot) and then place in hair for about 15 minutes. You'll have nice smooth hair.

      Also, don't brush or tug at your hair when it is wet because of it being bleached, when the hair is wet it will break off instantly. Your hair is porous and rather thin (per strand) after bleaching.

      Good luck!

    keratin brazilian treatment to treat chemically damaged hair?
    This treatment is meant for fizzy hair to make it sleek and shiny I believe, but I have been told it works wonders on the condition of your hair and have had it suggested to improve the quality of my hair after years of straightening and dying it. Any experience?

    • ANSWER:
      I had it done and I love it. My hair isn't very frizzy, yet it still made a huge difference. My sister who does have extremely frizzy hair also had it done, and the transformation was incredible. It leaves your hair shiny and strong and takes away all dullness and kinks. I highly recomend it, though be prepared to spend a few bucks and hours at the hair dresser.

      P.s. if you get it, make sure you are careful about maintanence afterward. Use shampoos and conditioners without sulfate and try not to use to many products on your hair, as this will make the treatment wear off faster.

    How many inches can my hair grow by july? hair growth tips please?
    I'm going away in July my hair is about 2 inches past my shoulders its in good condition but I get blonde highlights. How many inches could my hair grow by July and what can make It grow faster?

    • ANSWER:
      On average your hair grows half an inch a month but everyone is different. Getting highlights will stress your hair and may cause it to slow the growth. However there are hair products to help keep your hair healthy. If it feels dry using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. For extra help you can use a daily treatment or a super conditioning treatment that you would use once a week and leave on for about 5 to 10 minutes. Leaving it on longer wont damage your hair since its only conditioner. Keratin could also help if your hair is really brittle from your highlights. Scalp massages with a minty conditioner or stimulant could help your hair but its not actually proven to help hair growth. Fish oil has been shown to help hair growth but again it's not exactly proven. Biotin will however help your hair growth as well as a trim every six weeks to keep it from damaging. I would ask your stylist for some recommendations on products.

    Why do my nails grow so fast but my hair so slow?
    I know it's not breakage because I'm going by my roots. My hair grows maybe a 1/3 inch a month. My nails grow 2-2.5 mm a week. Like if I cut a nail so the white part is gone, in a week there's already 2 or 2.5 mm of the white part. I don't know why. I don't do anything for my nails but I do hot oil treatments and scalp massages for my hair. I staring biotin vitamins in about a week. I will be taking the 1000 mcg. I don't know if it will help my hair or if it will all just go to nails. I don't get it because they both are alike. Nails and hair are made of keratin and protein and biotin are the main nutrients for them. Also if you have any suggestions about gelatin or collegan or anything like that, I can't use them because I'm vegan. If it makes a difference, I'm 13

    • ANSWER:

    How do you get naturally straight hair?
    I'm 15 and I straighten my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY, And it continues to damage my hair, of course. I do not use heat protectant, should I? I heard if I use that everyday when I straighten my hair will go back to being natural straight from when I was 1-12 years old.I cannot afford the Japanese or Brazilian treatment. Any products of foods I can eat? Thank Please answer! No silly answers please. This is serious!

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone deals with what they're born with. Less damage to the hair. If you've got curly or wavy hair, deal with it. The more you fuzz with it, the more you damage your hair. Tampering with what you're born with, combined with chemicals can result in hair loss. http://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ByAudience/ForWomen/ucm118527.htm
      or worst cancer. Google Hair dyes & cancer.

      You heard "heat protectant doesn't protect hair 100%. Like sunscreen, you still get sunburned. Same with hair. . . . who were your source? People your own age? People who've damaged their hair? Or from people who are trying to sell you products, who do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to 'abuse'? Or from People on youtube, who can't predict the future of their hair?
      The hair industry is a billion dollar business, their main job is to sell and make profits. They sell products that cleans & conditions the hair, they also sell products that kills the hair, and even worst if you've got allergic reactions.

      ALL HAIR STRAIGHTENERS, no matter what brand, who sells them, how much you paid for them, ALL damage the hair. Even the most expensive salon products: Hair loss, hair falling, split ends, hair not growing normally. I've responded to many girls under 15, experienced in hair falls 7 in 2 hours, 9-3-10.
      Your hair won't look like those advertised, after you leave the house. And it won't look like that, after you've used it for awhile. It's all part of the business, to sell products
      There are many brands of hair straightening out there and they call them anyway they want to get your attention. Coco is another name brand. Some Japanese hair straightening processes can damage the hair and leave it flat and lifeless.
      None is better than the other.
      Ex. of one relaxer: http://monicabtheorganicstylist.wordpress.com/tag/hair-relaxers/

      Keratin are not approved by the FDA. Visit their website & search for it in their web. If you're thinking about the Brazilian treatment, there's a danger about using formaldehyde, a chemical that causes cancer. The FDA does not restrict the use of that chemical in cosmetics.

      A hairstylist in Portland, Or. is blowing a whistle on the treatment.
      "A big red flag: About a month after she started using Brazilian Blowout on clients, Scrutton had the first nosebleed of her life."
      (Type it in if they moved the page. "After hairstylist becomes suspicious of Brazilian Blowout, tests find formaldehyde".

      Stylists and clients often wear gas masks or other protective equipment and still may feel the ill effects of this potentially fatal gas. Many customers and stylists do not know that this Brazilian treatment often contains high concentrations of formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical.

      Google: "Foods for Healthy Hair" - the website had moved, type it in. Two others also:

      Growing healthy hair doesn't come from a bottle or pills and hair products do not speed hair growth. Any hair oil, is another form to keep hair moisturized, nothing more. If you're in HS, your hair & nails should be growing normally, and as healthily as possible, since you're eating healthy foods. But when hair isn't growing as fast, it's because they've been tempered with: chemicals, hair straightening, etc. . .

      I know hair. I have over 4 decades of hair know-how. I have silky, shiny, soft, smooth very healthy hair down to my knees. Previously damaged by perming & dyeing in the 80's & 90's. I've known people in their 30's whose hair stopped growing from ironing their hair in the 70's. When I was in HS, my hair grew from bob to waist length in 3 1/2 to 4 years, and cut 2x a year.

    What is the best hair straightener out there?
    I really need a new straightener! I need one that will straighten fast, and will keep it straight all day with minimal damage. I was good quality but I don't want to spend a fortune...

    • ANSWER:
      Okay, I have to correct some of these answers. First off, how high a flat iron can go has zero correlation to how good it is. In fact, the ONLY reason most flat irons goes to over 400 degrees now is that professional flat irons go up to 450 degrees. The reason we need 450 degrees is we do permanent straightening and keratin treatments. A consumer will never do this so they would never need a flat iron that goes up to 450 degrees. Even the thickest, coarsest spanish or black hair can be straightened with 400 degrees or less.
      If you want something GOOD, that will cause less damage to your hair but will still offer great results, here are a few brands to look for.
      -Sedu (super smooth plates, very ergonomic design. Can be found online or in most salons)
      -CHI (ONLY buy a CHI at a salon. Purchasing it anywhere else and you will be 100% sure to be buying a counterfeit CHI. Google it)
      -Babyliss Nano Titanium
      -Bio Ionic One Pass

      Brands to stay away from:
      -GHD (expensive crap. Cannot adjust the heat. Lies claim that is uses magic to "sense" your hair's exact diameter, condition and porosity. Also has the highest defect rate on the flat iron market.
      -Con air, remington, etc. Cheap crap from drugstores. They will use cheap heating elements which will unevenly heat the plate and cause hot spots that will singe your hair, cause major damage and won't give you very good results. Just will give you damaged hair.
      -Also stay away from flat irons being sold at kiosks at the mall. These are sold for a much higher price, but are only slightly better than the crappy drugstore brands.

      Hope this helps

    Protect my hair from chlorine without wearing a swimmers cap?
    I am trying to get my hair to grow long fast and so far it's been working great. I quit using heat on my hair and all chemicals. So I literally just let my hair do it's natural thing. I don't let any chemicals in it. The thing is...I'm trying to lose some weight by swimming at my local YMCA. I don't want to wear a swimmers cap. Is there anyway I can prevent the chlorine from drying out my hair and frying it?
    I know to rinse my hair after and wash it. Should I deep condition it every week or oil it?
    My mom suggested conditioner in my hair before swimming...
    What are your thoughts? Anything helps. Thanks! *Easy 10 points for best answer*

    • ANSWER:

      In fact,you do need cap during swimming.If you don't want to,I suggest you
      to have hair treatment for twice a month.If you can't have it at salon,you can
      buy the treatment box and do it at home.

      Also,change your current shampoo to any kind of shampoo that may restore
      back the moisture.Since you're in the process of keeping it long,I suggest you
      to have Schwarzkopf Q10 - to gives you more keratin,helps your hair to grow
      faster,stronger,shinier and thicker.

      As for you conditioner,you can pick BC Bonacure Moisture Kick from Schwarzkopf.
      This will gives you more moist and also keep the hair in good condition.

      As for treatment,you can pick any kind mention --> "To nourish".

      Good luck

    Tips on how to make my hair grow faster?
    Ok so my hair I have a habit of breaking it ever since year 6 it hasn't grown its a little lower than my chin, please any fast tips or tricks to hopefully make it thicker and grow it longer to below my shoulders by Christmas?

    • ANSWER:
      Hair generally grows an inch a month (if that) so it is going to be difficult to have it shoulder length by Christmas if you can. Try taking the 5000mcg Biotin vitamin. It does wonders for a lot of people I know. Also, pre-natal vitamins are always recommended for hair growth, and also helps your nails as well. Keratin Protein treatment helped my hair stay healthy therefor letting it grow so go to your local beauty supply store and see what thehy have. The brand I used was Ion and you only need to use it once or twice a week, leave it in for about 15 minutes. I also hear massaging your scalp for 30 mins to and hour a day helps stimulate hair growth. If you use hair products, they are very damaging to hair. Try using organic. If there is a Lush near where you live, they have great hair products and the salespeople know their stuff and could prob give you great info,

    How do you grow your hair faster, not thicker?
    Hi. I have thick, curly frizzy black hair that's up to my shoulders only because of its thickness. The bad thing about having this kind of hair is that i can't let my hair out, because it looks really big and poofy and frizzy. So when school starts again, I want to change my hairstyle a little bit. I want my hair to grow longer. The problem is that I think it won't grow long enough for this fall. So i was wondering, is there any hair product that makes your hair grow longer, not thicker? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      If your hair is thick it'll grow out thick again. You can get your hair thinned or get a keratin treatment to reduce volume and make hair soft and shiny and not poofy or frizzy at all. It helps for a couple of months and it's safe for your hair cuz its just keratin and not chemicals like in perms and stuff. You can get the cocoa keratin hair smoothing treatment online. To grow your hair, look up pro naturals argan oil and eat lots of protein food like eggs, nuts, meat etc. Also massage your scalp every night and get regular trims to avoid split ends.

    I have dyed my hair almost 4 times. Now I have major hair lost. Whats the best hair product to use?
    I have lost almost all the hair at the back of my head. I need help fast , please and thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      1. Hair Loss Products Especially the one from the site bellow Help tons of people. I have used it for about 6 months and it was around 9 Total. My bald spot radius is gone now =D But keep that between me and you =P GET IT NOW!!!As i suggest u consider the product here is some information.

      ---------- What Causes Hair Loss? --------------
      1.Specific Enzymes
      2.Post-partum and post-menopausal states (women)
      3.Anemia – iron deficiency
      4.Thyroid disease
      5.Connective tissue diseases
      6.Protein or calorie deficiency
      7.Malabsorbtion, Hypervitaminosis
      9.Blood thinners
      10.Medication for gout
      11.Blood pressure medication
      12.Anti-inflammatory drugs such as prednisone
      13.Medications to lower cholesterol
      14.Mood altering drugs
      16.Thyroid medications
      17.Oral contraceptive agents

      ---------- Hair loss Treatment -------------

      Medications to Treat Baldness
      Minoxidil containing medications are very effective in treating fungal infections on the scalp and thus help in preventing hair loss. (Check Site Below)

      Shampoos to Treat Baldness

      There are many varieties of hair loss shampoos available in the market that will not only help in reducing the effect of baldness or hair loss on the scalp but will also help in keeping the hair clean and healthy.


      Most of the hair loss sprays contain natural keratin fibers and will resemble the natural hair when sprayed onto the hair loss affected scalp areas.

      Laser Hair Loss Treatment

      This is a non surgical solution to many hair related problems like baldness, thinning of hairs and hair fall. Laser treatment boosts and revitalizes hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and by repairing damaged scalp cells.Laser treatments are found to be the most effective way to reduce hair loss and satisfactory results can be achieved just after a single sitting.

    How to make my hair grow faster?
    I have short ish hair. Its A-line just under my ears. It is not growning at all.. I've tried vitiams and such, but its there any way to make it grow? Any shampoo or tea or something?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey , i understand what your going threw. Let me start by telling you that this is a lot of products, but you can start little by little like i did. So here we go
      Ok here what you have to do. Wash your hair regularly, if your hair is oily 2 times a week should be fine. You should try Thicker Fuller Hair Shampoo and for conditioner. Biolage Conditioning Balm is a really good Deep Conditioner. To grow my hair healthier i use
      Castor Oil
      Doo Gro Thicker hair Oil
      Wild Growth Hair Oil
      Use any of these three oils 3 time a week, Castor oil works wonders, you should try it.
      You need to Do a Protein Treatment once a month,
      Nexxus Emergencee is a good one also ApHogee two minute keratin treatment, but these are mild protein. So if your hair need's hard core protein use ApHogee two step Protein Treatment.
      If you have thin fragile hair do not use clear color shampoo's use white creamy one's, these are rich in moisture.
      Do not brush hair while wet, If possible use Boar Bristle Brush to style your hair.
      Take Vitamin E and Biotin supplements, Flax seed oil supplements and garlic are also good. Massage your scalp at least one a day. I also use Proclaim Argan Oil Hair Oil Treatment. The blood flow to you head which stimulates hair growth.
      These are all thing's that will help your hair grow at a faster pace, theve been helping me so far and ive been having great results.
      hope this help =)

    What are some treatments for thinning hair?
    I'm 19 years old and sadly I am Experiencing thinning hair in my bangs. All the other hair on my head is much thicker than my bangs. Is there anyway to help get thickness back in this area? I'd hate to have this continue, I have nice hair. Please help! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      There is not a shampoo or conditioner that promotes hair growth unless is it prescribed by a physician and contains either "Rogaine" or "Minoxidil", or “Propecia”.
      Normally you will lose up to 100 hairs a day. The most common reasons for hair loss is ether medication, stress, or illness. If you feel your hair loss is excessive you should see your doctor to make sure it is not caused by the latter.
      The only way you can grow healthy hair is to eat a healthy diet high in protein (Hair is composed of “keratin” hard protein.) and take prenatal vitamins. (If you are a woman, and an adult.) I had a client on prenatal vitamins and her hair grew twice a fast as normal. It normally takes about 4 to 6 weeks before you start seeing results.
      Do not forget to exercise regularly. Not only is it great for you but it will get your blood flowing and feed the follicle fresh oxygen.
      Hair usually grows ¼ to ½ inch every 4 to 6 weeks.
      I have been a licensed, practicing cosmetologist for 36 years +.
      Hope this helps.

    How can I make my hair grow faster?
    I have a dance coming up in a good 3 weeks and I just got a haircut. The lady I got it from was a family friend so I didn't want to tell them that they kind of butchered it. So now Im wonder how I can get most of it grown back as quick as I can.
    I already exercise a lot and I take cold showers because I heard it helps. Please and thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      The only thing I know of is the keratin treatment it worked for me after i got it my hair grew like mad

    How do I restore my damaged hair fast?
    I put hot irons on my hair alot but ive stopped now but I have so many split ends:( help?

    • ANSWER:
      As you know by now: heat (& chemicals) are hair's worst enemies.
      Hair products are NOT made of glue to fix, prevent, reverse hair from getting damaged, or hair loss, or make them grow . . . . they are a trillion dollar business. They also do NOT give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss caused by heat & chemicals - hair's worst enemies.

      Natural hair means no relaxer, no chemical to straighten your hair out, no styling heating tools. The way it grows out your root, that’s the way you rock it. Keratin treatment contains formaldehyde causing cancer, and I and the FDA do NOT recommend them.

      Always choose a shampoo that's tailored to your hair needs. For example, certain shampoos are created for fine, curly, color treated, or dandruff-prone hair.
      Best advice from Hollywood's well known hairstylist in the 80's once said: "Keep foods in your mouth and hair products on your hair."

      CARE: 1. Washing less often, builds the natural oil your hair needs, to get them smoother, shinier, silkier, softer. Man-made products are just temporary, until you wash them again, and at the same time washing off the natural oil your hair NEEDS. Hair products just absorb on your hair if they're dry, like a sponge. Shampoo & condition is all you need.

      When you wash your hair with one of those nutrient-rich shampoos or conditioners, most of the nutrients and active ingredients in the product don’t actually end up in your hair, they wind up down the drain… along with all the money you spent on the shampoo. It is HOW you use to style your hair or what styling tools that damage the hair, and what chemicals you're adding to the hair, not the shampoo or conditioner.

      2. If you want your hair soft, you can briefly blow dry it, set them in curlers or pin curls them, blow dry, let them cool off, take the curlers &/or pins, finger tousle the hair or brush lightly to style. They will be silky, soft, smooth & shiny (for straight hair).

      3. Cutting your split ends yourself, spend 5-10 mins. on a sunny day so you can easily spot them, using a 2" scissors, cut strand by strand, section by section, allowing new growth to take over. Then 2x a year, get a good hair cut. This won't speed things up, but it will make the hair look healthier while it's growing. Even healthy hair like mine get them, due to normal brushing & styling. but mostly from using stretchy chord for stressing the hair.

      DIET: If you've straightened your hair in the past, it may grow slowly or none at all.
      Google: "Foods for Healthy Hair" - Your hair may be the fastest-growing tissue in the body but, unlike the skin, it cannot repair itself. That is why getting the right balance of vitamins and proteins is imperative. Don't expect to look like you've stepped out of a hair commercial the day after you've changed your diet. It is likely to take at least three months before you actually see tangible results.

      Growing healthy hair doesn't come from a bottle or pills and hair products do not speed hair growth. Any hair oil, is another form to keep hair moisturized, nothing more. If you're in HS, your hair & nails should be growing normally, and as healthily as possible, since you're eating healthy foods. But when hair isn't growing as fast, it's because they've been tampered with: chemicals, hair straightening, etc. . .
      RE: HAIR OIL: "You find people oiling hair every single day, the hair sweats and it doesn’t get washed. What do you think happens? It goes limp and becomes thin because it is not breathing,” Shamillah Mohammed, a hairstylist at SUQA, says.

      Best answer comes from people with Avatars, showing their healthy, shiny, silky, soft, smooth hair.

    Which acne topical medicine has the best result and is the fastest acting?
    I have been struggling for years with tough acne that are sometimes the big red inflamed ones, which hurt, and the other small red ones on my forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. I have gone to the Dermotologist many times and have been on many pills, and topical medicines that have not been helpful to me. I cannot be on antibiotics because I have asthma, and it will trigger it. Help, I am fed up with my acne!

    • ANSWER:
      Do tell me that's my answer benefits you. Please do not take too much acne medicine it will harm more to you. This is my tips for you to overcome your acne problem.

      Acne treatment for your acne should be accompanied by a healthy skin care routine.

      Wash the affected area twice a day with mild soap. Use soap such as Dove, or one that contains benzoyl peroxide, such as Oxy-5. Wash as often necessary to keep the area clean. Do not scrub.

      Shampoo the hair regularly.

      Keep long hair off the face and shoulders and wash it daily.

      Avoid shaving as much as possible; while shaving take care to avoid nicking the pimples.

      Use a fresh shaving blade to minimize the chance of spreading the infection.

      Avoid use of make-up or cosmetics in areas prone to acne. If you have to wear make-up, use only the hypoallergenic or fragrance free kind.

      Don't pop, pick, scratch, or squeeze your pimples. This may cause infection and scarring.

      You may use an over-the-counter treatment that contain substances such as benzoyl peroxide (gel or cream) or salicyclic acid. Start with the lowest strength and apply once a day about half an hour after washing. Never use more than 5 percent strength without consulting a physician.

      Food and Nutrition Recommendations for Acne:Some doctors believe that acne is not a food related problem. Some alternate practitioners use diet as a basis for their treatment of acne. They recommend that acne patients should eat foods high in beta-carotene, such as carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe and other yellow-orange fruits and vegetables. They should also avoid fatty foods. Acnezine controls the oil secretion in your body to protect your skin from getting acne prone.

      Vitamin Therapy for Acne:Nutritionists generally suggest:Chromium supplements - Chromium helps boosts the body's ability to break down glucose.Vitamin A - reduces sebum and keratin production. (Caution: taking mega doses of Vitamin A can cause headaches, fatigue, muscle and joint pain and other side effects. Consult a qualified practitioner before taking mega supplements).Vitamin E - an antioxidant (200 to 400 IU a day).Vitamin B-6 50 mg per day. This vitamin aids in the metabolism of hormones and supports the function of Acnezine as well.

      Note: People should not try to medicate themselves or others with any of the methods referred to here without the guidance of a qualified practitioner who is thoroughly familiar with both the remedies and the individual’s medical status.

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