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Herpes Bad

Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I get genital herpes worse from a partner who has bad outbreaks?
    I have been diagnosed with genital herpes, but have never had any visible or difficult outbreaks that Im aware of(diagnosed 10 years ago). I am in relationship with a woman who also has genital herpes, but has the regular unpleasant outbreaks about every 18 months to 2 years. We are not yet sexually intimate and will not be until marriage. By becoming sexual with her, will it become possible that my herpes condition will become worse, perhaps, more of a severity like hers? Is there anything that can be done to lessen the effects of transmission, once we do become sexual?

    • ANSWER:
      You both have genital herpes. If you both have the same type ie type 2, you cannot transmit it to each other because you both already have genital herpes. You cannot catch the same type again. Having sex with her should not make the slightest difference. Do avoid having sex whe either of you is having an outbreak,but apart form that, why worry. It is all down, not the the virus, but to the immune system of the individual. I and my sister both have genital herpes type1. She gets horrible outbreaks once every few years, she went for six years without, I get very mild outbreaks every couple of months. People just have bodies that dela with the virus differently.

    Having both types of herpes and oral sex?
    My boyfriend and I both have herpes type 2 and he also has herpes type 1 (from childhood). We're both wondering that if he has both types of herpes already if oral sex is at all an issue? Obviously any contact while blisters are present are a no-no but he is stressed that giving me oral sex will make his herpes worse or give him a different kind of herpes on his face?

    We are just curious and everytime I've typed it into Google it always just has answers for how cold sores can cause genital herpes or vice versa but nothing on if you already have it in both areas?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, you can spread them with oral sex, but some people exposed for years to them will never catch it. Why some people are resistant, I do not know. Personally I would be afraid of oral sex because the mouth is close to the brain and herpes encephalitis can kill you. If I were you I would look on PubMed to see whether there have been any studies looking for an association between oral sex and herpes encephalitis.

    Can you remind me that my toothpaste has gone bad?
    I heard you can get herpes from bad toothpaste but i don't want to throw mine away because my mom would know i was talking about sex. so please remind me?

    • ANSWER:
      hey yo throw that tooth paste away

    if I have oral herpes and my girlfriend has genital herpes would it matter if i gave her oral sex?
    Is it possible for my oral herpes to get worse?
    She also has oral herpes so would it matter if I kissed her?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it definitely would. If you both have any type of std like herpes and genital herpes, it's not going to make it better by giving her oral sex and having any type of physical contact. You can hold hands, sure, but don't go and kiss her or give her oral sex, that'll just make it worse. Have you both been to see a doctor? I should hope so, because if not, go now. If you were to kiss her, you'll be giving her herpes in return, because it's contagious. Remember PLEASE go to a doctor and get treatment for this. You can ask them while you're there how long until you both can have physical contact, ask any questions that haven't been said already that you'd really like to know. Don't be shy, they're not there to judge you :)

      Good luck!

    i need the facts about genital herpes, is it true it can turn out to aids?
    what can i do to make my genital herpes less worse?
    i know the fact ill have it for lifetime and cant cure it.
    i wanna make it less harmful for my body.
    and my immune system.
    pls help about this matter. and what will happen if i didnt take those medications?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't worry about the herpes turning into Aids this doesn't happen. You have to actually have a sexual encounter with someone with HIV or Aids for this to happen. I am sorry that you have contracted Genital Herpes. You would be in a lot of trouble and pain if you don't take the medicine prescribed for you. Your outbreaks would be much more often and more painful. To get any information that you want about Genital Herpes you can go to webmd.com. You have to learn all of the facts and how to prevent a partner from contracting it. You will learn everything you need on webmd.com

    someone infected with herpes can have a bad cold and no out breaks with no medication?
    Can someone infected with herpes 2 have a BAD cold and no out breaks with no medication that is needed to suppress the virus. Or would they just have a regular out break as the immune system is weaken at this time.

    • ANSWER:
      If they have a bad cold then that could trigger an out break, but they are more often triggered by events that are stressful. Some people only have flu like symptoms with their initial out break, not every time they have an out break. So a bad cold doesn't always mean that an out break is coming.

    What is it like to have a herpes outbreak?
    I mean really. You find out you have herpes, whats the worst that could happen? You get a few bumps on your private parts, you get some medication and thats it. Right? Does herpes hurt?
    fon i have reported you for spam

    • ANSWER:
      Your initial out break can cause a lot of pain, some people are barely able to walk because they are in so much pain, YES having herpes usually does hurt. Some people are lucky enough to escape having symptoms, but that is not too common.
      The worst that could happen is passing it on unknowingly to your partner, or to a baby (if your a woman) as it comes through the birth canal. Some people chose to take medication for the rest of their lives. You have it for life once you contract herpes, but having herpes is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

    Does masturbating with a sex sleeve make herpes worse?
    I was wondering does in effect the herpes outbreak more if I use a masturbation sleeve during that time?

    • ANSWER:
      Normally outbreak appear when your immune system get weaken. Your odd eating habbits or sleeping routine, sexually activities can cause the outbreak duration less. If you want to spend a normal (outbreak free) life then you have to maintain your immune system. In order to know more about herpes, you can review the below source box link.

      Take Care,

    Could I have a yeast infection if I am sore and red and buring in the vagital area?
    I have had this for two months and I am worried it is herpes or worst, it happened after I ended it with my ex. I am getting it checky at obgyn, but I am scared. I didnt think it was likley he had anything.

    • ANSWER:
      You certainly could have a yeast infection - in fact that is most likely. Was your ex circumcised? Circumcision makes yeast infections asymptomatic in the male, so you'd have no idea that he had it. Unlike intact men, whose yeast infection symptoms are very clear, circumcised men can have yeast infections for years without knowing it, and it can become a chronic systemic problem. Male circumcision also increases the risk to the female partner of bacterial vaginosis, because of the lack of foreskin and the keratinized glans, which chafes and damages the vaginal wall.

      Because of the myths about cleanliness and hygiene that surround the subject of circumcision, and because the medical establishment has not been successful in breaking down these myths and getting the facts out to the general public, many women have no idea that male circumcision poses a health risk to them.

    Could two people with genital herpes make it worse by having unprotected sex with each other?
    Could Genital Herpes be deadly? I heard that it's not severe as Hiv/Aids but I heard that you'll never get rid of it and it could be the cause of your death.

    • ANSWER:
      Herpes is NOT life threatening, people make it out to be worse then it is because it has a very negative social stigma around it. Herpes is nothing compared to HIV/AIDS Having sex with each other wouldn't necessarily make things worse but it can trigger out breaks.
      You can't cure the virus but you can get rid of the out breaks, but the herpes virus doesn't cause death or any other complications to your health unless you are immune compromised.

    How come some herpes blisters are more extreme then others?
    When i look up herpes on google images, it shows these really gross pictures of people with herpes all over there genitals and/or bodies. I have a cold sore on my lip, which probably means Herpes HSV-1, i think. How would i keep my cold sores from getting really big and spread out like on the google image search and how do their herpes get so extreme(the people on the google image search)?

    • ANSWER:
      Pictures on google do tend to be of the most extreme cases - first ever outbreaks etc and of the few people who have a real problem with herpes because they have it so severely.

      I have genital herpes hsv-1, and have never had anything that looked as bad as bad as the MILDEST picture I found on the internet.

      My outbreaks, though in a different place, look more like this:


      probably not even that bad.

      Most people I know that get cold sores, it is little more than a dot on the lip - you would need a magnifying glass to see my boyfriend's! My genital outbreaks are the same.

      I have known one or two people who get bad ones though - but they are just the unlucky people, theirs are always bad, doesn't mean everyone else will get them like that.

      If you haven't had a cold sore that bad before, you aren't likely to. Those are just pics doctors take of the worst case scenarios of people whose immune systems have a problem dealing with it.

    How can herpes affect my child if at all?
    My brother in law has herpes type 2. And he is not very clean with himself at all. Like not to be gross but he showers maybe once a week. Its disguisting. But anyways my son has never been around him and my husband keeps insisting that he needs to meet him. But Im worried. Can it be passed on by hands or mouth or whatever. I know its typically only sexually tranmitted but I just wanted to check. Thanks !

    • ANSWER:
      Herpes won't affect your child. Bad hygiene doesn't pass herpes, some one would have to have skin contact with the area affected by herpes. Like having oral sex or intercourse with him while he has a break out. It's not going to be passed just by touching or hugging some one that has it. It's very rare to transmit herpes with out having some kind of sexual activity. It doesn't last for more then seconds when it's out side of the body or on objects.

    Is it easy to transmit herpes one during sex if you have it on your privates?
    Im pretty sure I have never had a break out but i have had oral sex with a previous boyfriend who had a cold sore. Do you think herpes one is as bad as herpes two and if so do you think I could have easily given it to my partner? I use condoms but I know you can still pass it on.

    • ANSWER:
      I have herpes 1 on my genitals. Its not as bad as HSV2 since the virus is not at its prefered place to live. I have very few outbreaks and when I do get one I dont get sores or blisters. It sometimes hurts to pee, I get a lower back ache, it feels like a bladder infection. Sometimes its very hard to tell if Im getting one or not. And it doesnt really matter if you use a condom or not since all it takes is skin to skin contact to spread it. Condoms help but they are not 100%. Chances of spreading it while not having an outbreak are about 10%. Chances of spreading while having an outbreak are 100%. Since there is active virus on your skin at the time and alot of it. You should go get tested to be sure if you do have it and if you do have it you can always take Valtrex, that reduces your chances of spreading it to about 3%. Add a condom to that and it brings it down even more. Good Luck

    How long can herpes lay dormant in women?
    My ex boyfriend had herpes, and he didn't tell me till several times after we had sex. We always used protection, but we weren't always careful with everything. I have never gotten any signs of a breakout, but I have never been tested for it either. Would I have had a breakout by now if I had it, or is it safe to say I'm in the clear? It's been about 9 months since I've been with him, and have not been with anybody else.

    • ANSWER:
      I've had genital herpes for 4 1/2 years, same situation as you. He never told me, but I actually got an outbreak.

      I haven't had an outbreak in about 15 months, but that's not to say that I haven't been contagious. It will lay dormant however when your immune system is down it travels to the surface of your skin and will cause an outbreak. However, you can still be "shedding" the virus, meaning it still travels to the surface of your skin but shows NO SIGN of an outbreak. This is how herpes spread so easily because people don't actually know that they're contagious or don't know that they have it. So, just because you haven't shown any visible signs doesn't mean that you don't have it.

      In my opinion your best bet would be to see your doctor and get tested, it will ease your mind for sure. It's just a simple procedure, takes less than 5 minutes to get tested. Plus, if you do have it then you will have to inform all of your future sexual partners about this to protect them. It would be a bad situation if you gave it to someone else, it changes your life. It took me over 3 years to date someone again because of this.

      Good luck!

    Can you get a cold sore from kissing someone with a cold sore?
    So yesterday I kissed a girl and I think she had a cold sore on her lips. And I'm starting to have a cold sore in my mouth. Is that like an infection or herpes or something bad? Or is it just a regular cold sore? I'm 15 and so is she if that matters at all.

    • ANSWER:
      yaa , its contagious . I have a relative who gets cold sores all the time b/c of this , and she stays away from kissing her nephews and nieces when she gets it because its contagious. They sell medicine u can put on it tho :s apparently takes it away i think :s
      hope i helped x.x Gb~

    How do you get rid of the bumps around ur "area" after u shave?
    ALWAYS after I shave "down there" I get these red bumps from shaving and I dont know what to do about them. I always think about it like if I'm having intimate relations, that a guy will be like "wtf? thats soo wierd!" and be disgusted by them. Theyre not bad like herpes bad, but idk I just want some ideas to make my skin attractive haha

    • ANSWER:
      I use to have this problem.
      I can't promise it will work, but:

      1. Don't shave dry. Make sure you have shaving cream (some people I know use conditioner, but I'm not sure that helps).

      2. Use lotion afterwards.

      3. Don't shave every day. If you have ingrown hairs afterwards, wait a day or so. It'll hurt less while you're shaving.

      4. Shave downwards. Don't shave against the growth of the hair. There's a bigger chance of getting ingrown hairs

    Is there anyway I can treat my genital herpes without going to the doctor?
    I am a senior in college, I have contracted genital herpes. I don't have health insurance or the money to go to the doctor and pay for meds. I was gonna see if anyone else has been in my position before and what they did. Is there any good home remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      anyway once a person becomes infected, Herpes Simplex Virus lies dormant in the body, waiting for just the right conditions to become active again. There can be many triggers which activate the virus, such as eating arginine-rich foods (like chocolate, cola, beer, seeds and nuts); the onset of a cold or fever; sunburn; the menses cycle & any physical or emotional event that introduces stress to the body. Each person's triggers are different, but all herpes sufferers have one thing in common--worrying about the next outbreak adds even more stress, which just feeds the vicious cycle and makes it worse!
      And there is no real treatment that can cure herpes, but antiviral medications can shorten and prevent outbreaks during the period of time the person takes the medication. For example Herpeset is a good (probably the best) product. It works by stimulating your immune system to fight the HSV virus.

      It worked and is working for me!

      I do not know if any pharmacies carry Herpeset but I do know that you should purchase it directly from the manufacturer and read more about the product here http://www.herpeset.com/?aid=749165 . In addition, daily suppressive therapy for symptomatic herpes can reduce transmission to partners...!

      since 2005 I got 5 outbreaks! every outbreak every ~6 months. every spring and every autumn! that was very hard time for me! then I started to use the proper diet for me and some herbal treatment and listen "Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy" . Now I don't have any outbreaks for about ~2 years!

      good luck!

      Working in women's health + personal experience

    Why does herpes look so graphic and scary in the internet search images?
    Why when I do a search on what herpes looks like, it looks so scary and graphic? Is that what a herpes outbreak really looks like, or do they only post the most severe cases?

    • ANSWER:
      MY doctor told me to never look at images online for herpes (I have it and have never had an outbreak and wanted to see what it looked like) because they show you the worst cases of it.

    Will terramycin help get rid of herpes virus 1 in cats?
    I believe my 2 cats have herpes virus 1, a friend said I should first try giving them Terramycin to clear their eyes up because it can also help the body fight of the virus. What should I do? P.S. I have 1 female& one male cat both adults& female is spayed.
    Also one reason I may use terramycin is to clear up my cats eyes. But e does it help the cats body fight of herpes virus1?

    • ANSWER:
      Terramycin fights bacteria, not viruses..
      However, terramycin may help prevent a secondary infection resulting from the sores caused by the herpes. I've used terramycin eye ointment with foster kittens with that before. It at least prevented it from getting worse.
      Another thing you should try to get is Lysine which helps boost the immune system in a cat with a virus.

    How do you tell someone you like that you have Herpes? Like if you wanted to start dating that person. What wo?
    How do you tell someone you like that you have Herpes? Like if you wanted to start dating that person. What would be a good way to o about it? How long should I wait? I need some advice, because i dont think he would talk to me anymore if I told him... I want kids and so does he.. But he doesnt know that I have that.

    • ANSWER:
      To be quite honest, Herpes is NOT as bad as everyone makes it out to be...
      I guess it started in the 80s with all the STD hype and what not.
      But you know what, at the end of the day, YOU are still YOU!
      Why should you let an std define who you are? Do NOT let this "incident" speak for you.

      Why waste your time with someone who"wouldnt talk to you anymore" I mean seriously? Come on.
      Is that all he see's in you? He can't see your inner and outer beauty? FORGET HIM.
      Although many ppl are scared of the herp there are still a few out there that will accept you and love you regardless. You just need to be wise about who you decide to date/be friends with.

      FIRST you need to develop a very good, strong, and loving friendship with him. Please get to know him and let him get to know you for a while BEFORE you start being girlfriend/boyfriend and talking about marriage and all that jazz....
      You have no idea how important it is to establish a good healthy friendship before becoming "official".

      Anyway, once you reach that point, say something like "I am telling you this becuase I care about you and trust you. Unfortunately I have herpes (1 or 2) but the good news is that I am STILL the same girl [here you can smile to lighten the situation]. I know this must be upsetting to you but I hope that you can be able to look past this and not let this "incident" define who I am" Maybe you can describe how it's not that bad [it really isn't, you only get an outbreak every once in a while or maybe hardly ever depending on the person of course] AND explain that there are options that you can take to SUPPRESS the infection if you do choose to get intimate with him [acyclovir/vacyclovir..ask your Dr]
      It is NOT life threatening, and to be honest you COULD have had it a lot WORSE so be thankful you didn't get something really really bad like HIV or some type of cancer or something.......

      Just relax and choose your words wisely, if he is the right guy he will look past this and support you.

    how to tell the difference between and ingrown hair and herpes?
    Hey everyone
    I have already explained that because of an incidence more then three years ago i am getting tested for herpes. Now i am paranoid that i have the blisters. I found what appears to be a sore in grown hair but its too fair down for me to get a close look. Its isnt a pimple and its the only one i have ( i checked the whole area).
    So how do i tell if its a herpes blister or ingrown hair?

    • ANSWER:
      the only way it could be an ingrown hair is if you have shaved down there. go get tested today while you have the blister present they can swab it and take a blood test.

      also try not to be so stressed out about it. i know its rough but if it is herpes and since you aren't on medication the outbreak could get worse.

    What is the best remedy to soothe itching from Herpes?
    I think I may be having a Herpes outbreak because I'm having itching that is very annoying in my rectum and sores are starting to appear. Is there anything that I can use or do to soothe the itching. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      If you haven't started taking your medicine yet - you should now.

      I find warm bathes help me out a lot. Take a nice warm bubble bath and when you are done dry your genital area off with a blow dryer. I know, it sounds stupid but it works and my doctor told me to do it too. Rubbing your genital area dry with a towel can spread the sores. Then put on some nice soft cotton underwear and some nice pajama pants. Avoid having anything real tight fitting on. You can also try and put an ice pack on to try and numb the pain a little bit. And you can always take some Ibuprofen for the pain. Good luck to you! I know how bad it can get!

    What can i do if i gave someone herpes?
    I've been dating someone for a month and i told him since the begging that i had herpes.He means a lot to me, we've been really careful but today he found out that he has herpes. I feel really bad and guilty and I would like to do something to cheer him up but don't know what
    i want to help him on the emotional side!

    • ANSWER:
      Get him some acyclovir :) Herpes can be tolerable, if you have a antiviral medication in your arsenal. If taken at the first signs of an outbreak, it will reduce the duration it takes for an out break to run it's course. If taken soon enough, it will STOP a outbreak in it's tracks. Ask your general practioner (MD/DO), Nurse practioner, or Physician Assistant (PA) for a perscription today! You don't have to take it daily. It can be taken at the first signs of an outbreak. It comes in pill and cream form. The cream only works if the skin has been broken, so the pill is more effective at preventing. The cream works well to treat after the skin has been broken. I'm just saying..... acyclovir makes herpes more tolerable.

    Can herpes get into your bloodstream and poison you if not treated?
    My friend found out he has herpes and will not get treated for it because he doesn't think it will affect him whether he gets treated or not because he doesn't get outbreaks. I heard from someone that if herpes is not treated it can get into your bloodstream and poison you. Is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it can't!

      Herpes is a virus than causes a minor skin infection. After the initial infection, your immune system controls the virus, and the virus becomes dormant, hiding out in the nerve ganglion that serves the area of the initial infection. Every now and then, when the immune system is low, the virus is able to come to the surface and cause a visible outbreak, which lasts 3-5 days, before it becomes dormant again.

      Treatment is NOT necessary. Taking antivirals every can can reduce the number of outbreaks a person gets. It can also make you infectious less often. Taking antivirals such as valtrex when you feel an outbreak starting can possibly stop the outbreak (but may not). Apart from that, herpes medication doesn't do anything and is NOT necessary.

      Humans have been getting herpes for thousands and thousands of years, and the immune system does a good job of controlling it.

      Cold sores are also herpes - often the same virus that causes genital herpes (the oral herpes virus causes half of genital herpes infections too). Cold sores come and go on their own, without the need for treatment. 80% of adults are infected with either oral or genital herpes, neither require treatment.

      Herpes is not even carried in the blood stream. People with herpes are still able to give blood, and their blood is not infectious. Herpes blood tests don't test for the virus itself, but for antibodies to the virus which are present in the blood of people who have it. The virus itself is not to be found in the blood, and will not poison you! It is a localised infection - if you catch it on one part of your body, for example orally on your mouth, it stays there and does not travel around your body. In this respect it is completely different from HIV.

      Although it causes outbreaks, herpes does no long term damage to the skin and does not scar. It does NO damage at all to any part of the body. It just causes outbreaks from time to time, which are a bit of an irritation, but nothing else.

      I have genital herpes, in my case it is caused by the virus hsv-1, which normally causes cold sores on the mouth. I get outbreaks, they go. It requires no treatment. I have not found that antivirals make any difference to the severity of outbreaks (mine are very mild anyway). Since a herpes outbreak is no worse than having an ingrown hair, I don't really see the point in taking meds for it. Since your friend does not have outbreaks, there would be no point at all in him taking medication.

    What are some celebs that have had done something bad, but can be proven inocent phycologically?
    Please give some examples in detail if you can. I need to find a celeb that has done something bad with bad behavior but may be Innocent to the crime physiologically. For example there were beaten as a child and thats what cased them to do the crime.

    • ANSWER:
      Chris Brown, with all this mess about him beating the hell out of Rhianna. But personally if the rumours are true about her giving him herpes he'd probably just went into a state of shock an

    What is the difference between oral herpes and mouth ulcers?
    I notice i tend to get mouth ulcers sometimes, they're usually very small. I'm sexually active but me and my boyfriend were both virgins before we met.
    I'm wondering if mouth ulcers are a symptom of oral herpes? Or is it just coincidence? I eat a lot of citrus fruit and have a habit of biting my mouth so I'm guessing that's why i get them.
    Also, don't oral herpes look like cold sores? and don't you find them on your lips and around your mouth?

    • ANSWER:
      right, there are 2 types of herpes virus, one is perfectly normal and more 50% of the worlds population is born with it and the rest of us get it through kissing one of the first 50% at the wrong time....(i.e cold sores, mouth ulcers)

      type 2 herpes is the bad one, the one that you get through sexual contact, and im sure its more than just an ulcer, you would definitely know if you had it.

    Can genital herpes make ovarian cysts worse?
    I have this friend with genital herpes and ovarian cyst pain attacks. She is usually miserable with one or the other, but sometimes she has them at the same time. Do you think that the herpes can bother the ovarian cyst in some way?

    • ANSWER:
      No, Ive never heard of that. If she has ovarian cysts though she needs checked out for diabetes, HTN, and cholesterol - these conditions can go along with ovarian cysts.

    How likely is it to contract genital herpes from receiving oral sex?
    If someone has a cold sore and performs oral sex, how likely is the person who received the oral sex to be to get genital herpes? is it pretty much definite that the oral form of herpes will be passed onto the genital form? is there anything you can do to make it less likely to infect you?

    • ANSWER:
      If someone has a cold sore and performs oral sex, especially if the cold sore is just beginning (it's usually not infective at the very end of the life of a lesion) then the person is extremely likely to contract herpes IF....

      Let's back up a bit now... Almost all of us have antibodies to HSV2 (the "oral" form) from having contracted it as babies. Therefore many people if the "performer" (the person with the cold sore) had HSV2 and you had HSV2, then you are NOT likely to get it, simply because you have it. (Though you may not develop active visible cold sores).

      However the concept of HSV2 being "oral" and HSV1 being genital no longer holds. Either can be found orally sited OR genitally sited. Therefore if the person has an orally sited HSV1, then you are likely to become infected genitally since this is the site where you are first exposed to the virus.

      Yes, it is complex, and it gets worse because a person can have HSV1 or HSV2 genitally sited or orally sited, and never have a visible lesion, and still be highly infective.

      There are blood tests, but they are not widely available and the are expensive.

      Let's put this all together: If you have been infected you will probably know within 14 days. If you do not develop symptoms then either you have it already, or you did not become infected, or you became infected and are infective but show no smyptoms.

      Though you might get a Medical Practitioner to give you an anti-retro viral med at this time, it is likely to be Acyclovir and it will not cure Herpes, it will merely slow it down. So most likely you will have to wait and see if you develop symptoms. If you do, the symptoms could be 1) not even visible; 2) minor or 3) painful and prolonged. In the case of #3 Acyclovir may help with the severity and duration of outbreaks.

      I'm sorry I couldn't make it simpler--I tried. Herpes scares the daylights out of about a million people every year. Sad, but true and there are no easy answers.

    Can Acyclovir be grounded up into powder, and placed on a serious herpes outbreak to increase healing?
    The outbreak is very bad, and is difficult to manage during anything.
    its hard to keep the area dry and venting.
    Can a person put the actual medication for
    the disease on the infected outbreak.

    • ANSWER:

    is it possible to get herpes without having sex?
    I have what is either herpes or a really bad skin irritation ...I sleep in the nude and stayed at a hotel last week now my inner thighs are broken out could it just be skin irritation or is it possible to catch an std from improperly sanatized sheets?

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn't sound like herpes - It's unlikely that you'd get it from the sheets. It could just be a heat rash, or an allergic reaction to the type of detergent they use to wash the sheets in. Either way, it doesn't sound like anything to worry about - If it doesn't go away, see a doctor.

    What are the short and long term symptoms of genital herpes?
    I'm doing a physical ed. assignment on genital herpes, and i need to know what the short and long term symptoms of it are. please and thank-you.

    • ANSWER:
      The classic symptom of genital herpes is a cluster of small fluid-filled blisters that break, forming painful sores that crust and heal. This process can take several days.

      But some people get only a rash or small bumps on the skin that appear to be pimples. Still others have different symptoms, such as painful urination, and some women have fluid discharge from the vagina.

      Sores may appear four to seven days after a person is first infected. Flu-like symptoms, including fever and swollen lymph glands in the groin, may also follow the initial infection.

      Symptoms come and go with no set pattern. One person may have an outbreak once a year, while another may have one every few weeks. Before a flare-up, a person may notice an itching, tingling, or burning sensation in the affected area, and there may be sharp pains in the pelvis or down the leg.

      Herpes sores are usually worst the first time they appear. In later outbreaks the sores tend to be less painful and last for a shorter period of time.

      The symptoms of genital herpes can affect any of the following places on the body:


    Can strenuous exercise make a herpes outbreak worse?
    I have recently genital herpes and I was wondering if I exercised during an outbreak would make the outbreak more severe. I don't want to break my schedule of working out, exercising three times a week, but if it's going to make my outbreak worse, I'll refrain from the workout until it cleans up.

    • ANSWER:
      u could do some light exercises just nothing that would cause u more pain, maybe avoid excersies that involve sitting for long periods of time. if that makes it worse then wait a couple of days until the out break gets better.
      excercise helps to boost your immune syste. if u have a strong one u won't get as sever or as many out breaks.

    How long does it take for herpes sores to open up and ooze?
    GF has had a bump near vagina for about 2 days and says it's just painful. We're wondering if its herpes but it hasn't opened up or crusted or anything. *she has dr appt on friday*
    Thanks idiot. I'm asking because I've been with her for 3 months and am curious as to how long it takes to see if there's a safe period after which she can probably rule out herpes.

    • ANSWER:
      I would say about 6-7 days. It just depends. Not all people who get it get the full blown outbreak. It may not even open and ooze at all. Yes, Herpes is painful. Look for other symptons, like a UTI, is she having problems peeing. Um, body aches, light fever, etc. If she thinks it is a possibilty she needs to get it taken care of before the symptoms get bad. If these things occur before the appointment tell her to drink lots of water, rest ( stress brings on outbreaks), and take alot of warm baths. This will ease her pain. Be there for her. If she has it, she may have even got it from you. 70% of people with Herpes have no signs of an outbreak. You can carry it and never have on. Just be supportive. It really isn't that big of a deal.

    Is eating too much spicy food bad for digestion?
    It's just a little concern I have, but is eating too much spicy foods (like chips or flavored peanuts) bad for your digestion? Will it effect how well it works? I've been eating snack foods that are spicy for about 3 days now but through different periods of time. Is there anything that should be taken to mind here?

    • ANSWER:
      Millions of people from many cultures from around the world enjoy the flavor and fire of hot foods. After all, chiles are the second most common spices in the world, following salt. Few people, however, realize the many health benefits that chile peppers offer. A substance called capsaicin causes the heat of chiles and peppers. Capsaicin has been associated with many cures that include lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and warding off strokes and heart attacks, speeding up metabolism, treating colds and fevers, preventing cancer and pain control. Capsaicin is a flavorless, odorless chemical concentrated in the veins of chiles and peppers.
      This information is presented for informational purposes only. Anyone experiencing a medical problem should, of course, contact his or her physician.

      Arthritis I
      A protein ion receptor [Vanilloid Receptor Subtype 1 (VR1)] binds with capsaicin to manage chronic pain. This allows the influx of calcium and sodium ions to react to sensory nerve cells. Researchers are attempting to develop more advanced drugs which would kill the pain signals transmitted through the VR1 without harming neighboring cells. This treatment is still in development.

      Arthritis II
      Capsaicin cream can help ease the pain of arthritis when rubbed on stiff joints by eliminating the ability of sensitive nerve cells to transmit pain sensations. (Not recommended for Rheumatoid Arthritis, an auto-immune disorder.)

      Arthritis III
      Topical capsaicin creams (such as Zostrix or Dr. K's) counter the production of a neuro-transmitter in the joints, thus lessening pain. First, capsaicin stimulates the brain to release this neuro-transmitter (called substance P), which lets the brain know something painful is going on - and the application of these capsaicin creams encourages the brain to continue releasing substance P. Eventually, this depletes the body's store of substance P, and reduces further releases from the nerve endings. Another benefit these creams provide is a decrease in joint inflammation, as substance P also tends to prolong inflammation (which may cause the cartilage in joints to break down.) Topical capsaicin creams offer a more effective treatment for inflammation than internal pain relievers such as Ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Regular use of NSAIDs has been linked to an increased rate of ulcers in the stomach and intestines.

      High Blood Pressure
      The consumption of chile peppers increases peripheral circulation and lowers blood pressure. Peppers, high in vitamins A and C and bioflavinoids (all necessary nutrients for healthy cell growth), help strengthen blood vessel walls. This helps the vessel walls to become more elastic and better able to adjust to differences in blood pressure. Peppers are also excellent scavengers of free radicals; provide a momentary boost to the metabolic system; and the sweating which occurs while eating hot peppers causes a loss of fluid, which temporarily reduces overall blood volume.

      Cluster Headaches and Migraines
      Zostrix, a topical capsaicin cream, has been found to relieve the pain of cluster headaches when applied inside the nostrils 2x/day. Research is on-going for migraine treatment, but one researcher postulates that pepper powder, snorted up the nose, will offer some sufferers effective migraine relief.

      Chile Peppers increase endorphin production - those mood-elevating substances which are released when performing aerobic exercise. Endorphins are natural opiates.

      Flu or Respiratory Problems
      Eating hot peppers can reduce the discomfort of the flu (in part, by promoting sweating). It also opens clogged breathing passages, and functions as an effective expectorant.

      Herpes Simplex
      Application of the topical capsaicin cream Zostrix helps to reduce Herpes Simplex flare-ups. A fresh, cut-up pepper is applied to the area in question. Eruptions are usually gone within 24 hours (as compared to 12 - 14 days if left untreated). This treatment may also work on shingles (Herpes Zoster).

      Muscle Pain
      The topical cream, Heet, has been used for many years to reduce muscle pain (such as that caused by over-exertion in sports). Applying a fresh, cut-up pepper to the source of the pain is also a effective treatment.

      Overactive Bladder/Incontinence
      Capsaicin dripped into the bladder by catheter desensitizes hyperirritable, aberrant neurons in the bladder for extended periods of time. This activity blocks the premature bladder contractions which cause an unpredictable loss of urine.

      Pain & Discomfort
      Chile peppers can reduce the itching from dialysis, reduce the pain from shingles (Herpes Zoster), and reduce the pain and tingling associated with diabetes mellitus. Capsaicin candy is also prescribed to cancer patients, to ease mouth pain. And burn victims have started using topical capsaicin cream to relieve their pain.

      Poison Ivy/Poison Oak
      Dried peppers mixed with a

    Can I get oral herpes if I already have genital herpes?
    I got HSV-1 herpes on my genitals from my girlfriend, who has this on her lips.

    My question is, since I already have this virus in my body, as entered genitally, can I get the same virus on my mouth through kissing her? Or, since I already have it, will it not also be transmitted to my lips?


    • ANSWER:
      If you already have Genital HSV1 then chances of getting Oral HSV1 is very very very low..

      Your immune system will now have HSV1 antibodies that will protect you getting it orally..

      Don't listen to people that say abstinace.. damn I hate it when religion is brought up.. Herpes is not that bad as people make it.. I have Genital HSV1 and I hate it when people make you out to be a lepper.

      Sometimes you feel it has the same stigma as HIV...

      Great news is that Genital HSV1 as it is not the site of preference for the virus should give you less outbreaks if any.. I had my primary in April 2009 and nothing since. It is not as bad as Genital HSV2.

      However you can still get HSV2 so if you ever leave your partner or you guys have sex with someone else just be mindful your HSV1 antibodies won't protect you that much from HSV2...

      In the mean time just get a box of Valaciclavor (Valtrex) and just take 2 a day for 5 days if you ever get a break out. Your future outbreaks if you get them should be less sevear than your first one.

    what are the chances of getting herpes even using a condom?
    i had sex afew days a go with a woman. she ddint seem to have any signs of herpes but i used two condoms fro more protection.
    but now when i go to sleep my entire body is itching. im really scared it could be herpes . i dont have any other symptoms.could i be itching because i think oo much? please help.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, "double bagging" actually increases the risk of both condoms splitting and is a REALLY bad idea. It is not safer.

      Second, you don't even know this woman has herpes!

      If she DID have herpes, condoms reduce the risk of catching herpes by 30%.

      Herpes isn't actually that easy to catch, because people with herpes are only infectious for about 15% of the time - and most of that time is when they know they have symptoms and can avoid contact.

      Basically, if you had unprotected sex twice a week for a year - that is about 100 unprotected sexual encounters with your infected partner over the year - but avoided contact during outbreaks - you would have a 1 in 10 chance of catching herpes over the entire year. If you used condoms, that would be a 7% chance per 100 sexual encounters of catching it.

      In other words, the risks of catching it from a single sexual encounter where you used a condom are very low. But obviously, some of us are unlucky and it does happen.

    How has Genital herpes effected your life?
    I just got genital herpes, and I can't figure out how I'm
    suppose to live my life. If you have genital herpes, how did it effect your life? And how do you date someone, and get the balls to tell them you have genital herpes!? I neeed answers.

    • ANSWER:
      My condolences on your diagnosis. I remember when I was first diagnosed. I was ashamed and afraid and angry - and I was sure that I would never be loved again. Since then, I've dated several men - all of whom knew about my herpes before we got sexual - and am now happily married.

      I'll admit that the absolute hardest part of herpes is telling someone. I agree with kjdela that its best to develop a solid, non-sexual relationship first.

      In fact, you ask how it affected my life, and I would have to say that on the whole, it was actually not a bad thing for me. I "catted around" a lot when I was single. I really enjoyed being single, and had a pretty vigorous and lively sex life. Don't get me wrong - that part of my life was a real blast. But once I got herpes, I needed to actually get to know men - and I mean REALLY get to know them - before we got sexual. It deepened the kind of relationships that I had. I needed to know and trust a man before I took him to bed - and that really improved the kind of relationships that I had.

      Would I go back and get it again - just for the learning process? No. But at the same time, I can't say that it was a really horrible thing that happened to me.

      I know that it doesn't seem like it now - but things will get much better. In the meantime, you have my sympathies. It's a hard time, but you'll get through it.

    How long can a herpes breakout last? Worst case scenario?
    Also worst case how many breakouts can you have in a year?

    • ANSWER:
      a week to 5 weeks
      too many!

    What would be worse, your husband buying prostittes or having a lover?
    What would be worse. If your husband got a random hooker every night and paid for it. Or if he got it for free cause he and another woman wanted to make love?

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, that's a pretty hard one. It would be terrible for him to actually fall for another woman, to be in love with her and want to make love to her. That's usually seen as the ultimate betrayal. BUT... in this case, for me anyway, that would be better than a random hooker every night. My broken heart would heal, but herpes and AIDS don't go away. Ever. My health is more important to me than keeping some as*hole guy who I thought was worth my time but is really just a cheating piece of crap. Either way, though, he's done for.

    Is the first herpes outbreak always the worst?
    If my first herpes outbreak is very minimal and hardley noticable, will the rest of them be like that?

    • ANSWER:
      An initial genital herpes infection occurs in people who have never been previously exposed to the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Symptoms of an initial outbreak are usually the most severe because the body does not have any type of immunity to the herpes virus. This is important because your body does not have the "resources" to fight this first infection. When your body is first exposed to the herpes virus, it responds by attacking the virus with antibodies (a type of protein that is made by your body to fight a virus). Specific immune cells and antibodies now present in your body learn how to target and keep the herpes virus in check. However, the antibodies that attack the virus during specific outbreaks do not eliminate the virus overall, which is why once genital herpes is contracted a person has it for life. Herpes outbreaks are usually milder after your body has produced these antibodies, and after several years you may experience fewer outbreaks or no outbreaks at all.

      After first becoming infected with the genital herpes virus most people develop symptoms within 2 to 12 days, but it can take days, weeks, months, or even years for any symptoms to appear. Remember, the amount of time it takes for symptoms to appear and the severity of these symptoms can vary greatly from person to person. Because of this, it may be difficult to know when and from whom you may have contracted genital herpes. Some people may have mild symptoms or no and not even realize they are having an outbreak of genital herpes, while other people have severe outbreaks and others may have no symptoms at all.

    Are children borne from a mother with oral herpes borne with an immunity to the disease?
    My wife also has oral herpes. She says that I cant get it because my mother has it and passed some kind of immunity to me when I was in her womb. Is this true? I have been married 2 years and still no sign of herpes..... We are careful when she has an outbrake but not very careful. I have always lived with someone who has the problem so I don't have a natural fear of it.

    • ANSWER:
      No, it doesn't give you an immunity. You can still catch it. However since 80% of the populaiton has it and you grew up with someone with it, chances are you already have it. Most people who have it have no symptoms and don't have a clue they are infected. No, it isn't a big deal, but just be aware catching her cold sores on your mouth isn't bad, but if she gives you oral sex you could catch her herpes on your genitals, even when she has no symptoms. I was with my boyfriend who had oral herpes for seven years before I caught it, and he had kissed me plenty of times up to that point. The night I caught it he had kissed me but he also gave me oral sex and I caught it on my genitals. After seven years with him! Life is so unfair :-)

      He had absolutely no symptoms at the time and it is actually pretty common to spread herpes between outbreaks because lets face it, visible herpes sores don't exactly encourage you to get up close and personal. Oral herpes is infectious on average about 18% of the time, including some times when physical symptoms are not present unfortunately.

    When you have genital herpes does it normally occur in the same place?
    I have genital herpes and I have only had one outbreak. I am constantly checking to see if I have another but I'm not exactly sure where I should be checking. I have also heard you can tell when you are getting ready to have one but does that come with experience or is it obvious?

    • ANSWER:
      Usually there are some symptoms like itching, tingling or burning a couple of days before you have an out break, there can even be some shooting pains down there, even back aches or really bad head aches. If it's really mild then it may not be all that obvious, usually the itchiness and tingling are a dead give away that you might be having another out break. Blisters / sores can occur in relatively the same place more then once. Some times I get a sore where the labia meets some times I'll get a blister along the inside of my outer labia.
      For me I usually experience some tingling and I get itchy down there when I get a mild out break.

    How long does the first genital herpes outbreak last?
    I started getting the red bumps on monday. I went to get them checked out yesterday and the doctor tested me for herpes and put me on valtrex. I'm taking it twice a day. How long can the first outbreak last WITH medicine?

    • ANSWER:
      it should clear up in a few days .. about 2-3 days, the first one is the worst

    Whats the worst thing that could happen when you have genetal herpes?
    I am afraid to tell my parents that i MIGHT have genetal herpes. What is the worst thing that could happen? What do you suggest i do tell them or play it out and see if these "bumps" go away?

    • ANSWER:
      First get the bumps tested for herpes while you have them, don't wait until they go away. If you do then you may have trouble getting an accurate result on blood work.
      The out breaks and spreading it to some one unknowingly is the worst part about having herpes. That is it. It's not life threatening and doesn't cause infertility.
      You don't have to tell your parents if you don't want to, that is part of your private life. But if you tell them you may feel less like your hiding some thing from them. Telling your parents is the scary part. They might be mad and shocked at first, the worst thing they could do is not accept you or not love you any more. But most parents do have unconditional love for their children. Once they get past being mad or angry at you they might want to help you.
      I told mine a couple of months after I contracted genital herpes. I think I might be older then you are. They were shocked but they still love me and they don't treat me any different, in fact they want to talk about it some times because they don't know very much about it.

    Can you be in different stages of genital herpes at the same time?
    I think I was infected with genital herpes about 2 weeks ago. I have been having sores since about 5 days after i was infected. They are red bumps, but now I think new ones are forming. Can this happen? I thought you only have the origional sores which eventually heal and then the outbreak is over...?

    • ANSWER:
      I had my first herpes outbreak 6 weeks ago, and I went through FOUR stages of sores. It took a full month for the initial outbreak to pass. Each stage lasted about a week. I started taking Valtrex a week into the outbreak and the sores seemed to heal much faster, but they are still a pain.

      An outbreak can be comprised of several series of sores - it varies individual by individual. The initial outbreak it said to have been the worst of any forthcoming outbreaks.

    If your male how would you know if you have genital herpes? What are signs and symptoms?
    If you did have it how long till first breakout? & How bad would it be?

    • ANSWER:
      The only way to know if you have genital herpes is to have your doc test for it. If you do have it you are always at risk of passing it on to a sexual partner you do not have to be in a breakout status to have that happen. So get in to see your doc, get the information you need. If you are negative then you need to make sure that in future you use protection to insure that you do not get genital herpes and any other of the numerous sexually transmitted diseases that are around.

    When you first get exposed to Herpes do you have a bad discharge?
    Before I found out I had Herpes, I first noticed I had a discharge I instantly thought I had a yeast
    infection, so my Doc gave me a pill to take for a yeast infection...after a few days the discharge didn't clear up at all. I've had a yeast infection before and that one pill usually clear everything up, but not this time. Instead my Doc had gave me some of this cream to insert inside of my vagina. I had to use it every night it eventually cleared up. So has anybody else experienced a discharge when they first got exposed with the Herpes virus?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, this is a common symptom.

    What are some temporary solutions for genital herpes pain during an outbreak?
    I have the valtrex medication already but I am wondering what some pain killer solutions are for during an outbreak? would polysporin work or be bad?

    • ANSWER:
      The polysporin might help but I usually use lidocaine that helps the pain and itching. Hemerroid creme also works.

    What are bad things that can happen to an 18 year old male during spring break?
    I'll be at the South Carolina beach for a full week but people keep telling ME to be careful. All of em refencing that girl from the Aruba incident. But This is in the states and Im a male. The worst thing happening is me getting drugged, robbed or jumped.What else could possibly happen.

    • ANSWER:
      Well quite a lot can happen if alchohol and young guys are involved.

      You could get into a fight, and that fight could easily result in permanent injury or death (as happenned to an Australia guy walking along an American beach at night).

      You could get into a car accident (cars are the number one killer after cancer and heart disease).

      You could have unprotected sex, get herpes which you will have for life and cause you many problems.

      You could get into a fight, accidently kill someone and go to jail.

      Look at a lot can happen. Do be careful, drink but don't get wasted, have fun but not go around hurting people or damaging property.

      These types of young people vacations are ripe for a disaster. But the alternative is to stay at home clinging to your momma's skirt.

    Has anyone who has taken the Gardasil vaccine for HPV had any bad side effects?
    For anyone who doesn't know, Gardasil is a new vaccine that can prevent certain types of HPV, especially genital herpes and cervical cancer. They are doing mass vaccinations here in Canada for young girls in school.

    • ANSWER:
      I have not had it, but if I was a young girl I would not get it, nor would I ever allow my daughters to get it. There is too much not know about side effects from Gardisil. It has been shown that not only does it not protect against most types of HPV, but it may CAUSE some kinds of cancers. There have been at least 10 women who have died from it, and yes I have heard it is quite painful. FYI, do you know that doctors get money from the drug makers when they give out this vaccine? Think long and hard and do your research. It is ultimately your decision, but you may not be "One Less"

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