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Home Remedies With Vicks Vapor Rub

Frequently Asked Questions

    Home remedies to treat yellow toenails?
    All of my toenails are yellow and I have heard of using Vicks Vapor Rub and applying it on each toenail and put a sock over it overnite and rinse it off in the morning with soap and water. I would like to know if anyone knows of any additional home remedies on how to treat this problem. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      You can go to a pharmacy & buy anti-fungal medication. There's one that they sell that looks nail polish, but it helps nails look normal again. The medication helps get rid of yellow nails too.

    How to make Stretch Marks fade naturally at home?
    i know i asked this question before but i didnt seem to find the answer i was looking for.
    i feel really ugly and insecure when i see other people that wear short shorts and stuff and i cant because i dont want people to see my marks. So what are and (home) remedies that will work.
    right now i use Vicks vapor rub, Vitamin E and Palmers Stretch marks lotion. Will this help?
    What can i use to make them fade?

    • ANSWER:
      Those will all work, they just take time. Make sure you use a loofa every day to exfoliate the area. You can also use Bio-oil either instead of or in addition to the lotions and creams. It works a little bit faster than the other things do. You need to be patient and make sure to use the products consistently twice daily. Best of luck! I know how you feel, I have been there too.

    Why is ny 5yr old daughter coughing so much?
    My 5yr old seems to have these weeks of coughing, mostly at night when she is sleeping, but now its all day as well. Took her to the Dr and he said everything is fine, her lungs are clear, oxygen level is good, etc. So he gave us a pump to try, just incase its asthma in its young stage. It doesn't help. We tried all home remedies to help with the cough but nothing helps. Try cough meds but nothing helps. Raising her pillows at night, vicks vapor rub, cinammon tea, etc but it doesn't work.

    Should I get a referral to see a pulmonalogist? I mean we are running out of ides to help her. It comes for a week or 2 then its gone for a month or two, then its back and so on. Its not a certain times of the year, weather, etc. We changed the detergant we used to wash cloths to see if it was that, threw out all our sheets and bought new ones but it doesn't help.

    I want to help her but I don't know what to do. I am a foster parent of this lovely little girl, we want to help her but the only thing we hadn't done is see a lung a specialist because our prinart who is a very good Dr says he can't find anything causing the cough. He thought possible she might be doing it to get attention because she knows we help her when she starts coughing butbi doubt that's it.

    Anybody have any helpful advice, and please if u have nothing good to say don't say anything at all, always seems to be people out there just looking to earn points come on here n say disrespectful things.

    • ANSWER:
      I agree - could be allergies! Try using an antihistamine like Claritin. I'd also ask for a referral to a pediatric allergist.

      Often coughing at night is due to mold allergies as mold spores are most active at night. If the allergist finds your daughter has an allergy to mold, then you will need to get your home evaluated and treated for mold. If there are other causes, the allergist can help you find ways to alleviate your daughter's symptoms.

    how do i get rid of a common cold quickly?
    i've been sick with the cold for about a week...how do i get rid of it?...i've been taking tylenol...vitamin C pills...and vick's vapor rub to get open up my sinuses just for a little while...but how do i completely get rid of my cold?...do you have any home remedies that i can use to get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry but there is nothing you can do about it, just wait your body to knock the virus out. Other than that resting and hydration can help a little.

    How to heal Cough and runny nose?
    It's urgent as it is the examination period and I don't want to fall sick! Some people say that vices vapor rub helps by applying it on the nose,feet and chest. Home remedies for that besides vicks? Anyone disagree on using that?

    • ANSWER:
      Claritin or benadryl.

    How do you cure nail fungus?
    Over a year ago now, I was going to a nail shop to have the acrylic nails maintained and got nail fungus because of poor hygiene practices of the shop. The doctor said there is a medication for it but that it costs 00.00 dollars and only a 50 percent chance it will cure it. I heard that vicks vapor rub and tea tree oil work, but so far, no luck. Any home remedies you can give would be much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Try anti fungal foot drops on your fingers. Maybe that could help. Look in the footcare section at your local supermarket/retail pharmacy store. Look for a clear bottle called something like Lotrimine, not the cream u want the drops. try putting that on your bare nails. Also report the nail salon to your local health department if they caused this. You could take the nail shop to small claims court and sue them for the medicine to heal your nails because they are not following health codes.

    does anybody know any home remedies?
    i would appreciate it if you could list any home remedies that you can think of. ill give an example/
    if you have dried cracked feet the best remedy is to rub vicks vapor rub on them cover with socks over night...in one week you will have reversed the condition of your feet. i know this works because both my husband and i do it regularly and his were a mess..now you wouldnt believe they were the same feet! im interested in more. thanks everybody.

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a sore throat, drink hot tea with cayenne pepper. It works miracles. :)

    What are some home remedies to get over a cold?
    So I am ten weeks pregnant. And I have had this cold for over a week. And it's miserable if I lay down at all. I start coughing so bad where I actually throw up in my mouth. When I cough mucus comes out. I'm so miserable. I put Vick vapor rub on my chest. And a scarf around my neck. I have tried tea! Cough drops.. I need help. I need this gone ASAP.

    • ANSWER:

    Are there any home remedies to make a room less dry?
    Im snowed in and my bedroom is very dry, it hurts to breath it's so dry and i dont have a humidifier and cant get one. Is there anything I can do to make my room less dry. Or would putting vicks vapor rub on my chest help?

    • ANSWER:
      Try boiling a pot of water and let the steam loose in your room

    What is the best home remedy to get rid of toenail fungus?
    I have heard of Vick's Vapor Rub, Tea Tree Oil, vinegar and peroxide. The prescribed medication is quite costly. And how long or often does it need to be used?

    • ANSWER:
      tea tree is the best. you can apply it neat. dab it on once or twice a day with a dabber thing. or soak your feet in a solution of tea tree oil and water (maybe 10-15 drops in a smallish tub) you can add lavender too, thats good. soak for say 10 minutes twice a day. witch hazel i believe is good too.

    can you name some home treatments i can use to clear my lungs?
    such as vicks vapor rub, a humidifier, or steam and a towel over my head. i am looking for any kind of treatment or remedy, but not one where i would have to leave my home and make an appointment. i am looking for a product i can buy in the store and use in my own home. something that would kind of detoxify my lungs and clean out the mucous and other toxins.

    please dont refer me to doctors. i am just searching for a simple home remedy.
    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      If you are still living at home or cook with herbs, check to see if you have any Thyme.

      Make a cup of thyme tea: 1 teaspoon thyme in a cup, pour very hot water over the thyme and let it sit cover for 15 to 20 min., strain off the thyme and drink the tea slowly. Best to drink medical tea's plain, no milk, sugar, lemon or honey. Drink one cup every 8 to 12 hours till you feel improvement. Thyme is very mild.

      Note: if you are 10 to 14 years old use (1/2 teaspoon thyme to 1 cup water)

    Does anybody have any good home remedies for achy legs?
    My legs feel very achy, mostly at night time. I am pregnant and am sure it is just a symptom of that but does anyone have any special way of making their legs feel better? I have tried baths, massages, and even vicks vapor rub! I need an answer because my legs keep me up alllllll night and it is so frustrating!

    • ANSWER:
      i used to get this stuff at the maternity clothing store...i forget what it was called...but it was similar to like rubA535 or myoflex .......only it was all natural and safe made with aloe....sorry i dont remember the name but check the maternity stores in your area they might have something similar...other then that try keeping you legs elevated as much as you can

    How can i relieve nasal congestion quickly?
    Im 14 and i have a sore throat and cant breath out of my nose. it gets worse when i sit or lie down, but iits almost 11 at night and i cant stand wile i sleep. :P ive tried vicks vapor rub, cough drops, and nose strips that help with snoring, but its been going on for 3 days now, and im about to go home to a new born and i very much do not want to get her sick. please help... any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Home remedies for Snoring

      Snoring occurs when there is a shaking of your soft palate (it is the back part of the top of

      your mouth). The muscles supporting the opening of the higher airway in the reverse of the

      throat relax during sleep. Additional tissue in the palate and uvula, the thickset piece between

      the tonsils-vibrates with each breath, and these vibrations really cause the sound of snoring.

      In few people, the airway has a capability to close at any point. Narrowing of the airway will

      cause disorder and the noises of snoring

      Preserve a usual weight - Losing weight can deeply reduce or even end snoring and likely

      obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Suitable diet and exercise to losing weight.

      Smoking can cause amplified nasal congestion and mucous in the throat area. Breathing through

      the nose is more effective way to bring air into the lungs than mouth breathing.

    Can you use adult vicks vapor rub on an 14 month old?
    My son is 14 months old and has had a horrible cough for days and I know his throat is hurting. I would take him to the doctor but they won't see him because something is apparently wrong with his insurance. I don't have a ride to go to the place I need to go to fix it until Thursday so I really need to know some over the counter things I can give him or home remedies that will help. Any advice is much appreciated. I just really don't know what to do. I hate to see my little boy sick. Can I use the Vicks and do you have any other ideas that could help him feel better?

    • ANSWER:

    What are some good home remedies to get over a sinus infection?
    To be more specific, I have an earache in each ear, head ache, runny stuffed up nose, fever, sore throat, and sneezing.
    I don't have a chance to go to the doctors and get medication yet, so are there any home remedies that can maybe speed up the process of getting better?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, when we were children and had those problems, mom would boil water, put some Vick's vapor rub in the water and had us put out face over the steam with a towel on our head to help relieve the stuffiness. It really does work and boy, is this old. Earache,, what she did is not good for anyone's ear so I won't even bother, but because with an earache, the inside may be swollen, take some Motrin to relieve the swelling and fever. The remedy will also be good for the sneezing. She would also rub out chests with the Vick's. Try them, you can't go wrong, Oh, for the sore throat, she made a mixture of lemon juice and honey, That too really works. I have been a nurse for 30 yrs and I still like using these. Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

    Any Home Remedies for a person with asthma that has a cold?
    my girlfriend has asthma problems and i gave her this cold. And we cant afford to go to the doctors. When i had the cold it wasn't so bad for me because i dont have breathing problems, but she has asthma. So is there any home remedies to cure her cold? i would love to know some, i would like her to get better because her breathing is getting pretty bad.

    • ANSWER:
      Try a cool mist if possible. It will reduce the inflammation in the bronchi. As far as the cold maybe try some vicks vapor rub on the chest and under the nose.

    What is a good remedy for sore ears/throat and a stuffy nose?
    I have one of those coughs that hurts your ears and throat when you cough/swallow. And my stuffy nose is quite bad. Any suggestions for home remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      I have one that really works, some may think is gross or disgusting or even inappropriate. I don't know how yahoo will like me to mention that one tho.

      Old remedy for ear ache, but doesn't sound like you have a ear ache. Take salt and put it in a sock, make sure you triple or double it up first. Heat up the sock and then press against your ears and jaw line.

      As for a pg version of a remedy for your throat but not the best. Gargle warm salt water. Make sure there is a lot of salt in the water. Yes it is very gross, but it will help. Do this for like 5-10 mins. Sudafed helps with sinus problems and should unstuff your nose.
      The best thing I do to turn my nose from stuffed to runny is drink milk. I rather have a runny than stuffed nose.
      Vicks vapor rub works wonders also for stuffed nose runny nose. Rub some on your throat chest and a little on the mustache area.
      Through out the day suck on a sugar candy or a coughdrop, the sugar keeps your throat moist so its not scratchy or dry. As for the cough, there is a cough medicine that comes in a orange bottle, I cant remeber the name, but it is the best, and quite expensive. The liquid is also orange.

    Have any home remedies for a terrible cough?
    I have coughed my head off for 5 days.....no sleep for me! I am literally about to go insane from lack of sleep. Any ideas? I've tried the humidifier, vicks vapor rub, trying to sleep sitting up, niquil, halls cough drops, mucinex, and sipping wellness tea. I will go to the doctor tomarrow, but I need sleep NOW!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, When my children were young and nothing else worked, i used to put 3 tablespoons of treacle, 3 tablespoons of honey, and squeeze a lemon heat it all gently and when it has warmed put into a container in the fridge, have a couple of tea spoons when you start to cough. Hope this helps you.

    What can i do about my sore throat?
    Does anyone know of any home remedies for getting rid of a sore throat? I could use any help, because it really hurts to swallow so i can't eat, and i have medication but that doesnt always help the pain. I'm open to any suggestions, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      add 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp lemon juice to 1 cup warm water, sip gently. Any cough drops with zinc and vitamin c in them will take down the inflammation, ease the discomfort and keep your throat moist.
      If you have Listerine, it is the best for killing the bacteria and got it's fame in early 1900's as a medicine for tonsillitis.
      Also, Vick's vapor rub keep the membranes moist when you breath it, thus relieving the stress and strain on the throat and helps keep the mucus expelled and reduces inflammation. Although people commonly only use it for colds, it does help as a decongestant. Just make sure to wash it off in the morning before going out because it will open you up to much since it is also absorbed through the skin.

    What's your best remedy for a snotty nose?
    My son is 3.5 and he's pretty boogery these days. Right now he's playing in a warm bath with vapor bath in it. That helps temporarily, but what other home remedies do you have to get past the snot?

    • ANSWER:
      Love peppermint tea.

      No dairy

      Ginger Tea- Another fave! Just put cut up pieces of ginger in hot water

      Do you have vicks? You could rub some of that under his nose.

      One I found on the net for you---
      Home remedies are some of the best remedies for relieving stuffy noses. Don’t spend money on saline nasal spray. You can make saline nasal spray to clear your stuffy nose, and you’ll be amazed by the effectiveness of a few natural ingredients.

      You’ll need one quarter teaspoon of salt, and one cup of water. To eliminate impurities, boil ordinary tap water, or use distilled water purchased from the store. (Personally, I don't like anything going up my nose)

      If using tap water, add the salt, and boil it for approximately ten minutes. Let it cool completely. Fill a clean nasal spray bottle, or use a bulb syringe. Put between six and ten drops of salt water into each nostril to clear the sinuses.

    Does Vicks vapor rub work on nails with fungus?
    So I've heard. Any other home remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      yes i have used Zetaclear and i suggest it too you can see the results in a very short time.

    Can vapor rub help reduce stretch marks?
    So, there are a lot of creams and lotions and home remedies out there on the net and some have said that applying vapo rub helps reduce stretch marks. Is that true? (I think it was called Vicks or something)

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing will reduce them much. Lift weights and slowly add muscle the more u fill out ur skin the better they will look.. But dont gain to fast or you will make new marks.

    How do I clear my blocked nose and stop it from being runny?
    I am getting over a throat infection that started on Tuesday. My gp prescribed me penicillin and it seems to be working but my nose is starting to really annoy me. I have to blow it every five minutes and it doesn't seem to be clearing up. Any home remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      Vicks Vapor Rub just smelling the container works sometime. Or if you have Tiger Balm smelling that works ass well.

    How to treat a 5 month old's cough and cold?
    My 5mth old DS has a cold -coughing, sneezing, runny nose. We're snowed in so can't get to Dr. Are there any home remedies to treat this, or over the counter medicines I can give him? I've tried Calpol but it doesn't seem to do any good. Also his cough keeps waking him up at night, what can I do to help this?

    • ANSWER:
      Saline nose drops - you can create them at home - boil water add 1 tsp to every 1/2 gallon of water.

      Insert and flush out the nostrils.

      Also, steamy shower, cool mist humidifier in the room with him.

      Elevate the head of his bed - and make sure he sleeps at least at a 20 degree angle - by placing phone books under the edge of the crib mattress.

      Also, vicks vapor rub to chest if you have any.

      Honey can be used BUT ITS ONLY AFTER 1 YEAR OF AGE

      Any fever can be treated with tyelnol or motrin and you can alternate using each - tyelnol is every 4 hours and motrin is every 6

    What can you give a 6 month old for nose congestion?
    My son is 6 months old and he keeps getting a nose congestion. I dont know what to give him or can i give him anything? Does anyone know any home remedies.

    • ANSWER:
      My doctor told me the best way to clear it was with the nose sucker. My daughter hates it though. I have found the best time to do it is after warm bath. It seems to kind of break up and be easier to get out. I also received this email the other day about putting Vicks Vapor Rub on their feet and covering them with socks when they go to sleep.

    How can I get rid of stretch marks fast?
    I'm 14 years old guy who has stretch marks all over is body. A group of friends and I are going to the beach in a month and i want to wear a sleeve less shirt but i have stretch marks on my arm and stomach and i need help! Any home remedies or any thing helps! Please help i want to impress a girl please help! I need to get rid of stretch marks FAST!

    • ANSWER:
      Okay so stretch marks are a natural part of life,which over time eventually fade and are barely noticeable.everyone has them some are just less noticeable.if the girl doesnt like you for you then shes probably not worth being with anyways.ive heard vicks vapor rub works and also anything for scars.you might also go to the dermatologist since they specialize in skin conditions.if it were me i wouldnt worry about them because believe it or not people dont notice them like you think they would.and hey the girl probably has them too.just be confident and dont let them bother you and they most likely wont bother anyone around you either.good luck.hope i helped.!:)

    I have nasal congestion, does anyone know of any medicines I can take or home remedies?
    Enough said. I'm stuffed like a turkey on thanksgiving. Does anyone know of any good products or home remedies for this? I want something that won't make me drowsy or knock out. Thank you! :-P

    • ANSWER:
      some times just standing in a hot shower will do it.. other times eating hot spicy foods. boil a pan of water, remove from fire, drape a towel over your head and pan and breathe.. and the Old stand by Vick's vapor rub will help too. either sniff from jar or put a tiny bit under your nose. after about 10 mins. you won't know that it's there..

    Do you have a passed down family remedy for anything?
    I am curious about your remedies for whatever. Here is one of my favorite I will pass on to you. Dryer Sheets to get rid of soap scum. Get a few of those wet and start wiping your shower or tub down....rinse. So easy, works fast and is not harmful to eyes or skin. Can be used on glass enclosed showers as well......you wont believe how clean it gets.

    • ANSWER:
      That is an excellent idea for the tub and shower, thank you. Now here are mine, they are mostly medicinal. Kerosene will stop bleeding. Flaxseed oil tablets 2 daily will lower your cholesterol. Wet tobacco will take the pain from a bee sting. If you get a tick, just put Vaseline over it, it will eliminate the oxygen and the tick will turn lose of you and die or you can just remove it and burn it. If you have a sore throat or chest cold put Vicks Vapor Rub on the area and it will break up the stuff in your lungs, just be sure to wash it off before you go outside. A drop of kerosene on a sugar cube will help you open your sinuses and break up the infection in your lungs. Every spring take a teaspoon of caster oil in orange juice or any juice. It will purge your body of any infections and works to help your immune system work better and it will definitely clean your clocks if you know what I mean. If you get a splinter in your finger wrap the finger in a slice of raw bacon, it will help push the splinter out so you can get hold of it with tweezer's and remove it, also raw fat or raw bacon will bring zits and blemishes to a head and you can pop them with a pin and use two fingers to pull on the area, never push a zit or blemish, it damages your skin, and the muck in the zit or blemish will come out. You can clean brass with Brillo pads. Crushed mint leaves and lay them wherever you see the ants will keep ants out of your home. To keep rabbits and other animals out of your vegetable or flower garden, just throw some moth balls in them, this also helps keep snakes away. When you water your inside plants use lukewarm water, cold water can shock the plant and cause it to die. Always cut your rose bushes just above the first 5 leaves on the stalk and cut all flowers at an angle, they retain water better and will last twice as long. If you are terribly constipated and nothing is working, take a tablespoon of Epsom Salts into warm water, do not leave the bathroom and do not sneeze, it works that fast.

    What's the best medicine to take for a runny nose?
    got a runny nose that won't quite. does anybody have any home remedies or good advice for over the counter meds?

    • ANSWER:
      Sudafed works wonders for me when I have a runny nose. Usually that, a vicks vapor rub at night, and a running humidifier.

    Any home remedies for kennel cough?
    my dog has kennel cough. shes a chihuahua and shes had the symptoms for 2 days now. she sound asthough shes in pain. does anybody know of any home remedies that i can prep up to help ease the discomfort? i already tried honey and she wont touch it.

    • ANSWER:
      Apparently there is a cough medicine for babies that helps. I think that it called Calpol,its available in the UK. If your vet cannot priscribe a medication, ask the vet about Calpol. You should also ask his advice about the correct doze.

      Vick Vapour Rub will help. Don't rub it onto your dog as she might lick it. Dissolve some in a dish of very hot water, put a towel around your shoulder and make a tent around the dish. If you can trust your dog not to wriggle, put her on your knee and she will be able to inhale the fumes. Great care must me taken to ensure that you do not scald her. Check this out with your vet

    How to clear chest congestion? Can a person have a high blood pressure through this?
    Suffering from chest congestion & cold. Nose block most of the time. Having high blood pressure lately are these inter related. And kindly suggest some HOME REmedy or advice to clear the congestion

    • ANSWER:
      your blood pressure will go up because your heart has to work harder to get oxygen through out your body,taking up the work of your lungs
      Vicks Vapor Rub (Dollar Tree & Family Dollar versions work just as well) is a good old fashion remedy they used until they came out with inhalers
      use can use it several ways
      1) 1 tablespoon in 4 cups of boiling water...put a towel over your head (like a tent) then put your face about 10" above the bowl of Vicks & water... breath in slowly.you will probably cough at first,because
      it is opening up your sinuses & lungs.Stop if you need to catch your breath & make sure you have some tissues ready..
      2) saline nasal sprays can help to loosen up congestion in your sinuses..they sell it at most drugstores & chain stores.. Dollar Tree sells it for .00... it works as well as the others do
      3) take a hot moist washcloth..put some Vicks on it and lay it on your chest,it will help open your lungs up
      4) rub some Vicks on your chest & take a warm shower.
      NEVER put the Vicks on your face or in your nose or mouth..it will make you sick & can burn your sensitive areas in your nose & even eyes
      These are the treatments they did to me growing up,sometimes I go back to them when I need quick relief ...now I take Benadryl (25mgs) on top of it
      NEVER take anything with a decongestant in it if your blood pressure is high..it will cause it to go higher & give you a racing heart
      I grew up since I was 2 weeks old with severe allergies...now 51...I swear by the old time remedies more than I do with the inhalers ect they try to get everyone to use these days
      My son has severe allergies too... I use these remedies on him too..sometimes he asks for them over the nose sprays his dr rxs...which can cause some nasty side effects
      I stay away from the natural herbs,because I found out we were allergic to so many of them.

      hope these help

    My one year old daughter has a dry cough, How can i help it?
    It just started and is not too bad, but if it gets any worst at all i am going to take her to the doctor.
    There aren't many meds for a baby her age, so what are some home remedies that i can try to make her feel better, before i take her to the doctor.

    • ANSWER:
      Humidifiers are very good for this.Leave the windows closed & the bedroom door,and leave it running all night(this is also good for dry throat and Mommys skin)You can buy them anywhere nowadays and in cute designs.They usually have a place where you pour a menthol solution which also helps loosen up dry cough congestion.With my kids I'd rub Vicks Vapor on their chest and I'd sit in the bathroom w the shower running steaming hot for as long as we could stand it

    Wwhat can i do to reduce my coughing and then choking becuase my throat feeks dry?
    I was at scool today And I couldn't stop coughing . I began coughing so hard that I started choking, what can I do to reduce this so it doesn't happen as much,its happened twice all ready. I know i can take meds but maybe any home remedies? Please help thanks,

    • ANSWER:
      A dry cough like that (hacking) could be asthma. Not all asthma attacks come with wheezing. A lot of times it's misdiagnosed for that reason. Hot tea with honey, a steam shower, vicks vapor rub on your neck and chest (and also on the bottom of your foot! I know, sounds weird, but it works!). Good luck.

    What can I do for my sick toddler?
    Our daughter is about 1 year and a half and has a very bad cold. She seems ok during the day but like with any sickness, it gets worse at night. She gets very stuffed up and her breathing is loud. I was wondering if there is any at home remedies that would possibly help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    • ANSWER:
      The best thing you can do is put her in a steamy bathroom for a good ten minutes before she goe sto bed. You want to keep everything MOIST up in the nose. Go and buy a baby saline spray (at any pharmacy)! A humidifier is a good thing to have... I know I have to run mine all winter to help my boys. But... if you run an AC in her room now--- you shouldnt. Open the windows... the air from the AC is too dry. She needs humidity! Also... when she is asleep put a pillow under her head (if she already sleeps with one--- do two). the elevation will help let things drip out not in.
      My children chronically get colds.
      DO NOT puts vicks vapor rub on a baby who is that young. It is too strong for her. If she has a bad cough- you can put a bit on the soles of her feet.

    How to relieve a chesty cough?
    I have had a chesty cough constantly for around 3 days now after suffering with the flu. I have been to my doctors and have been given some cough medicine but it doesn't seem to be helping at all!
    I am very limited to what I can take being 6 and a half months pregnant so are there any home remedies that can help and are safe to take during pregnancy as it's driving me mad!

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I only get relief from humidifiers, drink and breath in hot tea with lemon, use Vick's vapor rub on chest and neck and get a big pot of boiling water drape a towel over your head and the pot(remove heat source) breath in the moisture. Check with doctor about taking, zinc , Vit C and echinacea.

    Can anyone offer any advice to relieving sinus pain?
    I am so miserable. I have a massive sinus infection and I hurt in areas of my head that I didn't know could hurt. Can anyone suggest any home remedies? I would go online myself but researching this myself would just intensify the pain!! =(

    • ANSWER:
      I take it that your sinuses are blocked. First it probably hurts most above the eyes, so take a wash rag, soak it with hot water, ring it out and lay it across your forehead. Leave it there until it begins to cool, then do a second one to replace the first one quickly. Do this several times and lay the wash rag wherever it hurts, temples, neck in the back, top of your head, anywhere.You'll also need to get yourself and steam humidifier and add some Vick's Vapor Rub in it. Use it while you sleep and you'll be inhaling vapor steam which should help open your sinuses. You could also get yourself some of those breathe right strips that keep you nostrils open. They come small, medium. large. But take an alcohol pad or just some alcohol on a piece of tissue and clean any oily residue off the sides and the bridge of your nose. Helps it stick better. Take a Tylenol pm or Tylenol sinus pill which should help with the pain and help you sleep better. You'll need to drain those sinuses. Have some tissue's with you. Put a good size pan of water on the stove, turn up the heat until the water starts boiling. While boiling, you can take a salt shaker and shake in some salt, a good ten or twelve shakes, stir in it the water, shut off the heat after aminute or two. When the steam starts to rise, lean down toward it until you can deep breathe that steam inside your sinuses, keep your mouth closed. Straighten up and blow the steam out. If you blow out while you are near the pan, you will blow the steam vapors in all directions and have to wait until they become one like they were when you first shut the heat off. After a couple times breathing through the nose, open you mouth and breathe deeply in both the sinuses and your lungs. You will need the tissue's to blow your nose. You might not like the smell, but if it works, what the hey. Get some mineral ice that they use on knee injuries and the like, rub it across your forehead, down the sides of your temples, behind your ears and down the middle of the chest. Dab a little on the nostril openings, cover up and go to sleep. When you take a hot shower in the morning, you'll be surprised at what you cough up and blow out of your nose. If you have real sensitive skin, it might irratate you, so look out for that. You can tell if the skin becomes red quickly. Just wash it off and you'll be fine. Drinks lots of Lipton Chicken Noodle Cup Of Soup or just chicken soup. These things work for me and hopefully will help you if you care to try. Wishing you the very best young lady and hopefully you'll soon get some relief from that sinus pain.

    Any ideas on how to clear a stuffy nose?
    I tried some over the counter stuff but I was wondering if anyone had some home remedies to clear it up without medicine!

    • ANSWER:
      Inhale the steam from a vaporizer or run very hot water in a sink and put a towel over your head. Add a little Vick's Vapor Rub to the water or vaporizer.

      Get a small eye dropper. Mix a small amount of table salt to warm water. Lay on your back with your head tilted over the side of your bed slightly. Drop the salt water mixture into your nostrils and let it penetrate a few minutes.

    Natural remedies for chest congestion and cough?
    I have some massive chest congestion and a slight cough, otherwise no symptoms. I have some sage tea, but other than that, can anybody suggest some natural remedies to clear this up?

    • ANSWER:
      For the cough and chest you can try any of these. Which ever best suits you ok.

      1. Put half a teaspoon of licorice root tea in a cup of hot water, wait 10 minutes, strain and drink. Repeat 3 times daily.

      2. Start now by taking vitamin C and Zinc tablets. Both support your immune system to fight off cold and infections. One of each a day.

      3. Rub Vicks onto your chest and back at night to ease your cough and relax your breathing. You can also inhale vicks by putting two table spoons of vicks into a bowl of near boiling water. Stir the water till the vicks has disolved and then place a cloth or towel over your head and breathe in the vapours for 10 to 15 mintues.

      4. Buy some herbal tea's of either Honey, Eucaluptus, or Peppermint.

      5. Hot ginger tea is a popular home remedy for cold symptoms and sore throat. Honey and lemon can be also added.

      6. You can also use Eucalyptus oil in the same way as vicks for inhaling.

      7. A few drops of Eucalyptus oil in your bath and soak for 15mins breathing everything in helps.

    Scientific Remedy for Vicks Vapor Rub?
    Heyy! So for school we have a science project and I am going to show how to relieve a horrible cough or cold. (its like home remedies for a topic). So we are supposed to show a demo of our home remedy but we also have to explain the scientific explanation of why this works. So can someone give me the scientific explanation of how Vicks Vapor Rub works? I am going to show it with boiling water and the teacher will ask how it works scientifically. Thanks for the answers!!! :))

    • ANSWER:
      i KNOW it works cause i literally just tried it; once put it on, my coughing didnt completely go away but its slightly supressed; find a sick person and have them do it?

    Can paint lacquer thinner be used for chest congestion?
    Can you use lacquer thinner to break up chest congestion? Someone told me it's a home remedy but i am highly skeptical, can anyone please help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Oh God, no! Please don't! You'll end up killing yourself. That stuff is hazardous!
      Use Vick's vapor rub.

    What are some strange home remedies that actually work?
    Just any random things that you've found?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have toe or finger fungi - rub Vick's Vapor rub on them 2xday for a few weeks. You will start seeing results and continue if needed. [If it's a really ugly case] For some reason Vick's kills the fungi better than all those anti biotics and way cheaper too.

      To whiten your teeth make a paste of hydrogen peroxide & baking soda. Put toothpaste on your dry brush and dip the brush in the paste. Your saliva will make it wet. Brush.

      Keep open unused fingernail polish in the frig. It will last forever. [I have some that are at least 8 years old and fresh as the day I bought them]

      To get dried candle wax out of the carpet use a warn iron and plenty of plain brown paper bags. tear the bags flat and press. Moving the iron from spot to spot. The wax is absorbed by the bag and it all comes out.

      That's all that comes to mind right now.

    Any home made remedies for my 2yr olds wheezing cough?
    She's still her usual rambunctious self, except for the coughing and a little bit of wheezing. There's no fever and she has a normal appetite.

    I would usually go to the doctor but I'm stranded at home right now because of a snowstorm going on (expecting about 20 cm).

    I'm also 8.5 months preggers and I don't want to go out on the roads with my daughter.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Do you have a humidifier? Those work well. Or some Vick's baby Vapor Rub. Not sure if you have it where you are (speaking in metric) but it works wonders. Try some warm apple juice. If you don't have any of these things sitting in the bathroom with the shower turned all the way on hot will help because of the steam. Or a nice warm bath. Hope that helps!

    What is a good home remedy for toenail fungus?
    Not sure if it is exactlly a fungus, just discolored and grows a little different.

    • ANSWER:
      Vicks Vapor Rub!! I speak from experience---it works if you are consistent with applying it. You also need to clean the existing fungus out from underneath your nail to give the Vicks a place to sit. Soaking your feet first will allow you to "squish" the fungus out from underneath the nail. You can then take tweezers or a Q-tip and apply the vapo rub underneath your nail. I don't recommend cutting the nail back too far, as this could invite further infection.
      It works if you work it!

    I'm sick and need help with some home remedies that you may have to share?
    ok so it all started with a little sore throat and then i felt like i was losing my voice then the same thing the next day. later at day 3 i have a stuffy nose and a cough with the feeling of losing my voice still.(im at day 3) does anyone have any home remedies or remedies thanks so much i will give 10 points to the best answer thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      There are a couple of different home remedies you can use when you have a cold such as yours.

      For a sore throat try an old fashioned warm milk home remedy. You will need:

      1 Cup Milk
      1 Tbsp. Butter
      1. Tbsp. Honey
      Sprinkle Sugar

      Heat the milk with one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of honey. If you would like to sweeten it further you can also sprinkle on a touch of sugar. Drink it while it is very hot but be careful not to burn your tongue or mouth. This mixture will coat your throat making it feel better, and the heat from the warm milk will help make the swelling go down.

      For your cough you can try a Bowl Steam.

      Simply fill a bowl with boiling water add 2 tablespoons of Vicks Vapor Rub and place your head over bowl with towel over your head to keep steam in. Breath deeply for a few minutes. Will help loosen up congestion and mucus and eliminate need for cough.

      Gargling with warm salt water can help as well. Combine 1 teaspoon of salt in one pint of warm water. Gargle gently and frequently as needed throughout the day, but be careful not to swallow too much due to the high sodium content. This can not only help give your throat some relief but can also help wash out any secretions in the back of your throat.

      Hope you feel better...

    What is a home remedy and non medicin way to get rid of a stuffy nose?
    I have a cold , and was wondering if theres anything I can do other then take medicine, that will help out my stuffy nose fast :)

    • ANSWER:
      Inhale steam, with a little eucalyptus oil or olbas oil or vicks vapour rub in there if you have any to hand. Just be careful around hot water....be safe. Use a steam inhalation device if you have one in your house as this is the safer way.

      Olbas oil on the edges of your pillows at night will help. Use two pillows instead of one as keeping the head raised also helps when trying to sleep.

      As someone else has said: sniffing in a little tap water into the nose and then blowing this out might help as it will help keep the nostrils moist.

      Take vitamin C to speed the cold along its course. Take echinacea for the same reason if you have any in your house.

      Hope you feel better soon.
      Take care.
      Best wishes.

    Home Remedies for a stopped up nose?
    I need to get rid of my stopped up nose, I literally can't breathe. Both sides are stopped up, and it's probably because of the season changing. I usually always only have one side stopped up (yes, my allergies are that bad...). Anyway, got any home remedies that a 13 year old can do to get rid of a stopped up nose for a while?

    • ANSWER:
      A netti pot would help, but you can make your own type from home. Just mix abt a tsp of salt in abt a cup of lukewarm water. Find something to pour it out with. Tilt your head to one side and pour the solution in one nostril and keep pouring, letting it drain out of the other nostril. It will clear your sinuses.

      Another nice way is to put a little scoop of vicks vapo rub in a bowl, pour boiling water over it and hold your head above it with a towel draped over your head. Then breath in the vapors.

    A good way to reduce coughing?
    I have a really harsh tight cough. it is getting to the point were I'm having core pain from coughing so violently/often.
    any suggestions for a natural way to settle my angry body down? nothing like cough syrup, just at home remedies.

    • ANSWER:
      o.k. i know this sounds ridicules, but it is true and it works all the time take a jar of vick's vapor rub and rub it on the soles of your feet before going to bed at night and cover your feet with socks so you don't get the stuff all over the sheets. you will sleep through the night and in a day your cough will be gone. i know this works as i have used it and used it on my kids and friends i have told this to swear by it also. besides what do you have to lose except the cough?

    What are good home remedies for toenail fungus?
    Looking for natural treatments to use on toenail fungus.

    • ANSWER:
      I cam across this, haven't (fortunately) had to use it but it is my understanding that even if you use a prescription product, it takes a while.

      You will need a few things:
      Vicks Vapor Rub, Rubbing alcohol, Band Aids, Q-tips, Nail File, Liquid Bleach and Tea Tree Oil-(if you can afford it)

      1.Trim and file your infected nails as best as possible. Making them shorter and thinner is half the battle.

      2.Wash toes with anti-bacterial soap in your morning shower.

      3.Use a fresh towel or hair dryer on toes. (always use a clean towel)

      4.With a Q-Tip, scrub in Rubbing Alcohol and let dry.(only takes a sec to dry)

      5.With a Q-Tip, rub a generous amount of Vicks Vapor Rub on and around infected toenails and cover with a Band Aid.

      This will keep moisture from getting on and under the nail while at the same time killing the fungus.

      When you get home from work take off your shoes and socks and wash your feet in the same way. If you have Tea Tree Oil, apply it with a Q-Tip and walk bare foot as long as possible letting it dry. If you do NOT have Tea Tree Oil, mix Bleach and Water 50/50, apply it with a Q-Tip to the NAIL ONLY. Let it Dry. I do the same to my finger.

      Before bed, repeat steps 1-5 and wear clean socks to bed.

      After a few mornings you will have this down to about 5-10 minutes.

      I have been doing this for just a few weeks now and see about half the fungus gone. IT IS NOT AN OVERNIGHT CURE. It is however a REAL CURE. I will be seeing you all at the beach this coming summer :)

    I have a really bad cold! How can I get better fast?
    Okay so I have a really bad congested nose and a sore throat. I think I'm starting to lose my voice too! Any home remedies that I can use to feel much better fast and get a good night's sleep?

    • ANSWER:
      Heres what I do when I have a cold:
      Chicken noodle soup-really helps with sore throat
      drink warm liquids (tea etc)
      orange juice
      use lozenges instead of cough drops-they last longer
      those tissues with vicks vapor rub on them-they are amazing
      dayquil and nyquil-they are strong, but really work (and you'll definiately sleep)
      take it easy, get plenty of rest

    Is there anything you can do for the cold?
    Is there like any old home remedies for a cold?? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Well... lots of rest, lots of fluids, especially juices no sodas, plenty to eat, humidifier going at all times, use saline solution to loosen things up rather than blowing your nose, Vicks vapor rub on your chest and vicks smelly things in your room to help you sleep.

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